Rishto ki Dastan (Part 9)


Hello people..i hope u r liking my ff….so lets go for today’s episode..
The episode starts with..
Its morning…
Ap goes to Sanskar’s room…
Sanskar:Ma…u here?U had any work?
Ap:Why?Can’t I come to talk to my son?
Sanskar:Of course u can ma..
Ap comes there and sits…
Ap:Beta….i’m thinking about your marriage…
Ap:Beta….u r 25….u should get married…..And I know u like someone..
Sanskar:What?No ma…

Ap:I’m talking about Swara…
Ap:Okay fine..if u don’t like her then its alright….there is another proposal for u..I’ll talk to them(Ap is leaving….)
Sanskar:No no..mom..i did not say that I don’t like Swara…
Ap smiles..
Ap:That means my son likes him…..
Sanskar smiles…Ap hugs him…
Ap:We will go to Gadodia house to talk about u both….
Laksh is in his room….
He is thinking about his arguments with Swara….there nok jhok….how she pretended to be his wife…everyone complementing their couple…..and Swara’s view about him…He is smiling and laughing like an idiot….Niti is passing by..but sees Laksh laughing without reason…
Niti enters Laksh’s room….she keeps her hand in her head….
Niti:Oh god..yeh bhi?
Laksh realizes that Niti is in his room…

Laksh:Di when did u come?
Niti:When u wer in your dreamland..with your dream girl…
Laksh;No no di…nothing like that…
Niti:I’m so happy..i guess…this time I will go after attending my both brother’s wedding…
Niti:Ma and papa r thinking about bhai’s marriage….tu apni baat kar…
Laksh:Di..i don’t know anything..i’m not understanding anything…
Niti:Okay….u r thinking about someone?A girl?
Niti:U love to talk to her?
Niti:Now close your eyes and tell me what do u see…
Laksh closes his eyes…
Laksh still closing his eyes:Jansi ki rani….she fights with me…i find her works idiotic…but she is cute….she goes to solve everyone’s problem but because of her people face bigger troubles….then their present problem..she annoys me a lot…and is very childish.but I don’t know why I love her childishness….that doesn’t irritate me..(He keeps on smiling)
Then he opens his eyes..
Niti:Bhai….u r in love…..u never told me something like this for any girl….maybe she is your soul mate…I’ll talk to mom about u too….tell me her name….
Laksh;;No di…plz let me talk to her….u won’t reveal this to anyone..not even Sanskar bhai…plz…

Niti:Okay bhai,,
The scene shifts to Gadodia house……Ragini is out with her daughter…Maheshwaris enter… Laksh didn’t come there too cause he had some other important program…
Swara is shocked to see the whole Maheshwari family….
Sumi;U all…..umm..
Ap:Ji…your daughter Swara woks at my son’s office….
Dp;I would like to be very straight about this matter..we r here to talk about Swara and Sanskar’s marriage..we came here to ask for Swara’s hand for our Sanskar….
Swara is shocked….
Parvati Gadodia:Oh Swara?
Ap;U have any prob with that?
Dadi;No no..not at all..app logo ke ghar agar hamari poti jayegi toh mujhe vishwas hai ki who bohot khush rahegi…
Ap:I want Swara to answer…
Swara;What do I say?I will accept mom dad’s decision…
Sumi,shekhar,swara and dadi went to their room…

Dadi:They r big people…Swara will be very happy there..
Sumi;Ma..i want Swara’s happiness…and I want her to take this decision..
Swara;Ma..Sanskar sir…is nice…..i don’t have feeling for him…but I thnk I’ll be lucky to get a husband like him cause I know him.he is responsible..and also caring..
Shekhar and Sumi hugs Swara…
They went to the Maheshwaris and accepted the proposal…

Precap:Sanskar introduces Swara as his fiancé in the office……Laksh’s heart is broken…

Credit to: Eva

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  1. Ahhhhhhh so much controversy..I’m fed up of all these..i must say after Helly/Swara and Tejaswi/Ragini u r the third one who was bashed most in this server..no worries dear..i love u yar..u r one of the best writers here.Don’t feel bad because of these stupid comments..

    1. Sometimes i also think the same…thank u Niharika di..love u too 🙂

  2. Y do u all fight so much?Bashers try writing a story maybe then u’ll understand the hard work needed for this..i was a silent reader but now I thought to comment….such stupid baseless bashings..

    1. I know right….i did not get a single reason for their bashing…everyone knows that EVA NEVER REVEALS THE PAIR..STILL….ACCORDING TO THEM I’M PLAYING WITH FEELINGS….and call me selfish and all that…I’m just amused..matlab story seh writer ke characteristics jane jate hai kya? Anyways thank u

  3. Eva Eva Eva…u rock yaar.ignore the bashing comments.Tbh i haven’t seen a girl like u..i mean how can u answer everyone so kindly and calmly? I must say u r a nice human being who doesn’t know how to hurt anyone..i read all your replies…i was shocked..if someone else would be in your place then he or she would had bashed the person badly….but u..u gave answers in a kind manner…god bless u dear..

    1. I think i was rude to some…so feeling sorry about that..my parents even say that we should learn to answer back or else everyone will take advantage of it…This is the highest i can do…i can’t bash the bashers…if i do then there will be no difference between me and them..but i will definitely answer them who hates me…seriously hating me for not writing on their fav couples….thank u Alisha….and god bless u too dear 🙂 🙂

  4. I named myself as Eva fab becuz I’m really a big fan of your ffs..how come people bash it? U r an eighth grader still so calmly u r answering…bashers comments shows their immaturity and your replies show your maturity.. U r a kind hearted girl…i understood it.whatever u write comes from your heart..keep smiling dear love u❤❤?

    1. Aww thank u dear for your support..u too keep smiling and take care dear love u too 🙂

  5. nxt prt plz nd ignor dt stupd dumbo prsns jst thght u r bst nd alwz bst

    1. Thank u Mahi..and I l’m ignoring them cause they r not criticizing my story but criticizing me..which is very baseless…I’ll update the next part soon..

  6. Hi eva… it was a mysterious episode….
    Nowadays i m finding that many readers r loving to bash the writers… guys like seriously……no one has forced anyone to read .. still they r reading and giving some comments which r untolerable. Eva friend u dont worry. We ur supporters r there we love ur stories…… and wil keep lovinh.
    One more thing to bashers plz i am not telling u to give ur views… u r free to criticize.. but criticize the act not the person.. this will make u bad or worst… i think eva would not mind if u tell her about ur pov for ff. But directly bashing should be stopped. Eva u dont worry and keep writing. We r always there for u…..

    1. Of course I won’t mind if someone criticizes my story..cause the I will be able to improve my writing..but they criticize me…nv..they don’t care about the writers feeling..and some pathetic creatures even bashed the readers including u Shloka…thats the worst part..bashing the writers r common but bashing the readers for reading that writers story is unique..

  7. Hey eva when are u going to update nxt episode….. Nd NYC story once again

    1. TQ dear and I will update soon..

  8. eva pls update nxt part I’m eagerly waiting for it

    1. Yes I will..

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