Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Narottam learns Sudha’s truth

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naina saying recording played in the party. Sudha says we were finding it, amazing. Naina says Baldev dragged Sher Singh there. Sudha says I wish I could see this, but I promised Baldev that I won’t come there on Anami’s birthday, he promised me that I will get what I ask for, I didn’t know my fate is so good. She laughs. Sher Singh says I have lit fire that night on Satrupa’s orders. They all get shocked. He says you told me to get Anami at any cost. Satrupa says you made Anami talk to me, you can’t do this. He says I had two men with me, they did this work. Anami scolds Satrupa.

Satrupa says why will I take Madhu and Murari’s lives, why are you lying Sher Singh. He says I did this on your saying. She asks Baldev to trust her. Baldev says why would

he run if he is saying true, he is hiding some secret. Sher Singh says I m saying truth. Adhiraj says I will ask questions now, Anami I promise you will get answers till tomorrow. He goes. Anami sees Satrupa and cries.

Adhiraj asks Sher Singh to say truth. Sher Singh says I have done that on Satrupa’s saying. Adhiraj signs his men. They beat Sher Singh. Baldev comes to Anami. He says such mishaps happen in life, that break us down, we forget right and wrong, you are my sensible daughter, don’t let anger get on your mind, its not right to regard Satrupa wrong. She says like you can’t believe Sher Singh, I can’t believe Satrupa, she was ready to go to any extent to get me back, my house was destroyed. He says its wrong to doubt on her intentions, if she is wrong, I promise I will get her punished, don’t jump to any conclusion. He hugs her.

Adhiraj comes to Sher Singh. He doesn’t give water and ask for person’s name. Sher Singh says I told you, I did this on Satrupa’s saying. Adhiraj points gun. Sher Singh says they will kill my family. Adhiraj says I guarantee nothing will happen to them, tell me the name. Sher Singh says the name.

Anami gets sad. Poonam asks her to have some food. Anami says I can’t believe Satrupa can do this with me, I feel she is guilty, was her love a show, truth will come out, how will I face truth, I want all this to end, I just want everything to end. Poonam says you have come far, don’t worry, culprit will be exposed. Narottam comes and apologizes to Sudha. She asks why. He says I didn’t believe you, I realized that you used to say right about Satrupa, Sher Singh told her truth, I just can’t believe this.

Sudha says I know her well. He says Satrupa is so clever, its good your fate supported you, else you could have not defeated such a cunning woman. She says Satrupa is a fool. He says she has made such a big Chakravyuh, she can’t be a fool. Sudha says I have done all this, I have send those men to burn the house, Satrupa can never prove this, once she goes away, I will take her place in Baldev’s life, then you will be the heir of Lal Mahal. Narottam looks at her.

Anami feels restless. Dadi says Adhiraj will inform you first, culprit will be punished, this anger will hurt you. Adhiraj comes there. Dadi says your parents wanted to see you happy, nothing else. Adhiraj comes in and says I had to come to tell something imp, Sher Singh has told a lot. Anami asks what did he say. He says not here, your entire family should be present to know it. Anami and Dadi ask him to say it. He says Sher Singh told me truth, Satrupa isn’t involved, Sudha did this. They get shocked.

Adhiraj arrests Sudha. Sudha takes his gun and points at Satrupa. She says I won’t let you win easily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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