Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anami does Durga puja

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone getting the idol. Dadi says Anami, you are Durga Maa avatar for us, come we will place the idol. They all place the idol. Dheeru comes and greets Dada ji. Dada ji says I m glad you became part of our happiness, come. Satrupa says she is my daughter, Anami. Dheeru says I know, I met her, its a long story, she is Durga and Kaali also, Lal Mahal can’t get a better heir than her. She says it means student has won guru’s trust. He smiles. Pandit asks Dada ji to tell Anami to start puja. Dada ji says Avdhoot will do puja, he is the son of my house. Pujan asks Avdhoot to go. Dadi says sorry, Anami has initiated this puja and saved the idol, she will do the puja. Pujan argues with her. She says Avdhoot didn’t become the heir yet, he should have taken responsibility,

he stood as an idol seeing idol falling, heir is not such. Avdhoot goes back.

Anami does the puja. Sudha dances in her house. Jai maa kaali….plays……… Anami does the tilak to the idol. She smiles and does the aarti. Everyone prays. Sudha asks Naina when does smoke evolve. Naina says when fire is caught up. Sudha asks why am I happy. Naina says because Anami bought your lie. Sudha says Durga puja is happening in Lal Mahal, if Devi has come, I have to go and sacrifice the only heir of Lal Mahal. Anami dances with the girls.

Dadi gives prasad to everyone. Dheeru makes her sit. Pujan comes. Satrupa says whatever happened today was not a miracle, its Mata’s message, Durga puja completed today just because of Anami’s tries, you also want this, when Anami was getting idol home, why did you move coal pieces away from her feet, when Durga Maa can accept Anami, why can’t you accept her, she is this family’s future. Anami and Poonam dance happily. Dadi says we have to welcome Devi Maa. Dada ji says I refused to Anami’s existence, fine if I accept she has all qualities to become heir of our family, even then its not necessary that she will accept us, I m not saying anything new, you also know this truth and understand it, you can’t make her away from her roots, her heart is in Banaras lanes, not between the walls of this palace, nothing will change, when the legal bounds end, she will leave.

Adhiraj and Tania come there. Avdhoot smiles seeing Tania. Harry says why this staring, so this your dream girl. Avdhoot says yes but…. her brother is a CBI officer. Harry says sad bro. Avdhoot says I can get hit on head for her, heart is heart, it just comes on one. Harry says then go and tell her, no need to wait. Anami asks Tania to come. She asks shall I print invitation card for you. Adhiraj says I won’t come. Anami takes them.

Dada jii says Anami is not attached to us, she is passing her vanvas. Dheeru says Ram did Lanka’s uddhar in vanvas, I have seen Anami’s talent, if you saw her, you would have accepted her, she understands ordinary people’s pain, Royal steels has good future under her rule. Baldev asks him not to interfere. Dheeru says Guru has all right to defend the student. Dada ji asks what does he mean. Dheeru says I m saying by the right of being Anami’s teacher, like you are teaching Avdhoot, I took responsibility to guide Anami, she can soon take the responsibility on her shoulders. Dada ji says you never took wrong decision about Royal steels, so I leave my adamancy,
everyone should get one chance to prove his mettle, this time decision will be made based on talent, whoever wins will get the pagdi on head. Dadi and Satrupa smile. Pujan looks on.

Anami, Poonam and Tania dance while Adhiraj plays the dhol. Nagada sang……plays………….. Pujan and Kamini look on. Avdhoot dances with Tania. Adhiraj and Anami dance. Dadi says justice has won, have sweets. Satrupa eats sweets and says this is the beginning, fight is long. Dadi says Vikram will know her talent. Satrupa says Anami is Lal Mahal’s future. Kamini asks what are you thinking. Pujan says I did mistake to think Anami is weak, now I have to rectify this mistake.

Anami asks Narottam what happened. He says mum has run from mental asylum. Sudha asks them not to get ahead, else she will die. Anami says I will take you back to Lal Mahal and get your rights, its my promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode! The conversation between the elders was great. I am waiting to see the interaction between Dheeru and Anami. Also, how and when Baldev will feel something for his daughter. The dance on Nagada sang dhol…was nice. Janta Havaldaar can play dhol and dance too! Nice! ? Avdhoot and Tanya story has great potential. Hope there won’t be any torture track there. Rather a transformation to the good side. Sudha is terrifying!

  2. Absolutely love this show & it’s strong female characters. Cvs have done a excellent job with the casting.
    Anami & Satrupa are both such strong willed powerful characters & have excellent on screen presence, as does Dheeru.

    Anami is slowly but surely making a place in the hearts of lal mahal, but I hope that’s not short lived due to the arrival of Sudha ?
    I hate seeing Anami’s emotions being played by Sudha & Narottam. Sudha is a complete psycho, it’s scary to think what she could be capable of.

  3. I love avdoot and tanya’s jodi.I hate anami’s charactar

    1. Aarti32

      Me too love AvYa??

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