Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 36 (Swaragini & Suhani Si Ek Ladki)


“Nahi maa. Ithna sab kuch ho raha hai. How to do engagement in this situation” said Rachna to Sumitra when they were having dinner. “Even I don’t feel it’s good Sumitra ji. Shekar is going through so much. How will we face him” said Rajinder feeling bad for Shekar. “But ji. This is the 4th time we are postponing the engagement. I don’t feel its good” said Sumitra. “Bhabi is absolutely right” said Shekar entering their house. “Oh I feel I disturbed your dinner sorry” he said as he saw them having dinner. Rajinder washed his hands and said “Nahi nahi Shekar. We finished” Rachna panicked. She did not had guts to face him after whatever happened. She lowered her head. Shekar caressed her hair and said “We should not postpone Rachu’s engagement this time” Rajinder looked at him with painful eyes and said “But Shekar” He was cut in between by Shekar who said “Nothing happened Raj. Everything is fine. Ginu is upset. She will be alright. And Rachu’s engagement will cheer her. For her I’m asking you this” and folded his hands in front of Rajinder. Rajinder held his hand and hugged him. He knew what Ragini meant for Shekar. He has seen Shekar’s love from the time she was born. He complied for Shekar’s request. Shekar and Rajinder were best friends from childhood. Words were not required to understand each other. He knew how Ragini changed Shekar’s fortune and how much he had expectations from her. One side he was feeling bad for Ragini who was like his daughter and other side it was his best friend Shekar. More than that he was also father of a daughter. He knew his pain. Sumitra smiled through her tears. Rachna left from there to her room. Sumitra went behind her. As she entered Rachna’s room she hugged Sumi and started sobbing. “Shh Rachu.” said Sumi caressing her hair. “Why is he stubborn maa. Why he did not understand her happiness” said Rachna. “Because he is her Dad Rachu. He knows what is best for her. She is his life. Don’t you doubt his love for Gini” said Rajinder entering her room after Shekar left. “So you are doubting on Gini’s love baba?” asked Rachna standing infront of him. “I don’t know all that Rachu. I know Shekar will not think anything bad for Gini. I’m with him in this” said Rajinder. “Aap apni dosti nibhavo aur mai apni dosti nibhavungi baba. I’m with my Gini” said Rachna looking straight into his eyes for the first time. Rajinder left from there not willing to complicate the thing. Sumitra looked at her daughter shocked. She was the same Rachna who did not even fight for her own love when Rajinder rejected Kabeer due to misunderstanding. Now she was fighting for her best friend’s love with her Baba whom she follows blindly without questioning. She caressed her hair and Rachna hugged her and sobbed.
“Kya kare Latha. How to make Shekar understand” said Pankaj sitting in the hall. Suhani was sitting beside his leg keeping her head on his one leg and Pankaj was caressing her hair. “But Pankaj ji. He is right in his place.” said Latha sitting beside him. “But Latha he has to understand her choices rather than forcing her to accept his choices” said Pankaj. “Papa is right maa” said Suhani. “Ani. You people are not understanding Shekar bhaisaab’s plight. He is her father and are you both not aware how possessive he is about her. There was nothing he did not give to Gini. He gave her all the freedom. At the same time he made sure Gini doesn’t misuse her freedom. Giving freedom to your child and letting them to live their life on their own is not the only job of parents. They have to be careful and take decisions so that the kids don’t spoil their life” said Latha. “But Maa she loves Nitin and he also loves her. You have not seen their love maa” said Suhani. “I don’t want any more arguments on this Ani. I will not let you go against Shekar bhaisaab” said Latha and headed to her room. “Papa” said Suhani looking at Pankaj. “Ani bacha. Don’t worry I’m with you. I know my Ani never takes wrong decisions. If she takes also she will rectify it soon.” said Pankaj and kissed her forehead. “You are the best dad in the world” said Suhani sitting beside him and hugging him. Pankaj smiled and rubbed her back.
“Why did you do this Radhu?” asked Tej holding Radhika from her elbow. “I had no other choice Dad. She would have never accepted her feelings” said Radhika. “And what about your bhayyu’s feelings? Do you even know how much he loves her? What about his life Radhu? He will be scattered. My son never had any expectations in his life. Today I failed as a father Radhu and all because of you. I will never forgive you for this” said Tej jerking her hand and left from there to his room. Radhika collapsed on floor and said “I know dad. And I will not forgive myself for what I did with Bhayyu. I know how much bhayyu loves her. I told him many times to express it to her but he was hesitant always. And I cannot blame Gini for that; she loves Nitin not my bhayyu. She is the most important person in my life. Even if she marries bhayyu I know she will never love him. And it will pain bhayyu more Dad. I’m the worst sister in the world. I’m sorry bhayyu. I’m sorry” She closed her eyes letting the tears flow.
“Ishan” said Suchitra sitting beside him when he was sobbing upset in his room. “Badi maa” said Ishan hugging her. “Kya hua beta” said she caressing his her. Ishan narrated her everything. “Shhh. Now relax. Tujhe Radhu ko manaana hoga beta. Gini uske liye sabse important hai. When it comes to her Radhu will not forgive anybody. Now you have to support her in her battle, she has decided right thing. And you have to cool her” said Suchitra caressing his hair. “And we are in for cool Radhu mission” said rest of his family standing at his door. He smiled through his tears and signed them to have their family hug. All ran and sat for group hug. Suchithra looked at them and smiled
“Rachu was right Dadu. As a brother I should have been more careful” said Kabeer wiping the single tear which dropped from his eye when he was standing near the window looking at the dark sky and Dadi placed her hand on his shoulder. “Kabeer relax beta. Nothing is out of control still. You know Gini loves Nittu and you have to be with Rachna now” said Dadu. “But Gini will be alone Dadu. She has to fight alone. I cannot let it happen. Though it hurts anyone I’m with my Gini. For me what she wants is important whether it is right or not” said Kabeer. “But she will be unhappy all her life Kabeer. You want it to happen?” asked Dadi turning him to her side. “I’m confused Dadu. I don’t know what to do. I cannot leave my Gini alone. She is my life. I have no family other than you and her” said Kabeer tearing. “I know beta. Magar Nitin bhi tho tera bhai hai na” said Dadu. “I’m not against anybody Dadu. I’m just standing with my Gini. Even if it hurts anybody I don’t care. I won’t leave her alone” said Kabeer and headed to his room. Dadu stared the sky and said “Why Bhagwan ji. So many complications” and headed to her room.
“Manny” said Pratima sitting beside Manny who was staring ground lost. He hugged her and sobbed “Why it happens with my Nittu always Maa. When he lost his Dad you know na how he was. Again Wahe Guru is playing with his life. He cannot live without Ragu maa. He cannot and who knows it better than me.” said Manny. “Beta think from Gini’s point of view also. She loves her dad more than anybody” said Pratima. “Though she refuse it maa she loves Nitin with the same intensity as she loves her dad. I will not let her hurt herself. I will fight the world to make them together, they deserve to be in each others life. It’s mine Manpreet Chadda’s promise” said Manny determined. Pratima looked at him teary eyed. She knew what Ragini was for him and how much Nitin’s happiness mattered to him. He was fighting a battle within himself. A battle between Nitin’s best friend Manny and Ragini’s senior ji.
“Shru” said Arjun sitting beside her. “I’m struggling Arjun. I’m confused” said Shruthi with tears in her eyes. Sujata came and sat beside her. She hugged her and sobbed. “Maa I’m damn confused one side it is my Nittz bro who loves me so much. And other side it is Gini. She risked her life for me. Now what should I do? Should I stand with her or should I fight with her. Nitzz bro lover her maa, he loves her madly. I have seen his madness. But that time I was not in a state to grasp anything. Again I’m responsible for her pain. I always will be responsible for her sorrows. I have always given her pain. I should have realized it earlier but I failed as a best no as bestest friend I failed mom. I failed as a sister also. Why did I get diverted. It is all because of my stupidity that they are suffering again maa. I’m biggest stupid in the world. When Gini was in ICU and her…. her pulse was dropping Nittzzz bro ran… ran like a maniac as if his life was going away. Still I did not realize maa. I’m such a bad sister” said Shruthi struggling to speak. “Shru. You have to be your Nittzz bro’s strength now. He needs you bacha” said Arjun caressing her hair and looked at Sujatha with painful eyes. “Shru baby listen to me” said Sujatha cupping her face. “You have to stand with Gini now. She needs you. Don’t force her to accept anything. Bappa hai na sab unpe chod de. You do your duty as her bestest friend. I know it’s difficult but you need to do it. You know how stubborn she is and you also know how stubborn your Nittzz bro is. But Gini needs you more baby. And don’t fight just stand with Gini in all her struggles. Now she will suffer more and she has nobody beside her. You have to be her healing power” said Sujatha with tears in her eyes. “And Arjun you have to stand beside Nittu as healing power. You both have to heal them with your friendship” said Sujata looking at Arjun. Arjun smiled with tears and complied.
“Ginu ne khana khaya?” asked Shekar sitting on the dining table. “No” said Janaki weakly. He served the food in a plate and headed to Ragini’s room. “Ginu bacha” said Shekar entering Ragini’s room. She wiped her tears and composed herself. Shekar sat beside her with the food plate and forwrded his hand full of morsel. Ragini smiled and ate it. “Naraz ho mujhse?” asked Shekar. “No dadda.” said Ragini controlling her paining throat. “Then why did not you come for dinner down?” asked her feeding the next byte. “Wo dadda..” she struggled to say. “I know bacha you need time to forget him” said Shekar. The word forget him stopped Ragini’s heartbeat for a moment and broke the barrier to her flooding tears. She tried hard to control them but she could not. Shekar looked at her. It pained him to see her like that. But he has to do this. He continued “But you have to forget him. You are engaged to Varun, before your marriage happens you have to come out of it” and feeded the last morsel to Ragini who was forcing herself to take the food inside. “Dadda” called Ragini when Shekar was at her door when he was going back. “I cannot forget him. Sorry” said Ragini and closed her eyes letting the hot tears from her eyes bending her head. She only knew how much it pained to admit it. It pierced Shekar’s heart. First time Ragini said she cannot do something what her dadda told. He closed his fist angry. A tear dropped from his eye. He wiped it and said “Gini if you say me to stop my stubbornness I will but you have to live all your life in a guilt that you broke your Dadda. And I promise I cannot get myself back” heading out angry. Janaki looked both of them and sobbed. Ragini held her Golu and burst into a silent bitter cry.
“I love you” Nitin’s words flashed in front of her eye. She remembered how she confessed her feelings and their kiss. She touched her lips still feeling Nitin’s lips and closed her eyes. “I shouldn’t have accepted my feelings Golu. Now he will not back off” said Ragini holding her teddy tightly. “And I will not back off. I cannot hurt Dadda. I already have hurt him a lot and I will fight the world for my dadda’s happiness” said Ragini wiping her tears determined. “What should I do now Kanha ji” said Janaki looking up as she listened Ragini’s words.

“You won’t leave me na” said Ragini hugging Nitin on terrace when she was drunk. “Never” said Nitin keeping his chin on her head. “Promise?” asked Ragini like a kid. “Pakka promise”

Nitin opened his eyes which had tears. “I will not brake my Promise Ragu. I will not” said Nitin looking at the dark sky from his room window. A tear dropped from his eye.

“tere sath mera hai naseeb juda tujhe paake adhura na raha
kyunki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Ragini stood near her window and stared the dark sky
Tum hi ho tum hi ho arz bhi mera marz bhi
chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho (Meri Aashiqui female version)
She remembered her and Nitin’s fighting and the way he used to cool her. His and her dance. Their prayers in Gurudwara. Their moments after her accident. And in camp and cultural fest.
Tere liye hi jiya mai khudko jo yu dediya hai
teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala saare ghamo ko dil se nikala
Mai jo mit bhi gaya tho wajood mera sada tujhme rahe zinda (He remembered how he pushed all the men to hold her when she was slipping down)
Kyunki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho
kyunki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Ragini closed her eyes and sobbed not able to control the pain
Tum hi ho tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
As the music continued the screen faded on both of their faces. The night was dark and their souls were struggling to lighten themselves.
I know this is emotional and making you people cry but this was needed. Now you have to see the next shade of Ragini Nitin’s love. I hope you will enjoy their Tashan. And the pain also. But here everyone’s point of view was necessary so it became long. Actually it is just continuation of last chapter. Sorry guys there are no RagNit scenes from last 2 update sorry if you people are feeling I’m dragging their seperation thats why I’m giving updates back to back. As you people wait for my story I will wait for you people to read it I know I’m crazy. Though they are away don’t you feel they are together? And now they will meet after a day of separation. How will they face each other. Aren’t you people excited. Drop in your comments.

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  1. Amazing , feeling bad for ragini And nitin

    1. Sally_blr

      You will love their Tashan dear. Thank you so much

  2. Sindhura

    Nice as always

    1. Sally_blr

      And you are sweet as always. Thanks a lot

  3. Deesh

    I am damn excited. Don’t worry sally dear. It is very interesting. Actually I am logging in again and again just to read your update. And the way u showed the bonding of friends makes me emotional. Am eagerly waiting for the next. Update soon and take care!!

    1. Sally_blr

      Awww so sweet of you. Thank you so so much. Love you sweetheart.

  4. Awesome
    Worst condition is of radhu . One side is ragini and other side is varun. Poor girl ????.
    But one thing is that shekhar is doing wrong as he thinks ragini as a emotionless doll . But it’s not that yaar.
    I mean every father is protective towards his children . But he can’t take these big decision on his own as he has many expectations from her .
    I mean seriously yaar. Ragini has full rights in her life . But not in this matter……why…….????????? As varun is his friends son and ragini ‘ s best friend . As he met him and his family.
    You can’t judge someone without meeting him or her .
    But i am not opposing your writing.
    I just write what i feel like .
    Sorry if you bad .

    Superb track .
    I am not feeling that the track is dragging .

    1. Sally_blr

      This is the reality of our Indian society kiddo, how much ever they love us we are expected to sacrifice only. You know what is the title of my story Rishtey and there is bonding between everybody. Though it started on a horrible note Shekar and Nitin will bond. But for that you have to wait. He will discover how Nitin is. I did not feel bad at all sweetie I love when you express your views. You are not wrong then why should I feel bad. I want to just clear one thing see if Ragini and Varun were not engaged scenario was different. Now he is bound to a promise that he has to handover his daughter to Varun on their marriage. He is struggling within himself. He would have considered her love if she wouldn’t have been engaged. He has to go through more struggle.

  5. Aww such sad state of ragnit n all of them nice epi dr

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Parul. Yup but they will have their sweet moments don’t worry

  6. Loved it bt felling bad fr ragini nd about tashan i really love to read tashan-e-ishq stories so m waiting fr their tashan BTW m a silent reader nd a raginiohilic nd i read ur all ff nd lovedddddddddd it

    1. Sally_blr

      Ashi dear. Thank you so much dear. Even I like Ragini more. It really means a lot. Glad I could entertain you.

  7. Jazzy

    omg sally dear u r going to give me sweet heartattack with ur lovely updates heheheh superb yaar and todays episode was really amazing and ragini is blessed to have such amazing frnds in her life some are ready to fight with her for her betterment and some are supporting despite knowing she is wrong
    and u r not at all dragging i love ur ff a lot but love u more and actually i m excited for their tashan for their love and i m actually proud of radhika she is a true ftnd and sister too she is thinking right all three will be unhappy afterwards if ragini varun get married but bring someone for varun who brings colours in his life
    hmm i have a lot to say but i’ll stop my bakbak here only its too lenghty sry for soo long comment
    update guilt too soon

    1. Sally_blr

      You are Absolutely right she is blessed to have such friends, Radhu has a major role in their love story. See Janaki being her real mom is not able to take a stand for her daughter. But Radhika is going against her Dad brother and Shekar and even against Ragini. I love to read your bak bak yar. Don’t be sorry for that I love it when you take so much time to express yourself.

  8. Luvrags

    I am very excited to read the next one dear nd dont even think that u r dragging it.the episode…I loved it..u always make me cry with ur updates.post soon dear nd thanks for the update

    1. Sally_blr

      Awww. Sorry dear to make you cry. Thank you for reading it.

  9. Ragz_teju

    this was beyond amazing… I am really crying… it’s too emotional but I agree with you it’s much needed one.. . I am just imagining my self in everyone’s position… the way you conveyed it is awesome yaar.. I just loved loved loved it.. .

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. And sorry I made you cry. You are right this was needed.

  10. Silent_writer

    Not at all u r not dragging it……. N yeah loveddd alot the pov of everyone everyone lives are gonna changr bcz now they are on battle of love of their loveddd ones n the understanding n bond which they have its not describable lovedddddd it to the coree ????

    1. Sally_blr

      You are right everybody’s life gonna change. Thank you sweetheart Love you.

  11. Sreevijayan

    Maar daala allah..maar daala… am cmng der to sort out everytng…everyone is divided between ragini and shekar…ragini and nithin are against each other nw…today whn i was cmng back frm office i was thinking y i read ur update in d early mrning itself..wht wud i read in d evening ? Bt den saw ur update again…. wohoo..i was dancing

    When it cmes to our dad we really cNt fight wid him..we can fight fr him bt v cant fight wid him…bt am sure shekhar uncle wil realize things soon..am positive…

    Nd can u pls tell me hw r u writing each time so well? Kudoos my rock star..love u…..

    1. Sally_blr

      OMG when I started reading your comment I was literally imagining you doing that step that was hilarious. Come come they are waiting for you. And I wondered what are you doing in office on Sunday then I realized you are in gulf. You are 200 % right we really cannot fight with our dad but only fight for them. He will dear.
      Love you sissy as I told you, your comments make me write so well. So all credit goes to all my readers and their immense love.

  12. mindblowing and very emotional epi.i really like every line of this epi.evey one sharing their feeling with their parents making themselves ready to fight for their frnds love .its really realy amzing yaar sally ur just amzing writer.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much sri. Yup some are fighting with their family and some are fighting against their family. This is what makes their bond special.

  13. Fairy

    Oh yaaar mindblowng update!!!!full of emotionsss!!! Ahh!! My fingers r crossed ,m jst prayng for ragnit to unite sooon!!!i cnt seee dem apart yaaar!!! Bt m really xcieted for dere tashan….loved radhika,her charecter is soooo awesome!!!! Waitng for nxt part!!!keeep rockng n stay blesssed dear???
    N i dnt thnk so dat i need to tell u again dat u r such an amzang marvelllous n fabulous writter!!!…so wtever u write is a master piece nly…so dnt thnk dat u r draggng it,coz we r jst lovng it!!!!stay blesssed dear?????

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you sweet heart. Though they are apart they are together. Awww so sweet of you.

  14. Asra

    today 2 update dear…i can’t believe thz….
    it’s tooooo emotional dear…am really crying….can’t control my tears….
    ragini u really have a great friends and brother dear….i want to live like ragini…With lovable friends and caring brothers…radhu I really feel bad for u….One Side ur bro and another side ur bacho….and ur decision is good dear…
    and don’t say sry for u don’t give ragnitin scenes….bcz I really loved thz update and u only say na thz ff name risthey so I gave everyone pov….so agree with u…u made me cry but also I love ur update and u lot….it’s not boring dear…i loved every one pov dear….
    and am also waiting for ragnitin tashan….now both r going through soo much pain but hope in future they are leading a happy love….Some one say na no pain no gain…eagerly waiting for their face off….curiously waiting for ur nxt update….love u lot dear….tkcr dear….

    1. Sally_blr

      Sorry Asra I made you cry. Yup she i damn lucky. You are absolutely right no pain no gain. Love you too sweetheart

  15. Excellent update dr.. Too emotional. But I loved it… for me everyone in this ff means a lot for the story.. so less ragnik scenes doesn’t matters.. Each single person’s pov was superb nd heart touching one… Till now I felt others are lucky to get Ragu as their friend. But really, she’s very lucky to get them… Each one is fighting against themselves only for her happiness… The best bonding bw frnds is shown in this update… Hoping for Shekar’s change before hurting his Ragu to extreme… Take care dr..

    1. Sally_blr

      I love to read your comments always. You grasp what I want to convey I really love you for that. Yup she is indeed. Thanks a lot dear

  16. Ragnit love is eternal but what will happen when varun came I know radhu and nitin will fight with ragini for ragini

    1. Sally_blr

      Varun’s character has not shaped in the ff yet dear, He has to suffer the most. One thing is he already knows infact he was the first person to know about Ragini’s love. He is suffering from the beginning. Thank you Ankita.

  17. Akshata

    i loved rachna’s line, “Aap apni dosti nibhavo aur mai apni dosti nibhavungi baba”. radhika proved herself as a mother, she actually knew what is good for her gini. poor radhika, seriously feeling bad for her, she is right at her place, ragini will never love varun like she loves nitin. every single person is in pain. like always kabeer and suhani stood by ragini. loved manny as always. shekhar should understand her feelings, atleast he should try to find out abt nitin’s nature. ragini is so lucky to have great frnds, a loving mother and caring brother, who are ready to go against the world only for her happiness. i loved nitin’s determination. very excited to see tashan between ragnit. one is ready to fight for his love and other one is not ready to break the ice between them. i know true love always wins……
    first time after reading emotional update i am not crying actually i am so happy and amazed to read everybody’s determination.

    1. Sally_blr

      Finally someone said about Rachna. Kabeer and shruthi are with Ragini. Shekar is stubborn. If Ragini wasn’t engaged then he would have thought about it once but she is Varun’s Amaanat now for Shekar. He is in his own battle. Thank you so much Akshata I lack words to say you thanks.

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