Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anami decides to do Durga puja

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Narottam saying Anami is getting my identity back. Adhiraj says I didn’t mean to hurt you, I m a CBI officer and get doubt on anyone. He sees Anami and goes. Anami sees Narottam. He says I didn’t lie, I just didn’t say the truth, I have to keep mum away from this Chakravyuh, forgive me.

Anami checks books and gets ready. Poonam gets milk. Anami drinks. She asks who is playing dhol. Poonam says people are taking Mata idol for Durga puja. Anami says my life changed. Tania calls her. Anami says I m preparing to come college. Tania says there is dance rehearsal for Durga puja. Anami says I don’t know all that. Tania asks her to come, else she will see, her brother is in police. Anami says we shall meet. She leaves.

Tania wears a saree and comes.

Dheeru looks on. He says its your…. She says mum’s saree, is it suiting me. He says yes, why not, you are my daughter. She says I have worn this for a dance competition. He says you are beautiful like your mum, but you don’t have that Adaa. She says I do have, and falls down. Dheeru and Adhiraj laugh. She says we are modern type of dancers and can dance even on burning coals, you can laugh, kitchen is on strike, make food on own. She asks Adhiraj to take her for shopping. He agrees.

Satrupa sees the books and smiles. She comes across Dadi. She says Anami changed by hearing Vatsalya’s name, maybe she takes interest in business. Dadi says time is with us, but be careful. Adhiraj asks Tania to go now, she looks lovely. She says no, you are saying this to get rid of me. He says you look like mum in this saree, sorry to make you emotional. He drops her to college. Anami looks on. Tania says sorry, I got late. Anami asks is everything fine, what are you doing with Adhiraj. She scolds Adhiraj for troubling her friend. Tania says Anami, he is my brother, he came to drop me. Anami laughs and asks brother, okay…. Tania asks Adhiraj does he know Anami. He says yes, I m handling her case. Tania asks did she injure you. Anami says I made him fine too, don’t tell half story. He says yes. Anami says you look good, but saree. Tania says its Durga puja dance today, you can also come. She asks shall I make your jodi, it will look perfect. He says I m happy with thieves. He goes. Tania asks Anami to come. Anami says I used to do such drama in Banaras, I will miss everything this year, that festive fun. Tania says we will celebrate here, come.

Anami tells Dada ji about Durga puja. Dada ji says Maa’s place is wrong here, maybe she is annoyed with this family, idol can’t be placed. Anami says she maybe pleased with my devotion. He says whenever I tried, we saw some bad sign, yagya can’t happen. Pujan asks Anami not to agrue. Dadi says when Maa gave us daughter, maybe Maa also gives darshan, maybe its Durga Maa’s wish. Dada ji asks who will keep fast. Dadi says I will do. He says I can’t permit you. Anami says its my suggestion, so I will keep the fast.

Baldev says no, we can’t fulfill her wish. Satrupa says I m also in favor of this puja. Dada ji says what shall I say Gayatri, she also has pain to lose Vatsalya, don’t know how she got courage to celebrate. Baldev says I m not so brave, stop mum. Dada ji says I can’t imagine a morning without Vatsalya.

They all see Vatsalya coming downstairs and saying he is not so light that he gets out of heart, he is not any memory, he is not so cheap to get lost by tears, love has linked this identity, I was yours and will always be, just tell this to me. They all get emotional. Anami reads it and says sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt you by reading Vatsalya’s poetry, you have to know what he wanted, Madhu says pain comes in our life by climbing sorrow, its always in our heart, Vatsalya wanted to see you all smiling. Satrupa asks why are you doing this. They all cry.

Anami says Vatsalya wrote this, peace and silence have difference, his house is a place of peace, not silence. Dada ji says this is a truth for us, where shall we go. She says Vatsalya was my brother, its also a truth, I will fulfill his every wish, you have to decide, we leave mourning for his sake or not. Satrupa reads the poetry and says my son will live here as pride and smile. Dada ji says Satrupa prepare for the puja. She smiles.

Arrangements are done in Lal Mahal. Satrupa supervises everything. Dadi buys some stuff. Poonam likes a saree and goes. Anami looks on. She takes it. Satrupa says this will suit you, take it. Anami says I don’t like all this. She gives the saree to Poonam and says this will suit you. Poonam hugs her. Anami says I have work, I have send invitation to Tania and Adhiraj. Poonam smiles. Satrupa says Anami is coming close to family.

A guy sees Poonam and says what a beauty, lets have some fun. He teases Poonam. Anami holds Poonam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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