Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dheeru recalls past

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The Episode starts with Anami telling Laksh that good always wins over evil. He asks her not to say all this lecture. She says I was scared yesterday, evil attacked me and then goodness came, took me away, its true. He says fine, I will try this formula. Satrupa and Daamo come. Satrupa calls Naina. Anami asks who is she. Satrupa says she will stay with you from today. Anami argues and asks her to leave. Satrupa asks how would you feel if I tell Murari about the attack on you. She goes. Anami says I won’t like it. Naina asks shall I do anything for you. Anami says yes, do something that I don’t see you. She goes to sleep.

Its morning, Adhiraj calls Anami and asks how are you, I just called to ask. She says I m fine, I have a shadow now. He says Satrupa did this good. Tania hears

him say Anami and comes to hear his conversation. He asks Anami did she recall anything. Anami says everything was normal. He asks her to take care. Tania asks Adhiraj about Anami. She describes her. He says yes, I was talking to her, she was attacked yesterday, she is fine now. She asks what, how is she now, who attacked her. He says don’t know. She says some students were troubling Anami, then our friendship started, those students got friendly and took her to chemistry lab. Dheeru comes.

Tania compliments him. She asks him to bend down, as he is very tall. Adhiraj taunts. Tania sends Adhiraj to room. She applies black dot to Dheeru. He says your mum used to do this too. She says I m also her daughter, something is missing. He says I took everything. She gets the pen and says you forgot your weapon at home. He smiles and goes. She goes to Adhiraj. He says I got late for office. She asks him to go. He says you stopped me here, I got boss’ call. She asks him to go now.

Dheeru comes to Lal Mahal. He gets flashes of past, how he got arrested for a scam. Dheeru gets tearful eyes and sees Baldev and Pujan. He gets taken away by police. He sees his children looking on. Adhiraj covers Tania’s eyes. FB ends.

Adhiraj looks at the students and asks what happened with Anami in lab. The guy says we had a fight, now we are friends. Adhiraj asks how did she get shut. The guy says lab boy locks the lab. Adhiraj asks who fought with her. The girl says she had twisted my hand, I didn’t do anything. Ila comes and says I have to talk to you in private. Adhiraj sends him. Ila asks him what boss said, if media knows about this students interrogation, it will be big issue.

Dheeru greets Dada ji. Dada ji asks for Avdhoot. Satrupa says Anami should also be here, how will she learn. Dada ji says let me do my work, you do your work. Avdhoot comes. Dada ji asks Avdhoot to take his seat. Dheeru says we will start meeting now, I have studied the disasters happened during these 15 years, but in last 7 years, machines replaced labor and there were many strikes, we have to find a solution, this time workers thought to lock factory.

Pujan says then kick them out. Dheeru says they are angry, don’t fire them, I will manage. Satrupa taunts and says we don’t accept this loss, thanks. Dheeru says I m half partner of Royal steels, I called this meeting, its going on. Satrupa says some goons of union are trying to blackmail and get money, let strike happen, we should not bend. Dada ji says I will think about it. Dheeru leave the file, I will study it. Dheeru goes.

Adhiraj comes to Lal Mahal. He says I came to say something. Baldev asks him to talk of work. Adhiraj says your attitude won’t be such then, Lal Mahal’s calculations will change, I can guarantee this, you all will be shocked. Baldev asks did CBI fire you, that you started predicting future. Adhiraj shows court notice. He says court reviewd the attack on Anami, so court decided if Anami doesn’t feel safe here, her custody will go to court, it means court gave her rights to decide, she can go anywhere she feels safe.

Satrupa says I will save her, I will stand as shield. Adhiraj says you couldn’t save Vatsalya, this time is not to repeat mistakes but to learn from it, if Anami falls in trouble, she will go in police protection. Satrupa says two guards are with her, did you find about the attacker. He says that man was mad, we will find out on whose saying he did that, if Anami’s safety is questioned again, she will go in court custody, your bank accounts will be sealed, all the best. Anami stops him and asks why is he leaving guards after her. He says you need protection. She asks do you want to cage me here. He says you went on your mum, your DNA has problem, I was helping as friend. She says I don’t want help. He asks her to think of her parents atleast. She recalls her family.

Dadi says its not right Satrupa, Vikram should teach business to Anami instead Avdhoot, she is staying here for Vatsalya, she will fight with the world to fulfill his dream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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