In Rishto ki Mithas (ishveer,swasan,raglak,zaya,arshi) Episode 1


Hy guys so as promised here is the 1st episode.

A room is shown where there are 4 beds and three of them are having humps.
A girl is shown coming out of the bathroom .She is wearing a white jeggings and sleeveless red top
Her face is shown she is khushi.
She sighs and shouts

Get upppppppp
Three girls get up with a jerk
They are ragini swara and aliya
Ragini:what is this di why wakes us all so early.
Swara:yes di .
Kh:for your kind information it 9:50
Swaragaliya look at each other and say together Oh no
They get out of bed and run to the bathroom.
(There are 4 as all of them share the room)

Alliya comes out first
She is wearing a navy blue croptop saying BE AWSOME
and grey shorts
She sees Khushi who has just put on a grey jacket in addition.
She has made a high pony and worn red earrings and a white watch.
Aliya:Im surely going to get late.
Kh:Dont worry I’ll drop you and swaragini.
Al:K I’ll just quickly finish breakfast or else mom will kill me
She goes and swara and Ragini come
Swara is in a blue kurti and white slacks
And ragini is in a yellow kurti and green slacks
Rag:We will be late for the audition today yaar
Kh:I’m dropping you so don’t worry and quickly have your breakfast
Sw:you also come na
Kh:I’ll have it in office you go

At 10:30
Everyone is in their respective destination
At gadodia enterprises
Khushi goes to her cabin and starts working on her laptop
A few minutes later a guy enters her cabin
Kh:Bhai(yes he’s ranveer urf RV)
Rv:Have you eaten your breakfast
Rv:mom called have you
Kh:no and right now we need to go we have a meeting.
Rv:meetings are not more important than your health,here eat this
He hands her a burger.

She starts eating
Rv:good .
Meanwhile in MM
Sanav(sanskaar and arnav)
are waking zailak up.
Sanky: Bhai today is zains first day of college.If we dont wake him up he’ll kill us
Ar:now there is only 1 way
Arsan:uthooo mom aa rahi hai
Zailak get up
Zain:mom wo

He looks around and gives arsan a deathly glare
Lak:kya yaar bhai
Ar:It’s 9:30 right now
He gets out
Lak:i’ll just get ready
He too goes
Arnav is in formals and sanky is in jeans t-shirt and blazer
Zain comes out in black denims and a graphic tee
Laksh comes out in tee,jeans and a black leather jacket.
They go down and have breakfast.
After breakfast
Ar:lets go
San :yes
They take the adults blessing and go.
Zain:Now i’ll also go
Ap:yes go quickly
He goes

Ravshi come from office
Rags:di bhai we got the job
Khu:great yaar
Rv:yes dear and where’s swara.
Swara :here
She peeps her head out of their room(a kind of sitting room)
Aliyas reciting her day
Today our classes were reshuffled.

I am to be in professor Guptas class.
Rags:wow he’s really a very cool teacher.
Al:well,but the guy who was sitting with me was revealed to his dark side
Rags:what did he do.
Al:he tried to flirt with me and I complained
Rv:what was his name.
Al:relax bhai.It’s fine and only 1 month is left now.
Kh:yes bhai,she is right.
Ishani(she just came):yes
Rv turns and says OK
Swaragkhushialiya run to her
Ish:arrey aram se I am here only
Swa:how was paris
Rags:did you enjoy
Khu:did you get the project
Al:did you find someone
Swaragkhushani look towards her
Ishu:you are impossible
and swara it was nice,ragini yes I did & aliya I have found someone,but I am waiting for him to find me.
She looks towards Ranveer and they have an eyelock
Swaragkhushialiya notice this and giggle.
Ishveer come back to senses
Ish:and ive bought something for you

She gives them a packet each.
They see beautiful anarkali suits which are of cotton and upto the knees
Swaras is pink and white diagonally stripped
Raginis is blue and white while Khushi’s green and white and Aliya’s purple and white.
Sw:awsome di.
Ish:thanks and mine is black and white.I thought someone will need it for tomorrow
Khushi is confused while others are smiling.
Precap:Gadodia’s and Maheshwari’s meet.Why?Why? Why?

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