In Rishto ki Mithas (ishveer,swasan,raglak,zaya,arshi) Episode 2


So I know many of you maybe confused why she gave them the anarkali’s .But this mini mystery shall be revealed here.
Recap:entry of all characters
Precap:Maheshwari’s and Gadodia’s meet.
In MM(evening)
Arsanlak come home.
Zain was waiting for them in their room.
They come their.
Za:finally you came,I need to tell you something.
San:did you do.
Za:wo I
Lak:first tell us who is your professor
Za:some gupta
San:I’ve heard he’s nice
Za:nice my foot .He threw me out of the class.Wo bhi without any reason.
Ar:wait with whom were you sitting.
Za:Some girl na..
San :what did you adress her as
Za:sweetheart(looking down)
Ar(putting his hand on zains shoulder):now we know exactly what happened .
They laugh.
San:now lets quickly have dinner and go to sleep.
Lak:yes someone needs it.
Ar:what are you talking about.
Other 3 laugh.
Next day even on constant protests by the family Arnav leaves for work.
In the GM
Khushi had to stay at home bcoz sharmishtha told her and surprisingly shekher sided his wife.
Shomi:now 4 of you get ready in duits Ishani gave you
Ish:and I will help them(she was in the black and white anarkali with the white chudidar and the duppata on her side.)
In 20 minutes all the sisters were ready.
Kh(wearing her earing):utleast now reveal this suspence .what is going on.
Ish:ok now I think we can tell you that
Sw:a boy is coming to see you di
Rags:yes he is the first candidate for your dream prince’s role.
Khushi shies(she wants to do arrange marriage only,this was mentioned in the intro)
Al:di ,they will be here any time now.I am going to the window.
Meanwhile the maheshwari family was going somewhere in a car
Ap calls sanskaar
San:yes badi ma.
Ap:get arnav to the address i told you
After 15 mins
Maheshwari’s reach GM(some of you may have guessed by now)
Sumi:come come please sit.
In the girls room.
Al:see they are here but wait what is he doing here.
Al:no one.Lets go and see the boy.
Sw:I don’t think he is here.
There is only 1 boy and he certainly is too small.
Khushi becomes sad.
Ish:I will just go and check.
She goes down
Shomi:she is our neighbor and also our to be DIL(another lil surprize for you all)
Ishani looks at her shocked(and also for ishveer)
Shomi holds her hand and squeezes it.
Ishani takes the elders blessings
Ish:where is arnav .(yup you guessed right)
Ap:he is just about to come.
Ishani goes.
Ishu to the other 4:he is going to come soon.
After a while
Al:I think hes here but I cant see his face.
Sw:I am going to see.
She goes and takes elders blessings.
Shomi:get khushi.
Swara goes just then sanskaar enters.
He feels his heartbeat raising.
He looks towards her but she has already disappeared.
He ignored that feeling and took sheshtas blessing.
Swaragini,ishani aliya and khushi come down.
Swaras phone beeps .she checks ot and whispers something to ragini.ragini whispers back.and she goes.
As she is going she bumps into sanskaar.
She mutters a sorry and goes out without even seeing him.
Both feel slightly restless but ignore.
Sanskaar sees her cars keys on the ground and goes behind her
He sees her coming back and sees her face, gives her the keys.
She tries to start her car but it doesn’t start.
She gets out
San:shall I drol you
Sw:yes xyz office.
They go
Meanwhile arnav goes in
He sees khushi who is sitting with Ap.
pHe goes and takes Sheshtas blessings.
He sits with shekhar who starts asking him questions.
After sometime the maheshwaris go.
Rv also comes back.

Precap:ishveer and swasan special.

I know there are some confusions but dont worry I’ll sort that out soon.
See you guys tommorrow.
Till then keep in mind that

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