Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sudha does drama to get Anami on her side

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sudha seeing Dada ji and Dadi sleeping. She says you cheated me, time has snatched Vatsalya from you, time is never loyal to anyone, you gave pain, you have cheated. She goes and sees Pujan and Kamini. She says you could have become Laxman, but you became Duryodhan, your wife is useless, I have to make you out of Lal Mahal. She goes to Baldev and says you promised and refuses, I have waited for 20 years, I thought you will come, you could have become hero of my story, you became villain, I will give you an example of love, entire lal Mahal will burn. She gives aarti to the corners of house. She says the aarti which lightens my life will end this Lal Mahal.

Munna says I will not go to mental asylum. Adhiraj asks Munna to do the work. Ila says you just have to

go there for some time. Munna says girl’s family is coming to see me, if they know I was in mental asylum, who will marry me. Adhiraj says your help can save someone’s life, is justice imp or marriage, we can end culprits. Munna asks what will I get. Adhiraj says job from CBI, you will get line of proposals, you will get salutes. Munna agrees to get Sudha’s info. Adhiraj and Ila smile.

Sudha prays to Lord. Satrupa comes and throws the aarti plate. She says you have no right to do puja in this house, stop this drama, stay away from Anami, else I will throw you to same place, just stay as guest. Sudha sees the diya. Anami comes. Sudha throws the plate again and says I didn’t know you will feel so bad, fire caught up, Lal Mahal will burn. Anami puts off fire and hugs Sudha, asking her to calm down. She argues with Satrupa. Satrupoa says open your eyes and see the difference between true and lie, else. Anami says else it will get later, your Lal Mahal foundation is on a lie. She takes Sudha and goes.

Baldev packs bag. Dadi asks till when will you run from mistakes, face it. Baldev says I don’t want to stay here. Dada ji comes. He asks are you going leaving weak father behind, I know I made out of royal steels, not from my life, you are the heir of Lal Mahal, you are my only son, don’t snatch my old age support. He cries and goes.

Dadi asks what are you seeing. Baldev says first time, he spoke to me like a father, else he always talks like a businessman, he still has hope from me. She says don’t let his hope break. Baldev says I didn’t know my past will attack my future. He hugs Dadi and cries. Anami asks Poonam to make her hair. Poonam asks shall I call Dadi. Anami says they are annoyed, give me oil. Poonam goes to get oil. Anami calls Adhiraj. He disconnects call and talks to staff. She calls him again. The man says your phone is ringing, its some Anami’s call. Adhiraj doesn’t answer. Poonam gets oil for Anami.

Satrupa plays piano and cries. Vatsalya comes and says so much anger, tears don’t suit you, piano thanks for filling my place. She recalls old time. Vatsalya plays music. He says tears don’t suit you, I won’t go hostel, I will come back in one year, promise smile now. She smiles. He says your smile is my lifeline. He sings her fav song. Satrupa cries. Dadi comes to her and says make your tears your power, not weakness, if you lose courage, everything will shatter, we all need you. Satrupa hugs her and says Anami hates me, she thinks I m her enemy. Dadi says no, she is immature. Satrupa says Sudha filled poison against me. Dadi says mum shows right path to a kid. Satrupa says she doesn’t listen to me, what shall I do, I got Anami here thinking she will become our hope, everyone was accepting her, she ruined everything. Dadi says no, game will begin now. Satrupa says I will kick Sudha out. Dadi says don’t do this mistake, attacking Sudha will make Anami close to her, you have to win, forget Anami is your daughter, you have snatch Anami from Sudha.

Dadi makes Anami’s hair. She says you gave big sorrow to this family. Pujan likes the food. Cook says I didn’t make the food. Sudha says I have made the food. They all get shocked and stop eating.

Update Credit to: Amena

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