Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Satrupa helps Anami in studies

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The Episode starts with Sudha saying I was shifted to another building, I don’t remember anything else. Adhiraj says fine, we shall meet soon. He goes. Dada ji plays chess. Pujan comes and says sign on these papers, its written we won’t need anything, you have disowned me and Avdhoot, please sign, I can’t tolerate more, I have decided this thinking well, you also think. Dada ji says no, Avdhoot will be my heir, just he can fill Vatsalya’s place. Dadi looks on. Dada ji says I spoke to lawyer, when papers get ready, I will announce Avdhoot as the legal heir. Pujan smiles.

Satrupa says six years is long time, where were you. Sudha says I just said it. Satrupa says I want to hear truth. Sudha says you think of my truth as lies. Satrupa says you got trapped in legal matter. Sudha

says I don’t want anything, pujari’s daughter can’t dream of palace, Anami got me here, I have left all these superficial things. Satrupa says your truth is hidden behind mask. Sudha says world doesn’t think so. Satrupa taunts her. Sudha says you are blind my richness, I have cried a lot in that cell, I got ill coming here, I didn’t come to your Lal Mahal, I came to my family, Anami got me here, she taught me to forgive enemies. Satrupa says you have no status to forgive me, you did wrong to use Anami, I will use her and finish you. Sudha says you can’t remove grass from roots, whatever you do, grass grows back, I just want my son and husband Baldev’s love. Satrupa says he is my husband. Sudha says I have this relation with you, I won’t talk much, I have a fast. Satrupa says if you try to hurt my family, I will make you reach graveyard this time. She goes.

Anami asks how much will you write, did you finish, show me. She reads and says tell me what did you write, sit, I have to write essay, topic is mum, write something that touches heart, this looks CBI report. He says I will not write. She says my english is weak, you understand feeling. He goes. She says stop, where are you going. He says if anyone wants help, he talks with love, I can’t tolerate your attitude, don’t expect poetry from me. She says I will say in hindi, you translate it. She says mum is silent and loud too, mum convinced me when I got annoyed, her eyes used to talk when she didn’t say anything. She recalls Madhu. Adhiraj smiles hearing her. Anami says child gets a laugh in a mum’s lap, mum is a cool shade in this blazing world, if she says anything by scolding, if it hurts the heart, she would stay awake all night and sing lullaby, mum is such a word which touches the heart, but mum is someone who can do anything for you. She smiles.

She asks what are you looking at, did you write anything. He returns the book and says I can’t write this feeling in any language, whatever you said was very sweet, I will go. She asks him to listen. She says he is gone, who will help me now.

Dada ji says Sudha is on loose since 6 years, we didn’t know, Pujan you have sent money on time, where was she. Pujan says yes, I will find out. Satrupa says I will call. She calls doctor and asks about Sudha. Doctor says we shifted her to rehab. She says you didn’t find it necessary to inform us. He says we have sent letters, sorry for any mistake from management side. She says forget it and ends call. Pujan says I know how to find the truth.

Anami comes to her room. Poonam says you have come. Anami says no, its my ghost. Poonam asks what happened. Anami says I have to write an essay in english. Poonam says its small thing, take anyone’s help. Anami says why don’t you write. Poonam says I mean its an easy task for you. Anami says I can’t make mistake. Poonam sees Anami’s cartoon made in the book. Anami says I took Adhiraj’s help, but he left. Poonam smiles and says policemen make people’s sketch well, see it, I identified its you. She shows the sketch to Anami. Anami smiles. She takes the book. She asks about Poonam. Poonam says I didn’t see her and goes. Anami says what’s this, my mother is the epito…. Satrupa looks on. Anami says I will get insulted, I will not learn english. Satrupa says epitome, I can help you if you want. She sits to write the essay. She reads it out. She says you are confident and sensible, I m sure your presentation will be good, all the best. She goes smiling. Anami reads the essay. She says I call her Pagli panditain with lots of love, she is the best in the world. Satrupa cries and sees her.

Sudha says I should leave. Satrupa says no, you will stay here in Lal Mahal. Adhiraj asks why did you call late night. Anami says I solved some mystery of Vatsalya’s case, I got some photos and docs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Paru(chennai)

    Today episode was too good especially satrupa and sudha conversations. Satrupa should do something to throw her out of Lal Mahal. Satrupa doing justice to her role as mother but anami keep on insulting or hurting her in words. Hope she should accept her mom soon.

  2. Yes satrupa did right if she did not give anami away then she would also have been killed.and i think that satrupas first 2 twins were also killed by pujan

  3. Anami doesn’t really know why Satrupa gave her up accepting Satrupa wholeheartedly as mother might feel like betraying pagli panditaayin who has loved her and done everything a mother does. So I feel there anami’s feelings are portrayed right. It is in other places where she refused to listen to people and does what she thinks is right, where she comes off as arrogant. Scene transitions in this show have become too abrupt lately. I wish the editors would pay attention to that. Also, some of Anami Adhiraj interactions are looking a little forced to me. Mahima Makhwaana needs to tone down her pitch in those scenes. And though I don’t mind her look too much and support the writers not changing it as yet, God I hate her pants. They are awful in my personal viewpoint. Liking the development of the story so far. Next I think is the mystery of who Purushottam, Sudha’s brother is. He might be the key person who has helped her all along and maybe he too was trying to kill Vatsalya. There might be a twist in Vatsalya’s killing. And maybe he is not even dead but captive somewhere.

  4. I love this Satrupa’s acting,a strong character on tv screen,which is rare,Anami is good,sometimes I also feel she s a little hyper,waiting for the day when she will accept her mom whole heartedly.

  5. Just a few words

    I thought Anami was in college not in some middle school to write essay about my Mother ?? after satrupa helping her all of a sudden Anami got her flow ???? who otherwise was claiming I cannot write in English! Varanasi or Benares is a town where highly educated people hailed from. To show Anami as not even confident to write a middle school essay is not fitting. Adhiraj is jobless! All the time available for Anami! She can barge into his office too! Is that a CBI’s office or something else? Is Vatsalya’s case the only one being handled by Adhiraj? What has that case to do with questioning Sudha? Faceoff berween Sudha and Sathrupa was okish! Not so great but Satrupa’s expressions when Sudha spoke about Baldev was bang on! That anger as to how dare she talks about my Husband was the highlight of that face off! Dadi was missing in the family meeting about Sudha! Adhiraj Anami scenes weren’t so enjoyable! So is the scenes of Poonam and Anami! Poonam has only one work! Tease Anami about Adhiraj! Why are the makers hell bent on trying to pair up Anami and Adhiraj? Anami’s dressing is so boring now! Give her different style of clothes or little bit decent ones in the same style she is wearing!

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