Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Satrupa leaves for Banaras

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anami bored of studies. She sees the guitar and plays. Narottam comes and says Vatsalya used to play like a professional. She says I also heard so, what are you doing here. He says Sudha made jalebis for you. She thanks and plays guitar. He says you also play well. She asks him to show his talent. He plays guitar. Satrupa hears the sound. She comes there and gets shocked. She reacts angrily. She says I have seen concern for Vatsalya in your eyes, so I m letting you go. Narottam leaves. She asks Anami not to increase her pain if she can’t lessen it. She goes and sees Baldev at the door. Baldev takes the guitar and leaves.

Pujan says Anami can’t do this, this is not her style. He thinks of Sudha and says she laughed seeing my state, she did this. He makes

the dirty water fall and says now Sudha will pass by and fall down. Kamini comes and slips, while Sudha waters the plants. Pujan and Avdhoot laugh hearing the scream. She turn and get shocked seeing Kamini. Pujan asks Avdhoot not to tell her. They help Kamini.

Baldev comes to Satrupa. She says I m going to solve some things. He says Anami got Sudha and now Sudha is after making Narottam the heir, manage Anami. She says I know how to control her. He goes. Anami comes to apologize to Satrupa. She says sorry, I will be careful from next time. She goes.

Adhiraj jokes seeing Tania studying. She says I have three papers. He says I have an idea, I will have a coffee while you study. She says I won’t make coffee, please get notes from my friends. He says I m tired. She says my friend’s name is Anami. He refuses. She insists. She says I m trying to make you meet her and you are acting. He says I m not interested to meet her. She says fine, I will tell Papa. He stops her and says I will go. She says I know you were acting. He calls Anami and gets her number off. Kamini curses the servants. Pujan takes care of her and asks shall I call doctor. He hides he made her fall. Poonam gets tea. Anami asks her to learn making tea. Adhiraj comes and says you need to learn, where is your phone, if there is any emergency then. Anami acts like him. Poonam laughs. Anami asks Adhiraj to sit first, she will hear his info. Satrupa calls Madhu. She says I have to talk about Anami, I have to talk to you, I m coming Banaras. Madhu asks is Anami fine. Satrupa says yes, I called to say I m coming Banaras. Madhu worries. Dada ji asks Satrupa to think, it an affect many lives. Satrupa says we have to control Anami, I have to go Banaras.

Adhiraj says I will take notes, listen to me. Poonam gets tea. Anami asks him to have tea. Dadi looks on. Anami shows how to drink tea by saucer. She asks him to try, his stress will go. Adhiraj tries. Banarasya…..plays………. Anami says I will have a competition with you, we will see who does better. Adhiraj says you will lose. Anami asks Poonam to become umpire. Dadi smiles. Anami and Adhiraj finish the tea. Anami asks Poonam to say who is winner. Poonam says I don’t know and goes. Anami and Adhiraj laugh. Anami says I have won. Dadi goes. Satrupa thinks of Anami. Its morning, Satrupa leaves. Narottam asks where is she going. Sudha says she is going to counter our game, before she gets a new player, we have to do something.

Satrupa and Madhu argue. Satrupa says I want to take Laddoo to Lal Mahal. Madhu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Not a powerful episode but it was good…! I wonder why some people are expecting to show love story between Adhiraj & Anami as it is little weird. Also as per the current story she is just 17 years old, a minor..! It would be better if they don’t start any love track now itself…! Pujan chacha, kamini and avdhoot scenes were hilarious ???!!! Precap is too good, ??? argument between two mom’s ??..! I just love Satrupa’s attitude ???…! Let’s wait and watch what Laddoo is gonna do in lal mahal..!

  2. I agree, love scenes between Anami and Adhiraj are looking forced and awkward. What Happened to Anami going to Dheeru for training.that would take forward Anami Adhiraj story forward naturally and slowly grow into a love story when she is older. They should focus on finding Vatsalya’s murderer, anami satrupa story, Anami slowly evolving into a different, mature version that more polished. At least with paddoo coming to Lal Mahal things might change.

  3. I hope Ladoo dosen’t get murdered ,thanks to Satrupa’s stupidity and arrogance. Like mom like daughter, even this Anami is a moron.Only sane personality is Dadi alias Badi Madam.

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