Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 1st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Dheeru warns Anami

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 1st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anami saying I came to congratulate Adhiraj for his job, I made a cake, you can have it, no don’t eat it, I made it well but it got spoiled. Dheeru says its okay, it happens, person wants to make things right but things get spoiled, come I will drop you outside. She says you don’t need to be formal. He says I m not doing this for Lal Mahal’s daughter, but my son’s friend. She says sorry, Adhiraj had to go through so much because of me. He says I don’t want history to repeat, I want you to stay away from Adhiraj. He explains her. She leaves. Daamo checks Sudha’s house. She thinks where did Sudha hide the phone. She comes to Satrupa and says I didn’t find the phone. Satrupa says we won’t get that recording, we have to do something so that she comes to

us and gives the recording.

Anami recalls Dheeru’s words and says he said right, I should rekindle the ashes. Adhiraj talks to his senior. He gets an anklet and thinks it belongs to Anami. Anami reaches home. Satrupa looks on. Anami doesn’t answer Adhiraj’s call and recalls Dheeru’s words. Satrupa comes and asks is everything fine. Anami says yes. Satrupa says I had to talk, I have made big mistakes, I can’t get forgiven, I accept my mistakes, I promise to get better, forgive me. Adhiraj calls Anami again. Anami says if you really want to rectify your mistake, who am I to stop you. Satrupa says thanks, can’t we start fresh without any selfishness and greed. Anami says life gives second chance to everyone, if you don’t mind, can I ask something, in order to get me here from Banaras, you pushed my parents into fire, didn’t you humanity stop you.

Satrupa says what are you saying, what’s this accusation, I didn’t do this. Satrupa says you wanted to ask something. Anami says I wanted to ask about Dheeru, does he have enmity with Lal Mahal, you just said we should make a new start. Satrupa says Dheeru managed Royal steels, everyone thought he is very loyal, we found out he was doing illegal things, Baldev didn’t like him, he was finding a chance and explained his dad that Dheeru is corrupt, this was Dheeru’s story. Anami asks why did you give him 50 % shares of Royal steels. Satrupa says we had to give him, our rivals took advantage of the bad times, Dheeru said he will help us if we give him 50% partnership. Anami asks her is this complete truth. Satrupa says its my truth, how did you come in Dheeru’s car. Anami says I went to congratulate Adhiraj. Satrupa says next time, go in our car, everything is yours. Tanya asks whose anklet is this. Adhiraj says its of Anami. Tanya does shayari.

She says call her, she would be waiting. He says she didn’t answer, she has seen a lot in recent days, I m worried. She says she would be busy, call her later. Dada ji comes to his room. He sees Vatsalya’s pic. He says things change so fast, we lost Vatsalya. Dadi says Lord has sent Anami to us. He says we didn’t know about her, she is with us, I will make her future happy, this is my promise, I will celebrate Anami’s 18th birthday. She asks how will you do this. He says I understand, what would people think of us if we celebrate Anami’s birthday instead Vatsalya’s prayer ceremony, I don’t care for people. She says so much love for Anami, one day she will make you proud.

Sudha and Naina come home. Sudha checks her room. Naina says who would come here. Sudha says Satrupa… she is restless, I have her recording in my phone, she came to find the phone, its a key for my stay here, I have hidden the phone at such a place that Satrupa can never find it. Adhiraj calls Anami. She cries. Poonam says its Adhiraj’s call. Anami says tell him I m with Satrupa, just do as I say.

Anami asks Adhiraj to go, Dheeru asked her to stay away from him. Adhiraj says I won’t go. Sudha hides the phone. Satrupa says we have to get that recording.

Update Credit to: Amena

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