In Rishto ki Mithas (ishveer,swasan,raglak,zaya,arshi) Episode 4


I know I disappeared for 2 weeks ,but I do have a valid reason. I am getting engaged in Jan and these days are really jam packed.I really know that what I have written is total crap but I will clear up this mess here.
Ishani comes in and starts crying vigourously.
Everyone gathers.Ish:you all decided my marraige without my consent,and I cannot withstand that.I am leaving you all forever,she looks at her father.
Ish:I have never disobeyed you and never will.
She is about to cut her wrist when
Al:Di you are getting engaged to bhai not rohan does that make things better. This was just a joke.
Kh:are you ppl mad.
Ish:cought.Aliya ki bachi I will kill you after I kill my self.

The knife touches her wrist and everyone looks shocked. But the next moment they start to blink there eyes.Coz no blood came .
Ishu:I am fine,ab butter knife se kaun marta hai,ye to bas daraane ke liye hoti hai(now who dies using a butter knife,this is just used for scaring.)
Ish:ragini ki bachi ,tumhe kya laga ki tum bewakoof banoyege aur mei ban jaaungi(ragini,what do you think you would have fooled me and I would have become one)
I had heard your plan and this was my revenge.
Al:di you scared us .
Rv:and you are so innocent.
Shomi:now at least tell us if you will marry each other
Ish:I need to think
I will tell you tomorrow.
Meanwhile somewhere on a silent roadside
A girl is sitting in a car and a boy is helping another guy with the car.
The boy and girl are swasan and the other guy is laksh.
San:its good that you came,bro or else we would have been stuck here for ages.
Lak:don’t worry,just go and drop her home or else this marraige will stop due to a misunderstanding ki dulhe ke bhai ne dulhan ki behen ko kidnap kar liya.(that grooms brother kidnapped brides sister) will go
San:very funny,now bye.
He goes to the car and opens the passeger seats door.

Her head falls down,but he catches it on time
He sees that she is sleeping and carefully placekis her head on the seat(i hope you all can understand what I am trying to say)
He feels his heartbeat rise again
But he ignores it.
He closes the door after putting on her seatbelt and then goes towards the driver seat.
He reaches Gadodia mansion.
She wakes up by the brakes.
San:we reached
Sw:thanks mr.
Sw:swara,ok bye
She goes.
Sanskaar becomes sad unknowingly.

By guys,see you soon.
Here are all the ffs which I am writing.
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Pls read all if you can the last three will start from tommorow.

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