Rishto ki Dastan Episode 23


Hello people….many of you were waiting for this episode…so here u goo… 
The episode starts with Radhlak sitting after completing their pheras…the pandit asks Laksh to make Radhika wear the mangalsutr

Hoooh!!!!So okay…Laksh makes her wear the mangalsutra..and next was the sindoor..Ragini and swasan reaches the mandir…they r in the stairs….just the time when they step into the mandir……they saw Laksh’s hand near Radhika’s hairline…..
Sanskar shouts;Laksh!!!!
Laksh looks at the other side…and the vermillion from his hand fall on Radhika’s hairline…everyone is looking at swaragsan…..
And on the other hand….the pandit declares them to be man and wife from today….
Ap:What happened Sanskar?
San:Ma..yeh shadi?
AP;Tum tinoh ke binah hi hogayi…..
Swara;Ma..yeh galat hai…
Swara goes towards Radhika and takes off her veil…
Swara:Radhika..how could u marry Laksh?
Radhika:Laksh?I did not marry Laksh…
Laksh opens his sehra…

Radhika gets shocked…
Radhika;Ma..i saw someone else’ pic….i did not know about Laksh…
Swara:U knew about Ragini di….how could u marry Laksh?u know right….Laksh is Siya’s father…..the hw could u?
Sumi:Beta….what r u saying?
Swara:Ha ma….i’m saying the truth….
Radhika:I did not know about it…trust me Swara…
Swara;Ok…so tell me..didn’t u see anything?
Radhika;I had the veil….i did not see Laksh’s face…he was also wearing sehra…
Swara;Why did u take the veil?
Radhika:Bina told me…..that ma told her to tell me to take a veil…
Sumi:Ma….i never said so beta…..
Vidhi is about to run…when Sanskar catches her.,….
Snskar:Were r u going Bina ji?
Swara comes near Bina and takes of her veil……everyone gets shocked….
She slaps her….

Swara;Why didn’t u leave us alone?Again u played your dirty tactics….
Vidhi starts laughing……
Vidhi:I just took my revenge…..Ragini got u two together…she snatched my love….and I did the same thing to her..tit for tat….
Rags;Vidhi!!!Why did u do this to me?
Vidhi:Cause u tried to double cross me…..
Vidhi:I agree that I misguided u…..but then…this Ragini…she was the one who asked me to kill u…
Vidhi;Don’t shout…your di got to know this before your marriage……that u r getting married to Laksh……she is a psyco lover….to get Laksh…she asked me to help her in separating swalak…she did everything to separate u…remember..she was askitng u continuously…that r u happy with the marriage or not…… Sanskar saved u last time…this idiot….she did not know even that I wanted to make swara and laksh marry to punish Sanskar…when she got to know this……she was the one who handover ed me to the police…..and Swara..u know..she was the one who got me got of the bail…

Swara;Di……is this true?
Rags cries and looks down….
Swara:Di….u could have told me everything….why didn’t u?
Rags;Laksh loved u…….that’s why….if I would have told u the truth then u would leave Laksh…but he wouldn’t be mine…..killing u was the only option…..
Swara:Di…..Laksh would be yours only…..u have a kid with him…..Siya…
Laksh:But I don’t remember touching Ragini……
Swara:U lost your memory..
Laksh:And I got it back too….Rags…u were my friend……i never touched u…..
Vidhi:And Siya is not your child….she is the same child we three found when we went for camping…after your accident..u disappeared…Ragini thought to raise that child…..she went to Australia..everyone here thought that Siya is Ragini’s child….and this Ragini….she intentionally kept the diary on Swara’s room…so that Swara gets to now about u both..Ragini thought that u love Laksh Swara..she had no idea about your revenge plan..when she got to know this she was relieved…Ragini took advantage of your memory loss Laksh…and made everyone believe that Siya is your daughter..so that u accept her…..she lied to me even…thats why when Swara came to know everything….i told her that Siya’s Ragini and Laksh’s daughter…..but one day I heard Ragini speaking to herself…..about Siya..not being her daughter..and I got to know everything…
For the ones…who r feeling confused..

Rags knew this from before that Swara was getting married to Laksh.she thought that it’s a love marriage….she had no idea about Swara’s revenge plan…and Vidhi misguiding her….about Sanlak…Rags thinking of Vidhi being friend…asked for help…Ragini was an obsessed lover…. Vidhi helped her in planning the accident as Sanky saved Swara…..Ragini planned something else… Ragini made Swara read her diary which said that Siya is Laksh’s daughter….so that Swara backs off….Ragini lied to everyone that Siya is her child…Raglak and Vidhi went for camping during their college days..and there they found Siya… Swara came to badi with sanskar…she told Ragini everything about Vidhi…..Ragini was very angry..on Vidhi….when Ragini saw Laksh still in love with Swara..she united swara and Sanskar…..she trapped Vidhi but had to bail her so that she doesn’t spill the beans…Rags took advantage of Laksh’s memory loss..if Laksh would think that Siya is his daughter then he would had to marry Ragini…..

If there is any confusion…then plz ask her..i would love to clarify everything…

Credit to: Eva

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  1. Eva di …..u gave me heart stroke ……my heart skipped a beat when u said siya was not raglak daughter …god ..itna bada twist …seriously !
    But the episode was good di …..I loved it ……..make sure ragini character doesn’t get that damaged …….
    U r a very nice writer ……I am waiting for samjhota 3 …..
    Update next asap …keep smiling di !

    1. Hey dolly..
      Shloka here…. i wanted to clear something… as much i know u r in class 9 right…if yes then dear eva is too in class 9 as m i…. so i dont think word di would suit her. Isnt it….

    2. I’m an eighth grader…no prob..u all can call me anything u want…thank u so much Dolly…??? u both r sweet hearts…

  2. Omg cant express my words…..u r truely mystery queen…… moreover todays episode was outstanding…and yeah my guess was right radlak married

    1. Hehehe..Shloka…u know me…so guess toh saahi hona hii tha..? tysm..

  3. woahhhhhh….
    my eva back with such a bang….. 😮 😮

    never in my life would i have expected this… 😮 😮

    SUPERB JOB….. 😀 😀
    LOVE YOU…. :* :*

    (PS : sorry for not commenting lately…have been missing many people’s ff and I’m really feeling bad… Was a bit busy… Will hopefully comment regularly from now on )

    1. Anjali.. Kiddo is really going to give u a bash for saying sorry.. Yesterday I was caught and today u .. God save u .. I will pray for u .. ???

      1. OHHH SHIT!!

        Eva… I am taking back my sorry.. 😛 😛
        I don’t mean it okk…

        RIYA BABY!!! Love you <3 <3 You saved me 😀 😀

    2. Yap..Riya saved u…Anjali thank u…?..and our Sanky said..friendship mein no sorry no thank u..we r his fans..we must follow that?

  4. What the???? I am spellbound yaar.You nailed it as always . Loved it. Waiting for nxt.
    #be happy
    * Stay Strong *

  5. Awesome I just love your twists

    1. Thank u dear?

  6. OMG…..this is such a twist coming as a shock Eva….
    It is such an unexpected one…..
    But I just loved it??
    Awesome dear?

    1. Dharsha..? thank u…

  7. What what what!! Such a big shock .. ?????… ragini .. An obsessive lover.. My god .. That was completely unexpected .. Ragini will be so so so selfish .. I had no idea about this.. But can’t say anything about this with clear assurance because one never knows when kiddo will unfold one more twist which may again flip the whole scene .. I will only say that u take care.. Yatna nibena .. karana ki Aneka people hayani cana ragini netibacaka hate.. Hatasa Pete ata yadi apne peta Koni netibacaka mantabya.. Hope u understand what I mean.. And love u sho much.. ???

    1. Riya!!!
      It’s been really long since I spoke to you properly… Sorry yaar!!

      How are you? I miss our little triplet… You, Eva and me… Please let’s talk properly… 🙂 🙂

      You have hols now right??

      1. Yes.. I do have holidays right now.. And yea I too wanted to spend some quality time .. Today only for full day , my family and me went out ., for sometime I. Held my phone and then it was snatched from me … Poor me.. ???.. U know Lappy is so good .. But phone and iphone worst., if someone publishes a comment u have to again and again reload the page to check out.. Automatically it does not happens .. In fb also news feeds does not come.. U have to again reload the page.. And I hate this thing about iphone.. Neither u can download music nor any video ..

      2. Eva.. Kiddo.. Anjali.. I want to tell u something.. Actually, I am a Tumour patient.. With mustering much courage, I am telling u that I am suffering from brain tumour.. I had a check up today morn and I got a panic attack… This night I am getting admitted and as I mentio before .. This whole day I spent with my family.. Day after tomorrow is a big operation for me … Tomorrow my sis misha will message on my behalf.. I don’t know what will happen day after tomorrow.. I am scared.. My survival chances were less so I opted to not have the operation and spent some more time with my family and friend and become an engineer, my childhood dream but now my will power is shaking.. Doctor has clearly said that i will get a new life if this operation is successful but in case of failure, I may slip into coma or may even ” u know better guys”,,, all I can say is I want to live .. I don’t want to die so pls pray.. My hands are shivering.. I am sorry .. I can’t write more… Remember guys even if I’ll not be there , I love u guys .. So so much.. U all will miss me na..

      3. Riya…just shut up..or else I’m gonna come at your place and start hitting u….u will be there with us only…we don’t need to miss u..u will be an engineer..and u will survive…i love u very much…u r like my sister…and this kiddo is now praying to god…u will live..don’t speak nonsense and make me cry….

      4. Riya!


        YOU WILL COME BACK TO US… <3 <3



        LOVE YOU A LOT….. :* :*
        Am waiting….

    2. Riya..i understood…and yeah Ragini was an obsessed lover in the show also….anyways…let me think about more twists….and then I’ll write tomorrow….Miss Dracula..and Anjali….even I was missing this cute little triplet…..?

    3. Riya! Well, I don’t know u much, except for being a regular commenter in Eva’s page. You told about your disease to them. But I think you will be all okay! You are so much lively. How can God snatch u from our lives? I mean honge hum koi durwali, still, m saying that. through your comments i got to know how wonderful person u are. Don’t worry dear!! Bhagwan ko tension do, khud ko nahi! 😉

      You will be alright. Chill, and don’t hurt your brain by thinking shits about death. You are awesome n everything will be all good. Say ALL Is Well! Best Of Luck! Will you my friend? Or sis?

    4. Hi, mein tumhe ziyada janti nehi hu par itna hi keh sakti hu ki himmat mat haro.Sab kuch negatively mat socho.Vo keh te hena ‘Darr age jit hein.So, usseh follow karo buddy.Meine buzurgo se suna hein ki hum jitna positive soche te hein, humare saath utnai positive hoti hein.So be strong, ok??? Aur phir se agar tumne marne ki bat ki toh mein tumare saath kya karne wali hu?? let me think,hmmm, hmm.Huh, mein tumari piche broomstick leke dor ne wali hu (now choice is yours).
      * Stay Strong *
      All the best.

      1. Hello people.. This is misha.. Riya di’s younger sis.. I read out ur messages to di.. Not only urs but messages from many others.. Di is lot more confident and happy.. Thank u .. It pains to see di like this .. While replying to ur comments, she again suffered a panic attack and had to be induced with sleeping injection…. di told me that talking to u all makes her feel light.. And I guess she’s right.. She is always right.. I feel so good while typing.. May be effect of good vibes .. My di is very strong .. I know that.. But she is shaken and all are trying to comfort her .. But the jerk doctor said that she has less survival chances … And that only is it echoing in her mind.. She says that I hav to complete all her incomplete task.. Won’t u like to bang her head straight for saying so.. But then she gives her trademark dialogue that will I scold her a such cute sis.. Sometimes I think I am elder to her.. Indeed, this is my Di and I love that she is so.. The most pure hearted, kind and gentle soul… Here’s di’s words for u all..
        Eva~ Kiddo, my baccha.. I love u too dear.. Don’t wanna make u cry but these tears they always betray us.. I’ll be strong kiddo.. And promise me u will also be .. In some days , u r going to start samjhota 3 … There could be many challenges in ur way.. Anjali , bushes and many others will be there for u .. Kiddo.. I’ll try … I’ll try to be there .. If God wants ur sis will be there.. If not ,remember , then also I’ll be there.. In form of bhatakti aatma then ghost then Dracula then vampire and then a Makhi.. I’ll be there.. ☺️☺️☺️

        Anjali ~ love u too tons!! U can hit me anytime whether I am sick or not.. Full license to u all .. I won’t think negatively.. Pucca.. I will go confidently.. Rest are all gods plan.. ???? I may sound a lil selfish.. Can u do one work for me .. Can u post next part of ur ff with swasan United…

        Bisha ~ no u r not my any durwali.. Hearing ur comment I got so much positivity instilled in me … Then surely u r someone very close to my heart.. Yup .. I actually didn’t know that I am lovely.. I said all is well my sis.. Thank u for ur comment .. It was so good.. That really helped me ..

        Abdul ~ I guess u r uma.. Broom stick lekar peeche bhaagne ki koi zarurat nahi hai.. I won’t talk like this again.. ‘ darr kr aage jeet hoti hai’ .. Yes I will fight .. I will fight till my last breath.. Cause I know all love me so much.. I will have to come back for them..

        And just now this Misha is standing on my head and typing.. Surely she’s gonna make grammatical mistakes .. Forgive her .. Buhbye.. Will be again available till evening

      2. Oyee..Riya yaad rakhio…tumhare aur Anjali ke bina bashers mera band Baja dege…? doctor ke kehneseh much nehi hota….u have our prayers with u..Misha…take care of Riya….and plz do tell me about her health..Riya is a fighter….nothing is gonna happen to u..

      3. Misha! Heyy…..

        Am glad Riya is being her usual self even with all this.. Ask that stupid doctor to go soak his head somewhere… He doesn’t know anything… Idiot guy…..

        I’m waiting to see ur reply asap… <3 <3
        And the special request… I'll do my best… But I do have one surprise for her….

        Im not going to tell anything about it now.. But hopefully it is nice… 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Keep us updated!! <3 <#

    5. Riya di i know u may not know me but i do know you i saw your comments and all i will pray to god and u will never have anything
      Theres a line saying “god helps those who helps themselves ”

      I know you are strong you cant lose hope so soon you have to fulfil your all wishes speciall to be a engineer i hope you will be fine
      As always you have a extended. Family support from teleupdates

      1. It’s misha here.. Thank u shirin.. That’s right that di doesn’t know about u bcoz she shares everything with me .. Even after that u extended such warm greetings for my di.. That makes me spellbound .. I always thought why does di stick to her phone and Tu so much.. Now I know it’s all because of u people.. Ur love and affection.. Di always taught me to differentiate between love and sympathy .. And here I can see pure love and care for my di .. U all make her feel so special.. So special.. And my di is very strong , she has to fight and she will because if anything happens to her then I will not be able to live ..
        And Eva .. Anjali ho ya di .. Bashers ki tum akele hi chutti kar sakti ho.. Super lady.. I’ll tell u a secret Eva.. Di never calls anyone kiddo not even me .. U know why?? Because Bhai used to call her kiddo.. She loves Bhai enormously.. Once I asked her to call me kiddo.. She said that she will call kiddo someone whom she thinks is vry special.. Someone who is younger than her still she feels that the person is much more mature than her .. Some one who is capable of facing all challenges .. And there she called u kiddo.. Never did she call anyone by this title .. Coming she had also made a full form of kiddo
        K- kind
        I- integrated
        D- da best
        O- optimistic

        I think she found all those qualities in u .. That’s why she loves u so much

      2. Misha……hehehe…your di loves me more 😛 and u know Riya is also very special to me…my elder sister’s name is also Riya…..Riya has always supported me…..i still remember her first comment..that was an advise…not to do voting…..and from that time…..we became friends…and i have a surprise for Anjali and Riya….the will get to see that in my next episode….Misha..plz if possible then make Riya read my next episode….take care of Riya….

      3. I just read this now…nothing’s going to happen to you Riya…smile because you have such a wonderful friends that love you and I believe that if you have so much love from everyone, nothing’s going to happen to you. I will make Dua for you and pray for you, never lose hope even if you have no other choice, you should fight that and show you’re not going to fail, loads of people will lray for you as you have made family here. Don’t you ever dare to think to leave your family…they love you truly. I don’t personally know you but…I must say you have a courage in you… You always smile and make others smile and the person who never wants other people to be sad or wants anything bad to happen, then nothing bad will happen.

        All I want to say is always smile and all your dreams will come true because nothing will happen to you. Inshallah you will fight this and come back with success. Just never lose hope.

        Once I was crying…because something happened to me and I couldn’t do it, I was continuously crying…but I never gave up, I realised that crying wouldn’t help, I then wiped my tears and said never give up to my self, then I started doing it and it worked. Giving up or losing faith is a game to create fear…never let that fear come and nothing will happen to you.

        Your friends/family are with you. Inshallah you will beat this disease and start your life afresh. ?? Sorry for the long comment.

  8. omg..it’s very shocking twist.. :-O

    1. Yeh toh bas shurvat hai…ageh ageh dekhi hota hai kya…lol typical Hindi movie dialogue but true in my case…wait for the upcoming twists..

  9. Ohh my god….. Bada wala twist…… Update soon yaar…. En minute mein heart attack aagaya…….

    1. I will update soon dear..? tq

  10. wow radlak married yipee …

    1. Hehehe swasan lover raglak hater..and now Radhlak lover..cool Tanu..?

  11. I just got to see that u r planning to make me a draculla but pls no Dracula.. I want to become a vampire… People say that vampire are cold blooded .. And are cool etc etc.. I am very very very crazy about paranormal beings.. Though I dont believe in them.. It’s a liesure for me .. I just become insane while reading about them.. Really q big kid

  12. So u will do this for me na.. Special request .. “Puppy eyes” and “pouty lips”.. I look damn cute in this expression .. No one can resist so even u have to agree

    1. Riya….i can imagine a cute puppy face…and now I can’t resist actually….cool I will make u a cute vampire…woh bhi khun hii toh chusta hai….???

      1. Sahi baat hai.. Then next u make me makhi.. Wo bhi to khoon hi choosta hai meri behna.. And yes I wrote a too senti wala message.. But can’t hekp ??

      2. Tum thik hokar ayo..phir makkhi,Dracula,vampire sab bana dungi…no chinta..

  13. wat a twist yar

    1. Thank u ?

  14. Off what a mastermind ragini n it was shocking

    1. I said that before..that i love giving shocks..?

  15. Lol..i see Radhlak fan following more here…even I like Radhlak more…Eva….u again showed your Evaness…my god…ur imaginations r out of the world..? I love this ff..and u also..????

    1. That’s what also surprised me….I did not expect to find Radhlak fans here…mybe the ones who hate raglak r supporting Radhlak…sis love u too??

  16. Evu….I’m speechless now…

    1. Sry to poke my nose… By whenever I saw your cmnt.. I felt ke maine cmnt kia hai.. . ???

      1. Lol….Mugdha/Meher…accha sense of humour hai apka.????

    2. Lol..Meher….??

    3. Nahiiiiiiii ye sunne se pehle… I mean padhne se pehle mera pan off q nhi ho gya… . “aap” yr plz don’t do that.. Izzat raas nhi aati.. ???

      1. Meher!!!!u r a cute drama queen….?? with an excellent sense of humour..

    4. Ab kya karu… Bachpan se talented hoon.. But kabhi ghamand nahi kia… ??????

      1. Meher…tum sab tarikeh seh talented ho…..dramebaz kahiki… 😛

  17. Kk..now I have something to say..u gave me an unbelievable shock…and yeah..never forget Eva rocks…??

    1. Mugu di ??

  18. Soujanya kundu


    1. Tq dear?.

  19. Eva..u know right I don’t comment regularly..but this episode made me mad…i was shocked.the way u revealed Ragini’s truth…amazing and outstanding…not know can think in the way u think….u r extraordinary…? love u..

    1. Sahi…sweet heart…love u too..??

  20. Another prove of EVANESS….nowadays….i scroll tu page so many times..only for your ff…amazing…..what a thinking sense…u have amazing talents..and imaginations?

    1. Niharika…thank u…

  21. Very nice

  22. See see..Vidhi Ki zada galti nehi thi..galti Ragini Ki thi….lol just kidding..?? today’s episode was a boom!!!!!….a huge dhamaka….keep writing dear.

    1. Lol Vidhi?…tq….

  23. OMG….such a shocking episode, I actually thought Siya was Raglaks daughter….awesome….it is actually so good. ?❤️??? you rock.

    1. Thank u Halima…..good to see u here..?

    2. Sorry I couldn’t be comment on the previous ones…I read them and commented on this one…

      1. Nehh..no apology required..?

  24. Oh jan its shocking one never expected such twist..

    1. Thank u di.?

  25. Awsm epi…..loved it……

    1. Thank u kriya?

  26. itna bara twist!!!just unpredictable

    1. Hehehe…meh kafi unpredictable hu..?

    1. Thank u Anu?

  27. God!! Whatba twist!!??
    Ragu as an obssed lover!!?
    Your twists are always amazing!!??
    This one was d best bang ever!??

    1. Thank u Jyotii?

  28. Awesome twist
    Plz don’t make ragini villain

    1. Ragini is already a villain here lol…she tried to kill her sis..but woh sudharjayegi..no worries ?

  29. O teri ki ??????

    Ye kya hua.. ????

    Smone pinch me please…. It was a bomb blast… Yr… No no… Atom bomb blast….


    1. Am not pinching u but ? punching u….
      It’s real virtually ???

      1. ??? and I’m goona pinch u as well as punch u…btw tum pehli insaan ho jo bomb blast par bhachane ko nehi pinch karne keliye kehrahi ho..??

      2. Ahh!!! I need doctor… Koi hai… Plz call ambulance… Police… N fire brigade too…. ???????

      3. Haha…plz koi Meher ko bachao…agar useh kuch hogaya toh soch lo uska ff nehi padpaoge…??? so useh bachao

    2. Thnku Eva at least kisi ne to socha.. Nahi to ye zalim duniya.. Or more particularly ye zalim dharsha ????

      1. Dharsha kyu zalim hogi bhala?I asked someone to save u..but from my side u r going to get a pinch and a punch only…

    3. Aaawwoochh ?? zor se laga…
      Eva mne kbi bataya that u soo sweet n sweet log pinch n punch ni krtr????

      1. i’m kinda different…meh khatti meethi type hu….so meh punch bhi karsaktihu…

  30. awesome yaar………… shocked me…..

    1. Tq Tvisha?

  31. Its awsome

    1. Tq meena?

  32. Eva Rocks! Bisha Shocks!!

    OmG!! Awesome twist. Jilip khao khub? 😉 twists after twists! But i’m loving it! 😉 Keep it up!!
    Love ya loads!! Since i’m shocked, my comment size decreased. Shock me evryday, and u won’t have to bear long rants of mine! 😉

    1. Bisha?? lol I hate jilip…..?…i will shock u everyday..?

  33. U are bangladeshi?

  34. You know when l saw this many comments l thought oh teri phir se koi pang hua kya. Was very busy and being a fan of Ragini l was avoiding some episode. But today read all missed parts must say it was a big mistake not to read ur story. U changed the Base of the story ,hope that u will give a shocking revelation of her this behaviour too.

    1. Wait for the twists…?

  35. Tellyupdates pls tell me .. How I do I change my logo or dp in comments section..

    Msg from Team: You can message admins using ‘contact us’ form. They will help you.

    1. Tu is going to help u..and take care

  36. Eva don’t get me wrong but l do have a confusion regarding ur likes….
    At first toh u were a Swalak fan but u r now writing about Swasan??? Kyun Swalak se maan bhar gaya kya or u wanted to be part of the group of Swasan supporters? Kyunki jo log jis bhi couple ko ship karte hain unhe woh humse support karte hain chahe kuch bhi ho…l have seen many people doing so in this site myself, hence saying…

    Next question, l know ki apko Swara/ Helly jyada pasand karte ho aur Ragini/Tejaswi hate karti ho…isliye ap usse importance nahi deti aur even negative bhi dikhati hain. Already the CVs have broken the hearts of Ragini followers by destroying her character and now u too…U always listen to the demands of only Swasan and Swalak fans but u don’t hear the requests of Ragini fans…l know as majority here are Swara fans so obviously for comments or for their friendship u r ignoring us…

    So do tell me about ur views so that l get a clear idea of u and l have asked only Eva and l want answers from her only not from her supporters as l know l have the right to place my opinion and l haven’t abused her in any form…

    1. Cool..i must say then u know me quite well….i hate Ragini…who said so?I think u never read my ffs….i have included Ragini here…but i also wrote some ffs…that were based on Ragini only…mujhe safai nehi deni hai….i like Swalak and swasan..i also like Ragsan…but Raglak?Honestly speaking….no…according to me in Swaragini….a selfish love won…like Ragini….this show has given a wrong message…..she was a obsessed lover….accoding to me Raglak doesn’t make sense…and i write for myself only….not for comments or to please my friends….i have such friends..who will support me with my every step…no matter if i write on Ragini..or Swara….and who said so that i listen to the swalak and swasan fans?I don’t listen to anyone here..that’s why i get bashed…..so sorry if my words have hurt u…..no hard feelings..i hope all your questions got answered by me…and yap..MERA SWALAK SEH KABHI MAAN NEHI BHARSAKTA…..I LOVE SWALAK AND SWASAN…..i don’t believe in groups and all..i believe in making friends…not by writing on their fav couple but by your behavior and nature…

  37. Eva .. Anjali .. I read that u all are planning to give my sissie a surprise.. But there are two problems .. First , that she is sleeping now .. Probably she will wake at 6 or 6:30…. Second, her operation has been rescheduled and it will be at 9 in the night… Actually the team of doctors will go foreign tomorrow.. They have something important.. Pls pray for her.. After 8 , I don’t think Daddy or Bhaiyu will allow to bring phone near her.. He already said no but di being di somehow managed to take the permission.. U r understanding what I mean right.. Its an 8 hour long operation..

  38. hai misha plzz tel 2 riya to stay strong i knw her bt she dn’t knw me ..bt i’m damn sure v ll became a frnds i ll talk wit her more n more… she ll definetely fight fr her n hr operation nd i knw she ll defeat hr brain tumour.. she ll b completely alrght … i ‘ll pray fr her .. v al r wit her always..

    1. Rey .. How do u know di?? Can I pls know.. ( just out of curiosity)

      1. Rey .. How do u know di?? Can I pls know.. ( just out of curiosity).. And u r so sweet .. Di will surely become UR friend.. She will pucca defeat all challenges .. My di is very strong and above that she has given me a promise to stay with me .. And di never breaks her promise

  39. Riya di’s message for u all,
    People.. I am feeling really weak so can’t speak for u all personally but for all my relatives, friends , sisters and brothers.. Everyone who I have met in my life whether the journey is of 2 minutes , 2 hours , 2 seconds or 2 years … If u r reading this then u all have made me smile.. Once or twice that doesn’t matters… What matters is my happiness which u have brought.. Too sentI, filmy wale dialogues .. Koi nahi .. Is bed pe gire hue sirf emotional bate non stop nikalti hai.. In few minutes , I am going to face the biggest challenge in my life .. Ur love will make me win.. Let’s see what God has planned .. I would just say that I love u all … So much.. Love u .. Love u .. Love u

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