Rishto ki Dastan (Part 9)

Hello people..i hope u r liking my ff….so lets go for today’s episode..
The episode starts with..
Its morning…
Ap goes to Sanskar’s room…
Sanskar:Ma…u here?U had any work?
Ap:Why?Can’t I come to talk to my son?
Sanskar:Of course u can ma..
Ap comes there and sits…
Ap:Beta….i’m thinking about your marriage…
Ap:Beta….u r 25….u should get married…..And I know u like someone..
Sanskar:What?No ma…

Ap:I’m talking about Swara…
Ap:Okay fine..if u don’t like her then its alright….there is another proposal for u..I’ll talk to them(Ap is leaving….)
Sanskar:No no..mom..i did not say that I don’t like Swara…
Ap smiles..
Ap:That means my son likes him…..
Sanskar smiles…Ap hugs him…
Ap:We will go to Gadodia house to talk about u both….
Laksh is in his room….
He is thinking about his arguments with Swara….there nok jhok….how she pretended to be his wife…everyone complementing their couple…..and Swara’s view about him…He is smiling and laughing like an idiot….Niti is passing by..but sees Laksh laughing without reason…
Niti enters Laksh’s room….she keeps her hand in her head….
Niti:Oh god..yeh bhi?
Laksh realizes that Niti is in his room…

Laksh:Di when did u come?
Niti:When u wer in your dreamland..with your dream girl…
Laksh;No no di…nothing like that…
Niti:I’m so happy..i guess…this time I will go after attending my both brother’s wedding…
Niti:Ma and papa r thinking about bhai’s marriage….tu apni baat kar…
Laksh:Di..i don’t know anything..i’m not understanding anything…
Niti:Okay….u r thinking about someone?A girl?
Niti:U love to talk to her?
Niti:Now close your eyes and tell me what do u see…
Laksh closes his eyes…
Laksh still closing his eyes:Jansi ki rani….she fights with me…i find her works idiotic…but she is cute….she goes to solve everyone’s problem but because of her people face bigger troubles….then their present problem..she annoys me a lot…and is very childish.but I don’t know why I love her childishness….that doesn’t irritate me..(He keeps on smiling)
Then he opens his eyes..
Niti:Bhai….u r in love…..u never told me something like this for any girl….maybe she is your soul mate…I’ll talk to mom about u too….tell me her name….
Laksh;;No di…plz let me talk to her….u won’t reveal this to anyone..not even Sanskar bhai…plz…

Niti:Okay bhai,,
The scene shifts to Gadodia house……Ragini is out with her daughter…Maheshwaris enter… Laksh didn’t come there too cause he had some other important program…
Swara is shocked to see the whole Maheshwari family….
Sumi;U all…..umm..
Ap:Ji…your daughter Swara woks at my son’s office….
Dp;I would like to be very straight about this matter..we r here to talk about Swara and Sanskar’s marriage..we came here to ask for Swara’s hand for our Sanskar….
Swara is shocked….
Parvati Gadodia:Oh Swara?
Ap;U have any prob with that?
Dadi;No no..not at all..app logo ke ghar agar hamari poti jayegi toh mujhe vishwas hai ki who bohot khush rahegi…
Ap:I want Swara to answer…
Swara;What do I say?I will accept mom dad’s decision…
Sumi,shekhar,swara and dadi went to their room…

Dadi:They r big people…Swara will be very happy there..
Sumi;Ma..i want Swara’s happiness…and I want her to take this decision..
Swara;Ma..Sanskar sir…is nice…..i don’t have feeling for him…but I thnk I’ll be lucky to get a husband like him cause I know him.he is responsible..and also caring..
Shekhar and Sumi hugs Swara…
They went to the Maheshwaris and accepted the proposal…

Precap:Sanskar introduces Swara as his fiancé in the office……Laksh’s heart is broken…

Credit to: Eva


  1. Omg… such a big twist… typical daily soap love twist haan… i have to say yaar u r one of the best ..no no no u r the best writer here. .. great yaar.. well done. And be happy always. May god fulfil all your wishes….

  2. Hey Eva I m big fan of ur ff I have read all but I m confused in this ff… Can u tell me the age of all lead characters pls

  3. ray

    i dnt thnk its a swasan ff….eva nd swasan ff?????i dnt expect anythng bcz atlast i will be bcm fool……i hate ragini nd sanskar as pair nd i didnt red any ff of dem….

    • Swasan and Swalak fan

      Hmmm….seems like u know a lot about Eva…..just try to read even 1 of her ff….every couple gets importance here…..and about being a fool…..just read it…Eva never reveals the pairs….still we read it because of her story line…….and about hating ragsan..i have nothing to say about it cause thats your opinion….because of her i changed my view….i was a couple freak then..but now…i love all of them…..

    • Eva

      Oh cool…u know me so well..more than i know myself…cause i didn’t decide my couples yet…and u understood whom I’m writing about..

  4. Jannat

    I knw… still there will be some shocking twist….. abt rags past…
    i thnk siya is laksh/sanskar child … bt not sure whom…..hope it will lucky….

    • Eva

      Oh Sanky fan hah or should i say swasan fan?Thats why u r hoping for Laksh to be Siya’s father.. There will twists for sure….maybe everything is going to change after that….

  5. Eva' is austistic

    Eva, you are odd, weird nd I dont know what else. Why you write so stuped things. I dont likes you. I like Raglak and you no write raglak fan fics. why you so bad.. you naughty girl, autistic..

  6. Anjali

    I almost missed seeing this… But luckily saw it..
    I’m still waiting for the next epi… Until the end, I won’t hope for anything bcos you bringg about the most amazing twists…
    Update soon.. 😀

  7. Nimrit

    Hate u Eva.U always play with everyone’s feelings.U never write on Raglak and give importance to Swara.I hate Helly Shah and love Tejaswi.U wrote about Swasan’s marriage being fixed..what about Raglak? So much suspence.Your previous ffs..mainly samjhota 1 was full of controversy,all because of u.u broke so many hearts.got it.u do it for comments only…go to hell…?

    • Siyali

      Kya app bhi..Hell bohot khubsurat hota hai kya jo ap unhe hell meh jane ke liye kehrahi ho?Visit it first and then inform Eva..if it is a nice place or not..then let her decide where she wants to go and yes if u visited it already then tell her right now.Maybe u roamed around in the hell thats why u r speaking such bitter words.Don’t include everyone in your comment.U r a couple freak,enjoy other Raglak ffs….go from here straight to hell again…have a good journey..

    • Who are you to tell this?If you have problem with eva di then don’t read her ff, nobody is forcing you . There are many fans for her.We are proud of her.Keep hell with you.

    • tanu

      u shut up teju fan …agr helly k khilaf kuch kaha to …Eva helly ki fan h to uspe hi likhegi na …nahi padhna mat padho pura tellyupdate tumhari teju k ffs se bhara h vo padho …helly is the best ….

    • Eva

      Really?I didn’t know that i broke so many hearts….if u r one of them then i’m really sorry…and about comments….no comments!!!

  8. @hellyshah

    Hi guys,
    I’m your beloved swara aka helly shah. I know most of you would not believe me but truth is truth. I’ve ofcourse been reading all of your ffs as a silent reader. But today I thought to write some comments to. I’m sooo glad and sooo happy that you love me and my team sooo much. Just keep loving us and we will rock your lives with amazing twists and turns. And guys, a new twist is approaching in the show. Stay tuned im sure youd love the twist…
    ❤love from Helly and the whole team of Swaragini

    • Siyali

      Sacchiiiiiiii?I don’t believe u but if u r really our Helly the wanna just say that I’m a big fan of yours..ad i love u a lot Helly 🙂 🙂

    • Zehnaseeb

      I love you love you lover you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you helly. Yo are my inspiration

    • pariksha

      Heeeeelllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy omg what omg omg heeeelllllyyyyy I. can not talk…. Omg omg

    • Teju my heart

      Are you serious ? Like really serious? Please if you are not helly then don’t play with our feelings..

    • Eva

      Accha joke tha!! Btw Helly u liked my ff so much that u yourself commented….cool…(I DON’T BELIEVE U)

  9. Rubi

    Don’t mind Eva, but u no wat in your fanfiction I have found that u have made a fun or marriage and relation of brothers and sisters, okay fine u want to make love triangles etc. Watever, but every time being showing a good bonding of brother and sister still they are not aware of themselves in your fanfiction. U r writing fanfiction for fun, I got it but atleast use some normal logic also. Means how stupid is either brothers or sisters fall in love for one person only. In actually u make analysis also it rarely happens dear. Try to make clear picture of things as well as relations. U r so enough completed relations dear. Something related to your fanfiction just apply in practical life, how much u r able to correlate it. And plz stop making the so nice relations a fuss. Its not only irritating but also disrespecting of relations. Still if u r writing it for fun also but don’t do such type of things. And plzzz being a teenager also u r writing stories that good but plzz analyze them before writing, it’s easy to write a story but to write a good and giving a good massage is not easy.
    You can bash me as well as your fanfiction readers also, and coming to craps which we usually see in serials, wat type of story they write, don’t become like them only.
    I m really sorry if I hurt u

    • Eva

      U see dear..I’m not hurt but surprised….i mean plz make me understand how did i make a fun of marriage and brother or sisters relationship?I did not show marriage yet in this ff..and u got your conclusion? I know I’m not practical..but if u say that i make fun of relations…then u r definitely wrong..and Swaragini serial itself has so many love triangles….tolerate my one plz….and yap..Ragini even didn’t know about Laksh’s love for Swara before…its not necessary that siblings will know about each others’ love…and yap SERIALS R NEVER PRACTICAL….so sorry if i hurt u..no hard feelings

  10. Rubi

    Coming to pairs watever u like u can write on them, a good writer is that who clarify the things before u know saba Vini, see Hirani, ANU, ANJALI, pavani etc many are there, why people like their fanfictions Becoz there clear the things in starting only, so that if someone like your fanfiction they can read otherwise not. Many people like your fanfiction no doubt, u can justify their roles by making good friends, brothers, sisters etc but every time same thing wat a bulletin dear. We want fun and realistic and some practical in things not serial type craps dear. Just plzz think about my words and plzz write something nice which we discuss with other who have knowledge of live can give us good advice. Becoz watever I read I like to discuss with elders and really these types of things are acceptable by the society dear and specifically coming to parents also. I don’t find any good message in your both the fanfiction of somejotha watever

    • Eva

      I’m happy with my writing..and i write for my own happiness..I’m hurt to ser you comparing me with other ff writers. plz try to respect the style of my writing .Till today I did not find ant comment regarding being practical and all..but today u tried u suggest ne something..thank u for that…but I’m happy with my position..as I see people’s comment about me is its my ff only where they don’t care about couples…thats my accomplishment…i need nothing else..

      • Anjali

        I am sorry ruby….
        I do not agree with you….
        Thnxxx firstly for including me…
        But as a writer and an avid reader, I don’t see how eva has played with anyone’s feelings or y there is so much controversy….

        She has clearly mentioned that she won’t reveal the pairs… if u assume that this time it will be the pair u like and then r disappointed, how is it her fault??
        As for her being realistic, do u think half the stories here are realistic?? They r not and we perfectly know.it….

        It is easy to say write realistically but more difficult to actually wrote one…

        Eva…. pls don’t mind all this.. as u said, you write for you. I can see that clearly.. just remember you always have me to support you…
        I love swasan It is true… but in a story, idc anymore…
        I love your work eva… it comes straight from ur heart and that’s what a bookstores me needs.
        Gr8 job and see you soon ????

    • Niti

      If u want practical things then stop watching serials also.Its really mean of u to taunt Eva using other writers’ names.What an excellent indirect bashing.And u also told about society right? What is Swaragini serial’s message for the society? Kill everyone who comes in the way to your love? Eva writes suspense stories…u asked her to make everything clear in the writing..now tell me which which suspense story is clear from before? The thing u r asking her to change is the most interesting part of her ff..Eva. Plz plz plz dear don’t get affected by anyone’s words..

    • Hii rubi darling every writer have their own style of writing.its evas style ki she will not tell about pairs first .its my humble request ki don’t compare one writer with others it will hurt .u gave respect to me iam happy but as a writer if fans compare us with others it will hurt .iam dorry if u hurt I just said my point of view

      • Eva

        Thank u pavani,Niti and Anjali for your support..now i really feel that u all r reading my ff without any expectation of your fav couples…

    • sethooty

      This is wrong ruby…u may have the rite to criticse her..don’t compare with any writers..its hurting… I feel bad after reading this.Everyone has thier own style concept and skills…no one is perfect yaar…am also writing a story and I know am not good writer but my readers support me lot.If Eva has no such talent how is get so many followers..its not all about storyline and concept she makes many people happy through her Ff that’s imp…and its a fanfic..based on serial..she can only pick characters and relationships from there only.and Eva yaar every writer should face criticism..am not saying don’t care about these all and go ahead..just analysis criticism for better improvement…
      God bless u Dr….keep writing…

      • Eva

        Thank u dear…but the comments i receive..they don’t criticise the story..they criticise me…still really don’t care about them…if i have 4 bashers then i even have 10 supporters….i’m glad to find such supportive friends in this server…

  11. Eva hate u. You r so unreal and selfish. How can you play with everyones feeling. So bad you are. I dont know why all these people read it?????? Why dont do they read swaragini zehanaseeb. Its much better than yours . And some foolish people like you,shloka,riya,abdul,all you are just stupid. Hate you as well as your rubbish stories.

    • Rishika

      Just shut up u idiot.U r talking about feelings? Seeing your words I feel that u r heartless so how do u have feelings? U illiterate Dumbo just get the hell out of here.you are the strangest creature who bashes the readers even for reading story.

    • Anjali

      A person who cares so much about others feelings that she can’t see she’s hurting someone else’s feelings as well…
      We ate tired of saying this. If you don’t like.reading her story, stop reading it. Why the hell do you want to hurt her.
      Read other stories all you want.
      Sorry to say this, but I feel you owe her an apology.
      This is a public forum…. anyone can update their stories…
      Ppl, pls do not compare each others stories….. it just doesn’t feel right

    • tanu

      shut up me swasan fan hu phir b padhti hu bcz Eva is gud writer ….n at last Eva swasan n swalak dono bana deti h …mat padho nahi padhna to jao bhot sare ff h

    • Eva

      What the hell is this?I mean bashing me for my writing is okay but u…u r bashing the readers….we r stupids right..and u r the smartest creature in this world…..thats your misconception…and i really don’t care about which ff is better then mine….i just know that i write for myself….and yes..do u know me personally that ur calling me selfish?I’m just amazed….u r calling everyone foolish here without even thinking about the bashing u will face….hats off to your courage!!!!

  12. Crazygirl

    It’s not nice to bash writers because they have their own style of writing ff’s and everyone has a different opinion about so please bashers respect other people and their views. Eva your stories are awesome and in your stories I don’t care about the pairs.

  13. tanu

    Eva I m ur big fan plz ese hi ffs likhti rho swara pe …as I m swasan fan na …pair Jo b aap to expert h pairs banane me so no problem …but plz ye ragini fans ki baat ka bura mat manna…

  14. Bisha

    I don’t understand why there is so much controversy regarding your stories. THey are so good. sometimes to think above reality is not bad at all! And regarding the pairs, I must say some of you are thinking she should write as per your choice. But we can’t make everyone happy, right? And then again being a swaragini fan, I will request the readers to read it as a story not to fulfill your wishes. You people are reacting because they are serial characters and you have your own choice. And I find she has depicted scenes of all 4 combinations in Samjhota 1. Even if one doesn’t declare the pairs you should read it like what will happen next. It increades suspense. I bet this controversy wouldn’t have happened if the characters were different. And Eva I should tell you write for your own happiness. If people like that they will definitely cheer you up. And I do respect everyone’s pov but people should also think that this is her story her choice. And even if you dont like then seriously you dont read. I am still being polite to all and I really want everyone to do a healthy criticism. If you have read expert crtics’ reviews ever you will see they review and comment on the story- its content, characters’ strength tye plot and so on. A good critic neer bashes the maker or tge author. After all Eva is doing a lot of brain work by putting up the story. Most of you are authors here. why do you forget tye hard work one does while writing any story? Abd please do not bash the serial characters like Helly Tejaswi bashing. It is too childish. Bash the characters its ok. But those persons? Hell why? Its hillarious too! If you write and criticise her writing in a healthy manner she will only improve and carry on to be a better writer than before. And Eva I will always suggest to never take any criticism by heart. In life you will get many people who will hate you but you should know to deal with them and not destroy your self esteem at the same time. So long ranting! Please dont mind. I really appreciate your spirit. Keep it up n keep writing..

    • Bisha

      And I think even the serial showd scenes of all 4 combinations! So no hard feelings please. And those who are taking Eva’s stand it my request to deal politely but strongly put your logical arguments to the bashers mainly haters. We really cant do anything about that u know. I found one supporter bashed one hater by telling her to look at her English first and tgen bash! Its really not a fair way of supporting. Anyways no hard feelings and dont mind please if I have hurt anyone.

      • Niti

        Pointing at me hah?Bisha u see i really don’t care about what u think about me…but before reading my reply plz read the comment..i mean how can someone call a writer autistic? Just because the story is not going accoring to her she is calling the writer autistic…she even named herself Eva is autistic.This discourages a writer okay?

      • Kayra

        I agree with u that its not a correct way of supporting but is this fair to call the writer autistic?If thats fair according to u then i have nothing to say…i won’t waste my time talking to u…

    • Eva

      Bisha,u r a true supporter of mine..thank u so much for your support.I really don’t get it why people r after me…and u said about taking criticism in a positive way so that i can improve my writing..how can i take criticisms like i hate u Eva and Eva is autistic types of comment positively….this is not criticising…its bashing…i can’t improve my writing by reading this….no one critisices my story but me…no one know me personally here…so why r they commenting on me like this?This won’t make any improvement in my story but just discourage me…

      • Bisha

        I think you dint get what I said. I said so much to the people who r bashing her. And as soon as I said the supporters to keep calm and bash you are being angry? That’s not fair. I have told earlier also its not really fair to bash Eva personally. If you have gone through my comment properly you will get that. I only requested those kinda bashers to behave like a proper criticiser. I had also mentioned what they should actually say ie on Eva’s story plot her concept and all. Its really funny that people read the story and bash the writer personally! I hope Eva you get my point. I know how firm i am on my point. This means i want everyone to behave properly like a true reader. Most of us dont know Eva personally. So its def not good to bash her using words like autistic and i hate you. This is really very bad of you. And thats why I told you to accrpt healthy criticism not these. PLEASE READ AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND MY POV. If not its fine if yes then you will obviously bash the haters properly.i guess the comment was such long you people couldnt go through it properly. And we cant help all people loving us. Haters are and will be in this world.you just need to overlook and keep on doing your work. Thank You.

      • Eva

        Niti I know u took my stand only….but tbh when I saw that comment I was hurt and then the next moment I saw your comment…i did feel bad as u criticised someone’s English..plz plz plz dear don’t do that again..if a dog bites u..then would u bite it back? u wouldn’t..similarly here if u say something really rude to her then what would be the difference between u and her…i love u yar..u r a strong supporter of mine dear..

      • Eva

        Bisha i read your comment from starting to the end..and i agree with u but i just wrote my point of view..and u said something about Niti…that she insulted a reader because of her english…i did write to Niti too…I’m sure she would understand…anyways….we need to overlook a lot of things to move ahead….so lets overlook this too…

      • Niti

        Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..don’t be so good Eva…okay fine…i will not do that again..i was very angry when she called u that thing….but sorry..and yes…I’m always there to support u..remember that dear 🙂

    • Anjali

      Lol.. Even I read that comment…
      I agree with you Bisha!

      These ppl still don’t understand that couples don’t matter. The content does. OR even if the couples do matter for them, Then they can just stop reading it. But insulting the person who wrote it with so much love and thought… It just hurts me…

      Eva is truly a strong girl at heart….

  15. Anjali

    Eva, I really have to appreciate you for your sportiveness. I know that you must have felt hurt really badly. I know how it feels, I really do. And the replies that you give them without being overly rude yourself.. is just awesome…

    I honestly never expected this to happen again after samjhota. Whatever.
    I am tired of these ppl and the ppl who keep giving analysis of Swara and Ragini… always comparing… So annoying.

    As far as I’m concerned, You were and are an amazing author. Please don’t take these comments to heart. Ik it is difficult no matter how much we try not to care, I’ve gone through the same thing before… And just know, That there are still ppl here who come here just to read ur stories.
    So put alll ur emotions into your writing and come back soon with a smile and a blockbuster chapter

    😀 😀

    • Eva

      Thank u so much Anjali..abd about giving rude replies..this is the highest I can do..i really don’t why this happens..but I can’t be rude to anyone…maybe bashers r taking advantage of that..so I even started writing but us see sometimes it really hurts…i myself didn’t expect this to happen again…anyways…people judge writer’s characteristics by their writing..thats the most unusual thing..that amuses me.someone called me selfish here..yap I’m selfish..cause I write for myself..

  16. Niharika

    Ahhhhhhh so much controversy..I’m fed up of all these..i must say after Helly/Swara and Tejaswi/Ragini u r the third one who was bashed most in this server..no worries dear..i love u yar..u r one of the best writers here.Don’t feel bad because of these stupid comments..

  17. Anthony

    Y do u all fight so much?Bashers try writing a story maybe then u’ll understand the hard work needed for this..i was a silent reader but now I thought to comment….such stupid baseless bashings..

    • Eva

      I know right….i did not get a single reason for their bashing…everyone knows that EVA NEVER REVEALS THE PAIR..STILL….ACCORDING TO THEM I’M PLAYING WITH FEELINGS….and call me selfish and all that…I’m just amused..matlab story seh writer ke characteristics jane jate hai kya? Anyways thank u

  18. Alisha

    Eva Eva Eva…u rock yaar.ignore the bashing comments.Tbh i haven’t seen a girl like u..i mean how can u answer everyone so kindly and calmly? I must say u r a nice human being who doesn’t know how to hurt anyone..i read all your replies…i was shocked..if someone else would be in your place then he or she would had bashed the person badly….but u..u gave answers in a kind manner…god bless u dear..

    • Eva

      I think i was rude to some…so feeling sorry about that..my parents even say that we should learn to answer back or else everyone will take advantage of it…This is the highest i can do…i can’t bash the bashers…if i do then there will be no difference between me and them..but i will definitely answer them who hates me…seriously hating me for not writing on their fav couples….thank u Alisha….and god bless u too dear 🙂 🙂

  19. Eva's fan

    I named myself as Eva fab becuz I’m really a big fan of your ffs..how come people bash it? U r an eighth grader still so calmly u r answering…bashers comments shows their immaturity and your replies show your maturity.. U r a kind hearted girl…i understood it.whatever u write comes from your heart..keep smiling dear love u❤❤?

    • Eva

      Thank u Mahi..and I l’m ignoring them cause they r not criticizing my story but criticizing me..which is very baseless…I’ll update the next part soon..

  20. Hi eva… it was a mysterious episode….
    Nowadays i m finding that many readers r loving to bash the writers… guys like seriously……no one has forced anyone to read .. still they r reading and giving some comments which r untolerable. Eva friend u dont worry. We ur supporters r there we love ur stories…… and wil keep lovinh.
    One more thing to bashers plz i am not telling u to give ur views… u r free to criticize.. but criticize the act not the person.. this will make u bad or worst… i think eva would not mind if u tell her about ur pov for ff. But directly bashing should be stopped. Eva u dont worry and keep writing. We r always there for u…..

    • Eva

      Of course I won’t mind if someone criticizes my story..cause the I will be able to improve my writing..but they criticize me…nv..they don’t care about the writers feeling..and some pathetic creatures even bashed the readers including u Shloka…thats the worst part..bashing the writers r common but bashing the readers for reading that writers story is unique..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.