Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anami cheats Satrupa

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone getting glad seeing Anami. Anami steps on the hot coal. Satrupa walks to her. Everyone gets shocked. Anami thinks I will destroy your Lal Mahal. Satrupa says you are the foundation of this Lal Mahal. Anami thinks to ruin her pride. Satrupa says I knew you will come, my love will get you back. Anami pours water over her head and says sorry, your saree was burning. Anami thinks this time I have come as rain to drown you.

Dadi hugs Anami and asks why did you wear white clothes. Dada ji asks her to question later. Naina looks on. Poonam gets haldi milk. Dadi asks Anami to have it, wounds will heal. Anami says wounds are not on the body, Poonam take Laddoo upstairs. Dadi asks her to take rest. Anami says don’t know I will get peace or not, I don’t know

how to say, Murari and Madhu are no more, they were burnt in that fire, I have performed their last rites at ganga ghat. Satrupa asks how did you come Lal Mahal so soon. Sudha throws things and says Anami was dead, how did she come back.

She gets angry and sees Satrupa’s video. She throws the phone. Narottam gets sweets and says its my duty to celebrate Anami’s comeback. She says don’t forget you are my son. He say I will always be your son, I won’t support you, you have got blind in revenge, I will support the one who fights for rights, not revenge. She gets angry.

Dada ji asks Satrupa to think about Anami’s condition, she informed him and he has sent a private ship for her. Satrupa asks why did you not tell me. Anami says I told him not to tell anyone, I didn’t wish to come back, but my fate had something else written, I didn’t know Lord will punish me, after Madhu and Murari died, I realized what you have gone through, the people who love me so much, forgive me and give me a chance to make a new start, I have nobody else in this world. They cry. Anami thinks I will spare Satrupa.

Satrupa recalls Anami’s words. She says this is not our Anami, she has changed, she was a brave girl, not such helpless, she isn’t interested to live. Daamo says she has seen her parents dying. Satrupa gets angry and says Baldev and I are Anami’s parents, we are still alive. Daamo says give her some time, she will be fine. Satrupa says I couldn’t give her love and time, she can’t spend the rest of life mourning for strangers. She comes to Anami. She says I have got food. Anami says thanks, but I can’t eat anything except fruits for the next 13 days. Satrupa says I understand you are mentally disturbed, have some food. Anami says I need some time, please, I lost my mum, I need time to accept this fact. Satruoa says fine, take some rest, sleep.

Anami recalls Madhu’s words. FB shows Laddoo will become Laxman and guard you, Murari is there for me, who will be there for you, you both will take care of each other, don’t forget principles, if you forget right and wrong for revenge, there won’t be difference between you and them, I don’t want to see another Satrupa in you. Anami asks don’t you trust me. Madhu says I do, I was just scared. They cry. Madhu says you are my daughter, you have to set an example that upbringing matters more than blood. Dadi asks how is Anami now. Satrupa says she looks fine, she didn’t have food, I feel something is wrong. Dadi says you need to stand by her side, they will find peace, Anami is feeling very lonely, your presence will make her feel better. Satrupa says yes, I understood what you want to say, I know what I need to do. Its morning, Satrupa says I have kept a puja to pray for Madhu and Murari’s soul peace, Anami will feel we are with her, I will win her heart. Anami comes and gets shocked seeing her parents’ pics with garlands. She throws the garlands. Satrupa says its abshagun to remove it. Anami says they are alive. They get shocked.

Satrupa taunts Sudha. Sudha gets angry and raises hand on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ? understood the upcoming story…! Anami is going to kick Satrupa out by snatching everything from her & later feel sorry, that’s of no use!!! Previously daroga and anami’ s bakwas love track ?. Now this. Keep up the work RKC with this boring track??. See the serial after a month only confirming that u have changed the track and anami is in sensess..!!!??? Writers have dragged down anami’s character and most of them started to hate her already! ??No more interest to see or read this serial updates!!! ???

  2. So Ladoo just sits mute and listens to his mom and Anami plotting to ruin Satrupa when he know Sudha is the one who was plotting to kill Anami? How is it this child said nothing about what he heard even after they ran away from Lal Mahal? This story makes no sense. Anami’s character is so bipolar…..it’s a shame the writers has ruined their own show by showing so many inconsistencies in her character. I’ve stopped watching this show

    1. Very well said.laddoo is approximately a 11 or 12 yrs old.how come he is so stupid. he knows very well that Sudha is behind her kidnapping n Sudha wanted to kill anami.both these brother n sister are so idiot n senseless.

      Shame on writers n producers for ruining this show…
      Indian serials Mai Kisi characters ke pass dimag nhi hota.kyki Indian serials ke writers ke pass dimag nhi hota hai.

  3. Anami ab kuch zyada hi kar rahi he??
    Hate her character
    Already stopped watching now by byy to telly update

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