In Rishto ki Mithas (ishveer,swasan,raglak,zaya,arshi) Episode 5

After the discussion Ishani started going outside.
Ranveer follows her and stops her
I:calm dpwn,if you want me to say yes,do something special.Bye!!
she goes.

In the middle of the night.
Ishani gets a call.
She picks it up and says sleepily
I: kaun idiot bol raha hai jo rat ke12:00 baje call karta hai(which idiot is speaking who calls at 12:00 in the night)
OS:come to your window
I:kyu waha kaunsa kohinoor chipa hai(why,which kohinoor is hiding their)
OS: dont know about there but one is in my heart ,It is you, my life
she gets up with a jerk
I:who is speaking(but the call was cut)
She goes to the window.
The ladder she used to use for sneaking out was decorated with ribbons
The topmost step had a dress.(red colour full sleeve gown)
She smiles and changes into it.She puts on a red tiara and climbs down the larder(dont know how)
She smiles seeing a pathway of roses.

On following the pathway she reaches her house garden.
It is decorated with pink white and red baloons .Astage is set up but it has no light.
She sees a signboard pointing towards left and goes left
She keeps on going throught the direction when suddenly she hears music playing (bol do na zara)
She turns and sees the lighting coming on.
finnaly the spotlight falls on ranveer
He lets out his hand.

After dance he bends down on one knee and says
R:miss Ishani G(forgot the surname).Will you be the sun in my days ,Will you be the moon in my nights will you be the support I need.Will you be my better half.(she keeps nodding.
He sighs (nourvousness)and says:Will you be ms Ishani ranveer gadodia
She says yes He takes out a ring ad makes her wear it.
The family member come out
SHomi:haa ya naa(yees or no)
Ishveer:Yes Yes Yes.
The hold hand while everyone hugs each other and congratulates them(including the teasing session of the gadodia sisters)

So done,
Hope you like it.
Love you all lots.

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    ishveer proposal was so romantic.nice dialogues

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