Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 41 (Swaragini & Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“Ohho Jaan me and Dadi just left home and we will reach. Don’t worry. It’s our engagement and you are behaving like I’m a run away bride” spoke Kabeer over blue tooth while driving the car to the venue. “Who knows you might be worse than that. I’m so nervous Kabeer. I’m feeling restless” said Rachna biting her nails. “Yeew” said Radhika, Suhani and Ragini at a time looking at her biting her nails. “Rachu nail paint got spoiled” screamed Shruthi from the bed and all of them chuckled looking at Rachna. She glared them and all of them closed their mouth and kept their fingers on lips like small kids and sat on the bed. “Relax Rachu. I will come to our engagement only not to somebody else’s. Now if you don’t mind I have to drive so that I reach on time. Bye” said Kabeer and disconnected the call. “Gosh Dadu your grand daughter in law is so possessive. I don’t know how I’m gonna manage this Psycho kiddo” said Kabeer and chuckled. “Kabbie” said Dadi strict and hit his shoulder playfully. Rachna turned and glared all of them. All look at her with puppy eyes. She smiled and sign them to have a group hug and all ran and have their signature group hug and giggled.

“Arrey Namaste namaste ji” said Rajinder standing at door and welcoming all the guests. Manny entered with Nitin, Yashu and Pratima. Ishan entered with his family. Arjun entered with his parents and Shruthi’s parents. Shekar who was attending the guest looked at Nitin and his blood boiled. He remembered how Ragini confessed her love and closed his fist to control his anger. He did not wanted to make it a issue in front of so many people. Nitin neared him and touched his feet. Shekar stood a bit far. Janaki held his hand tight and placed his hand on Nitin’s head. Shekar looked at her shocked. “Jab koi aashirvad ke liye jhukta hai wo hamara dushman bhi ho to usse Aashirvad dedena chahiye shekar”(When someone asks your blessing. Even if he is our enemy we should bless him) said Janaki smiling. He caressed Nitin’s hair uninterested. Ragini stood at Rachna’s room door and watched it scared. “Kush Raho” said Shekar uninterested. Nitin smiled widely and stood straight and hugged Shekar and kissed his cheek and ran from there saying “Thanks Papa”. Janaki controlled her laugh looking at Shekar’s shocked face who was standing dumbstruck holding his cheek. Shekar looked at Ragini who smiled nervously.

A small curve appeared on Shekar’s face which he hid immediately. Radhika, Suhani and Shruthi chuckled looking at them. Rajinder hid his smile looking at Shekar’s flushed face. Pankaj controlled his laugh and Latha hit him on his shoulder to control his laugh. Tej closed his fist and stormed from there and he dialed Varun’s number standing on terrace. “Hello. Haa Dad” said Varun yawning. “Varun when are you coming to India back” asked Tej furious. “Dad it’s still midnight here and you called me to ask when I’m coming back. I told you right about my flight details. Why are you behaving like typical girlfriend” said Varun and chuckled. “Shut up Varun. Can’t you pre pone it?” asked Tej. “What is wrong with you dad? I think that Bandariya is torturing you too much” said Varun and burst out laughing.

“Varun be serious in life sometime at least otherwise everything will slip out of your life” said Tej frustrated. “Dad I have a meeting tomorrow. So stop your mommy role now and let me sleep. Bye” said Varun and disconnected the call and lied back. “Varun… Var” said Tej and looked at his phone annoyed. He turned and saw Radhika standing behind him folding her hands. “You are doing wrong dad” said Radhika. “I’m just worried about my son’s happiness with whom now nobody is there” said Tej coldly. “What about Gini’s happiness then? Today you proved dad that you never even considered her as your daughter. When you gave me the freedom to choose my life partner even after I did mistake once, why are you not letting Gini do that?” asked Radhika. “Radhu…” screamed Tej. Due to the music his scream wasn’t audible. “What wrong did I say? Let Bhayyu come I’m sure he will break this engagement and he only will make way for Gini and Nitin’s love” said Radhika and left from there furious. “And I will never let it happen. I wont let anybody snatch only happiness of my son. I will not” said Tej determined.

“Maa” screeched Ragini hugging Shalini as soon as she spotted her. Shalini hugged her back and drooled happy smiling widely. “Yeh hai mere husband, Anand (Anup Soni)” said Shalini introducing her husband. Ragini bent and touched his feet. He smiled and made her stand holding her shoulder. “Jeeti raho beta” said Anand smiling through his tears. “Can I call you Paa” asked Ragini with puppy eyes. Anand smiled and hugged her smiling through his tears. “Your maa was right. You bound everyone to you with magic” Ragini lifted her head and looked at him. She wiped his tears and nodded not to cry. He smiled and complied. Nitin looked at them with tears in his eyes. Shalini saw Nitin and said “Arrey Nitin come here” Nitin smiled and went and hugged her and stood beside her. “And yeh raha tumhara Jamai” ( He is your son in law) said Shalini introducing him to Anand. Nitin choked and coughed badly.

Ragini turned and looked at her confused. “You did not propose her yet oh what” whispered Shalini in Nitin’s ear weakly smiling at Ragini who was glaring them. “I proposed” said Nitin controlling his cough. “Then why is she looking at me like she is gonna eat me raw” whispered Shalini. “Because she doesn’t know that you knew about my feelings” whispered Nitin. Shalini looked at him shocked. He nodded his head pouting. She bit her tongue and closed her eyes. Ragini folded her hands and looked at Shalini with questioning look. Shalini smiled weakly and said “Bacha I will just come okay. Nittu I want to meet your mom” said Shalini to escape from the situation. “And you give company to your newly discovered Paa. Come Nittu” said Shalini dragging Nitin. Anand was looking at her confused. She signed him to handle Ragini. He smiled and complied. “Acha Beta chalo I want to meet your friends” said Anand grabbing Ragini’s hand.

“Namaste Yashu Jeeji” said Janaki standing beside Yashu. Yashu smiled and hugged her. “Tujhe yaad bhi hai meri?” asked Yashu cupping her face. “Kaise bhulegi jiji. Aap hi to hum dono ko maar se bachati thi bachpan me” said Sujata side hugging Yashu. “I’m sorry Jiji. Because of us your son has to go through so much. When I saw him first time I felt your shadow in him though I did not knew he is your son then” said Janaki teary eyes. “Ohho relax Janki. Now I understand why Ragu cries so much obviously as she is your shadow” said Yashu to cheer her. Janaki smiled through her tears. “Maa” said Nitin standing in front of Yashu along with Shalini. “This is Shalini maa, you remember Ragu’s doctor” said Nitin. “Arrey ha how will I forget” said Yashu and smiled and greeted Shalini. Janaki smiled at Nitin weakly and he also smiled at her. “Shalini maa. This is my maa. This is maasi and this is Janaki maa. Ragu’s maa” said Nitin introducing everyone to Shalini. Janaki looked at him surprised for the way he said Janaki maa. He smiled widely at her. “You have a wonderful daughter” said Shalini standing in front of Janaki. “Thanks” said Janaki smiling. “I agree” said Yashu from behind. Shalini turned to Yashu and said “And you have wonderful son” Yashu smiled caressing Nitin’s hair. “Nittu” called Pratima. “Maa I will just come” said Nitin running to Pratima. “Aunty aapko kuch chahiye?” asked Ragini standing beside Pratima.

Nitin stood on other side of Pratima and asked “Haa Aunty” Pratima who was smiling looking at Ragini turned to Nitin and smiled. “Ek ko bulaya dono aagaye” said Pratima smiling. “And they both are meant for each other” said Shalini looking at them standing with Yashu, Sujatha and Janaki. “You know about them?” asked Janaki. “Arrey I only came to know before everyone” said Shalini proudly. Janaki looked at her confused. “I will tell you..” said Shalini and narrated them how Nitin proposed Ragini and made her come back to life. Janaki had tears hearing her. She looked at Nitin who was teasing Ragini by making faces. Yashu looked at Ragini who was making crying face. Shekar who was standing behind them had tears in his eyes. He stumbled a bit and held himself steady and looked at Ragini and Nitin. He saw Ragini’s face expression change to sad when she found Shekar looking at them. She moved from there. “How did I avoid my Gini’s happiness. Why did I become so blind. Janaki was right. He loves my daughter. Nobody can love her with so much madness” thought Shekar. He wiped his tears. “No I have to do something. I will talk to Tej hope he will understand” said Shekar to himself.

“Arrey Kabbie bhai” screeched Ragini and ran and hugged Kabeer who just entered the venue with Dadi. “Dadu” said Ragini and hugged Dadi. She dragged both of them inside. She made Kabeer sit in the first row along with Dadi. Radhika and Suhani brought Rachna with them and made her sit beside Kabeer. Kabeer was mesmerized looking at Rachna who was wearing Royal blue Lehenga. Rachna blushed due to his gaze.
“Wah wah Ramji….. Jodi kya banayee…..” sang Ishan on the stage and danced. Everybody’s attention went on him. “Bhayya aur bhabi ko Badhai ho Badhai” sang Manny joining him. He twisted his lips looking at Rachna and Rachna glared him. “Sab rasmo me badi hai jag me dil se dil ki sagayi” sang Arjun and Nitin together.

“Wah wah ramji jodi kya banayee” sang Radhika. And Suhani and Shruthi joined her and everbody danced with their partners. Nitin just clapped looking at everyone. Shravanthi came and joined him. Nitin had no option he danced with her only. He looked at the crowd to find Ragini but she was not there. “RD aap yeha kya kar rahe ho” said Aniket dragging Ragini out of Mandir. “Ketu. I have to take this rings. Why are you dragging me” said Ragini annoyed. “You prepare here for your Bandariya friend’s engagement and there that chudail will take Nittu with her” said Aniket pouting sadly. “Ketu. Whom are you talking about?” asked Ragini confused. “You come” said Aniket dragging her. Ragini entered the hall from house Mandir and looked at stage where all were dancing and enjoying. Then she saw Nitin dancing with Shravanthi. Ragini glared him. Nitin found her glaring him. He became nervous and missed the step and stepped on Shravanti’s foot. Shravanti winced in pain and sat. The music stopped and everyone got concerned about her. Nitin sat beside her. “Sorry” said Nitin with flushed face. “Nittu take her to Rachu’s room” said Yashu. Nitin lifted her in his arms and she encircled her hands around his neck. Ragini who placed the thali on a side table near the stage looked at them. Nitin lowered his head and walked lifting Shravanthi. “You cannot see him with anyone and you also don’t want to be with him. Why are you doing this RD” said Aniket keeping his hand on Ragini’s shoulder. “I don’t know” said Ragini as tears dropped from her eye looking at Nitin. Tears dropped from Nitin’s eyes also sensing her tears.

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  1. Crystal089

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      Thank you crysti. Glad you liked it.

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    Finally shekar realiaed niw tej felt i hope varun will manage him

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      You know all the characters so well. That’s why I wait for your comments always. Thank you

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    suoerb dear loved it alot hahahahah loved nithin and shekhar scene his red face hehhehwge and finally u made my wish true fibmnally he understood ragini’s pain and ragini jealousy enjoyed it alot

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      Thank you Jazzy. I wanted to tell you in the last update only but thought of giving a surprise

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    Omg!! It was superb update. Nittu! U rocked it man!! Loved his and shekhar’s scene. It was super duper. Hope everything will be fine soon.

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    Finally rachna and kabir r getting engaged..arrey..wht is dis..whn shekhar pa is cmng on terms tej uncle is turning again dem..ufffffff…..

    Nithin nd shekhar pa’s scene was too damn funny..loved it….

    Amazing update my dear…

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Achu. I knew you will love that scene. ha ha ha ha. Love is always complicated. Specially in India what to do

  6. Raglakholic

    It so……..
    I can’t complete it
    Atlast shekar understood
    With whom ragini’s happiness lies in
    But I think tej won’t agree
    Eagerly waiting to see
    What happens now
    I just fell in love with nitin
    The way he takes care of ragini nd the way her pain gives him pain is speechless
    Please do update next part soon
    Nd I can’t wait again hatts off to you
    Nd love you sally for making me obsessed by them

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you da Harshu. Love you too. I really can’t stop smiling after reading your comment

  7. finally shekhar realise n engagement is happening i think der will be sme twist n turns plz try 2 update soon mindblowing epi

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      Thank you so much Parul. You know me so well isn’t it.

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  10. Yayyyyyyy. Finally Rachna nd Kabir’s engagement gonna happen. Wow Nitin convinced Shekar in just a single meeting nd single kiss?. So cool. Now only Varun has to approve it. Waiting for his entry.. Aniket is back… Loved how he cared for his RD… Update soon nd take care. Update Guilt ff also pls..

    1. Sally_blr

      Ya Nitin is adorable. Thank you so much sweetie

  11. fabulous the way u r writing makes me visualize it superb update nxt part soon dear

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      Thank you so much abi. If you visualize it that serves my purpose as a writer.

  12. Asra

    fabulous dear….nithin and shekher scenes r supper.
    .omg nithin u make ur father in law blush….soo sweet of u…am laughing imaging shekher blushing face…finally shekher understand ragnitin love…hope tej also accept their love like shekher….shalini and anand entry s unexpected dear….shalini u only make shekher release his mistake…love u dear….finally kabir and rachu engagement is happening….ketu soo cute u r….ragini dear u got jealous means u have angry on nithin and beat him scold him dear don’t cry baby…bcz nithin hate tears from ur eyes dear…He s Vry strong but infront of u he s soo weak…
    waiting for nxt one Sally dear….tkcr dear….

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much Asru. You know and describe the characters so well. Love you so so much

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      Thank you so much Chutki. Glad you liked it. Love you

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Lovely. Glad you liked it.

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    awwww such a sweet chappy… loved it

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      Thank you so much Ragzee.

  15. Akshata

    finally finally shekhar realised them and their love. I cannot blame Tej, because he is thinking about his son’s happiness which is not wrong, yes somewhere he is selfish but i can understand his pov also. Varun has got this happiness after a long time. aww dr. shalini is cute, everybody knows everything except my poor baby ragu.

    1. Akshata

      its understood them and their true love*

    2. Sally_blr

      Nitin simply doesn’t call her dumb. She is one. Finally you read it.

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