Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anami reaches her family safely

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anami saying police is after us. Adhiraj tricks the police. Anami praises him. He jokes. They reach home. Anami runs and knocks the door. Murari gets surprised. He hugs Anami and Laddoo. Madhu hears Anami. Anami and Laddoo tell about a mother. Madhu comes to see them and cries hearing their words. Anami and Laddoo ask her to hug them tight. Madhu hugs them and cries. Murari too hugs them. Adhiraj stands far and sees the happy family.

Murari asks Anami how is she. Madhu laughs on Laddoo. Laddoo says they turned me into a girl. Madhu hugs her. Anami introduces Adhiraj. She says he came here to drop me safely. Adhiraj removes his moustache. Madhu and Murari identify him. Madhu says I have no words to thank you, you risked your life and saved my kids, you got

them here, I can never forget your favor, we have nothing to give you, I bless you, you always stay happy. Anami says enough now, I m hungry. Madhu says I have made your fav food, wash hands and come. Anami sees Adhiraj.

Satrupa comes to kitchen. Poonam asks her does she want something. Satrupa asks her did she give breakfast to Anami. Poonam says yes. Satrupa says she is not here, you are her confidant, did she not tell you about her escape plan. Poonam says she didn’t tell me anything. Satrupa says but it seems someone from the house has helped Anami to escape. Poonam says I don’t know anything. Satrupa holds her hand and dips in hot tea. She scolds Poonam.

Poonam says sorry, I didn’t assist Anami in running away, I m not lying. Satrupa goes. Poonam dips her hand in water. Narottam looks on. Laddoo says Lal Mahal is very big. He talks to Madhu. Anami tells Murari what Satrupa did with Laddoo. Murari cries. Anami hugs him. Anami says forget this as a bad dream, we won’t let anyone’s bad sight catch us. Madhu asks them to stop crying and have snacks. Laddoo jumps and eats the snacks. Madhu stops Anami and feeds her by her hands. Adhiraj looks on. Murari goes and feeds him the pakodas. Adhiraj smiles seeing Anami. Sher Singh looks for Kailash’s house. He tells the man that they will first ask Satrupa before doing anything. Satrupa gets a call. She gets shocked.

Madhu asks Anami to call Adhiraj by his name, its good. Anami says no, I will just call him Daroga. She asks Adhiraj did he had such pakodas ever. Anami and Laddoo joke on Madhu’s anger. Murari says everything got fine because of you. Adhiraj says it was my duty, we can’t stay here for long, we have to leave, Satrupa’s men can be around. Sher Singh reaches the house. He says Satrupa said we should wait here till Anami comes out. Anami says yes, he is right, maybe Satrupa’s men got to know this place, I won’t go alone this time, I will take you all along, I can’t leave you, I get peace in my mum’s lap, I can’t find it anywhere in the world. Madhu cries and says this time I will not let you go. They hug and cry. Daamo says we should go there when we got to know about Anami. Satrupa says no, I have played my cards. A van reaches there with explosives. Satrupa says Anami will come back to me herself.

Satrupa asks Anami to come back to Lal Mahal. Anami refuses. Satrupa threatens her. A man lights the place. Anami gets shocked seeing the house on fire. Anami shouts Maa and goes inside the house. Laddoo cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. tomorrow episode mein anami kisse maa kehekar pukari?kya woh madhu thi?par aanami toh madhu koo pagli panditain kehekar pukar the thi..fhirbhi aagar woh madhu thi toh madhu ko kuch ho geyi toh anami fhirse satrupa ko galat samjhegi aur fhirse satrupa se dur ho jayegi..hum toh sirf maa,beti ki bich mein payar dekhna chati thi par yaaha toh sirf duriya e dekhati hein..too much disappointing…

    1. anay bangalore

      when did anami understood satrupa? she always blamed satrupa and she says she knows to identify fraud people and she used to expose fraud people in banaras but unable to understand sudha a bit also. As dadaji said rightly she will run a way without completing vatsalya’s dream and she proved him right.

  2. Satrupa’s character is very gray. She is shown ruthless so it’s hard for anybody to trust her softness. She doesn’t for a moment show any consideration for seventeen years of relationship and bond that Anami has had with her foster parents and behaves scornfully towards that relationship like it’s worth nothing. That’s part of the toughness of Satrupa’s character and Narayani Shastri is doing an amazing job at portraying this complex persona.

  3. Maybe Anami will be believed to be dead in the fire and there will be a leap of an year. Sad thing is laddoo might be taken by Satrupa again. Interesting turn of events.

  4. I didn’t watch today’s episode but after reading the written episode I’m very much angry on director and writers(especially the one who writes for satrupa). Director Why so much of vangen in Satrupa’s character. Why are u keep on showing satrupa as villain. People already lost their interest in watching the serial coz of anami’s character. Now again why showing satrupa as bad and cruel. What murari and madhu did. Obviously anami will satrupa and kill her each and every single moment in her poisoning words. I hope already most of them stopped watching this show. Most of them are watching this show only for satrupa(Narayani shastri mam). Please please it’s my humble request don’t show satrupa as villian and don’t make her cry. Don’t blame satrupa for anami’s foster parents death

  5. Yesterday episode very disappointing hum tho surf maa beti ka Paar Dekhnachati hue but so disappointing 2/5


    Satrupa is becoming villian day by day… She is behaving as her life lies in lal mahal property, sometime her mental illness look more week than suddha..
    I hope adhiraj, madhu, laddo, and murari do not die in satrupa planning.. as 99% her plan make losses, and sometime, seeing plottings of satrupA, i feel may be vatsalya is alive and hidden by satrupa..

  7. Maryjose

    Satrupa knows the strength of Poonam’s relationship with Anami. She rightly suspects that Poonam must have helped Anami run away from home. Satrupa is shown as losing her son in an unresolved murder conspiracy and it is only natural that she will be much harder on those who foolishly help Anami in getting into more trouble and probably end up losing her life too! However, she still let go of Poonam with nothing other than little scare tactic.

    At birth, Satrupa is compelled to give away Anami into what she was told was a safe people – to ensure that both her kids survive. The priest predicted that if they remain together, one would die soon! And she gave her daughter to be taken away to undisclosed location for her safe long life.

    Truth also is though she kept Narottam away and denied him legal claims, she did keep him in her home. Not many women will do it – have a constant reminder of her husband’s folly! Satrupa knows the diabolical nature of Sudha and Narottam was very much influenced by his mother! Since we are seeing the other side of Sudha and Narottam, we have to admire Satrupa’s innate understanding of evil that Sudha is and how Narottam is a pawn!

    I think in the upcoming episodes we are going to see that the house to explode in tomorrow’ show was probably done by either Sudha or Pujan and Satrupa will initially get wrongly blamed.

    Satrupa is the one who probably is the good force in Lal Mahal! But much misunderstood and sinned against!

    I too think that Vatsalya escaped the attack and is alive somewhere … would probably make a comeback after few months! 🙂

  8. Hope Anami’s foster parents should be alive in that fire accident. If anami and laddu are out means then obviously adhiraj will be with Murari and madhu pathak know. Somehow they should be alive coz again we cannot satrupa in tough situation where Lal Mahal people blame and send her out. Writers please make anami to know the truth about Lal Mahal and history. Two days we have to wait for what happened to anami’s foster parents.

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