Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 17th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Madhu fulfills Anami’s wish

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The Episode starts with Satrupa saying Anami is alive, this temple is not for devils like you. She shuts the door on Sudha’s face. She shouts Daamo. She asks Daamo to prepare for mannat puja. Anami thinks of Satrupa and Murari’s words. Satrupa rings the temple bells. Anami comes back to Adhiraj. He gets glad.

He asks what are you doing here, is everything fine. She says no, don’t ask any more questions, I need to go back to Lal Mahal, you will take me there. He asks what are you saying. Madhu asks are you mad, you want to return to that Lanka, I won’t lose you now. Anami asks her to understand. Madhu says your decisions affect us a lot. She asks Murari not to talk between them this time. She says we don’t have to keep relations with Lal Mahal, we won’t come back. Satrupa

says I will stop when Anami returns to me, she is the family’s heir, my blood.

Madhu says I won’t change my decision, I have decided not to move from here. Anami says I have taken such a big reason after having a thought. Adhiraj says I also feel you shouldn’t go there. Anami says my anger will never calm down, Satrupa gave me wounds, it won’t heal, she tried to kill my mum and dad, she won’t sleep in peace. Madhu says Satrupa won’t change, she will never regret.

Anami asks don’t you trust me, I will make her realize her mistakes. Adhiraj asks won’t you risk your life. Anami says we will be attacked anyway, I m not scared to die. He says more lives are connected to you, think about them. Madhu says we don’t want revenge. Murari says if everyone surrenders during tough times, world won’t get Krishna, sometimes you must raise a voice for rights, one must fight against injustice.

He asks her to trust Anami. Madhu says Anami’s life is imp, I won’t listen. Anami says please agree to me. Madhu asks her to stop being stubborn. Satrupa begins the puja. Madhu asks how long will you take. Anami says fine, I will not go Lal Mahal, your values will be left behind, see your Anami for the last time, you will see a new Anami from tomorrow, don’t know you will be able to accept a lost Anami or not, you have the first right on my life, you have raised, I won’t go back to Lal Mahal. She sits in the car. Everyone stops Satrupa. Satrupa steps on the hot coal. She walks on it. Everyone gets shocked.

Dadi asks Dada ji to do something. Dada ji asks Satrupa to stop it. Madhu cries and recalls Anami’s words. She asks driver to stop the car. Adhiraj asks why. She says we will go separate ways, Anami will be going to Lal Mahal. Anami looks at her. Madhu asks Adhiraj to promise, that he will take care of Anami. Anami hugs her. Madhu says I have a condition. Anami and Laddoo come to Lal Mahal. Everyone gets shocked seeing Anami.

Anami goes to Satrupa and steps on the hot coal. She pours water on Satrupa. Narottam says our ways are different now. Satrupa says I understood what to do. Adhiraj gets arrested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is becoming like other cliche dramas. I mean really Rom between a 17 and 25 year old? I like Them together but at least take a leap where Anami is past 20year s. Pls don’t turn Rishton Ka Chakravyuh to other cliche stories. And pls get rid of Sudha she ruined the entire story. RKC is losing its charm. Pls don’t ruin it its a humble request!!! Please

  2. best thing about this serial, everyone is happy to see adhiraj getting arrested. Bcos we love SATNAMI scenes more & more than this unwanted adhiraj-anami love & romance. pujan chacha’s reaction was hilarious. RKC where is avhdoot, tanya, dheeru, pujan’s wife, no info about them in the serial. humble request, please reduce this anami-adhiraj love scenes & give us maa-beti scenes. we are getting irritated seeing love between 17 and 25 years old. atleast change her style so that she could look little old with adhiraj. she looks like a kid and he’s mature which makes the pair odd

    1. Exactly. It’s extremely abnormal for! 17 & 25 year-old to romance. I too want Satrupa and Anami scenes full of arrogance ? who is who unique.

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