Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 43 (Swaragini & Suhani Si Ek Ladki)


“Are you sure? You want to attend this send off party?” asked Varun to Ragini who was resting her head on Varun’s shoulder when they were sitting on the terrace at their favorite place. “Hmmm” said Ragini. A tear was fighting to escape her eye. Varun tilted his head and kissed her hair. Radhika looked at them and headed to her room frustrated. Her phone ringed and she picked up and spoke “Hello” “Jaan are you okay” asked Ishan who sensed her emotions. “Ishan everything is scattering…. I’m not able to tolerate it” said Radhika sobbing. “Wait I will come there” said Ishan disconnecting the call. “Ishan where are you going at this time?” asked his Badi maa. “Wo badi maa. Radhika’s house” said Ishan nervous. “Ishan beta just one month is there for both of your marriage. It doesn’t look good if you visit her house frequently” said his Badi maa. “Last time badi maa. Please” said Ishan pleading. She complied and he ran out immediately kissing her cheek.
“Hello uncle. I just came to take Radhu out. Can I?” asked Ishan entering Radhika’s house. “Arrey Ishan beta isme puchne ki kya baat hai. Of course. Radhu. See Ishan has come to take you out” called out Tej. Radhika came down and headed with Ishan out. Ishan drove the car to beach. They both stood and relaxed themselves with the sea water. “Radhu what happened?” asked Ishan to Radhika when they were sitting in the beach and she had placed her head on Ishan’s shoulder. “Why is Nitin going away from Gini. She is growing more and more close to Bhayyu. She is damn angry on Nitin. It’s been a year that they both spoke to each other. I see her soul leaving her body bit by bit. In a month she will be married to Bhayyu. I can’t even tell you how much she is pained due to it. I’m scared Ishan. I’m scared” said Radhika. “Jaan. When they both want to stay away from each other what can we do? Before at least Nitin was fighting now tho he has accepted it as his fate” said Ishan. “I’m confused that’s why Ishan. Why has he accepted it as his fate suddenly. Something has happened. We have to find out. There might be still chance that they can get back together” said Radhika wiping her tears. “I think Manny knows about it but he is not telling anything” said Ishan. “I have a plan for it and we have to do it on right time” said Radhika. “Not again Radhu. I cannot handle your scary plans seriously” said Ishan folding his hands in Namaste. “Ishan” said Radhika glaring him. He dragged her and kissed her lips. Radhika widened her eyes. “Why is this for?” asked Radhika as they departed. “For your brilliant idea Mrs. Kashyap” said Ishan. “I haven’t become one” said Radhika complaining. “What to do I cannot control myself till then” said Ishan. Radhika blushed and hugged him. And he caressed her hair smiling
“Nittu chal beta khana khale” said Yashu calling Nitin. He walked uninterested and sat on dining table. His face had aged quickly. It looked like his tears had dried on the face only as his hands were tired wiping them. “How is the new deal going?” asked Yashu to Nitin to drag his attention. He just nodded his head and continued eating. Yashu controlled her tears looking at his condition. “Day after Tomorrow is Shru’s Sangeet. Finish your meeting fast and come” said Yashu. He nodded his head and both finished their food.
As he settled in his room his phone beeped and he picked it up. There was a WhatsApp message from Janaki. He opened the message and downloaded the audio file and played it
“Ketu. Mujhe yeh dress nahi pehen ni kal. Please. I will wear that pink anarkali only” he heard Ragini saying. “RD. Its a party behave like you are going to party and not to Satsang” said Aniket. Nitin laughed a bit listening to it. “Oye hello. I will not look like a langoor in Anarkali okay” said Ragini. “Very bad joke” said Nitin smiling through his tears. Yashu looked at him and entered his room. The audio file finished playing. Yashu kept her hand on Nitin’s shoulder. “Now only a month is there maa after that I won’t be able to listen to her voice also” said Nitin as his voice choked. “How will I live without her maa. How” said Nitin hugging Yashu. Yashu rubbed his back to console him. She controlled her tears.
“I don’t know anything. You have to do this” said Radhika standing in front of Manny. “But how will I convince him. He will never agree?” said Manny keeping his hands inside his pockets and slightly shifting his blazer back. “You have to do this Manny. Don’t you want them to get together?” asked Rachna holding his one hand. “I’m scared. Because I know why he has backed off. What if I cannot tell them the truth but I can help them to find it out by themselves” thought Manny. “Okay fine. I will get him somehow” said Manny. “My Sadu Maharaj” said Suhani hugging him and kissing his cheeks. Rachna dragged her away from him. “Tujhe tho bas bahana chahiye usse kiss karne ke liye” said Rachna glaring Suhani. Suhani pouted lowering her head. Manny who was holding his cheek came to world and kissed Suhani on her cheek. “Manny” screamed Rachna. Manny showed his tongue and ran around his cabin and Rachna chased him. “Manny. This is office” said Anuj peeping inside his cabin. “Sorry Anuj Bhayya” said Manny biting his tongue and smiling sheepishly. Anuj nodded his head and went out. “So tomorrow you are taking leave na from your work?” asked Radhika to Ishan. “Ofcourse Jaan. Can I deny your orders?” asked Ishan. “So RagNit mission reloaded” said Radhika forwarding her right palm. One by one everyone joined their hands with her hands and had a group hug.
“Nittu please” said Manny pleading him. “Please Manny. I don’t want to come anywhere” said Nitin. “This is last time I’m calling you” said Manny pouting. “Ahhh don’t give me that look please” said Nitin. “Chala jaa na. Your meeting also got postponed what you will do sitting in office also idle” said Yashu caressing his hair. “Fine. But where are we going?” asked Nitin. “That’s secret” said Manny smiling widely. “Okay But this is last time” said Nitin. “Okay Nittu. I love you” said Manny hugging Nitin and kissing his cheek. “Manny” screamed Nitin annoyed. “Oh I forgot ki tu Ani nahi hai” said Manny smiling widely. Nitin glared him. Manny hugged him tight and drooled happy.

“Why have we come here?” asked Nitin to Manny standing in front of the college. “You promised me. Don’t be a spoil sport. Come” said Manny dragging him. “I never promised anything Manny” said Nitin jerking his hand. “Arrey Nittu” said Shravanthi spotting him. He smiled weakly at her. “If I have to maintain my distance from Ragu. I have to be with Shravanthi. This Manny is not gonna leave me today” thought Nitin. “Wo we just thought to visit our old college and attend send off party of our Juniors” said Nitin. “Okay That’s great idea” said Shravanthi. Manny winked at her and signed her to take Nitin inside. “Come let’s go inside” said Shravanthi dragging him with her. Nitin stumbled and walked with her
“Bhayyu. I want to take Gini. Today is the last day we will meet our classmates” said Radhika standing beside Varun. “Why are you behaving like I’m Hitler. Go” said Varun handing Ragini’s hand in Radhika’s hand. “Gini” called Varun when she walked with Radhika. “You are okay na?” asked Varun. Ragini hugged him and said “Hmmm” and headed with Radhika. Shravanthi dragged Nitin and pushed him forward. Nitin stumbled and stood facing someone. As usual the world stopped like as if they met for the first time.
Ashiqui song started playing refreshing their memories.
Hum tere bin ab jee nahi sakte tere bina kya wajood mera
A tear dropped from both of their eyes
Tujse juda ho jayenge tho khud se hi hojayenge juda
Ragini looked at his face which had wrinkles
Kyunki tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho.
Both of them turned but Manny pushed Nitin and Suhani pushed Ragini and both landed in each others embrace
Tera mera rishta hai kaisa ek pal dur gavara nahi
Nitin was holding her wrist with one hand his other hand was on her waist.
Tere liye hai har roz hai jeete tujhko diya mere wakht sabhi
Ragini moved her eyelids to control her tears
Koi lamha na ho mera tere bina har saans pe naam tera
She pushed him a bit and started going away from him
Kyunki tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
Nitin dragged and twirled her and her back hit his chest
Chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho.
Nitin inhaled her fragrance and moved from her shoulders to her cheeks still holding her hand
Ragini started breathing heavily
Tere liye hi jiya mai khud ko jo yu dediya hai
Nitin twirled her and made her face him and held her waist
teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala sare ghamo ko dil se nikala
He held her wrist and started moving with the music
tere saath mera naseeb juda tujhe paake adhura na raha
Ragini looked at him and lost in his eyes
Kyunki tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho.
Nitin dragged her more closed and cupped her face
Kyunki tum hi ho Ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho.
He touched his forehead with hers and they sobbed like that and stood for sometime.
Varun grabbed Ragini’s wrist and stormed out from there. Nitin followed them till the door. Varun wiped his tears with rage. His eyes were red. “He again came back to hurt Gini” thought Varun
Ragini was looking at Nitin and walking so hit her leg to a stone and fell down and winced with pain. Nitin’s heart skipped a beat when she winced and he rushed to her. Varun stopped and turned. He bent and touched her hurt foot. Nitin came and sat and held her leg worried. Varun tried stopping. Nitin jerked his hand and lifted Ragini in his arms and took her a bit far and made her sit on the bench near by. He knelt and took her feet in his hands and removed her heels and rubbed her ankle. Ragini’s grip on his shoulder tightened as she felt the pain. Tears started flowing from Nitin’s eyes looking at her condition. “Dumbo. How many times should I tell you to walk carefully. Can’t you see are you blind?” spoke Nitin in a go. Ragini let a sigh listening his words full of concern.
“He has stopped talking Ragu. Always staring something and no expressions at all” she remembered one of her conversation with Yashu. She controlled her urge to scream. She wiped her face remembering the day they fought and jerked her leg. “Varun” she called and signed him to pick her. Varun had tears looking at Nitin’s madness. He didn’t needed a lifetime to understand how madly Nitin loved Ragini. He let a sigh to relax his senses and neared Ragini. “Varun. I want to wear our engagement ring” said Ragini. Varun looked at her shocked. Nitin’s world stopped and he collapsed on the floor resting one hand on the ground. “Gini” said Varun. “I said I want to wear our engagement ring now” screamed Ragini. Varun had never seen her so much angry. He complied and made her wear their engagement ring. “You know what it means?” asked Varun picking her in his arms. “Very well” said Ragini determined. Varun walked to the car and placed her in the car and drove off. Nitin sat there like a lifeless body. “I told you people. Now he is broken more happy now?” asked Manny wiping his tears and approached Nitin and hugged him kneeling down. Nitin did not hug him back. His eyes were struggling to pop out trying to grasp what just happened. Radhika ran inside wiping her tears and Rachna and Ishan went behind her. Suhani came out of the hall to approach Manny. Someone put a hanky across her face and she fainted due chloroform effect. The masked man lifted her and walked out of the campus. He laid her in back seat of the car and sat on the driving seat. He removed his mask . It is revealed to be Sambhav. He drove the car smirking looking at unconscious Suhani through rear mirror.
“Come” said Manny making Nitin’s lifeless body stand. “Ani… Ani…..” screamed Rachna coming out of the party hall. She saw Manny helping Nitin to walk. She wanted to ask him but Nitin’s state made her to stop her approach. She turned and searched in other directions. “Nittu. I’m sorry” said Radhika sitting in front of Nitin who was staring ground. Ishan sat beside Nitin and dragged him and side hugged him. Manny held his head with one hand and his other hand was in his waist. He looked around breathing controlling his emotions.
“Manny…. Ani” said Rachna coming in and panting. Nitin came out of his trance and looked at Rachna who was crying and panting. “Where is Ani?” asked Nitin swiftly approaching Rachna. She stood straight and struggled to speak.” I don’t know I searched her everywhere. She is nowhere” said Rachna sobbing. “What?” said Radhika swiftly standing up shocked. “Where will she go at this time?” said Ishan worried. Manny ran out of the hall and everyone followed him. He found Suhani’s earring fallen near the door.
“This is my signature bali. I don’t wear any other earring and nobody has this” Manny remembered Suhani saying showing her earring.
He grabbed the earring and whispered “Ani” Tears flowed from his eyes uncontrollably. He ran out of the campus and looked around. “Hello Gini. Did Ani come with you?” asked Rachna over the phone sobbing. “Rachu what happened. Ani did not come with me” said Ragini worried. “I don’t know where she is we searched her everywhere but we are not finding her. Pata nahi kaha chali gayi” said Rachna rubbing her burning forehead. “We are coming wait” said Ragini and disconnected the call. “Varun. Ani… Ani… Pata nahi kaha chali gayi. They are not finding her” said Ragini sobbing. “Relax Gini. Let’s go there. Don’t worry she will be fine bacha” said Varun and turned the steering wheel and headed back to campus swiftly. Sambhav’s car passed them. Ragini felt she saw him. But by the time she turned his car had crossed them and she missed seeing him. “What happened?” asked Varun. “Hmmm Nothing” said Ragini.
Manny found Suhani’s anklet which he gifted fallen on the road. He held it and screamed “Ani” looking up. “Manny don’t worry she will be fine. We will find her”said Nitin holding Manny’s shoulder. Manny bent and burst out into a bitter cry. “I feel she is in danger Nittu.” said Manny getting up and hugging Nitin. Nitin rubbed his back and consoled him. Ragini came out of car and ran forgetting her ankle pain. She stumbled. Nitin looked at her and got concerned. Varun held her and helped her to walk. “Senior ji” said Ragini placing her hand on Manny’s shoulder. “Ragu ma… Ani” said Manny sobbing and hugged Ragini. “Nothing will happen to her. She will be fine. We will find her” said Ragini. Ishan, Radhika and Rachna and Nitin looked at her shocked. Even after they were away from each other for an year still they spoke similarly. “Nittu also told same thing. But I’m scared Ragu maa” said Manny sobbing. Ragini looked at Nitin and they had painful eyelock. Varun looked at both of them not able to understand anything.
Latha please get my daughter back. Please” said Pankaj hugging Latha sitting on the sofa when she was standing beside him. “Relax Pankaj ji. We will find her” said Lata caressing his hair. “Pankaj relax” said Rajinder sitting beside him. “Nitin beta did we can trace her from her phone number” said DCP. “But uncle she did not had her phone with her. It was with Rachna” said Nitin. Suddenly Ragini remembered something and said “We can still trace her” All looked at her confused. “Lata aunty. You have Sambhav’s number right?” asked Ragini. “Haa beta but why?” asked Lata. “When me and Varun were returning to campus I felt I saw Sambhav but I’m not sure. But other than him we don’t have any suspects now” said Ragini. “Uski ithni himmat wait I will call him” said Pankaj getting up and looked at his phone. “No uncle” said Nitin stopping Pankaj. Pankaj looked at him confused. “Why are you stopping him?” asked Ragini trying to stand but stumbled. Nitin held her from her wrist and made her sit on the couch. “You are dumb. So you won’t understand” said Nitin turning. “Oh hello Mr. Dumb Roy don’t call me that ok” said Ragini showing her index finger. “Dumbo ko dumbo hi bulayenge na dumbo” said Nitin glaring her. Ragini opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape. “Don’t call me that” said Ragini folding her hands and huffing like kid. “Can we decide who is dumb later” said Rachna in choking voice. Everyone was looking at Ragini and Nitin for the way they were behaving like kids. “He will get alerted if Ani is with him. He might harm her. So let us track his location and go there. That will be more appropriate” said Nitin looking at Pankaj. Varun was confused he saw Ragini’s kiddish behavior after an year. And they forgot the surrounding while fighting with each other like Ragini needed just Nitin in her life and Nitin just needed Ragini in his life. Shekar smiled finding his old Gini back though for a very small amount of time. Then why she wanted to go away from him thought Varun.
Tej fumed looking at them which did not go unnoticed from Varun’s eyes. He then recalled how Tej and Shekar’s relation was changed from the time he returned from London. He knew his dad can go to any extent for his happiness but forcing his best friend seemed impossible possibility. “I will find it out” thought Varun.
“Today you will become mine Ani forever” said Sambhav bending towards Suhani who was lying on the ground. Her hands were tied back and her mouth was closed and legs were tied. And she was struggling. She looked at Sambhav scared. “See this chunni. Actually my mom had bought for her bahu that means for you” said Sambhav placing the chunni on her head. “How did you think I will let you Marry that Manny ha? You are mine and only mine. You remember those blank calls? I only used to give you to track you. When I found you alone today I utilized the opportunity” said Sambhav smirking. “So what we didn’t get married we can still have our Suhag Raat. Later tho you have to marry me only” said Sambhav touching her cheek with his finger. Suhani sobbed feeling disgusted and turned her face. He removed her chunni and threw it in air and approached her. Suhani looked at him horrified. She crept back trying to get away from him. He bent and kissed her neck. Suhani tried screaming but her voice was not audible. Manny entered Sambhav’s house by forcefully breaking the door. He heard Suhani’s sob and his heart started sinking. Nitin entered behind him and started searching Suhani in all the rooms. Manny entered a room and found some one forcing a Suhani. “You b*** b****” screamed Manny and approached him and dragged him away from Suhani. Nitin who heard Manny’s scream entered the room. He saw Manny hitting someone badly and Suhani sitting with tied hands and legs. He got horrified looking at Suhani’s state. He ran to her and release her hands and legs. Suhani removed the hanky on her mouth and burst into a bitter cry hugging Nitin. Nitin took her dupatta and covered her and consoled her patting her head. The police came and separated Manny from Sambhav who was bleeding badly. Manny’s eyes were emitting fire and he struggled in the police constable’s hold. “Take him” said DCP to constables who were holding Sambhav. “Relax beta” he said cooling Manny. Manny cooled a bit and looked at Suhani who was sobbing and Nitin consoling her. He felt pain looking at Suhani’s condition. Manny kept his hand on Suhani’s shoulder. She suddenly jerked due to his touch. She turned and looked at him and hugged him and sobbed. “I would have better died Manny before he touched me. Why didn’t I die” said Suhani sobbing. Nitin caressed her hair and closed his eyes painfully. “Shh Jaan. Relax. He is gone” said Manny caressing her hair.
“Ani” screamed Rachna as soon as she spotted Suhani coming inside the home with the help of Nitin and Manny. They all ran and hugged Suhani. “Thank God you are safe” said Radhika caressing her hair. “You know how much we got scared” said Rachna cupping her face. Ragini was still hugging Suhani. “Gini bacha” said Suhani looking at her. “Don’t leave me Ani never ever.” said Ragini sobbing. “Ginu bacha. See I’m fine. I won’t leave you” said Suhani cupping her face and wiping her tears. “Everyone says this and leaves my hand. At least you don’t do this” said Ragini sobbing. Nitin’s tears flowed listening her. He remembered how he left her hand when Tej dragged her away from him. He closed his eyes and let the tears flow.

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