Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 37(Swaragini & Suhani Si Ek Ladki)


“Ginu wait” said Radhika running behind Ragini as soon as she got down from bus. Ragini was still angry on Radhika for playing such game and forcing her to accept her feelings which hurt her dadda. Nitin stood in Ragini’s way and Ragini stopped with a jerk and she was about to fall. Nitin held her from elbow and straightened her and she stood very close to him. Their eyes met and the time stopped again. “Why are you doing this Ragu? Why are you trying to run away from me?” thought Nitin. Ragini’s eye lids moved to control her tears. “I have no option Nitin. We are not meant for each other” thought Ragini. Radhika looked at them and smiled. Nitin sensed her tears are ready to fall so lighten the situation he said “Watch your steps.

Are you blind” Ragini showed her finger to reply him but stopped herself. She huffed and headed towards the class. Nitin held her hand and twirled her and she landed on his chest. “When you have something to say you should finish it Mrs Roy” said Nitin. Ragini widened her eyes and looked at him shocked. She pushed him and ran from there. “What are you doing Nittu? You are making her more angry” said Radhika looking at Nitin who was smiling looking at direction Ragini went. “Ohho Sasu maa. I’m just helping her to realize that she cannot just ignore me. My presence affects her” said Nitin keeping his hand on Radhika’s shoulder. Radhika was surprised the way Nitin called her Sasu maa. This shade of Nitin was unknown to her and she laughed looking at him and gave high five. Ragini had a tear in her eye. Nitin felt it and looked at her sad suddenly. And a tear developed in his eye. “I’m hurting her” said Nitin. Radhika held his shoulder and said “And this is for her good only” and smiled. “Cheer up Jamai Raja” said Radhika. Nitin laughed and headed inside the campus with Radhika. “Where is Ani and Rachu?” asked Nitin walking in the corridor.

“Wo Ani has gone to Manny’s house and Rachu as usual to distorb Manny” said Radhika laughing. Nitin smiled and said “Really Rachu is so possessive about Ani” Radhika laughed and said “That she is from kindergarten. Actually Rachu is possessive about everyone in her life but she is more possessive about Ani. Wo tho Golu ko bhi Ani ko kiss karne nahi deti. Manny is second in the queue” “Golu? Ragu ka teddy?” asked Nitin confused. “No. Bhavana dee, Ani’s elder sister kid” said Radhika. “Baap re” said Nitin horrified. “Thank god you are not like her” said Nitin sighing with relief. “Simple if I was like her you needed to take muhurat for kids also like Manny and Ani has to take” said Radhika and ran from there chuckling. Nitin realized what she said and smiled blushing.
“Manny. See Ani has come to meet you with….” before Pratima could complete Manny screamed from his room “That clown has also come with her kya?” Suhani laughed looking at Rachna who was fuming listening to Manny. Pratima controlled her laugh. Manny came outside his room and Rachna hit him the cushion and chased him all over the house. They reached terrace and stood facing each other ready to attack. Suhani who came behind them stood in between them. Both were ready to grab Suhani but she acted quick and moved aside and Manny and Rachna hit each other forehead. “Ouch” both screamed and rubbed their forehead.

“Relax guys” said Suhani trying to cool them from a distance. “Tell him. He called me clown” said Rachna angry. “So clown ko clown hi bolenge na?” said Manny and showed his tongue. “Manny ke bache I will not leave you” said Rachna chasing him again. Manny ran and held Suhani’s hand and continued running. Suhani stumbled but ran with Manny. Rachna chased them all over the house.

Suhani looked at Manny who forgave her for her rude behavior without her asking sorry. Manny looked at her and asked what through eyes. “Love you” said Suhani smiling. Manny stumbled and stood and Suhani hit him and both of them fell on the ground. “Love you more” said Manny covered her in his embrace. Suhani kept her head on his chest where his heart was beating fast which happened whenever Suhani said Love you. He closed his eyes lost himself in her warmth. “Oh hello. Thum dono ka khatam hogaya ho tho college chale. We are getting late” said Rachna disturbing them. Suhani tried getting up but Manny dragged her again. “Manny” said Suhani glaring him. He winked at her and smiled mischievously and kissed her cheeks. Rachna widened her eyes and dragged Suhani up. Suhani who was shocked blushed smiling and lowered her head and bit her finger. “Aww mela Ani bacha” said Manny approaching her. Rachna stood in front of him and bit his finger. “Ouch Siyappa Queen” said Manny holding his finger. “Now get moving we are getting late” said Rachna pushing Manny to the car. Manny pouted sadly and Suhani followed them.

“What are you doing” asked Rachna sitting in the car when Manny was kissing Suhani’s reflection in the rear mirror and smiling. And Suhani was blushing at his antics.
“My car. My car mirror. What’s you problem?” asked Manny casually. “Concentrate Manny” said Rachna. “Concentrating only” said Manny and winked at Suhani. She lowered her head blushing. “Abbey I was talking about driving” said Rachna. Manny showed his tongue and continued driving.
“Radhu please yar. I didn’t do it purposely” said Ishan following Radhika to canteen. Radhika did not even turn. Ishan was almost at the verge of crying. Radhika bit her cheeks inside. She was enjoying it. Ragini who entered the canteen with Shruthi saw them. Radhika smiled and got up from her chair and approached her. Ishan also went and stood with Radhika. “See na Gini bacha. Your Radhu maa is not cooling down only.” said Ishan complaining like kid. Ragini turned to leave but three hands held her wrist. She did not turn. “Sorry” said Radhika, Rachna and Suhani still holding her hand which she was trying hard to remove from their hold. She could not control anymore. She turned and hugged Radhika sobbing and Suhani and Rachna covered them from both the sides and they had their signature group hug. Radhika had tears as well as Suhani and Rachna. Though they were just away for one day it seemed like from years they did not meet. Such was their friendship. Suhani and Rachna signed Shruthi to join the hug. Shruthi sobbed and ran and joined the hug. “Ginu. I’m sorry baby but…” said Radhika but she was cut in by Ragini who said “Please Radhu maa. I don’t want to talk about it.” said Ragini closing her eyes tight. “But” said Radhika. Rachna kept her hand on Radhika’s shoulder and signed her to not to talk that topic. “Okay. Chal we will have lunch” said Radhika changing topic and dragging Ragini out of the hug. As they turned Ragini found Nitin and Manny chit chatting on the table. Ragini stopped. “What happened Gini” asked Suhani.

Shruthi could sense Ragini’s pain. It is really hard to control your emotions being around the person you love. “Wo Radhu actually Bosco sir had told us to meet him before lunch break finishes. He had a session and he must be waiting for us” said Shruthi. “What did you do this time?” asked Radhika serious. “No I did not do anything this time seriously. It was all this Gini’s fault. He asked how much is eight four za. Gini said 12. So I laughed hard. So he got angry and called both of us to meet him.” said Shruthi pouting. “You don’t know tables?” asked Ishan and started laughing. Radhika glared him and he controlled his laugh. “Don’t worry we will have lunch there only” said Shruthi dragging Ragini from there. As she was walking out Shruthi looked at Nitin and signed sorry through eyes. Nitin smiled weakly and said carry on. And he lowered his head. Manny kept his hand on Nitin’s hand and consoled him.

“Why did you stop me Rachu?” asked Radhika. “Because you know Gini is stubborn. If you talk to her she will not listen. We have to tackle her differently” said Rachna. “Dosto aaj mujhe yeh kehte hue bahuth khed(regret) ho raha hai magar yeh sach hai. I agree with Siyappa Queen for the first time” said Manny getting up and addressing others as he is giving a speech. “He he very funny” said Rachna giving him fake smile. “Guys concentrate” said Ishan. Radhika smiled but hid it when Ishan saw her. He felt bad. “Now we have to find way to make Ragu maa realize her love again and again” said Manny thinking patting his head with his index finger. “Ya” said Suhani and immitated him. “Oye forget it you both are tubelights by the time you both get idea world will finish its last day” said Radhika for which Suhani and Manny pouted like kids. “I got an idea” said Rachna. “What?” asked Radhika curious. “Jealousy” said Rachna smirking. “Oh yaa. Even I was about to tell” said Manny. “Shut up Manny” said Rachna and Radhika at a time. He pouted sadly. “But who can do this?” asked Radhika. “I know” said Manny smiling widely. “Shraa” said Manny smiling. All of them gave him confused look. “Arrey yar yeh hai kaun? That day Ragu was also talking about her” said Nitin annoyed. “Ms.Shravanthi Arora. Second year B.A.” said Radhika. “How will she help us?” asked Ishan. “Oh bhaisaab. Iss Nitin ke dil ki ghanti bajne se kahi pehle Ragu ma ke dil ki ghanti baj gayi thi.

You call me and Ani tube light na. Yeh tho hamse bada tubelight hai” said Manny keeping his hand on Ishan’s shoulder. “I’m seriously not understanding anything” said Suhani and acted like she will faint. “You remember Nittu had done a drama in camp? Shraa played his wife in that. And my bholi si possessive Ragu maa felt bad for that also. Don’t you remember how she went to her room? And she was upset after that” asked Manny. “Now I remember why Ragini was crying talking about that drama when she was drunk” said Nitin. “But one problem” said Suhani shrinking her eyes. “What?” asked Rachana. “She likes Nitin” said Suhani. Nitin who was drinking water spitted it and coughed badly. “Relax Nitin” said Ishan patting his back. “Forget it I’m not gonna do this. Iss Manny ki baat maanli tho meri love story shuru hone se pehle hi khatam hojayegi” said Nitin scared and left from there. “Nittu meri baat tho sun” said Manny. “We only have to do something. Otherwise nothing gonna happen” said Suhani. “She is right” said Ishan.
“You both never take my class seriously. And Ragini you how did you scored 90 percent in Maths I don’t know. You don’t even know tables” said Mr. Bosco standing infront of Ragini and Shruthi who were staring ground. “Sorry sir. I will tell you tomorrow how much is eight four za. Pakka” said Ragini. “You are really impossible girl. Get lost now before I give punishment to write tables 100 times” said Mr. Bosco annoyed. When both of them were heading out “Shruthi you stay here” said Mr. Bosco. She signed Ragini to wait outside and Ragini complied.
“What the hell?” said Ragini when she was dragged by Nitin to an empty class. “Ragu listen to me once” said Nitin pleading her. “Please Nitin I don’t want to listen anything” said Ragini and walked to get out from there. Nitin held her hand and twirled her and she landed on his chest. He hugged her in a bone crushing hug. Ragini struggled to get out of his hold. He held her more tight and said “Please Ragu. I really cannot live without you.” in a cracking voice. Ragini heart sank as she heard his cracking voice. “Please” said Nitin holding her still tight and closing his eyes tightly and let the tears flow. A tear fell on Ragini’s shoulder and her eyes started tearing. She hugged him back tightly and sobbed holding him. One thing she could not tolerate was Nitin’s tears and same was the case with Nitin. Suddenly she remembered Shekar and pushed Nitin with all her force.

“No Nitin. I can’t do this. I can’t. Please. Just leave me. Leave me” said Ragini and collapsed on the floor crying bitterly. Nitin held her head made her lean to his chest and cupped her face to console her. “Please Nitin. I cannot break Dadda’s trust please don’t do this with me please” said Ragini sobbing and folding her hands in front of Nitin. Nitin held her hands and said “And I cannot break my promise which I gave to my Ragu. Though she was drunk that time and doesn’t remember anything. But I wasn’t and I remember that I promised my Ragu that I will never leave her. And I will never ever. And you very well know Mr. Nitin Roy never breaks his promise” said Nitin and got up furiously to leave. “I can’t be yours” said Ragini getting up and looking at Nitin determined. Nitin smirked and said “You are already mine. I won’t let you go away from me. Try me” and headed from there wiping his tears.

“Gini” said Shruthi entering the class after Nitin left. Ragini collapsed on the floor remembering Nitin’s tears. Shruthi hugged her consoling her. “Shhh Ginu” said Shruthi controlling her tears. “Why can’t he understand Shru” said Ragini in choking voice. “Shhh Baby. Cool down” said Shruthi and controlled her urge to scream. “I can’t see her like this” said Suhani teary eyed standing at the door. “We have to do this Ani for her” said Rachana keeping her hand on Suhani’s shoulder. Radhika and Rachna hugged Suhani from two sides and all of them looked at Shruthi who signed them she will handle with teary eyed.

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      Hey sweety. Thanks a lot and you got to feel more bad. Manny and siyappa queen are hillarious

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      Thank you Akshata. Glad you liked it

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