Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Harry gets after Poonam

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dadi stopping Dheeru. She says I know I will find you at temple today, I kept Durga Maa puja, you have to come. He says you don’t have this custom. She says a daughter stepped home, you also came after long time. He jokes. She asks him to come in puja, get kids along. He says sure. She goes.

Anami decorates the palki and says I used to get locality women and kids to decorate palki, it used to feel Durga Maa is coming to meet us. Poonam says you are happy thinking of this. Anami says yes, its such an occasion, I have those memories, Madhu says Maa just leaves happiness and ends sorrow. Poonam asks what did you ask. Anami says power, I want Mata Rani to give me strength to punish Vatsalya’s culprit, Maa will help me in ending Lal Mahal evil. Poonam says evil

can’t hide for long, I wanted to ask, what did you ask for your future, Adhiraj is coming, make him meet Mata. Anami jokes. Poonam helps her. They make the palki ready.

Dheeru asks Tania for tea. Tania gets tea. He asks how did you do magic to get it so soon. She says its common sense. He says thanks, I will do work. She says I asked something, tell me. He says Anami invited you, you should decide. She says if I knew Anami is from Lal Mahal, I would have not got friendly. Dheeru explains her. She says why shall children get punished for father’s mistake. He says you are doing same, Anami has no fault in what happened with me. She says I remember everything even today. She recalls. He hugs her. He says don’t let past spoil your present, I m with you, don’t cry, smile now. She smiles. She tells about Anami’s words. He asks her to keep friendship with Anami.

Pujan, Avdhoot and men come to see the palki. Pujan asks men to break it. He says sorry Maa, this will break, not the tradition. Avdhoot calls Tania. He says I have Durga puja at home, if you could come. She says sorry, I have to go to my friend’s house. He says people come from far to see our Lal Mahal. She asks do you stay there. He says no, my dad works here. She says I will meet tomorrow, I m coming to meet my friend. He says whatever, our relation is made, every big relation starts with friendship, we shall meet tomorrow.

Its morning, Anami gets ready. She compliments Poonam. A guy walks in. Poonam also compliments Anami. Anami makes her wear a bracelet. Poonam says all arrangements are done, I have to see guests. She goes. A guy Harry calls out Kamini as Maasi. She asks how are you. He compliments her. Avdhoot hugs him. Harry says mum missed flight because of business meeting. Kamini introduces Harry. Dadi signs Harry not to hug and does Namaste. Pujan asks Harry to touch Dadi’s feet. He praises Harry.

Avdhoot takes Harry to his friends. They see some girls and give them ratings. Poonam goes. Harry sees her and says what a beauty….she is ten out of ten, lets have some fun. He stops Poonam and flirts. She says leave me alone. Harry stops her. He makes her fall. Anami holds Poonam. She scolds Harry. Avdhoot’s friend stops Harry. Anami takes Poonam and they go. Harry says Poonam… I will open her account with interest. Manager asks the people to work fast. Satrupa comes there and sends him. Tania compliments Adhiraj. She says you can’t go in suit in puja, bring some change in life. He says I m fine as boring, you are decorating me. She teases him about Anami. He asks her to stop nonsense.

Anami says I have to make everything ready. She makes laddoos. Dadi and Satrupa come and see her. Dadi says I make puja prasad by my hands. Satrupa says everything is so good, everyone is happy, just Vatsalya is missing. Dadi says heart wound makes body handicapped, we will always miss Vatsalya, Anami will apply ointment on that wound. Dadi reminds Anami about her fast. Anami says I become fast when I have fast, Lord won’t let me fall weak. Satrupa smiles. Poonam looks for Anami. Harry pulls her to a room and greets her. She gets shocked.

Anami and Poonam go ahead and dance. Anami and everyone get shocked seeing the palki breaking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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