Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj apologizes to Anami

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The Episode starts with Ila coming to get letter. She argues with Anami. Anami asks why does everyone talk much here, you came to get envelope, you got it, leave now. Ila says maybe you didn’t check this, maybe Adhiraj didn’t say. Anami says mind blasts by much info. Ila says he should have told you. Anami says your work got over, go. Ila says don’t know you are innocent or foolish, its DNA report. Anami says why are you telling about that test, don’t know I should call you smart or oversmart. Ila says Adhiraj got your DNA test done again. Anami checks the report and gets shocked. Ila says sorry, I should have not told you, don’t tell this to Adhiraj.

Anami asks how did he do this. Ila says simple, he got friendly and plucked your hair to send for Dna test. Anami recalls.

She says I regret I got cheated. Ila asks did you become his friend by trusting him. Anami says he has played a good game, but curtains didn’t fall yet, I will stop this story. Ila says friendship and enmity is not good with policemen, and we are CBI. Anami says CBI is dealing with Banaras people this time.

Baldev comes home. Satrupa asks did you go to meet Dheeru. He keeps gun and says I didn’t tell him, we are like river’s two sides, we are different, I don’t know you loved me or not, but I know you love Royal steels a lot, Dheeru became partner and you kept quiet, you lost the war. She says you are just seeing one side. He asks her to explain then, he is not a good husband to understand her silence. She says just Dheeru can save Royal steels, once he saves it, I know what to do of Dheeru, he will save Royal Steels’ present, and I will save Royal steels and Lal Mahal’s future, that’s Anami. He says Anami can never be the future. He goes.

Adhiraj looks for letter everywhere. Ila comes there. He asks for the envelope having Anami’s DNA test results. He says if it reaches Anami, it will be big problem. She gives it and says I got this with Anami, you went to meet her, it fell from her pocket, she called and you were in meeting, she read it.

Anami grinds the chillies in anger and tells Poonam about Adhiraj, how can he cheat her acting to be friend.Adhiraj comes and says you are mistaken, I was just doing my duty. Anami asks him to burn his duty, else his duty will burn people around him, friendship just cheats, its my mistake to trust you, leave from here. She folds hands and chilli flies in his eyes. She goes and locks door. He says I trust you, listen. His eyes burn. She says I don’t trust you. She argues and asks Adhiraj to leave, his time is over.

Poonam says Adhiraj left. Anami opens the door. She asks could you not say before. Poonam says I tried to say. Anami grinds chillies and cries. Adhiraj hits punching bag to vent out anger. Tania comes and smiles. She calls him out. She asks what’s the name of that girl. He asks who. He says I m worried for something else. She says fine, forgive this punching bag, that girl won’t know you are beating this bag, talk to her in humble way, convince her, keep ego at bay. She goes.

Pujan meets someone and gives Anami’s pic. He says you have to vanish her from college, she knows kung fun karate, send best man to get her, you will get her alone, I will tell you how to do this. The man leaves.

Tania asks Adhiraj not to stay silent. Adhiraj taunts on Dheeru to be big man, Royal steels partner. He does drama. Tania asks him to stop it. Dheeru says I m ready to leave everything, are you ready to leave this and come with me. Adhiraj says we are given teachings to get justice. Dheeru says if you can’t return, we will meet this way at every turn, I will not give a chance to anyone to ruin my family. I m doing this to protect my family. Adhiraj says you will use me and Tania now, unbelievable. Dheeru says the war can’t be fought as Ram, one has to be Krishna. Adhiraj says you are cheating even Lord. He goes.

Kamini chants mantra and spreads some smoke, telling Pujan about her ghostly dream. She says since Vatsalya died, our problems didn’t get solve, Anami and Dheeru are not less than ghosts. He stops her and says Anami’s life is getting Daahan, I thought to get friendly with Dheeru to deal with him, come to senses, he didn’t get anything from Lal mahal. She says you did this trick with Oberoi also, we will have a relation, why don’t we get Avdhoot married to Tania. He smiles. Adhiraj comes to Lal Mahal. He throws a stone at window. Anami opens the window and sees him. She scolds him. He asks her to talk in low tone, he came to say sorry.

She says its good planning. He says its not any planning, I really came to say sorry. She says you are not imp for me that I think about you, go away. He keeps a ladder and climbs to her balcony. She gets shocked seeing him and says wait, this is not any Dharamshala, fraud. He says I m tired hearing this, my way was wrong but intention was right. She says you cheated me, get lost. He says I won’t go. Dadi calls her. He says your Dadi has come, decide now, accept my sorry, else deal will be costly. Anami says one who has thief in heart get scared, shall I call Dadi here. He says yes call her. Anami opens the door. Dadi asks is anyone here. Anami turns.

A guy tells Anami about bike gang breaking a guy’s feet. He asks Anami to clean the props. Anami smells the chemicals and gets dizzy

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. As usual, each interaction they showed was interesting. Baldev’s conversation with Satrupa was interesting. His question whether she ever loved him. That’s one equation I am waiting to understand and I have the same question. Baldev seems to be a selfish self-centered, spoilt brattish character. Satrupa once expressed her pain at being tied to a man who had already fathered an illegitimate child. They also mentioned earlier that she had had miscarriage of twins once before she had Vatsalya and Anami. Did they ever see any love in their relationship or was it always politically motivated and a power struggle. I like how the show reveals tidbits of information about the past organically through well devised flashbacks. Anami and Adhiraj scenes were adorable specially the last one.he can be very charming when he is not fuming with anger. I like how his demeanor changes when he is with her.

  2. I love this show ?

  3. Best show in the star plus come in top 5 work hard

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