Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudha tests Anami’s sorrow

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The Episode starts with Sudha taunting Satrupa. Satrupa stares at her. She makes her hand away. She says I can fight with anyone for my children. Sudha asks her not to hide her greed behind the veil of motherhood. She says you didn’t do this to protect Anami, but to get her, loving someone and wanting someone have much difference. Satrupa smiles and says you shouldn’t point finger at others if you have stains in your morals, you want to teach me motherhood, the one who has sent child at such an unwanted place, he was treated like a servant, he used to die every day, you did this for your greed, where was your love at that time. Sudha says enough, don’t drag him. Satrupa says if you say a word against my daughter, it will be a big trouble for you. Baldev comes and asks Satrupa what’s

happening here. She says nothing, I was showing mirror to some people. She taunts Sudha and goes.

Sudha says she has given me offering, I was thanking her but… I m Brahmin’s daughter, accepting offering is my Dharm and Karm, I can never pay you for this favor, I will pray for you that you get someone who understands you.

She says your coat button is broken, give it to me, I won’t let it break. Anami comes to Dada ji. He asks how are you now. She says better. He says every person has to go through sufferings in life, maybe pain gives courage to fight in life, we should always keep walking in life, whatever happens is Lord’s wish, Lord always wants good for us. She says I want to ask you something. He says everything here belongs to you. She says no, I don’t want all this, in Mahabharat, when Krishna asked Arjun to choose between the kingdom and companionship, he knew the kingdom and armies won’t help him in battle, he would need someone who shows him the right direction, I also want your guidance, my father is no more, if you guide me, I will reach my destination, I just want your blessings. Dada ji blesses and hugs her. Pujan looks on.

Anami asks Adhiraj how is Madhu and Murari. He says they are fine. She says I m missing everyone and specially Banaras. He asks and…She says dhaba food, your jaggery roti, blue sky, sweet smell of the soil. He asks and…. She says food prepared by Madhu, tea made by Murari, the list is never ending, leave all that, tell me when are you coming to meet me. He asks what do you want to meet me. She says because I m missing you. They smile.

She says I mean to say I want to meet you, I have no one except you and Laddoo. He says I would come to meet you right away, but we have to wait. She hears sound and says I will talk to you later. She goes out of the room and checks. Tanya comes to Adhiraj and jokes. She asks did you tell Anami your feelings. He says no. She says I really doubt that you are my brother, you both were on a road trip, it was romantic weather and perfect set. Adhiraj thinks of Anami. Tanya says you just had to say I love you. He says no, situation was not good. She says situations will change, will you not express love, just go to her. He says no, I don’t want to cause a problem in her life because of my feelings.

She says fine, give me your phone, you won’t do anything, hear this song Lambi judai. She says sorry and runs. He smiles. Its morning, Anami makes Laddoo ready. She says we are praying for our parents’ safety. He says I should have not come here, I was so happy with mum and dad. She says don’t worry, its just a matter of few days, then no one will stop your happiness. He asks for how long will you wear white clothes. She says its last day of puja, I will wear colorful clothes, then you can go to winter camp. He says I can’t do it anymore, even Adhiraj is not around, I miss him. She says me too. He asks what are you saying. She says nothing, Adhiraj will come to meet us today. They smile.

Pandit says Madhu and Murari will get soul peace after this puja completes. Sudha says but this puja is incomplete till Laddoo shaves off his head, sons have to sacrifice their hair to complete the rituals. Laddoo says no, I won’t shave off my head. Anami says I m here, don’t be scared. She hugs Laddoo. Sudha says its really imp, Laddoo has to sacrifice his hair. Dadi asks Anami to explain Laddoo. Dada ji says yes, why to regret for such a small thing, just explain him, I will get arrangements done. Anami says wait, I just want to keep him happy, he is disturbed after the demise of our parents, I want him to forget everything, if you shave off his head, it will always remind him the grief, he can’t stay happy ever. She calms down Laddoo and says I will talk to pandit. She says during Lord’s puja, in absence of white flowers, kumkum is applied to rice to complete rituals, we can cut some hair to fulfill the ritual, than getting the head shaved off, my parents won’t get soul peace seeing Laddoo cry, did I say anything wrong.

Anami says old Anami won’t return, everything will change now. Adhiraj gets arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. O God why story is getting drag. Why don’t laddu tell anami about sudha and his brother conversation and about kidnapping him. Most of them watching this show only for starupa(Narayani shastri mam) performance and expression. We don’t want her to cry and feel guilty. Everyone make mistakes, no one is perfect in their life the same satrupa. Still vatsalya case is pending, laddu’s kidnapping case is pending, no investigation of why sudha killed her brother, now anami’s house bomb blast case is pending but adhiraj is busy in romancing with anami, staring at her, talking to her through phone(he has got no other work than to do bodyguard work for anami). Now anami has started to take revenge on satrupa in the Name of love. I stopped watching this show. Only reading written episode Eagerly waiting to watch past story of baldev and Lal Mahal people. How and when satrupa came to know about baldev’s love affair and his son(Narottam) also dheeru’s story. I can’t see Satrupa crying and feeling getting poison words from anami and others. I think anami will turn everyone against satrupa and make her out of Lal Mahal. Dammo should be with satrupa. Starupa(Narayani shastri mam) we always like you more and more. Started to watch this show only for you. But nowadays story is boring and dragging.


    So much in one episode… Wow…????
    1. Anami miss adhiraj and vice versa
    2. Sudha chapter still onn…
    3. Mahabhart is going to start sooonnnn…

    But precap is shocking?????

  3. Bahut bahut Mubarak ho RKC writers for spoiling ur own show ???. Sudha & Anami are playing with others emotions. We asked Satnami, u gave darogami ??We asked devrupa, u’re giving devsudha??… OH MY GOSH with this hell daroga and anami’s luv & romance ???. Writers won’t change the track till the trp reduces to zeroooosssss…. 1.) Anami a dumb & brainless daughter? ,2.) Daroga-a shame to be called as a cbi officer ???,3.) Satrupa – nowadays a confusing character?, 4.) Baldev- just a person kept in the serial to show fight bwtn satrup-sudha? 5.) Laddoo- a dumb like Anami ? … To be short, these writers have gone crazy, made the characters of rkc crazy and driving the viewers crazy!!! Bakwas tarike! Aapka serial ko aapka hi Mubarak ho ????????? hum bardasht nahi kar sakte! Alvida! ???

  4. Have writers/showmakers forgotten that Anamibis not an adult? How can they show romance between her and a 25 year old Adhiraj. That’s just ridiculous. What happened to Vatsalya murder case? Noone cares anymore who killed him. When Satrupa had son, she didn’t give two hoots where the daughter was and now she has daughter she doesn’t give two hoots about giving her dead son justice? Maybe Sudha is right, all Satrupa cares about is being in possession and control of the heir to laal Mahal. She has no sense of sympathy for the fact that Anami has lost the couple who were her parents for 17 years( I know the death is fake but she doesn’t know that). All she does is claim Anami and expects Anami to erase her previous life at the back and call of Satrupa the great! Anami rebels like any teenager and extremely foolish , self-important one at that. And Baldev? Is he merely a bone that two dogs fight over?!! Why don’t they show some development of father daughter relationship? Ajeeb storyline hai.

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