Rishto ki Dastan (Part 20)


Hello everyone….Eva here..very shocked to see me regular right?I have to finish this na..that’s why posting as fast as possible….
The episode starts with….Radhika leaving from MM house…Ap calls Sumi….

Sumi:Namaste Annapurna ji..
Ap:Jo Namaste…..Sharmista ji…i saw your daughter Radhika today…..she came here….bohot pyari bacchi hai wohh…
Sumi;Ha…she works at Sanlak’s office..she is like my daughter….she lost her parents at a young age….now she is my daughter..and I’m very lucky to get her as my daughter….
Ap:Sharmista ji..mujhe ghuma phira ke baat nehi karni ati…so I’m telling u straight….i liked radhika a lot…and want her as my daughter in law….i want her as my Laksh’s wife…
Sumi:Ji…i will talk to Shekhar about it…..and I think haam phir se samdhi bangayenge….
AP smiles…

Ap comes to Swara’s room…
Ap:Swara…dear..i wanted to talk to u about something…..if u r busy then…
Swara:No ma…I’m not busy..tell me what happened ma?
Ap:Beta…u know right..what happened at your wedding day?3 lives were changed….i wanted to talk to u about that…
Ap:Beta..i’m thinking about Laksh’s marriage now…
Swara looks on shocked…
Swara in mind:Oh god..ma is thinking about Laksh’s marriage….what should I say?
Swara:Ma…apki nazar meh kya koi ladki ha?
Ap:Ha..beta…u even know her…
Swara:Kon hai wooh ma?
Ap:Your sister…..
Swara get up:Kya?(Swara is smiling)
Ap:Ha your sister….she works in our company right?Laksh even knows her..so…
Swara:U have no problem with her past right?
Ap thinks about Sumi telling her that Radhika is not their own daughter…
Ap:No I have no problem…..uski khubio ke samne yeh sabkuch chota hai….
Swara smiles….

Ap goes and talks to Laksh…
Ap:Beta..i know u need more time to forget your past..but beta..i want u to get married…
Ap:Beta..u have to overcome your past…
Laksh cries:Ma…i’m ready..
He leaves…
Ap:Beta..i know u r hurt..but this is best for u..
Sanlak brings Uttara home…
Uttara;Ma…..badi ma..
She hugs both of them….
Just then she sees Swara..
Uttara:Toh app hai..mere Sanskar bhaiya ki wife…nice to meet u bhabi…
Swara and Uttara hug each other…
Uttara:I have my 2 bhabis here…now I’m waiting for my 3rd bhabi…
Ap:Wohh..bhai jaldi ajayegi…
The scene shifts to gh..
Sumi and Shekhar comes to Radhika’s room..
Radhdika:Mamma papa…u both…
Sumi;Beta..we wanted to talk o u about something…
Radh:What mamma?
Radh;Don’t hesitate mamma…i’m your daughter,,,
Shekhar:We wanted to talk about your marriage…
Radhka:My marriage?
Sui;Yes….tere liye ek rishta aya hai…but…if I don’t want to marry then we won’t force u…
Radhika smiles;Mamma….u r my mother….u have full right to take any decision of my life….

Sumi:Matlab ki?
Radhika:I’m read for it….
Radhika leaves….
Laksh tells Ap that he wants a simple marriage..
Ap:Beta…..won’t u meet the girl?
Laksh:Kya faraq parta hai ma?i have work..u decide everything…
Ap:Beta..u know that girl…she is Radhika…Swara’s sister…she is a nice girl
Laksh thinks about Radhika….:fine…I know radhika is a nice girl ma..
Laksh in mind:The most imp thing is she knows my past..she knows that I still love Swara….our marriage will be based on truth…..
Sumi and Shekhar calls Ap….
Ap:Sharmista ji..Laksh doesn’t want to meet her….
Ap:He is very heart broken….he is unable to forget anything…..he just said that he wants a simple marriage….patanehi mere bacche ke kab khushi milegi…
Sumi:Ap ji…Radhika is ready for marriage but…without meeting……
Ap:I understand but……still…..
She hangs up….Sumi goes to Radhika’s room….
Sumi;Radhika..were r u?
Radhika:Ma…i’m in the washroom..
Sumi:Beta..i’m keeping the boy’s photo in your side table…okay?
Radhika:K ma.
Vidhi is seen coming out of the jail..
Vidhi:I will destroy your life..just wait Sanskar,Swara,Radhika and Laksh….deka kese rachati hu meh ek nayi rishto ki dastan…..

Precap:Vidhi again creating some prob…..

People…i wanna ask u 2 questions..
Do u think arrange marriage is successful and love marriages r not?i heard many people saying that love marriages r not successful..so asked for your opinon…

Question 2….
Which one is more important in a relationship?Trust or love?

Credit to: Eva

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  1. Turst cuz love is all about trust
    Arrange marriage

    1. Thank u for sharing your views… 😀

  2. A1.I think it depends cause arrange marriages break as well as love marriage but not so often.

    A2.Both are important relationship work out better with trust and love

    1. Thanks for sharing your views….my views r similar to yours… 😀

  3. Love marriage is better..arrange marriage means..u r planning your life with someone whom u don’t know even properly….and i think trust is more important than anything else in a relationship..

    1. Thank u for sharing your views….

  4. For me…love marriage is better..marriage is the most imp decision of our life..and i believe we have the right to chose our life partner…and accordingly to me trust is more important…

    1. Yap..agreed…thank u sis or sharing your views.. 😀

  5. Okay I was a silent reader of this ff..but thought to answer the questions..for me it depends on situations..both types of marriage has chances of being unsuccessful..and the second question..i think both r equally needed in a relation…and today’s episode of another hit…?

    1. Hey Kayra..i saw u last at Samjhota..good to see u here….and thank u… 😀

  6. Hey Evu…..i can’t wait for the next episode….so.much suspense..I’m loving it…i think arrange marriage r better..at least when it breaks…your parents don’t blame u or kick u out of their lives lol…i know this sounds funny..but its true…and about love and trust..i believe that a relation can be kept beautifully with trust..but without trust is nothing…for example if your lover doubts u that’s the end of that relation…u have written samjhotas..right? In your first season Swasan wer married..they did not love each other but trusted each other.thought destiny did not bring them together in the end…

    1. Hello Mugu di…(I hope u don’t mind me calling u mugu di)..i like creating suspense…and yeah..thats a good reason for doing arrange marriage….no one can blame u.. :P..every story doesn’t get a perfectand happy ending…my samjhotas never gets one at least.. 😛

  7. Love marriage is better…we have right to chose our life partners…and trust is more important..a relation can go on without love and with trust..but a relation breaks if there is love but no trust..according to me if u don’t trust someone u don’t even love him or her…but u can trust someone whom u don’t love….

    1. Yap..i even believe that a relationship can go on with trust only…but it breaks if there is no trust though love is there….

      1. Eva..can u plz tell me your fb name?

      2. My name is Janvi Bhattacharjee..

  8. Hi Eva..
    Every relationship is not so easy to take care of.. Regarding arranged or love marriage it depends upon people how they deal with that..
    No marriage is happy or bed at all.. But the thing is that they have to face reality n after marriage responsibilities of home n office both.. So its not so simple as itself shown in TV searials n movies.. It is much difficult n hard task to take care of both the sides parental home n sasural for both husband n wife..
    I saw both marriages love n arrange. N some of successful n some of not..

    N love n trust both r equal important dear..
    Hope u understand wt I m trying to say.. 🙂

    1. Hi Falguni…thank u for sharing your view.. 😀

  9. Nice epi Eva…n diz is my frst cmmnt??☺

    Arrange n love mrrge dono he bttr h….bas usko nibhana thoda muskil hota h…

    N Relationship me Trust n Love dono he imprtnt h…Agr aap trust krogi toh lv v krogi ryt??????…pyar me trust bnye rkhna bht muskil h..n ha iska mtlb yeh nhi ki hum apne lvr ko trust ki bre me lctre dte rhe n khud trust tde???…so ladka n ladki dono ko smjhna prta h…ha pr kbhi kbhi aisa hota h ki koi ek apni glti mn ne ko tyr nhi hota aur isliye fights ho jte h shadi ki baad v n phir divorce???…kisi ek ko toh hrna he pdega na

    1. Hello Mickey…thank u for sharing your view…. our views r then quite similar about this then.. 😀

  10. Kiddo..y all are engaging us in suspense.. First Anu then Anjali and now u.. Baap re.. First , I was joking I’ll die of suspense but now I think even after becoming soul I’ll not get mukti .. I’ll be stuck up in earth to know what’s gonna happen further..

    Your questions
    Arrange marriages and love marriages both can be equally successful as well as unsuccessful … For any relation to take place, building block is trust.. And trust forms love .. Even if their is no love and trust is their in a relationship , then the bonding has to be successful .. When u first cling to ur mother, u go to her because u trust her .. At that time u don’t even know what is love… Have u ever said ‘ I love u’ to mother .. Yes, of course many times.. But even if u don’t say it then also ur mother knows that u love her cause she trusts u and u trust her.. That’s the power of the five letter word trust and answer to both of ur questions…

    What made u ask this question ?? This question is not surely out of curiosity .. ????

    1. Its not out of curiosity…i asked this because i’m kinda philosophical…and i asked this question to my friends…all said some weird answers…according to them love marriages r unsuccessful…so..just wanted to ask this questions…i saw many relationshisp…that were broken due to lack of trust and love….so these questions popped up in mind..and i asked u all..don’t worry……mein kisi ke sath bhagne nehi wali hu lol 😛 😛 …..

      1. So u r kinda philosophical .. So u should read Paulo coelho books ( only some ).. He is fully philosophical type.. But but my favourite book is and will be always and always twillight diaries ( twillighr and vampire diaries ) …

        Aur ha bhaagna iraada ho behna to Hume zaroor batana,. Hum pahuch jaayege laathi-dande le kar… ???.. ( for what??? U guess and tell me and then I’ll tell u y till then u also be in suspense ..

      2. So u r kinda philosophical .. So u should read Paulo coelho books ( only some ).. He is fully philosophical type.. But but my favourite book is and will be always and always twillight diaries ( twillight and vampire diaries ) …

        Aur ha bhaagna iraada ho behna to Hume zaroor batana,. Hum pahuch jaayege laathi-dande le kar… ???.. ( for what??? U guess and tell me and then I’ll tell u y till then u also be in suspense ..

      3. So u r kinda philosophical .. So u should read Paulo coelho books ( only some ).. He is fully philosophical type.. But but my favourite book is and will be always and always twillight diaries ( twillight and vampire diaries ) …

        Aut ha bhaagna iraada ho behna to Hume zaroor batana,. Hum pahuch jaayege laathi-dande le kar… ???..( for what??? U guess and tell me and then I’ll tell u y till then u also be in suspense ..

      4. Mujhe bachane ayogi ya marne ayogi serf itna batado…..kyuki laathi dande seh toh loogo ko pitah hi jata hai….. :P…btw i read twilight and vampire diaries….

  11. Eva!! Superb mess uo dear!! Vidhi will surely do sokethibg with the pic. Swara thought about Ragini whike talking to AP. Wah!! Rishto ke dastan isnt actually being made by Vidhi but by you. If she diesnt do anything then also its going to be a Rishto ki Dastan. Uff!! Awesome suspense. I love it. This special suspenses make peopke read ur ffs.

    Coming to the next part, love ho ya arranged, marriage tabhi successful hoga jab usme pyar or tryst ho. Yani love n trust r most imp to carry on a maeriage. Jhagdas are also important 😉 . It keeps the couple healthy sometines 😉 .

    I think trust is tge foundation of any relationship. Muchmore required than love. If you trust someone as your friend, the relationship will be of friendship and you will love that person as your friend. So it is with other rekations too. Trust is much more imp. If trust isn’t there, even love can’t save that relation. Many husband-wife relations are breakng nowadays because of lack of trust. They may still love each other but lack of trust led to their break-up. Well, big rant dearie. Lol. I soeak too much. But all are my opinion. Keep writing.♥♥

    1. Uff!! So many typos. Peardon me please.

    2. Hehehehe. 😛 ..true….meh racharahi hu rishto ji dastan..not Vidhi….i love to hold my suspense….hehehe… 😛 …thank u Bisha…for sharing your view.

  12. In my opinion both arrange n luv marriages can last long… Or they may end soon.. There is no rule for this… Ke only luv or arrange marriage will work

    I prefer trust.. Trust is base.. N luv stands on this base.. If there is no trust then there can be no luv…

    1. Yeah..truth is the base of any relation….thank u for sharing your view…

  13. my answer is related to both questions for me love & arranged marriage is equally Good or bad.because for me love or trust is equally important for marriage life.I things if there is trust in a relationship then marriage is successful but if there is no trust then love marriage is not successful.
    love is important for marriage but trust is more importance in life.
    this is my opinion

    1. Okay..i understood your opinion..and i liked it as well…

  14. trust is more important in a relation than love.love can’t happen without trust.And love marriage is good but if love happens after arranged marriage than its awesome

    1. Oh!!!..love after marriage….thanks for sharing your views chaitali… 🙂

  15. First of all, superb chapter . Secondly,love marriage and arrange marriage dutiey successful hoy bole ami mone kori.And relationship er moddhe trust er dorkar beshi.Bcz trust holo relationship er base.Ar base jodi strong hoy then relationship o strong hoy.
    #be happy
    * Stay Strong *

    1. Uma…thank u…and yes trust is the base of a relation…

  16. Awesome Eva!! Sorry I couldn’t comment in the previous chapter!!! I have grown really tired of this Vidhi… Feeling like punching her… 😛 😛

    Coming to ur first question… no idea!!

    But ur second question… I would choose both… But trust takes higher precedence… At least for me… Like Riya explained so well… I don’t feel like repeating… But yeah, Trust is the first step towards love…

    1. Thank u Anjali…i didn’t want Vidhi’s re entry but….i had some ideas….and for those i needed Vidhi….and here she comes back…i totally agree with u..that trust is the fist step towards love…

  17. Acc. to me both can go well if trust n luv is der…I hv seen luv as well as arrange mrg…My mom n dad mrg is luv mrg n is very successfull…Main thing in relation is trust as well as luv…

    1. Thanks for sharing your view..?

  18. According to me trust is more important!

    1. Thanks for sharing your view Jaf.. 😀

  19. awsm….

    1. for me its trust if no trust no love and id no love then no relationship!!!! awesome upload soon eva

      1. Thank u Tvisha..and i’ll upload asap.. 😀

  20. Trust is main in every relation… Arranged or love marriage don’t matter trust matters…both Marriage has its own advantage n default

    But of relations based trust relation last forever

    1. Meghs..thank u for sharing your view..and i have my account now…its name is Janvi Bhattacharjee…it has a photo of swaragini and sanlak..

  21. Bachata aayogi apne kiddo ke.. My kIddo is so popular , famous and loved by everyone.. Haww koi larka aagaya meri kiddo ko kidnap karne toh laathi dande lekar protection karne to aana hi parega… ????

    1. Meh kidnap nehi hongi…aur nahi bhagungi…btw kisi ki itni himmat hi nehi hai ki Janvi ko kidnap kar sakeh….meh ussh ladke ka saar na phor du jo mujhe kidnap karne ke baremeh soche bhi….and u r there haina?Mujhe protection dene ke liye.. ;D

  22. Awesome…sorry for not commenti h in the previous episodes…wow I means awsome…

  23. I thnk the mrg which is bassed on love is the best…. coz love is the thng tht can handle more than worst situation easily….. then it doesn’t matter whether it is arranged or love marriage …

    love is the bigger than anything

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