Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anami falls in risk

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anami seeing Adhiraj gone. Dadi asks did she end project. Anami says this laptop is trouble. Dadi says its Satrupa’s laptop, I will gift new one. Anami says why to waste money, I will work on this, money is money, its earned by hardwork. Dadi calls her sensible. Anami says I m doing this by my wish, see how I make Satrupa’s laptop dance on my beats. Dadi goes. Anami looks out and sees Adhiraj hanging to the railing. He says just say matter ended and I will go. Anami hits on his hand and asks him to leave. He keeps hanging. She says I will make you right. He says I will fall, don’t joke. He falls down. Dadi asks what happened. Anami says nothing, a Bagad Billa was coming and I made him leave. Adhiraj says it was my mistake to come to say sorry, I should be sorry

to myself.

Satrupa gets tea for Dadi. Dadi says I stopped having tea, I got inspired by Anami and started yoga, I just have green tea, do you want any favor. Satrupa says no, I just came to meet you. Dadi says our relation is strange, come to the point. Satrupa says I felt many problems will solve when Anami goes to college, she will make new friends and change, but she is going close to Narottam. Dadi says she has gone close to him. Satrupa says she regards you friend, talk to her, explain her Narottam’s friendship is not good for her. Dadi says I m also worried that she is feeding a snake, I have bigger fear. Satrupa asks what. Dadi says Sudha, Anami was asking me about Sudha.

Satrupa gets shocked and asks what did you say, it means Narottam is telling her Lal Mahal history. Dadi says I said as much needed, wait. Satrupa says I will throw him out. Dadi asks her not to do this mistake, love and hatred decisions have to be well thought, Anami will get angry if you do anything to him, as he has explained his pain to her, I can’t believe you are same Satrupa who managed the business, today you are doing mistake.

Satrupa says there comes a time when metal has to become water to stay as metal. Anami is such time for me, my mind doesn’t work when its about her, when I see her arguing with me, I get happy thinking she has more attitude than me, I believe she is made to cross this Chakravyuh. Dadi says everyone’s suppressed emotions got alive by her coming, I wish Vatsalya could see this. Satrupa thanks her for giving right advice. Dadi asks her to be alert, if Narottam is snake, Sudha is poison. Satrupa goes.

Dadi recalls Sudha coming home and asking for Baldev. She says I didn’t see him since a year, does he not miss me. Dadi says no, he called and asked for you. Sudha asks what did he ask. Dadi says he asked about Narottam. Sudha says he is our son, but he is not me. The hospital staff comes. Sudha says I won’t go with them, they beat me a lot, you told me you will keep me here if I get fine. She takes a knife and asks them to go. She says I got fine and want to stay here. Dadi asks them to get back. She makes Sudha busy in talk. Sudha gets happy knowing about Baldev’s concern. Dadi asks her to give knife to her. Sudha says you are my would be mum in law. She gives the knife. Dadi smiles. She hugs Sudha.

She signs the men to come. The man gets the injection and catches Sudha. Sudha gets injection. She sees Dadi smiling and gets dizzy. She holds her neck. They take her. Satrupa looks on. FB ends. Satrupa thinks of the moment.

Anami and Tania are at college. Anami says I don’t understand things in chemistry. She goes for the practical. The gang sees her and talk of tackling Anami. The guy calls Avdhoot and says Anami is going to lab. Avdhoot says Anami shouldn’t come back. The guy says don’t worry, she won’t come. Avdhoot asks Pujan to arrange a party, Anami won’t come back. Pujan says its not so easy, take baby steps, Anami will disappear, everyone will feel she got scared and ran away, Satrupa will go to find her, Baldev will be of nowhere, we will put pressure so that Dada ji falls in your feet and make you heir. Avdhoot smiles.

Anami does the practical. The guy says professor won’t give more marks. She says I m not scared of results, my reaction is as per situation. They hear the bell. Professor goes. The guy makes her busy in talk. He adds a liquid in the chemical tube. He asks her to clean the props and go. Anami agrees. They all go. Anami bends to pick her phone. Peon comes and checks. He switches off lights and goes. Anami empties the vessels. She coughs by the smoke. Tania asks Adhiraj to wait, her friend got late. He says I have meeting, come fast. She asks peon about chemistry practical. The peon says its over, everyone left. Tania says I will see her tomorrow. They leave.

Goon says we have to kidnap Anami from lab. Pujan says this time Lal Mahal people will make Avdhoot the heir. Anami collapses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome episode ?

  2. Gripping drama. Precap was nerve racking. Anami Adhiraj scene ??? Fabulous. She is 17 after all and a volcano. Adhiraj has met his match in attitude. I was glad to see it a little different than a regular love story. They are just friends and Adhiraj who is more mature probably has some feelings but keeps them in control knowing who she is and how young. Sudha part was a powerful scene. I watched it without blinking. Great job the entire crew.

  3. Gripping episode. Precap was nerve racking. Adhiraj Anami scene was fabulous ??I am glad that story is moving in an age appropriate manner. Their interactions are based on friendship and affection but stay within the limit of her being underage. Their attitudes are a good match for each other. Sudha part was so well done that I watched that scene unblinking. Loving the entire drama.

    1. Mona146

      true ladki ladka se kum nahi hai and we dont have stupid falling in arms scenes here. she does not acept defeat due to force but fights and makes the guy loose.

  4. I want anami new look and ways of talk and hairstyle adhiraji realises love for anami

    1. Mona146

      i jut want her dress code to change nothing else.

  5. In this family everybody has two faces

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