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Hy guys this is Ashia and I’m starting this new FF. Hope I get the same response as last time and remember 1 thing that comments encourage writers to write more so never stop commenting and both negative and positive comments are allowed. And if I get 5 comments which tell me to stop any of my FFs then I will (but not if 10 tell me to continue) .So let’s start with the intro.

The Gadodias
Swara Gadodia (22): A sweet chirpy girl who is fond of music. She is the 3rd child and 2nd daughter of the Gadodias. She is very bold mature and modern. Loves her sisters the most. Can do anything for her loved ones. Shares a special bond with her twin sister Ragini. She is an emerging singer and sings with Ragini. Daughter of shekhar and sharmishtha
Ragini Gadodia (22): A sweet kind hearted girl who is the twin sister of Swara. She is also mature and modern but is slightly shy .She is closest to Swara. Other things same as swara. Daughter of shekhar and sharmishtha

Khushi Gadodia (24): She is a mordern sweet and quiet girl.She opens up only with her family. She handles her fathers campany with her brother.She is closest to her brother. She is the one who handles adults the best.She is waiting for her Prince charming and her parents are finding a suiter for her.She is the second child and eldest daughter.Daughter of shekhar and janki(1st wife of Shekhar who is no more[5 children was too odd])

Aliya gadodia (20):A cute bubbly girl who goes to college. She is training to be a doctor.She is both tradional and modern,bold and childish.Being the youngest child she is awfully pampered but she is no miss high and mighty and is and Independent thinking girlwho knows the values of relationshios.Loves all her siblings and has no favourites. Daughter of shekhar and sharmishtha.
Ranveer Gadodia (26):Eldest child and the only son of the Gadodias.He is a cool easygoing and fun loving person.Loves all his sisters but is closest to Khushi.He considers his Family his 1st priorty.He loves his neighbour Ishani but never confessed it.
Shekhar: father of swaragkhushialveer .A loving father and husband .he is his childrens best friend.He has created the campany “Gadodia enterprises”.he has entrusted his business to his eldest daughter and son(coz they are the only ones interested)
Sharmishtha: mother of swaragliya,but treats all the 5 as her own. She is a housewife and an orthodox.
The Maheshwari’s
Sanskaar Maheshwari: A kind-hearted sweet and simple boy who is the 3rd son of the family .He is the son of sujhata and Ram Prasad. He loves his brothers more than anyone. He is currently starting a new business with his brothers (this is important for later)

Laksh Maheshwari: A simple sweet and easy going boy who is a prankster. He is the twin brother of sanskaar. He is closest to his cousin Zain as both are pranksters.He loves all his siblings. He is very lazy.Son of ram Prasad and sujhata.The 3rd son
Arnav Maheshwari: A simple and strict person who is slightly serious but not for his siblings.He is the workaholic of his family and is currently starting up the new business with his brothers. He is the son of Durga Prasad(dp) and Annapurna(ap).The 2nd son.
Zain maheshwari: Youngest son of the Maheshwaris .Currently studying to be a doctor(same institute as aliya).He is also a prankster and enjoys the campany of Laksh.He is a flirt.Son of rp and sujhata.
Other characters same as from serial
Ishani Mehta: A neighbour of the Gadodias .She is the childhood friends of all the siblings and has a crush on Ranveer.She is bold fun-loving and mature. She considers swaragaliyakhushi as her sisters.She is the only child of her father and lives with him. She knows how to handle all situations. She is a fashion designer by profession.

Precap: entry of all characters

It will be a slightly long episode and I will post it by the end of this week. And my other FF also
Bye !!
 take care and keep loving daily soaps.

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