Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anami gets targetted

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anami saying once I turn 18, Satrupa can’t do anything, she can’t force me to return to Lal Mahal. Madhu asks where will we go. Adhiraj says leave everything on me, we will leave tomorrow morning. A man comes there and signs the other one. He calls someone and says we reached the right place, this work will be done. Sher Singh drinks tea and sees Anami and Laddoo coming out. Adhiraj stops Anami and asks where are you doing. Anami says we are going for Ganga ji aarti.

He says its dangerous, you won’t go. She says I have to go, forget this, Madhu says its not right to interrupt devotion, I have to go in aarti, don’t know I get this opportunity again or not. He says I will come alone. She holds his hand and says you worry for me a lot, but I m worried

for Madhu and Murari’s safety, I will feel better if you stay with them. He says fine, come soon. She goes with Laddoo, and attends the aarti at ghat. Main to tere pass me….plays…. A man digs up the ground. Satrupa gets restless. The man places bomb and pours kerosene on the walls.

Anami says I enjoyed doing aarti. Laddoo says I can still hear the aarti bells. They feel cold. She jokes on him. They argue. Sher Singh asks Anami to talk on phone. She takes the phone. Satrupa says come back to Lal Mahal, don’t force me to come there. Anami refuses to come. Satrupa threatens her of consequences. Anami says I m not scared. The man lights the house. The bomb explodes. Anami and Laddoo get shocked. Satrupa hears the sound on the phone. Anami and Laddoo run towards the house. They get shocked and cry. Anami runs inside the house. People hold Laddoo. Sher Singh tries to get the phone. Satrupa calls again. Anami looks for Madhu and Murari. Satrupa asks Sher Singh about the noise, make her talk to Anami. He says Anami is not with me. She asks where is she. She gets shocked. He says I tried to stop her, she went inside the house and… She says stop nonsense, nothing can happen to her. She cries.

Anami sees Adhiraj and holds him. She sees the goon. She asks are you okay Adhiraj. He says yes. She asks where are mum and dad. She sees them and runs to hug. Adhiraj asks goon who has sent him. Anami gets water for them. Madhu cries. Anami hugs her and cries. Madhu says we are fine, don’t cry. Murari asks where is Laddoo. Anami runs out. Adhiraj asks who asked you to do this, tell me. Goon says I don’t know, I won’t tell you. Adhiraj scares him. Goon says Lal Mahal’s madam. Adhiraj asks who. Daamo asks Satrupa what happened to Anami. Sudha looks on and goes. Daamo asks is Anami fine. Satrupa says yes, I will go to Banaras and get her back, if I fail, I will never return to Lal Mahal. She turns and sees Dadi. Adhiraj asks who. Goon says S….. Someone shoots the goon. Anami looks on shocked.

Adhiraj wakes up and looks for Anami. Sudha says someone has cast an evil eye to this house. Dada ji says pray that Anami is fine. Sudha says we can’t bring Anami back. Satrupa says nothing happened to Anami. She drags Sudha out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    So this was planned by suddha and bill will be on satrupa… Ha ha ha ?????? though satrupa is also not good mum…

  2. Sathyanash!!!!! ??? This also on satrupa’s head! ? ?? Gonna end Anami & Satrupa relation and again their tashan will start?!! I wonder when these people will find sudha’s hand behind these ??? Once again we need to wait for months to see maa-beti bonding ???

  3. For past days I’m just reading only written episode not watching the show. Now again story goes back to where it started but this time anami’s hatred on satrupa will be triple more and more. Why can’t Lal Mahal people open their eyes and see sudha and pujan’s evil side. Always satrupa blamed for their evil plan. I hope this time sudha should get caught. I want Narottam to open up at least to anami by saying it’s not satrupa but sudha. For sure anami will come back to Lal Mahal to tell everyone about what satrupa did to laddu and also to her foster parents. Lal Mahal people will blame and send satrupa out of Lal Mahal. Atleast daamo should support and be with satrupa.

  4. awesome. satrupa is going to bear for sudha’s deeds very good. in lal mahal anyone can plan and plot evil deeds, satrupa will pay for it. satrupa ji, no use of pushing sudha out of lal mahal ji. baldev will come for her rescue and stop u. anami will also use this golden opportunity to insult u to the core. In real life, if someone is in satrupa’s place means, instead of sudha, satrupa herself will be gone to mental asylum or ran away like vatsalya & anami. no support for satrupa, only insult insult humiliation. sure anami is going to tandav on satrupa’s head. OMG!

  5. Again it reach to the starting point Yar & anami is so irritating I don’t like her n not even adhiraj
    Usko CBI kisne bnaya usse jyada Kam to constable krta h
    Vo to bas jeep leker anami k ass pass ghumta rehta h like her personal bodyguard

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