Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sudha confronts Baldev

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sudha coming in Lal mahal. Baldev, Satrupa and everyone dance while sindoor flies in air. Satrupa sees Baldev and throws sindoor at him. He throws sindoor at her. She moves. Sindoor falls over Sudha’s face. Baldev looks at her and gets shocked. Everyone gets shocked seeing Sudha and stop dancing. Dada ji shouts Sudha, how dare you come here. Anami comes and says I got her here. They see Anami and Narottam with Sudha. Dada ji asks who are you to decide this, you would have thought hundred times before doing this.

Pujan says this puja ends here, thanks for coming. Guests leave. Sudha stares at Baldev. Dheeru takes a leave. Dada ji says this woman has made my family hollow by being a termite, you got her back, Anami is a girl, she has no sense, did you forget

the compromise Sudha, we permitted respect to Narottam on one condition that you will not come here. Pujan says this is called, family member knowing secret can bring the family down. Dadi scolds Narottam. Sudha holds Narottam. Anami tries to talk. Dadi shouts enough, I m forgiving you as you are our blood, our coming future, but it doesn’t mean you can ruin our identity. She asks Sudha not to play bad games, take Maa’s blessings and leave.

Sudha asks what about my pain, I was left to die alone. She goes to Baldev and says none came to ask my welfare, I was thrown in mental asylum, I sat there with hope in eyes, maybe someone will come, but…….. my son Narottam, his childhood passed, I couldn’t be with him to give mum’s love, Maa told me I will get fine if I stay in mental asylum, I agreed and went, you all have my stabbed, you got Satrupa in doli. She says respectable…. sensible people are weak to keep their words. She says I always had mehendi in my palms, but no one came to hold my hand, just this girl Anami came. Satrupa gets shocked. Dada ji shouts enough, you have shown your true colors. He says Satrupa I told you don’t feed the snake, see what happened now.

Sudha says I was promised to….. Baldev says I didn’t make any promise, who will marry a mentally unstable woman, you are living in an illusion. Sudha says then clear it, meet my eyes and tell me you didn’t make any promise. He turns away. Satrupa looks at him.

Satrupa says Anami this time I won’t be able to forgive you for this sin, this woman is Kaal for this family. Anami says you all hate her, none thought for her, she has spent half of her life in mental asylum on your saying, where will she go. Satrupa says there is no place for her in lal Mahal, she will never be part of this family. Anami asks who are you to decide this. Satrupa says I have locked this story in box and threw it in river, history won’t change. Anami says I will change future, she will get justice. Satrupa says this family did justice with her, she has used Baldev and Narottam to ruin this family, do you want the same?

Anami says she is ill and needs son’s support, I will get her a house. Satrupa slaps her and says door is open, get out of here. Everyone looks on. Pujan smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So writers portrayed Anami as street smart, someone who could spot lies and tricks hence she always exposed the fake priests in Varnaras! Let’s put aside her hatred for Satrupa for one moment and look at things from the angle of her staying back there to fulfill Vatsalya’s dreams and catch his culprits. In that case she should trust no one! Everyone should be viewed with suspicion. Anami is loud-mouthed, brazen and bold but she has no listening skills. The entire family was against her growing closeness to Narrotam even a CBI officer but she think she knows it all.
    The fact that she does not yet realised that she’s been fooled by Narrotam and his mother is shocking.
    Vatsalya need tried bringing Sudha to LAL Mahal plus he has not mentioned her or Narrotam anywhere. Still Miss know it all continued being fooled. I guess she has to burn to learn. Anami cannot handle a business being this gullible and emotional.
    I’m also disappointed with the writers! Anami has not accepted this family, nor does she know where she stands. So by what right had she bought Sudha there?

  2. I enjoyed the episode. Sangeeta Ghosh, The actress playing Sudha has some amazing expressions. Precap, Wow!!. Narayani Shastri is awesome!

  3. Satrupa is really awesome and Sangeeta as well. Anami caharcter is over confident n sometimes it looks like over acting

  4. anami is a extremely white character( is a child by heart) , though she shows herself great . still she a seventeen year old girl who needs guidance . i want dheeru and anami to meet again . she will listen to his words i guess . sangeetha gosh rocks as sudha , gives us the feels of a perfect witch . hoping anami willl understand her true colors soon

  5. Good episode, the arrival of Sudha has shaken Laal mahal, the actress playing Sudra is playing the role excellently – she’s so unhinged, freaks me out every time I see her ?
    Satrupa is awesome, her every word is so powerful & well thought through.
    As for Anami, I’m not sure whether to feel sorry for her or feel angered by her actions. Her character had been sold to us as shrewd & not easily led, yet she has been easily played by Narottam. Even though she had been prewarned not to trust anyone. However at 17 she is obviously still immature & has shown her immaturity by taking this decision & not considering how this effects others.
    i really thought this was the start of Baldev & Satrupa burning bridges, but this decision of Anami has uncovered old scars. If she is to survive Anami definitely needs guidance & steering in the right direction, I hope she is not too proud to take any help from Dheeru.
    Adhiraj’s character has maturity & patience, I hope that Adhiraj quickly catches on to Narottam & Suda’s game plan.

  6. Satrupa did absolutely right

  7. Satrupa did absolutely right.

    1. Mona146

      anami needs to handle herself before giving gyaan

  8. Thank God I dont have a daughter like Anami. I would have disowned her at once. This drama is very bad example for young female viewers. They might feel acting like Anami is being a heroine. Who are these stupid script writers?

    1. Yes Anami is arrogant and brash and as she grows up and gains more experience that will probably change. However, she has a reason for her anger. She was separated from her family and her twin brother at birth. Satrupa never tried to find out how her daughter was doing. Then Vatsalya’s death created a crisis for an heir.Then Anami was uprooted again from her adoptive family that loved her to bits because Satrupa needed an heir. Anami has constantly been blackmailed by Satrupa to stay in Lal Mahal and is threatened with imprisonment to her adoptive parents whom she loves a lot. Given the circumstances, her anger is justified. Its not as if Satrupa has showered her with love all her life!

  9. The writers are Niraj Shukla & Sanjot Kaur. If Anami us is a.minor, Vatsalya too would have being a.minor. But he was given the company.

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