Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 2nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj interrogates Pujan

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The Episode starts with Daamo asking Satrupa to have tea. Satrupa tells what happened in college. Daamo says you and your daughter are a puzzle, will you get college home for her, I don’t know what are you thinking now. Satrupa asks her to get food and drinks tea. The man shouts for help. Dheeru comes and pours kerosene around. He says if you are useless, what’s use to be alive. The man Gupta asks him to leave now. Dheeru says I will go out and ignite fire, then you will get burnt, it won’t need much time. Gupta says what do you want, leave me. Dheeru says sorry, I didn’t tell the matter, I want you to give your 26% shares on my name, I should have done this many years ago. He scares him. Gupta shouts I will sign Dheeru.

Poonam asks Anami to come, Satrupa is calling. Anami

refuses to go. Poonam asks her to please come, Satrupa wants her to meet someone. Satrupa says I know you don’t want to go here, so I got a solution, Mrs. Mehra is your tutor, she will teach you at home. Mrs. Mehra says I m your friend, I will make you capable to adjust in high society, your hair and clothes will change, just some manners and etiquettes will change in some days, I m here to groom you, then you won’t identify yourself in mirror. Kamini looks on. Anami says I understand and I m ready as its for my profit. Kamini imagines Anami bossing around and making Kamini a maid. She says no and goes to Pujan. She gets angry and says Anami agreed to Satrupa for the first time, Satrupa convinced her to get educated. Pujan gets a call. She asks what happened. He says Adhiraj called me for enquiry.

Anami asks Mrs. Mehra to come to room, as she is not comfortable here. Mrs. Mehra agrees and goes with her. Anami asks her to come and makes her sit. She signs Poonam to close door. She gives water to Mrs. Mehra and talks. She ties her hands back. She says you wanted me to become like you, but it will take much time. She gets scissors. Daamo says Satrupa we should go and see once. Anami goes to cut Mrs. Mehra’s hair. She says you won’t be able to identify yourself when you see mirror. She does her makeup.

Pujan asks why did you call me. Adhiraj says this is call list, you are in touch with Mr. Oberoi. Pujan says this just shows incoming calls, not the talk, Oberoi called me and explained me the plan, he gave me big offer, I m not cheap to do such a deal. Daamo and Satrupa enter Anami’s room. They see Mrs. Mehra crying. Mrs. Mehra gets a makeover. Anami says I made her Banarasi girl, I can’t change my identity for you, if anyone forces me, I will do such with her. She goes. Satrupa says she will get senses when she stumbles, take her to guest room and give her compensation along with fees.

Adhiraj says you refused to Oberoi, how did you digest this. Pujan says you will understand if you think as son, Dada ji got heart attack some days back, I m not selfish, I can bear loss is business, but not bear anything with Dada ji’s health, I m not a traitor. Adhiraj says don’t know why, you don’t look loyal. Pujan says you have no proof, and witness, even then you are interrogating as if you caught me red handed while doing a crime. Adhiraj gives example of a bat. Pujan asks him not to stick these lines to him, and call him if he has proof and witness next time.

Dada ji and Dadi play chess. Dada ji gets ache. She asks him to get neck massage by Anami, her hands has magic like Vatsalya. He asks her not to compare her with Vatsalya. Anami and Poonam talk and come downstairs. Dada ji says chess shouldn’t be played with women, they get heart in mind’s place and lose, I will play it alone. Anami signs Dadi.

She plays chess with Dada ji, and wins. Dadi smiles. Anami says heart and mind are imp in every game, there is no game without emotions, slaves live to save the king, men play chess their way, so its black and white, if it was given to women, we would have filled colors in it. Dadi looks on.

Anami taunts Satrupa and asks her not to try to become her mum, just Madhu will be her mum. Dheeru tells Dada ji that he has come to strike a deal.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This was clearly a filler episode. Not much happened. The whole tutor scene was extremely silly and over the top. But I’ll take it in my stride. I think they are preparing for some twists and the change of time from October 9th. Glad that the show is getting a good slot like 8p.m. hope it will do well. It is a complete entertainer as it has a little bit of everything . Hope it will do well and cure some of the obsession with saas bahu drama and also this immense appetite for non stop romance. Hoping for the best.

    1. I havent watch the episode yet, just read update so cant make comments on every scene. You are right the episode came across as a filler episode but it has some underlining messages
      1) the issue with the tutor looks silly but again shows that Anami is a match for Satrupa’s planning – she figured out immediately what she is trying to do. So she turn the tables on her. What I got is you need to accept me as I am and not try to change me. And shows her taadibaaz to them. Also formal education does not make one smart and there are many people in the world who do not have formal education but are highly intelligent as she proved in the last episodes with the teachers and dealt with their cheap thinking that if one speaks English then they are intelligent.
      Satrupa need to understand that Anami has been rejected by her even if she was justified but to choose one child over the other is shaky thinking. She needs to stop trying to change Anami to be like them in the palace but instead try to work to make her forgive her and accept her and the family. She should take advice from Dadi because she is the only one who has accepted Anami as she is.
      So Anami is saying don’t try to change me or else I will change all of you because I am enough to take you all.
      2) message is the chess playing bit dadaji thinks very wrongly of Anami because of how and where she was raised which is not his fault as he was not aware of her existence. So by Anami winning over him in chess which he considers is well played by men than women that is really good. I think the writers are trying to show Anami’s intelligence without her growing up in the palace like the brother.
      For me that is what I got from those two scenes – I know I could explain point 2 better than I did, I need to get back to my work.
      I don’t comment always but I am enjoying the development of the show
      I hope they do not drag Pujan’s truth for long and they find a way to reunite Anami with her foster family.
      I hope they don’t show any romance between Anami and Adhiraj until she is off age. And don’t make this show another obsessive romance thing or typical saas-bahu thing.

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