Rishto ki Dastan (Part 11)


The episode starts with…… Sanskar is shown crying in his room…..
Sanskar:Why god?Why did u do this to me?Y did u let me see those dreams which r never going to be fulfilled?
Sanskar smiles remembering Swara’s moments with him…
Jag soona soona lage song plays on….
On the other hand ….Swara is in her balcony….Sanskar’s words echo on her ear…about it was an arranged marriage…and she doesn’t love her…..
Swara:He loves me..I’m sure about that…but he loves his brother more..maybe that’s why he took that decision…why my heart doesn’t believe that Sanskar can do something like that?
It’s the next day..Sanskar talked Ap and Dp….they wer confused..but agreed later..Dp and Ap came to the gadodias..and fixed Laksh and Swara’s marriage….
Scene at office….

Laksh calls Swara…
Laksh:Swara….wher is my blue file that I gave u to keep yesterday?
Swara:Um..sir its I your left drawer…
Laksh again calls Swara..
Laksh:Swara…i forgot where I kept the construction land papers……
Swara:Sir…u took that home…
Laksh:Oh ha..thank u..

Swara goes..Laksh calls her again…
Swara;Pichle 2 min meh apne mujhe yeh tisri bar bulaya hai..ab kya chahiye?
Laksh:Ha….u r my fiancé..so..
Laksh comes closer to the Swara…Swara feels uncomfortable…and runs from there….Swara leaves from office…
Swara goes home and locks herself in her room….she starts crying and throws all the things present in that room here and there…
Swara:I can’t handle him….i can’t play with his feeling just to take revenge from Sanskar…….he did not do anything..he is innocent…
Swara calls someone…..(that mysterious person)
Swara:I want to meet u….

That person:Okay…
After 2 hours…Swara is waiting for someone….that person enters….
Swara:I can’t do this anymore Vidhi…
Yes yes yes the person is Sanskar’s pa Vidhi…
Vidhi:U have to do it Swara….your sister had to face so much because of Sanskar…..and u want him to leave in peace?
Swara:I can’t punish Laksh for Sanskar’s mistake…
Vidhi:Do u have any other way to take revenge from him?If u would had loved someone else…then he would have done anything to get u..its his luck that it turned out to be his ladla bhai Laksh..yaad karo Swara..how your sister had to give up her career and go to Australia….she was only 20….and she had to take this hugs responsibility of a child….Siya….she doesn’t even know her father’s name…..
Swara:Yes u r right…i can’t fall weak….i need to make him suffer….
Swara leaves from there angrily..

Vidhi;Swara darling…..u r so innocent ..u r not even understanding that I’m only using u…..Sanskar rejected my proposal…now I’ll make u punish him for the mistake he never did…..he rejected my love..now his love will take my revenge…

Precap:Sanskar meets with an accident……

Credit to: Eva

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  1. swalak please

    Eva di.. i feel so sorry for u.. u are getting a lot of hate comments in the previous part … i know u must be hurt

    1. I’m least bothered about those comments…no worries dear I think I’m fine…

  2. Awesome as always . Keep it up.
    #be happy
    Spread smile
    %be strong

    1. Thank u Uma..and u too be happy..

  3. NYC epi Eva and I think this time ur ff pairs are swasan

    1. Thank u..?

  4. superb…..what a twist…..

    1. Thank u ?

  5. I thought it might be her….

    Now I am curious about raginis past…. am waiting for the next chapter…

    And how are you eva??? You have hols now or school??

    1. I’m fine Anjali..and my holidays r over…now I’m having school…??

      1. Ohh cool…
        Have fun!!

      2. School and fun? These two doesn’t come together for me…now I’m waiting for the next holiday..

      3. lol… That’s what I used to think until I came to college…
        Now I miss school like anything…

        School is the best… Though I do love coll also…

        And I saw what u wrote in the reply for bisha….

        Just remember we all love you here… And continue writing… One day, you will realise that you didn’t write for us, you wrote for you only… The strength that you talk about, It is reflected in each chapter…

        So chill…. love you and especially your EVANESS….
        Return back with another awesome epi!! 😀 😀

  6. Woow. Amazing. Waiting for d next.

    1. TQ Jyotii

  7. Hai..Eva. . episode was superb.. Thanks for the update…twisty queen waiting for another twist…..we all r with u…go with ur own style…

    1. Thank u dear..

  8. Awesome…… and it was shocking to know the person was vidhi… brilliant idea dear.
    Eva hope u r fine. Plz dont worry about bashers. Let them do what they want u cant change anyones thinking. Be happy always…….

    1. I’m fine Shloka…i did change many people’s pov I believe..but changing some desperate couple freaks’ opinions r just impossible..anyways thanks dear…

  9. Wow awesome..love it..m vry much curious abt nxt..eagrly waiting fr nxt update asap..

    1. TQ Kittu?

  10. R u sad Eva? For what happened on your previous episode…u always start your ff with hello and all..a sweet intro..and now straightly to the episode….plz if u r then don’t be….be happy..and keep smiling dear…love u ???

    1. Ummm..no..I’m not..i don’t want to be sad because of those people who don’t care about anyone’s feelings and just knows how to demotivate others…through their bashing comments..love u too dear??

      1. I appreciate your maturity Eva..and I must say u r strong girl…..??

  11. Nice…plz update fast….keep writing…

    1. Thank u dear?

  12. Natasha Agnihotri

    Hey Eva…I’m a silent reader and I missed your previous episode..i read it just now..i was kinda shocked seeing some comments…many wer removed..but seeing others replies to those bashing comments..i could understand what they had written….ignore them..cause such idiots don’t deserve attentions….they r attention seekers only…who r jealous of your ff…i love this ff…keep writing dear..???

    1. Thank u Natasha…?

  13. Eva..i replied to some bashing comments on your previous episode..when I saw their replies to my one..i was shocked..i understood that those people r hopeless and shameless..they called u shameless…i believe that they r shameless bullies..who are being bashed badly still replying to prove us wrong…inke muh maat lago…they don’t deserve your replies…

    1. Hahahaha..i understood that before u all did..that they r hopeless…so why wasting time on them..if they would had bashed me then I would had replied for sure..but what they did is not bashing but showing once immaturity and insensibility..never mind..I saw u replying to some..so thank u for that Siyali???

  14. Very nice ….waiting for rags past …..u are an awesome writer…..??

    1. Thank u Naimi?

  15. superb.plz make it swasan

  16. Eva how are u dear!!! Hope u r fine .. So finally vacations finished… Today I am extremely happy and I want to share my joy with all .. I finally turned 18 yesterday .. I legally legally drived a cAt… Read an adult book ( ohk ohk I have my own limitations aisa waisa kuch nahi pada .. I read Paulo Coelho books )… And I was even decorated with cake twice in 2 days .. I missed bhai but no prob I had spent many days with him…
    Back to topic .. I am scared to know what’s gonna happen next .. Lives of 4 people are intermingled any thread which will break can hurt all
    Let’s see what’s gonna happen next

    1. Oh cool Riya..u turned 18…4 years to go for me….i’m more scared than u r…god knows how many bashing comments I will receive after I go for the climax…anyways..enjoy your free life..of an adult..

      1. I am sorry .. I made u remind of the BASHERS .. I tried my level best not to do so but see I made u sad .. Sorry

      2. No u didn’t…no need to apologize..your comments make me happy…not sad okay? ???

  17. It was car and not cat

  18. Awesome waiting for more??

  19. Eva. I think you arent in a good mood. Tui khub dukhho peyechis taina re? Tai you dint start with Hello People and all that sweet intro. Jakge kichu mone koris na. Be happy and cheer up dear. I was surprised to know that was Vidhi and I really wanna know Sanskar n Ragini’s past. Swara tahole Lakshkei bie korbe? I think another twist comin up. Still waiting for ur uodate. I was cloud 100 when I saw your update.lol. keep writing like this. Valo thakis bon. Bye..

    1. Ami ki dukkho pabo….do anyone really care about what I feel? They don’t..i understood this when I read all the bashing comments…never mind..i love all my friends here..and I’m writing for u all only..because now I have no strength to write for myself…

    … PLEASE yrrrr please

    1. I won’t reveal the couples..

  21. swasan couple join

    1. I won’t reveal the couples….

  22. nice….love swalak

  23. Nice to see u back eva darling u r such a dtrong kid I like it be sportive love u

    1. Thank u pavani?

  24. hey eva….
    i am really proud of u dear….
    u handled d situation vry nicly….
    u r really a very strong girl…
    i felt lyk punching those shameless creatures fr dragging ur family into dis matter….
    it seems lyk they r suffring frm inferiority complex….
    bt the twist is amazing dear…
    really excited fr the nxt prts…
    till thn keep smiling dear…
    luv u….

    1. Hey Janvi..thank u..love u too..??

  25. nyc..n plz dis tym made it swasan..

  26. This comment is deleted.

    1. This comment is deleted.

    2. Heyy Shagufta!!
      Thank you soo much for ur valuable input…

      and thnxx for ur concern as well… But I listen to my family, my friends and myself. And you, YOU ARE NOT PART OF ANY…..

      I’m educated and smart. I am a college going girl. All that is true.. But i do have some humanity in me which you don’t seem to have. So forgive me if I choose not to listen to ur words…

      Riya, Can u believe this girl??

      1. One last thing… I’m sorry if I hurt you by telling you have no humanity.. That was rude of me. But just look at what you’ve typed…

        Please don’t do anything like that again…

        I can’t say anything else… It depends on you…

        And i don’t support eva because of her sweet words… I support her bcos you have no cause to be angry and have been very unfair with her.. How dare you insult her personally all bcos she refuses to tell the couples?

    3. Hey Shagu….u questioned my personality?Oh god….u have amazing talent of understanding one’s personality……now can u judge your own personality?No worries friend….even i know how to judge someone’s personality..and i must say..u have an excellent personality….u speak the thing thats in your heart..I’m not different from u…..u hate me…cool…but u see darling…even i write from heart and reply from heart..but taunting someone like u do..is not a part of my character..its something that my heart doesn’t support…i have loads of work other than to pretend……and u found my words sweet too…..thats great….I AM TELLING THIS ON YOUR FACE THAT I WON’T REVEAL THE COUPLES…NOT FOR DESPOS LIKE U……COUPLES FREAK….GET OUT FOR YOUR FICTION WORLD…..I DON’T CHANGE MY WAY FOR ANYONE….SO FOR U?SAWAL HII PEDA NEHI HOTA HAI….

  27. really awesome episode…..nd sorry for late comment…..

    awesome episode

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