Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj confesses love

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The Episode starts with Anami asking Poonam to lie to Adhiraj. Adhiraj hears her and disconnects the call. Poonam asks what happened, Adhiraj said you didn’t answer his call, why are you crying, are you fine. Anami says its nothing, I m fine, you go now. Satrupa gets thinking. She says Sudha would be celebrating her victory, I m fuming here because of that recording, I have to get it at any cost. Baldev comes. Daamo leaves. Baldev asks where is Sher Singh. Satrupa says I don’t know. He says you have sent him to Banaras to get Anami, since then no one has seen him. She says maybe he went to his village. He asks what are you hiding. She says nothing, trust me.

He says I can’t trust you, whatever you did with Laddoo, you can do anything with anyone for your selfish motives. He

goes. Sudha talks to Naina. She says some habits help on right time. She puts the phone in pot and puts soil. She says Satrupa’s life depends on this, the day I have to ruin Satrupa, I will destroy this. Naina says Satrupa can never guess this place.

Sudha says underestimating an enemy is an act of stupidity, I don’t want any risk this time. She plucks a flower. Adhiraj throws a stone inside Anami’s window. She comes at window and asks what are you doing here. He says I have to meet. She says you should go. He asks are you coming downstairs, or shall I come. She says no, I m coming. She comes to him and says you should have come here. He says I know, I came to know what I don’t know, you ignored my calls and lied to me. She says yes. He asks why are you doing this, I won’t until I hear the reason.

She says I can’t tell you anything, nothing is same, anything can happen if anyone sees you, I m doing this for you. He says let anything happen. She says what if any your duty is questioned, its a tough way. He says let it be, its tough if I lose you, friends don’t see profit and loss. She says Satrupa can do anything, you don’t know her anger. He asks what will she do, will she slap me again, I will bear it for your sake. She asks what do you mean by again. He says I came to meet you and got slapped by her.

She says forgive me, you are facing this because of me. He says I can face the world for you, I can’t tolerate if you turn away. She says please go. He says don’t go like this, I can’t be without knowing your heart. She says I don’t want to create more problems in your life, your dad said right, its better for us to stay away. He says don’t listen to what Satrupa, Dheeru or world says, don’t listen what I say, just listen to your heart. She argues and asks him to go. He says I want to know your feelings. She says Dheeru asked me not to meet you, he is your dad. He says and you are my love…. She gets shocked. Janiya…..plays…..

He says yes, I love you a lot, I learnt the meaning of love because of you, I can’t live without you, I can’t even imagine crossing hurdles of life without you, I will be lonely, I love you a lot. He sees her and goes. Anami sits thinking. Saavli si raat ho….plays…. She goes to kitchen and drinks water. She tries to divert mind. She stands lost in thoughts. She lights a matchstick and sees Adhiraj. He says you understood my feelings right. She says look…. Poonam says I can see. She asks what’s all this mess.

Anami says I was preparing halwa, I was hungry. Poonam says you had much food. Anami says I m feeling much hungry. Poonam asks her to switch on gas first. Anami checks stove and lights it. Poonam says wait, are you fine. Anami says yes, its happening because I didn’t had water, its like sensation…. Poonam says its called shivering, you may have got unwell, you don’t take care of yourself, go to your room, I will make halwa and come. Adhiraj comes home smiling. Tanya sees him and smiles. Anami sits on her bed and feels cold. She covers the blanket. Adhiraj sees himself in mirror. Anami rests to sleep.

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  1. The show should show more of business moves and counter moves from Pujan,Baldev,Dheeru. Instead, it is focussing on love between adhiraj and anaami. It is getting boring seeing the wicked smile of sudha and the helplessness of satrupa. Where is narotham? He could be shown as the unexpected knight in shining armour helping satrupa. Avdhoot is conveniently off the show sending him for studies. Why anaami is not shown pursuing her studies if she has to prove her worth? It would be better seeing anaami in her fighting spirit rather than being dull,forlorn and morose.

  2. If love track between anami and adhiraj change anami she is little for adhiraj not a proper pair

  3. Hi,

    Can some one plz tell me what movie song is Janiya from? Please because I like that song but don’t know from which movie it is from


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