Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Satrupa punishes the culprit

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Adhiraj saying my friend taught this to me. She asks does CBI people do this. He says CBI people question, friends do this. He makes her sprain fine. Poonam comes and coughs. Adhiraj says its fine now. Anami says I taught him, I can teach you also Poonam. Poonam smiles and goes. Anami says you are good student, but fraud friend. He says my sorry stock ended, I have to end this fraud stamp now, stop joking, you are in risk, you can get attacked again. She says yes, you don’t answer my call. He says I answered, and then called you. She says you will say sorry now. He says sorry got over, don’t expect now. She asks is CBI officer saying this or fraud friend. He says both, call me if you doubt on anyone, I will leave. She says you look having friendship with Lal mahal.

He says you are ill, take rest.

He sees Baldev and says if your daughter is going college, you should see if she is returning on time. Baldev says thanks for advice, door is there. Adhiraj argues. Pujan comes and says how did you reach there before incident happened, how did you get Akashwani, we will treat you well this time. Baldev asks Adhiraj to answer, how did he reach college. Adhiraj says questioning is my work, and answering is yours, don’t forget. Pujan asks is CBI playing any other game, to create danger and act. Baldev asks on whose saying are you doing this.

Adhiraj says I just do as per law. Pujan says I will say, the judge wrote if Anami has any danger in Lal Mahal, then court will take her custody back. Baldev says Royal steels doesn’t just make iron, its made of iron, none can shake its foundation, if anyone tries, we will shake his world. Pujan asks Adhiraj to just do his duty, not more and not less, don’t get personal. Adhiraj says if I had to get personal, I would have got personal before, my duty stopped me, I regret that Anami has a father like you. He stares at Baldev and leaves. He calls Ila and says write an application, I have to submit in court, subject, Anami’s safety, during CBI investigation, we found out Anami’s life has a threat. She agrees.

Poonam comes to Anami and says Adhiraj’s entry was great, he lifted you in arms and got you in, I felt wind is blowing and romantic song is playing in Bg. She imagines Adhiraj lifting Anami in arms and walking around. Suraj hua maddham…..plays….. They have an eyelock and smile.

Anami finds Poonam lost in dream world. She asks Poonam to stop it, its not like its seen, get some food, I m hungry. Poonam asks are you saying this to make me run. Anami asks her not to think much. Poonam jokes and says sorry. She goes. Adhiraj comes home. Tania greets him. He says girls get emotional soon. She asks why, did matter get ahead, tell me, did you meet the girl. He says stop it. She asks is there office problem. He says no. She says dad’s tension. He says no. She says you are in love, congrats, tell me about girl. He asks her to get serious. She acts to faint. He asks what happened. She laughs. She says you asked me to become serious, I make Papa laugh in morning and you in evening, I m thinking to open a comedy channel. He asks her to make tea. She asks about the girl. He throws cushion at her. She runs.

Satrupa comes to Anami. She asks her to have soup. Anami refuses. Satrupa says I got it. Anami asks so what. Satrupa says our problem is different, its about your security, take this seriously. Anami asks her not to worry. Satrupa says you would have fought with someone, you could recognize them, Lal Mahal enemies have no face, you can’t catch them, support me. Anami says dark night is dark for those who doesn’t know the talent to see in darkness, I can see through Lal Mahal darkness, don’t worry for me, go and fight for yourself. Satrupa smiles and says I was like you, its like fate is showing me mirror. Daamo comes and says someone came to meet you, its imp.

Daamo says this is the woman, she said she can make us reach attacker. Satrupa asks Naina what does she know. Naina says I have seen that man. Satrupa says take description from her and give her some reward. Naina says I can make you reach that man. Satrupa asks her to sit, what’s your name. Naina says I m Naina, I have seen that man, a guy took your daughter and I have seen an injured man, I followed him, I run a breakfast stall outside college, I have a daughter too, when I saw your daughter unconscious, I felt she is in danger, I was seeing that man outside college since morning, he looked mad, he can attack on others’ daughters too. Satrupa says he won’t attack anyone now, take me to him.

Satrupa reaches the house with her men. Narottam looks on. They catch the goon. Naina says he is that creep. Satrupa asks the goon who has send him to attack on Anami. The goon acts mad. Satrupa hits his head and says he will become mad if he is not mad, send him to mental hospital, he should come out of there in this birth. Narottam smiles. Satrupa leaves.

She gives an envelope to Naina. Naina says it has money. Satrupa says keep it. Naina says I don’t want this, I m trying to raise my daughter by hardwork. She returns money. She asks her to give a job, when she sells things at footpath, her daughter doesn’t like it, her husband has died, she can do any work. Satrupa says I have a work for you. Lakshya calls Anami and cries. He tells about the bad dream. Anami recalls the attacks on Vatsalya and her.

Adhiraj says court reviewed the attack on Anami, court decided her custody will go to court if she is not safe here. Satrupa says I will stand as sword for her and save her. Adhiraj says your sword and these four walls failed to save Vatsalya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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