Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anami promises Sudha

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The Episode starts with Adhiraj asking Anami to think of her parents atleast, her safety is imp. Anami asks him to say directly. He says you have all powers in hand now. She asks what. He says if anyone troubles you, you can go court or threaten. She gets the court order. Kamini looks on. Anami says you gave a Divyastra in my hand. Avdhoot tells Pujan that the man has disappeared, its their profit. Kamini comes and asks them to know what’s happening. She says Adhiraj got a court order, if Anami says she has danger here, court will take her custody, I m afraid if she tells our name, then…. I will not tolerate this. Pujan pacifies her. She says Dadi, Satrupa and court can be on Anami’s side, but Dada ji is on our side, Avdhoot is heir for her.

Satrupa asks lawyer to tell

what to do after court order. He says I will prepare for it and goes. Pujan, kamini and Avdhoot come there. Pujan says I want to send Avdhoot abroad for business studies. Dada ji says books don’t give knowledge, I will teach him business, like I taught Dheeru. Dheeru says I should not get in between. Dada ji asks him to say clearly, he is like a son. Dheeru says we should see the problem, if we don’t focus on court orders, all accounts will freeze and then there won’t be anything left to fight for.

Daamo asks Satrupa did she think what to do ahead. Dadi comes there. She says I heard Vikram is training Avdhoot, what about Anami, she has right on business. Satrupa says he refused to teach. Dadi says just one other person can teach Anami.

Its morning, Satrupa comes to meet Dheeru. He asks did she come to shoot. She says I don’t like shooting at back, I would have shown you mirror in boardroom. He asks why did you come. She says I came for family’s future. He asks her to sit. She says I need a favor. He says I think storm came faster this time. He asks her the work. She says I want you to teach business to Anami. He asks why. She says no one understands Royal steels better than you, Papa is training Avdhoot, but its Anami’s right, he is refusing, if she is qualified, she should get a chance, he has gone mad in anger, so I m asking you for help.

She asks what’s my benefit in this. She says Royal steels’ future depends on Anami, you won’t like if Royal steels gets locked, you promised me you won’t let anything happen to it, just you can help me. He agrees. She thanks him. He says you always convince even if I listen or not. She says you just listen to yourself, you would have not said yes if you didn’t find this right. She goes.

Narottam comes to meet Anami. Poonam and Naina stop him. Anami comes out of her room and asks the matter. He says mum tried to commit suicide. She says I will come with you. She asks Naina not to show her loyalty now. Naina says Satrupa asked you not to go. She comes in front. She asks Anami to go by back door. Anami thanks her. Narottam sees Naina and goes. Naina keeps pillows in Anami’s bed. Satrupa comes here and asks Naina what is she doing. Naina says I was shutting window. Satrupa asks did Anami sleep early. Naina says she has headache, she said no one should disturb her. Satrupa asks her to give medicine.

Anami comes to Sudha and hears doctor. He says she has chronic depression, she stopped medicines as well. He goes. Anami asks her to share her sorrow, she can help. Narottam says Anami can help you. Sudha talks depressed. She asks Anami not to show her fake dreams. Anami says I will take you to Lal Mahal, you will stay with Narottam and family. Sudha asks really, I will take medicines. Anami makes her have medicines and asks her to take care. She goes. Sudha says I m coming as Lal Mahal’s Kaal.

Anami talks to kids and asks them not to get cheap marks. Narottam comes and says just show them fake dreams. She sends the kids. She says I will not move back from my promise, your mum will come to Lal Mahal and stay with everyone, I will get her rights. He asks when, these people will die but not let my mum enter here. She says I will burn their Lanka. He asks her not to increase her problem. She says I will manage and goes. Naina and Narottam smile.

Dadi and Satrupa have a talk. They see Dada ji teaching Avdhoot. Dadi says nothing is fine, he is teaching business to Avdhoot, its Anami’s right. Satrupa says Anami doesn’t care for family. Dadi says explain her, she is doing this for Vatsalya. Satrupa says no, I won’t drag his name in any lie. Dadi says lying is not wrong for truth, Anami has to fight his battle, its not impossible to explain her, she is here just for him, she can fight with entire world to fulfill his dream.

Anami says I m stuck in a Chakravyuh. Adhiraj asks her what is it that she can’t say. Narottam says she won’t say anything. Adhiraj questions him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukriti

    Why do i feel that Dheeru and Satrupa share some past? I mean the they were talking and the way Dheeru looked at Satrupa

  2. Enjoyed the episode. Satrupa Dheeru interaction was really good. They had a chemistry but I think it was just deep friendship and respect. It might have led to misunderstanding though which might have been the other reason for Baldev to turn against Dheeru, apart from Vikaramaditya’s love for Dheeru. Each episode leaves me craving for more. The unique thing here is that I crave for more on all fronts. Dheeru, Anami-Satrupa, Sudha, Anami-Adhiraj, Baldev-Anami, Baldev-Satrupa. After a long time a show has captured my attention on so many fronts!

  3. Sukriti I also think the same

  4. Sukriti

    Very true said diyaa… this show is really increasing the level of curiosity with each episode. I really want to see the reaction of Anami when she gets to know the entire truth that how Baldev cheated Satrupa and had extra marital affair with Sudha and also the truth of Narottam. Will then she support Satrupa ? Bcz as far she has been shown as a character who supports right.

    How will the love story between Anami and Adhiraj progress ?
    There are many interesting areas which is really catching the attention.
    The writers have really done a very good work. ??

    1. I think affair with sudha was before marriage with satrupa… Earlier when Dadi supported satrupa from leaving ka episode satrupa clearly mentioned … And want to know the reason y satrupa and baldev are not together.. sum thing happened 7yrs back according to them… May be this chakravyuh resolves soon…
      Speaking baldev is more handsome than adhiraj….??

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