Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 19th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anami seeks Poonam’s help

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The Episode starts with Anami saying they are not dead for me, they are alive in my memories and breath. She hugs Madhu’s pic and cries. She says I don’t want anything that reminds me that they are no more. Sudha looks on. Dadi consoles Anami. Satrupa says if you break down, many people will get affected, I have hurt your heart, forgive me. Anami says no, you forgive me, I got emotional, I will be careful from next time, Satrupa ji. Satrupa looks at her.

Sudha says how did Anami change overnight, even if she has sorrow to lose her parents. She sees Anami and says there is some secret that Anami is trying hard to hide. She goes out to Laddoo and sees him playing. She thinks he is not sad. She stops him and says I m proud of you, you know how to hide your sorrow in such a young

age, are your parents really dead. Laddoo recalls Anami’s words. She asks how did your parents get trapped. He says I don’t know. She asks how did the house catch fire, tell me. He runs to Poonam and hugs. She sends him to Anami. He sees Satrupa and runs to Anami. She asks what happened.

Anami says he maybe be scared, so much happened with us, he will need time to get fine. Satrupa asks them to donate things to Brahmans. Anami asks her to go. She asks Laddoo to be strong, they won’t leave before ending evil. Poonam asks what, your parents are alive. Anami says just we four know this, Adhiraj helped me a lot, lucky people get such friends. Poonam says he likes your bravery, you should have not come back.

Anami says I have come here to protect my parents, else Satrupa would have not let us live in pain, I will make her pay for everything. Poonam says you should have not got Laddoo here. Anami says I know, Madhu kept this condition, you have to take care of him, you are the only person I blindly trust. Poonam says I will always stand by you. She hugs Anami. Adhiraj gives few necessary things to Murari. Murari says thanks for this house. Adhiraj gives him some money and says consider me as son and keep this, you can call me by this mobile, keep it, I m going to meet Anami, I will get a new sim for her, she can talk to you, don’t contact her, I will leave. Murari says take care of yourself and my children. Adhiraj leaves.

Daamo talks to cook. She asks whose phone is ringing. Cook says maybe Poonam’s phone. Poonam comes and takes her phone. She answers Adhiraj’s call and talks. She lies to Daamo. She goes to Anami and shuts the door. Anami asks what happened. Poonam says Adhiraj called me. Anami asks what did he say. Poonam says Daamo was standing next to me, I couldn’t talk, I told him you have reached, he wanted to talk to you. Anami calls Adhiraj. She couldn’t connect. She says he called, it means Madhu and Murari are fine, nothing wrong will happen now. She asks Poonam to take Laddoo. Naina comes to call Sudha. She says Satrupa called you to the temple. Sudha comes. Satrupa asks Sudha to come, she is Brahmin, she can accept a charity. Sudha says no sin can be washed away by charity, it gets washed away by changing deeds into good. Anami gives her clothes. Satrupa says you don’t even deserve my hatred, you don’t matter to me, you can never harm Lal Mahal. She taunts her. Sudha asks won’t you take my blessing. She says I bless you, Lord give you enough strength to bear Anami’s hatred.

pandit says Murari and Madhu’s souls will get peace. Sudha says Laddoo has to shave off his head and give away the hair. Pandit says yes, its mandatory.

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  1. byyyeee RKC! we are fed up with this tracks, too many inconsistencies in the characters. adhiraj has become personal bodyguard to anami and pathak’s family. he doesn’t deserve to be a cbi officer. anami, adhiraj don’t have brain. laddoo is shut like he has some sweets in his mouth. anami is going to damage satrupa’s pride and reputation and maybe she will throw her away from lal mahal. from the beginning satrupa is humiliated and anami is arrogant in her way. anami’s character has become like sudha now. dunno what kinda track these writers & directors are planning. but plz spare us. we cannot take it anymore. bus bahot ho gaya. byyeee to rkc forever

    1. why does laddoo open his trap and say what he overheard with sudha her brother. instead of this false hatred for satrupa lot of nonsense

    2. U r all talking of Anami only. They have made amockery of Satrupa’s char. also. Else how can a self confident woman (who does manipulate, of course but who feels for people who r vulnerable like Narrottam when Pujan was whipping him) suddenly become so selfish? She simply doesn’t care what happened to the Pandits. Makers r catering to TRP viewers not loyal viewers who started watching from first. If they don’t change Satrupa’s char. for better soon, I’ll stop watching.

  2. This show has lost its charm & becoming like other stupid serials..! ? daroga is one of the useless cbi officer, doesn’t deserve to be called as a cbi. he has no other duty except to meet anami & romance with her. Anami has gone worst now-a-days. Writers have spoiled her character by showing too much grey shade in her character like a villain. Viewers expected to see Satnami bonding, but these writers are giving satnami’s hatred bond. Anami doesn’t deserve satrupa’s love. Better kick sudha & anami out of lal mahal. ye serial dekne or written updates padne ke liye zara bhi mann nahi lag rahi hai ? sorry rkc bye we cant see this anymore. fed up?

  3. me too agree….. rkc has lost its uniqueness… anami has bcum negtive & strtd to tke revenge… satrupa did everythin for her safety & luv but she is gonna do everythin to ruin satrupa’s happiiness…. so anami sudha on one side and satrupa on other side… seems anami will turn everyone against satrupa and make her mad… laddoo, adhiraj, poonam are useless peoples in this serial… adhiraj started with vatsalya’s case, didn’t find anythin & strted to luv anami and doin housekeepin work for her & pathak family… a constable does more work and uses his brain than this stupid cbi officer adhiraj… hate anami’s character like anything…. me too not interested in this show henceforth…… rkc is loosing its true fans one by one…

  4. This show has lost its charm from the time it moved to 8 pm slot.
    It is just not moving ahead. Ghol ghol ghumrahahe at one place only. They are literally dragging.
    I have stopped watching this show way back when sudha enteted lal mahal and just read spoilers. No change at all in story line.
    At times reading spoilers also makes me feel bored.
    The dumbest CBI officer on earth is Adhiraj. He finds vatsalyas murder evidence just to lose it.
    Anami influenced by Sudha and planning to take revenge from Satrupa. The only track running from months.
    Ladoo another dumbest kid. All through his journey back to Banaras, he did not find even a single moment to reveal Sudhas truth to Anami.

  5. Exactly. The story is still in the same point. More than 100 episodes gone but nothing has changed. No improvement in the storyline, first time anami came to take revenge, this time also she has came for same. No difference between anami & sudha’s character. As mahi said, it would be gud if they kick anami & sudha out of lal mahal. Also send this daroga with them, it will be a big relief ???. Send anami, sudha & daroga for vacation and bring an super dooper episode like durga pooja. We asked for satrup-anami’s bonding not this bullshit hatred. Anami is a confused and stupid character according to the track. She has no thinking capacity, she blindly trusts sudha & others and blames satrupa for all bad things. Don’t show anami as a brainless & dumb girl. Writers, you need to shape her character perfectly. I don’t understand why adhiraj, a cbi officer is needed in this serial, because he doesn’t do anything so far & not gonna do also?. Just dumb. poonam, laddoo & adhiraj are the dumbest character in rkc. They’re just to roam with anami. If this kind of track continues without unfolding any mysteries & without bringing back satrupa-anami’s bonding, soon we have to bid farewell to rkc forever??. If this serial is still managing to hold some trp means, it’s one & only because of Narayani Shastri mam (satrupa’s character). Hoping for betterment in rkc characters & track ?

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