Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 38 (Swaragini & Suhani Si Ek Ladki)


“Oh that’s the thing” said Shravanthi as Radhika narrated her everything. Suhani placed her hand on Shravanthi’s shoulder and said “Don’t feel bad Shraa but we have no other choice. I know we are hurting you by this..” Before she could complete Shravanthi spoke “Oye Ani why will I feel bad. Arrey baba I just had crush on him okay like every other girl in college. Don’t worry I have already found my soulmate. Now its Gini’s turn. I’m in for this” said Shravanthi smiling widely. “Aur issi bahane apne purane crush pe try karne ka mauka mil jayega” said she and winked her eye. Suhani hit her playfully and hugged her. Shravanthi hugged her smiling.

“So plan RagNit starts now” said Shravanthi forwarding her hand. Radhika placed her hand smiling. Suhani, Rachna, Ishan and Manny placed their hands one by one and had a group hug smiling.
“Leave Ani. She is scared where she will become weak around me” said Nitin biting the sandwich when Suhani was dragging Ragini to their usual table in canteen to have lunch with them. Ragini fumed and went and sat on the chair in front of him. “I’m not scared Mr. Roy” said Ragini. “Really Mrs. Roy” said Nitin winking at her and smiled mischievously. Ragini opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape. Everybody controlled their laugh looking at Ragini’s reaction for the way Nitin was flirting with her. “Don’t you call me that” said Ragini showing her index finger. “I will” said Nitin and held her index finger with his index finger and smirked at her. She twisted his finger with full force and Nitin winced in pain. Ragini looked at him and smirked. Radhika looked at her and smiled as her Gini was coming back to normal bit by bit. She was so happy for the way Nitin knew about her Gini and the way he tackled her. He knew how to cheer her, he knew how to convince and handle her. Though Ragini never wanted to be in his life but she was in his life already and he was holding her tight not letting her go away from him. Nobody could love her Gini so much. Love is not about how deeply you love someone because its depth can never be measured but its about your guts to accept it and fight the world for it. Yup her bhayyu also loved Ragini immensely but he could never make her feel the way Nitin used to make her feel. Even if he would have expressed his love Radhika was sure that Ragini will never have the emotional connection with Varun which she had with Nitin. That is why Ragini and Nitin fell in love. She just wished Varun also finds someone who will love him immensely.
Ragini had her food smirking only. Nitin smiled at her childish behavior. Ragini twisted her lips and continued eating feeling proud.
“Hey Nittu. How are you. Long time not seen” said Shravanthi placing her hand on Nitin’s shoulder. Nitin who was drinking water coughed badly as he felt a girls touch on his shoulder. The food stuck in Ragini’s throat and she coughed badly. “Gini” said Suhani panicking and patting her head and making her drink water. Manny and Ishan were controlling their laugh looking at both of their reactions. Ragini was giving Nitin death glares still drinking water and he was looking at her pleading pouting. “What happened?” asked Shravanthi confused. “Nothing Shraa. She is just shocked. She is seeing you after long time na so excitement” said Rachna smiling widely. Ragini closed her box and said “I’m getting late for practicals. Bye” and ran from there.

Everyone burst out laughing loudly at Ragini’s reaction. Shravanthi gave high five to Radhika. “So this was all your plan?” asked Nitin looking at Radhika and Shravanthi. “Then what you thought. For your kind information Mr. Nitin Roy aap college ke hot Vishwamitr ji se Eka patni vrathasth Sri Ram ji ban chuke ho. Aur aapki Sita mayya se kaun panga lena chahega wo tho meri naak kaat degi” said Shravanthi showing her nose. Nitin looked at them and nodded his head in disbelief. Radhika and Suhani held his shoulder from both the sides. “Don’t worry she will be fine” said Suhani. “Cheer up Jamai Raja” said Radhika holding his chin. He smiled and hugged both of them.
“Over smart idiot. What does he thinks of himself. Dumbo” said Ragini heading out of lab talking to herself. “Oh hello hello. Relax Rajdhani express. Where are you running Ragu maa” said Manny as he stood in front of Ragini. “Why have you come here? Go to your Kishan kanaiah. He might need your help to handle his Gopikas” said Ragini with fake smile. “Oh my god. Lagta hai ki kahi pe bhari bharkam aag lagi hai Fire brigade ko bulana padega” said Manny looking around. Ragini glared at him. “Relax Ragu maa” said Manny holding her shoulders. “And by the way don’t you think that after you came to know that the girl he loves is you; you have become more possessive about him? Isn’t it Mrs Roy” said Manny and chuckled. “Senior ji” cried Ragini and tried to hit him. “Oye don’t call me that” said Manny.

“And you also don’t call me that” said Ragini pouting. “I know it sounds weird hai na” asked Manny side hugging her. She nodded her head like a kid still pouting. “But I have to take revenge for spoiling my name so far” said Manny and smiled widely and ran from there. Ragini stamped her foot like a kid. As he was at a distance he turned and walked backward and said “And one more thing. My Nittu is not Kishan Kanaiah. He is Sri Ramji. If Gopikas get attracted to him then it isn’t his fault Sita mayya” and ran from there. Ragini’s lip curved a bit when she realized what Manny said. “Control Gini. You have to be strong. Don’t fall in their trap” said Ragini and walked from there. Nitin smiled at her coming out of the hiding place from where he was watching her.
“Oye Lakshman ji” called Suhani to Manny. “Ani I’m manny. Open your eyes Jaan” said Manny opening her eyes . “Manny” screamed Suhani. “What?” asked Manny dragging Suhani holding her waist. “Agar Nittu Ramji hai tho mera bholu Manny Laxmanji hua na” said Suhani shaking his chin. “Iska mathlab Shurpanakha will come to try on me?” said Manny excited. “First time I’m seeing somebody is excited for Shurpanakha’s proposal” said Suhani laughing. “Waise who is Shurpanaka I have just heard about her” said Manny. “She was big Rakshasi. Ravan’s sister” said Suhani pulling his cheeks. “Kya?” asked Manny horrified. “Haaa” said Suhani smiling. “No. Mujhe Lakshman nahi banna. Most important thing is I have to stay away from my Urmila. I cannot do that” said Manny pouting. “Awww” said Suhani pulling his cheeks.
Suhani’s phone ringed disturbing them. She picked the call and said “Hello… Hello…” But nobody was talking. Manny was disturbing her. “Manny. Stop doing that. I can’t hear who is on other side” said Suhani when he kissed her cheek. “Must be siyappa Queen. She always senses when we are close” said Manny. “Stop it Manny” said Suhani and pushed him a bit and said “Hello… Hello…..” . At last she disconnected the call. Suhani turned back and saw Manny pouting angry. She smiled and neared him and kissed his cheek holding his chin. Manny opened his eyes wide open. “I love you” said Suhani placing her head on Manny’s chest. “Love you more” said Manny covering her holding her shoulders. His heart beat was so loud Suhani blushed listening to it. He took a deep breath to control his racing heart. “We are so lucky na Manny. We did not face so much problem in our love” said Suhani.

“Hmmm Jaan” said Ishan who was hugging Radhika at some other place who were discussing same thing after they patched up.

“Why is this happening with Gini Ishan. Why she has to face so much” said Radhika emotional.

“Relax Shru. Everyone have their own hurdles to cross” said Arjun hugging Shruthi who was sitting on her bed as she was sick and couldn’t go to college.

“I will not let her sacrifice her love” said Rachna in Kabeer’s embrace. Kabeer just placed his chin on her head dragging her closer.

Manny kissed Suhani’s forehead. Ishan kissed Radhika’s forehead and Kabeer kissed Rachna’s forehead. Arjun kissed Shruthi’s head at a side.
All of the pairs were together due to either Ragini or Nitin and they both only were suffering the most which pained all of them and pierced their heart like a spear.

“Take” said Nitin holding his phone in front of Ragini who looked at him confused. “Maa” said Nitin. The annoyance on Ragini’s face vanished.
She took the phone and spoke “Hello” with difficulty. “Ragu…. bacha…… Where are you? Why you did not pick my call ha? You know how much worried I was ? Angry on me?” asked Yashu in a go in cracking voice. Ragini felt very bad. “Aunty nothing like that. I just got busy. Rachu’s engagement and semester exams” said Ragini trying to reason out. “This is not fair. You both fight and you stop talking to me How mean” said Yashu and coughed a bit. “Aunty what happened?” asked Ragini concerned. “Nothing beta I have slight fever nothing else” said Yashu. “No you are telling lie. I want to meet you now” said Ragini tearing and pouting. “Ohho bacha nothing serious. Don’t panic. After the college you come home and see yourself” said Yashu. “Fine I’m coming now I have half a day today. If you are telling lie na then you have to bear the punishment” said Ragini complaining. “Ok meri maa. Tu aa tho sahi” said Yashu. Ragini laughed through her tears and said “OK” and disconnected the call. She looked up at Nitin to give him the phone back; who was listening their conversation. Nitin took his phone and placed in his pocket.

“I want to meet Yashu Aunty” said Ragini. Nitin held her hand and dragged her with him to the parking. And she walked behind him looking at him. He started the bike and Ragini sat behind him. Though she had sat many times behind him on his bike but today she felt different. She did not hold his shoulder but held the back tail of the bike to balance. Nitin accelerated the bike suddenly and she stumbled and held his shoulder and fell on his back with a force. Nitin looked at her flushed face from the rear mirror and smiled mischievously. As they reached Nitin’s home Ragini got down and walked to get inside. Nitin held her hand and stopped her. “When you can’t avoid me? Why are you doing this.

When I see your pain it pains me more than my own pain. Just once stand by my side Ragu I promise I will fight the world for you” said Nitin painfully looking at her. “I can fight the whole world Nitin but not my Dadda. I cannot hurt him. Even if I have to die to fulfil his promise I will do it” said Ragini turning and facing Nitin and sobbing. He quickly neared her and closed her mouth with his hand and nodded no with tears in his eyes. He touched her forehead with his forehead and sobbed holding backside of her head. He wiped her tear with his thumb finger. He cupped her face and said “Okay come now. Maa must be waiting.” and walked with her wiping his face. After confessing her love it was really getting harder day by day for Ragini to control her emotions and feelings for Nitin around him which were growing at rapid rate.

“Aunty” screamed Ragini running inside Yashu’s room where she was taking rest. She hugged Yashu in bone crushing hug and sobbed. Yashu caressed her hair. She controlled her tears looking at Nitin who was tearing looking at Ragini’s condition. Though Ragini was ready to tolerate the pain of rejecting his love he could not tolerate it. His pain of facing her avoidance was nothing compared to the pain which was due to her pain of not able to express herself. The suffocation she was feeling, hacked Nitin’s life bit by bit everyday. He wiped his tears and took a deep breath.
“Look how badly you are ill and you were saying normal fever. Why did you lie. You have become so weak” said Ragini analyzing Yashu like she is her long lost kid and touched her forehead to check her fever. “OMG. You have high fever. Did you consult Doctor. Did you take medicine? Why are you so careless” said Ragini without pausing. “Relax Ragu. It’s just small fever. I already took tablets” said Yashu. “And who brought them? Your dumb son?” said Ragini keeping her hand on her waist. Yashu smiled looking at her amused. Nitin opened his mouth in ‘O’ shape. “Oye dumbo I got it from pharmacy that too after asking the pharmacist ok” said Nitin sitting beside Yashu on other side of bed. Yashu looked at him. Ragini gave him fake smile and said “This is why I call you Dumbo. You don’t know we should not take tablets without Doctor prescription?” Yashu turned her head curiously to Ragini
“I told na Pharmacist gave I did not prescribe” said Nitin and Yashu looked at him. “I will file a consumer court case on that idiot. And dumbo he is pharmacist not doctor. You need doctor prescription. Who is he? Where is his shop? I will not leave him” said Ragini and took the cover in which pharmacy bill was there. Yashu kept her right hand on her cheek and looked at Ragini. Nitin held the cover in Ragini’s hand. “He is my friend. Forgive him this time. I will get medicines after consulting doctor only from now onwards” said Nitin pouting. Ragini left the cover and folded her hands and said “Good boy now go and return him the medicines and warn him if he did this again I will cancel his license. And call doctor ” Yashu kept moving her head to both the sides admiring them. “Fine” said Nitin and left uninterested. Ragini chuckled and gave high five to Yashu and hugged her.

“When you love him so much and he loves you so much why don’t you think about your relation Ragu. Tell me once I will talk to your Dad” said Yashu. Ragini’s smile faded and her eyes became intense. “Even Sati maata went against her Dad bacha you know how much she loved her dad?” asked Yashu.

“All the girls have a choice Aunty and with that only either they will become Sati matha or Sita mayya. You know what is the difference?” asked Ragini. Yashu dragged her out of the hug and cupped her face and looked at her confused. “It depends on whether their father is Janak Maharaj or Daksh Prajapati. If it is Janak Maharaj the girl will become Sita mayya who follow her dad without opposing him even if he had chosen a person with whom you have to go for Vanavas or he will doubt on you and push you to Vanavas.
But if he is Daksh Prajapati you will fight against him and burn yourself for your husband. My dadda is Janak Maharaj aunty. And I cannot go against him” said Ragini with tears in her eyes. Yashu dragged her back to hug and caressed her hair. “Why are you hurting yourself so much” asked Yashu in a cracking voice. “Because I can kill myself but I cannot hurt my Dadda” said Ragini and burst into a bitter cry. “Shhh, relax now. Abhi pushpa aajayega agar usne rona shuru kar diya na tho it will flood here” said Yashu to cheer her. Ragini laughed through her tears and wiped her tears.
Nitin came with doctor and he analyzed Yashu. Ragini and Nitin were standing beside the bed. “Nothing to worry. I have prescribed medicines and she will be fine by tomorrow. And I’m giving injection to reduce the fever”” said Doctor injecting Yashu.

Ragini held Nitin’s hand and closed her eyes. Nitin also closed his eyes and placed his hand on Ragini’s hand. Yashu who had bit pain looked at both of them. “How cute they look Vishal. You only do something now. I’m feeling so helpless looking them in pain” thought Yashu and wiped the tear which dropped. “I will take your leave now” said the Doctor looking at Yashu due to which Ragini and Nitin opened their eyes. Ragini jerked and dragged her hand away and tucked her hair behind her ear embarrassed. Nitin looked at her and then at Doctor and said “I will drop you uncle come” And headed out with the doctor. “Aunty I will get rava ganji for you” said Ragini excited and ran to kitchen.

“Where is your Bahu?” asked Nitin sitting beside Yashu on her bed after he dropped the doctor outside. “Kitchen” said Yashu and smiled caressing his hair. “It’s not easy to convince her Nittu. I can understand your pain beta. I don’t know why God ji can’t just solve this issue as soon as possible” said Yashu teary eyed. Nitin placed his head on Yashu’s shoulder. “Because God ji is not magician” said Nitin smiling through his tears. They heard some noise from the kitchen. “Wait I will check” said Nitin heading to kitchen.

“Ha ha ha ha ha” Nitin laughed looking at Ragini who had poured all the Rava on herself while taking the box from the shelf. Ragini pouted looking at him. Nitin controlled his laugh and neared her. He started removing the Rava from Ragini’s hair smiling and Ragini lost herself in his face. “Why did you do this?” asked Nitin. “I wanted to make Ganji for Aunty. But all spoiled” said Ragini looking at the mess. Nitin cupped her face and said “Why are you getting nervous as if it is your first Rasoi dumbo” Ragini made crying face and said “Don’t call me that” “Okay okay relax now drama queen” said Nitin nearing her more. Her fragrance her closeness made him numb and he neared her more without his knowledge.

Ragini looked at him and his hot breath sucked all her life she felt and a lump of spit was stuck in her throat and she swallowed it nervous. He closed his eyes nearing her and she closed her eyes loosing herself in his sensuous touch on her cheeks. Nitin touched her upper lip a bit and they heard Yashu saying “Nittu what happened?” Nitin dragged himself away from her and stood nervous staring the ground controlling his racing heart. Ragini controlled her racing heart and stared the ground. “Nittu” they heard again Yashu’s voice. “Kuch nahi maa bas dabba gir gaya” said Nitin. “Dhyan se beta” said Yashu.

Ragini turned and just twirled the spatula in the hot water in the vessel nervous. Nitin approached her and put the rava in the vessel. Ragini jerked due to his closeness. And dragged the spatula back. Nitin held her hand and mixed the rava with the spatula in the water looking at the vessel. Ragini looked at him shocked. When he looked at her and their passion filled eyes met and they lost themselves again. Ragini avoided eye contact and turned to the vessel and tuck her hair behind her ear which made Nitin loose himself. Nitin neared her neck.

Ragini closed her eyes feeling his hot breath on her neck. Ragini held the spatula more tightly and Nitin could feel her nervousness. He bit his cheeks inside looking amused at her. He held her hand more tightly and held her waist with other hand. Ragini inhaled deeply and folded her toe fingers tightly and leaned to Nitin standing on her toes loosing herself. Nitin neared her neck and shifted the hair to one side. Ragini bent her head to the other side feeling shy and making way for him to be more close to her. Nitin slightly brushed his lips on her bare shoulder near the clavicle bone almost touching her cleavage and she hacked for breath once and Nitin squeezed her waist not able to control his excitement and moved up teasing her senses by touching her skin with his nose and neared her cheek and touched Ragini’s pink cheeks and ran his hands over her belly dragging her more close to himself. She couldn’t control her excitement anymore. She turned and hugged Nitin tightly and held his shirt tightly. Nitin smiled at her blush. He was enjoying teasing her. “Nitin please” said Ragini as she was loosing herself. Nitin neared her ear and said “Don’t worry Mrs Roy, unless officially you become mine I will be in my limits. But….. I cannot assure it about you” and kissed her earlobe. Ragini held his shirt more tightly. “I love you” whispered Nitin and left from there leaving Ragini nervous. She blushed and got back to her work.

“Ragu. How do you know that I have blood pressure problem?” asked Yashu dragging Ragini’s attention. “Hmmm? Do I know? No aunty I don’t know” said Ragini nervously smiling. “Then how did you avoided putting salt in it?” asked Yashu smiling mischievously. Ragini looked at her nervous and Nitin who was eating snacks and enjoying their talks coughed badly. Yashu controlled her laugh looking at their hilarious reactions. “Wo wo Aunty. Actually Actully” Ragini struggled to say. “Maa wo I only told her to not put salt” said Nitin. “Acha? Don’t you know we use low pressure salt so even Blood Pressure patients can eat it” said Yashu glaring Nitin. Ragini who was drinking water to reduce her nervousness spitted the water and coughed badly. Nitin bit his tongue as his lie was caught. “Ragu chalo. You are getting late. Mom’s questions never ends” said Nitin avoiding the topic and ran from there. “Okay Aunty take care” said Ragini running behind Nitin. Yashu looked at them amused.

Nitin stood near his bike keeping his one hand on his back and with other hand pushing the hair behind at his forehead and relaxed. Ragini came out and stood beside him relaxing. Both of them looked at each other and burst out laughing. Ragini composed herself coming to reality. Nitin held her hand when she walked far from him. “I’m sorry Nitin I always give hopes to you and break you. I’m really bad girl” said Ragini sobbing. Nitin had tears in his eyes feeling her pain. She was fighting her own battle. A battle between her heart and mind which is the toughest one. Nitin cupped her face and wiped her tears. “Shhh Ragu relax” said Nitin smiling. Ragini looked at him with painful eyes. She was hurting him and it pained her. “Why don’t you get angry on me. I always give you hopes and break” said Ragini confused. “Because even though you give hopes I don’t have any hopes or expectations from our love. It may complete or not but it will not vanish. It will always be there like invisible oxygen which keeps us alive. I had heard in love we have to wait like dogs and run behind you girls and carry your shopping bags” said Nitin laughing through his tears and Ragini hit his chest playfully and laughed through her tears. “But I never knew I have to simply watch everything helplessly even after knowing you love me and cannot express it” said Nitin with painful eyes.

Ragini hugged him and said “Why do you love me so much Nitin. I don’t deserve it” Nitin rubbed her shoulder and said “Shh Ragu relax. Come you are getting late” She did not wanted to leave him. Her heart was winning over her mind. She dragged herself away from him and wiped her tears. Nitin held her cheeks and kissed her forehead closing his eyes. Ragini closed her eyes. Nitin started the bike and accelerated after Ragini sat behind him. She bent her head one side and looked at him painfully. “How will I control myself Nitin?” she thought and kept her hand on his shoulder unknowingly. Nitins lips curved into a smile and Ragini smiled looking at his smile.

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