Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 33 & 34


“Today is elections result maa. I’m so excited and more than that I will tell Ragini my feelings tomorrow in Shru’s engagement” said Nitin hugging Yashu. Yashu caressed his hair and smiled. She had a tear in her eye which she wiped immediately. She cupped his face and said “You tortured her from almost a week. Now don’t make her cry. Get me my Bahu’s smile back” Nitin nodded his head in yes smiling and left to college. Ragini kept avoiding him from past week but he assumed that she is angry because she is jealous. So he kept his fake anger mode ON only. Radhika was in dilemma. She wanted to speak to Ragini but she was confused how to confront her. Ishan was worried for Radhika whose smile had faded away from a week. Manny was damn happy for Nitin and Suhani was confused at his over excitement and Ragini and Radhika’s sudden behavior change. Rachna was also confused the way Nitin behaved. He showed he is angry in front of Ragini and used to smile behind her. She observed Shruthi was trying to talk to Nitin something but his election canvassing made him so busy. Shruthi was hell scared for Nitin’s heart break she was feeling helpless not able to do anything. At home her mom never gave her a minute in engagement preparations.

“So guys. Here are the results for the election for the post of President for the current academic year” buzzed collage radio. Ragini who was in corridor closed her eyes and prayed folding her hands forgetting her surrounding. Shruthi looked at her painfully. “Now I understand what is true love. The way you pray for his success proves that you love him madly” said Shruthi to herself. She saw Nitin was standing at a distance and watching Ragini and smiling as he knew though she was angry on him she will not stop praying for him. A tear escaped from Shruthi’s eye looking at their fate. Though they loved each other so madly they won’t be together ever. “Why Bappa. What is Gini’s fault and what is Nittzz bro’s fault. Their love is so pure so innocent then why they are not meant for each other” said Shruthi in her mind looking up and sobbed silently. “It is none other than our handsome dashing soniyo ve boy Mr. Nitin Roy” buzzed college Radio. Ragini opened her eyes happy with tears. She hugged Shruthi. Shruthi closed her eyes letting the tears flow. Nitin felt out of the world when he saw Ragini happy for his success.

It looked like all she wanted was his happiness and all he wanted was her happiness. A tear of happiness escaped his eye at the thought of she loving him with equal madness. He wiped it and said “No more tears Ragu. We will have only happiness now onwards” and left from there and his friends and Party members lifted him up in joy. Ragini saw him and smiled with tears in her eyes. “Woooow mahn what a victory it was. All credit goes to his stupendous canvassing skills and ofcourse the stylish dance on fresher’s day party and their street drama depicting Students plight and making the college management to understand their issue.” buzzed the Radio. Nitin looked at Ragini with thankful eyes when she avoided eye contact with him and was talking to Shruthi. “Thank you Ragu. You made my dream come true. And I will fulfill all your dreams now onward” said Nitin to himself determined.

“Nitzzz Bro. I need to talk to you about Gini” said Shruti running behind Nitin when he was looking at the flower decoration. “Shru. Come sleep. It’s late. Tomorrow is your engagement and we have to go to temple early morning. You have to look fresh also” said Sujatha disturbing them. Nitin continued his work. When Shruthi turned Nitin was not there. “Come on Shru dee” said Sanju dragging her to her room.

Ragini was decorating the flower strands climbing on the stair. She stumbled and was about to fall down and she closed her eyes feared but Nitin held her on time. When she opened her eyes she found Nitin staring her. He made her stand straight and walked from there nervous as he did not wanted to reveal her that he is not angry on her. Ragini stood there with tearful eyes. “Ginu come sleep. Its late” said Radhika dragginig Ragini. Ragini controlled her emotions and followed Radhika.

“Finally. I’m gonna tell you my feelings Ragu.” said Nitin to himself waking up with a bright smile on his face.
“Before our engagement I will confess you one more time what you meant for me” said Arjun waking up with a bright smile.
“I will have to find out today what is bothering Radhu” said Ishan sitting on his bed.
“I think Siyappa Queen has a doubt on Nittu. I have to stop her from spoiling his moment which she does always” said Manny waking up with determined face.

“I have to find out why is Gini upset from past week” said Kabeer sitting on his bed.
“Please God ji always keep my Nittu and Ragu happy” prayed Yashu in Sujata’s house temple. “Today my Shru’s engagement I can’t believe she is grown up so much” said Sujatha looking at Shruthi who was sleeping in her room.
“What happened Shekar?” asked Janaki placing her hand on Shekar’s shoulder sitting beside him on the bed. “I don’t know Janaki. I’m feeling I did wrong with Gini. From the day her marriage is fixed there is a huge change in her behavior.” said Shekar. “This is all new to her Shekar. She is just taking time to adjust” said Janaki consoling him. He smiled weakly at her.
“Shru. Arjun bhai is calling you” said Rachna dragging Shruthi when she was about to speak to Nitin. “There he is” said Rachna pointing to the river near the temple where Arjun was standing nervous. She walked to him. “Ya Arjun you called me?” asked Shruthi standing behind him. Arjun turned and smiled looking at her. “Wo actually Shru…” he struggled to say. Shruthi saw at a distance Ragini sitting beside the river and Nitin observing her. She thought of talking to Nitin and said “Arjun we will talk later” and started moving in that direcion behind Arjun. He thought that she is pissed off that he is not saying anything. He held her hand and dragged. Shruthi twirled and shocked. She landed on him. “I love you” said Arjun in her ears and kissed her cheeks. She was shocked. “And I’m not doing this anymore for our parent’s sake. I really want to spend my life with you” he said cupping her face. Shruthi forrgot the world around her she looked at him with happy tears and kissed his lips softly and said “I love you too. Thanks for coming in my life” and hugged him tight and sobbed. Arjun encircled his hands around her shoulders and smiled.

Rachna clapped happy and showed thumbs up to Arjun. He looked at her and smiled nodding his head.

‘Arrey Gini beta. Come here” called Sujata. “Haa Aunty. You had any work?” asked Ragini. “Nahi Ginu. Yashu Dee was searching you. There she is go ask her she might have some work” said Sujata showing at Yashu. Ragini smiled weakly and complied. “Aunty you were searching me?” asked Ragini standing behind Yashu. “Arrey Ragu partner. Where and all to search you?” said Yashu caressing her cheek. Ragini smiled weakly and stopped a tear which developed in her eye. Yashu sensed something wrong. “Did you think something to cool my son?” asked Yashu to cheer her. “Ahhh wo aunty” Ragini tried to control her cracking voice and put her all energy in stopping the single tear. Suddenly her phone ringed and she relaxed and said “Aunty just one moment. Maa’s call.Sorry” and ran from there. Yashu could sense her sadness. She stood in a corner and controlled her tears and recieved the call “Ha Maa” “Ginu sorry bacha. We won’t be able to make it to the engagement. Im trying to reach Suji, Shru. Nobody is picking call. Please convey my wishes and apologize from my behalf bacha” said Janaki. Ragini pressed her lips hard to control her emotions and took a deep breath and said “Maa. I will tell Suji aunty. Ok ring ceremony gonna start. I will tell her to call you after that. Bye” and disconnected the call as she knew Janaki will sense her emotions only with her breathing pattern. She wiped her face which was burning and headed back to the hall.

“Kya kar raha hai Nittu” said Yashu dragging Nitin who was looking after the guests. “Kya maa” asked Nitin confused. “Didn’t I told you one drop of tear also should not fall from Ragu’s eye. You know how sad she is. When will you tell her. I’m feeling restless” said Yashu worried. “Ohho World’s best Sasu maa. Relax. I’m gonna do something special for your special bahu ok. And most important thing have you forgotten that I’m your son and you should be worried for me. Always Ragu Ragu Ragu. I’m so jealous of her” said Nitin pouting with fake anger. “Tho. Wo hai itthi sweet. Sabko apne dil ki dor se bandh hi leti hai. I’m so impressed from her. She changed my tough Nitin Roy to dramebaaz Nittu” said Yashu caressing his hair. “Maa” said Nitin side hugging her and both of them smiled.

“Manny, Leave me” said Suhani as she was dragged by Manny to a corner in the evening. “How many times should I tell you I don’t hold your hand to leave it” said Manny holding her from her waist. “How much ever you try. Rachu is gonna come and spoil your moment. So carry on” said Suhani folding her hands. Manny pouted sadly and kept his head on Suhani’s shoulder and hugged her. “This is better. This she cannot sense from her Antenna” said Suhani caressing his hair and chuckled. Manny ran his hands over her bare belly tickling her. “Manny” said Suhani nervous. He lifted his head a bit and brushed his lips near her neck. Suhani shivered and held the curtain behind and moved her head to a side. He moved bit up brushing his lips which gave her goosebumps all over the body. “M…Manny. Stop” said Suhani struggling.
“Yo ho guys. Today is Shru and my Arjun bhai’s engagement. Come on guys lets start the ring ceremony” screamed Rachna over the mic. Suhani and Manny came to reality. “I told you” said Suhani chuckling and ran from there. “Yeh intezar me bhi alag maza hai” said Manny smiling caressing his neck blushing and ran behind her.

“Come on Shru” said Nitin encouraging her to put the ring in Arjun’s finger. She blushed and put the ring in his hand. “Come on Arjun bhai” said Rachna encouraging Arjun. He placed the ring in Shruthi’s ring finger and smiled looking her and winked at her for which she lowered her head blushing. The flowers showered on them and the crowd filled with claps.
“And here comes a special performance from Girl’s brother” announced Rachna over the mic. The spot light fell on Nitin who was playing piano and singing

“Tu safar mera hai tu hi meri manzil. Tere bina guzara ae dil hai mushkil”
He looked at Ragini. She lowered her head. He smiled looking at her
Tu mera khuda………….. tu hi dua me shamil……………. ( He closed his eyes and remembered their moments in Gurudwara)
Tere bina guzara ae dil hi mushkil(He stood still looking at Ragini)
Then went and stood near Ragini
Mujhe aazmati hai teri kami……………….. Meri har kami ko hai tu lazmi…………………..( He leaned near her face twirling around her)
Junoon hai mera banu mai tere kabil tere bina guzara ae dil hai mushkil

He dragged Ragini to the centre and started dancing with her twirling her and holding her both the hands in salsa style
Yeh rooh bhi meri yeh jism bhi mera Uthna mera nahi jitna hua tera
She tried going away he twirled her and hugged her and touched her face with his fingers.
All the couples joined them covering them
Tune diya hai tho yeh dard hi sahi tujhse mila hai to inaam hai mera
Mera aasman dhunde teri zameen meri har kami ko hai tu laazmee
Zameen pe na sahi to aasma me aa mil. Tere bina guzara ae dil hai mushkil.

Ragini pushed him and ran upstairs. Nitin was confused with her behavior. As the people covered him he went behind Ragini. Shruthi tried going behind them but was stopped by Arjun’s mom. Arjun observed her worried. He asked though eyes what happened. She looked at him helplessly.

Yashu was smiling all the time but at the end her smile faded away. Ragini’s behavior made her restless.
Suhani and Rachna were shocked looking at Nitin’s performance. “Yaay. Nittu gonna propose Ragu maa now” said Manny jumping which caught Rachna and Suhani’s attention. “What?” asked both of them at a time. Kabeer wanted to run behind Ragini who was crying but Rachna held him and nodded her head and said “This is their moment. Let her sort it out” . He felt helpless on one side it was Nitin who is like brother to him and other side it was Ragini who is his life. “Have you gone mad Manny?” asked Suhani angry in cracking voice. “Why? What is wrong in that? He loves her truly from the time we went for camp last year” asked Manny confused. “You knew it and you didn’t feel like telling me once” asked Suhani with tears in her eyes. “I’m not understanding why are you getting angry” said Manny holding her shoulders. “She is engaged to Varun. You shouldn’t have encouraged Nitin for this. I’m also fool we talk about so many things. Once also I did not mention this and Nittu have to bear the consequences now” said Suhani sobbing looking at the direction Nitin ran behind Ragini. “What?” asked Manny shocked. “Yes Manny.

It was decided by their parents so Varun did not wanted her to sacrifice her freedom for it and bind herself to it. So he took the ring with him saying he will make her wear on marriage day” said Rachna explaining Manny. His world collapsed. His Nittu was about to have a heart break. And it will take his soul away from him. This time he also could not do anything to bring him back. “We have to stop Nitin” said Kabeer. “Now it is too late Kabeer. Let Gini only talk to him. I kept telling you but nobody understood me.” said Rachna stopping him. “But she loves him” said Manny still shocked. “Have you gone crazy?” asked Suhani. “I could see it in her eyes Ani trust me. She loves Nittu much before he started feeling for her” said Manny holding Suhani. “Shut up Manny please stop it. This is all because of you” said Suhani leaving from there. “And also because of you Kabeer. One time atleast you should have taken my words seriously but no” said Rachna leaving. Kabeer and Manny looked at them painfully. Somewhere they felt they are responsible for all this.

“Ragu” said Nitin placing his hand on Ragini’s shoulder. She wiped her tears and jerked his hand. He was confused at her behavior. “Wo so you are still angry. I know you are jealous. Ohho dumbo that day I was speaking to my niece” said Nitin leaning one side. “So Why should I bother?” said Ragini pressing her lips which wanted to scream. He turned her forcefully and held her shoulder. She couldn’t see into his eyes and was staring ground. His heart was beating fast. He sensed something bad is gonna happen by the way she was behaving. A thunder stroke and made Ragini scared and she immediately hugged Nitin and it started Raining. Nitin covered her in his embrace and enjoyed the rain. The rain full of their love. He dragged her out of the hug. She had closed her eyes fearing and her lips shivered. Her tears were immersed in the rain water and she shivered. Nitin neared her lips and before he could touch them he felt he should confess his feelings and said “I Love you Ragu. I love you from the day I heard you. Every second you made me fall more and more for you. And you are my only wish. I just need you badly in my messed up life for eternity not only for this birth but every birth we take”

He neared more to her lips to convey his feelings more appropriately. Ragini was lost in the moment. How much she wished all this to happen. Her dream was coming true. The girl Nitin loved was her only. That was the best thing which could happen to her. His hot breath was nearing her lips and both of their breaths were mixing and heart was beating with same beat. She shrank her eyebrows letting out her pain.

“I will never force you to forget him” Varun saying flashed in her mind. She opened her eyes which were red and looked at Nitin who was nearing her with closed eyes. She lacked for breath as she came out to reality. She saw him with painful eyes and said “Sorry” in her mind and pushed him with all her will, when his upper lip slightly brushed her upper lips which made her shiver. Nitin fell on the ground shocked. He stood up and saw Ragini who was crying closing her mouth and realized what he was doing. “I’m…. I’m really sorry Ragu. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have tried coming so near to you. I’m really sorry. See I know you love me but don’t judge me with that move… I just could not control myself I’m really sorry” said Nitin pleading her. “I don’t love you. Who said you this” asked Ragini straightening herself. She only knew how difficult was it for her; refusing her feelings. Nitin felt his world collapsing but he could not believe his ears. “Hey Ragu. Don’t joke yaar. See I’m scared, very much scared. But don’t say that you don’t love me” said Nitin trying to laugh through his tears. “That’s the truth I don’t love you and I will never love you” said Ragini controlling her emotions. Nitin cupped her face and nearing her said “Please Ragu. I know you are angry on me for avoiding you from past week but don’t reject my love please. I cannot….. cannot live without you yaar”

“Maa” said Ragini in her heart as she could not tolerate Nitin’s pain more. But she has to do this. Ragini jerked his hands and said “If you imagine something on your own I’m not responsible for that” and Nitin’s heart broke into pieces in a second. He collapsed on the floor like a lifeless body. Ragini looked at him with painful eyes she took one step towards him as she could not see his state but stopped her appraoch and ran from there. Radhika and Ishan witnessed it. Radhika stumbled and was about to fall. Ishan held her. “I should have spoken to him before only” said Ishan which shocked Radhika. “You knew about it?” asked Radhika tears in her eyes. “I just had a doubt Radhu” said Ishan. “You never felt a necessaty to share it with me?” asked Radhika and started walking from there. “Radhu listen to me once” said Ishan walking behind her pleading. Radhika wiped her tears and ran without listening to him.

The rain stopped but Nitin did not move an inch also he was staring ground to grasp what just happened. All his dreams, all hopes and all emotions broke. He remembered his moments with Ragini and blinked his eyes and widened his eyes more to grasp the reality. “Nittzzz bro” said Shruthi crying looking at Nitin’s state. His soul had left his body. He was just a dead person. She ran and hugged him sitting beside him. But Nitin did not move a bit also. “Arjun can you please call Badi maa” said Shruthi looking at him. He wiped his tears and went down to get Yashu. Yashu came to terrace and shook Nitin and said “Nittu. Babu. What happened?”. He was not responding still. “I don’t love you. I will never love you” Ragini’s words ringed in his ears and he jerked and started crying bitterly hugging Yashu. “Maa. She she is saying she doesn’t love me maa. She said I imagined everything and she is not responsible for that. How will I live without her now” said Nitin sobbing. Yashu was shocked, she broke again looking at her son’s state. She remembered that fateful day when her husband left them and her son became a lifeless body. He was in the same state again. Shruthi wanted to tell him that even Ragini loves him but Ragini’s promise flashed in her mind and she sobbed not able to help Nitin closing her eyes. Arjun supported her and she leaned to his shoulder and cried.

Ragini came running inside a room and closed it and leaned to it and cried bitterly closing her eyes.
“I love you” Nitin’s face flashed in front of her eyes. “I love you Nitin. I love you too. Kash I could tell you this. Why God ji. Why ? I’m responsible for his broken heart. I’m responsible for his state. He will become the cold heart Nitin again. He is suffering because of me. All I want is his happiness but I gave him the biggest wound of his life. I gave him hopes. Why did not I control myself around him. Why couldn’t I see the love in his eyes. I’m really dumbo. I did not understand his feelings. I could not keep myself away from him. How will I face Yashu aunty now. She thanked me for bringing his childhood and happiness back and now I only pushed him to daldal of sorrows again. I’m really bad. I’m the worst. Why Gini why you did not keep yourself away from him” said Ragini and hit the floor closing her fists to take her anger on herself out and her bangles broke and pierced her skin but it was nothing in front of the pain her Nitin was going through and she was going through holding herself responsible for his misery. She bit her lip to control her anger on herself. “Gini… Gini…” called Radhika. Ragini opened the door and Radhika entered her room and Ragini sobbed hugging her. “Why are you hiding your feelings Gini. I know you love him. More than he loves you, you love him” said Radhika to herself. “Gini stop crying” said Suhani keeping her hand on Ragini’s shoulder. She held herself responsible at some corner. Why it never came in their discussion about Ragini’s engagement. It would have stopped this complication. She could not even imagine Nitin’s state. “Ginu relax” said Rachna with mixed emotions. All of them had a group. Only Radhika knew the truth. And she has to decide something now. Otherwise everything will be scattered.

“Don’t make it more difficult for her Radhu” said Shruthi standing infront of Radhika. “She is my Gini and I know what is better for her” said Radhika with determination. “But Radhu.” said Suhani interrupting. “We have to do this Ani. Trust me” said Radhika. “Fine” said Rachna. “What about the pain Gini will go through now. She is already broken” said Shruthi. “She has to face this Shru. Otherwise she will cry all her life” said Rachna. Shruthi nodded her head uninterested.

All the guests who came for engagement had left. Ragini was sitting in the same room dragging her legs close to her chest and buried her head in it. Yashu was in her room sobbing for Nitin’s state. Manny had taken Nitin out to the park where they used to play in childhood so that he can be cheered. Arjun was with them.
Nitin, Manny and Arjun were sitting on a bench. “Manny childhood was so awesome na?” said Nitin looking at a distance and broke the never ending silence. Manny had tears in his eyes feeling Nitin’s pain. He kept his hand on Nitin’s shoulder. “No Really. No complications. Mast life. As we grew. We understood life, we understood emotions, we understood feelings and named them. We started calculating. We built up expectations and we got disappointed” said Nitin tearing. Arjun held his shoulder strongly supporting him.

“I misunderstood it completely” said Nitin controlling his throat which was cracking. “No Nittu. It wasn’t your fault” said Manny cupping his face. Nitin looked at him. He had tears all over his face as the dam of his emotions broke. “It was all my fault Manny. It was. She thought me as a friend only. I was only overthinking. How she must be feeling. She will be more affected than me as our friendship broke. I know she must be crying very badly. I can…. I can feel it here” said Nitin pointing his heart. He lowered his head and said still pointing his heart “Only I can feel it. She….. She doesn’t….. she….. doesn’t” His voice chocked. Manny dragged him to a tight hug. And Nitin sobbed holding his hand. Arjun kept his hand on Nitin’s head and caressed his hair and looked at Manny painfully. Nitin dragged himself away from hug and wiped his tears and smiled and said “You know she is really dumbo yaar. Didn’t I tell?” said Nitin pointing his finger at Manny.

Manny controlled his tears looking at him. “But she is special. Really special” said Nitin looking at the sky. “She taught me to laugh. She made me to believe God, to believe in prayers. To believe in dreams. She taught me to dance also” and laughed a bit and continued staring sky. “For her I learnt to sing also. I’m such big dumbo. Maa says right only.” said Nitin remembering Yashu. “But one thing she did not teach me yaar Manny. Only one thing. Chey she should have taught me. Abbey Ask na what it is?” said Nitin shaking Manny who was staring ground controlling his tears. He smiled a bit and asked “What?” and looked into his eyes. The smile on Nitin’s face became a painful curve and his eye brows shrank and he said “To live without her. She did not teach me to live without her. She should have taught me na. Why she did not teach. Ask her na Manny. She won’t even see my face now” and burst into a bitter cry closing his eyes. Manny again dragged him to a bone crushing hug. There is nothing painful other than watching your best friend in this state. Manny bit his lips to control his scream and held Nitin more tightly. Arjun wiped his tears with his fingers.

Kabeer was consoling Ishan who was sobbing due to Radhika’s anger. Even he was in dilemma what to do. Both Nitin and Ragini were equally important for him. As a elder brother he should have understood Rachna’s point but he kept ignoring which resulted in such big complication.
Suhani was walking near Ragini’s room and her phone ringed. “Hello Ji haa” said Suhani. The person spoke something and Suhani dropped the phone in her hand. Rachna ran to her and asked “What happened Ani?” Suhani sobbed and struggled and said “Manny and Nitin had gone to MG Park near by. On the way back they met with an accident and Nitin is very critical. They are still there”

Ragini heard it and her heart stopped beating for a second. She looked up with a jerk. She got up and ran out of the house without even wearing her slippers. She hit her toe to the dehleej and winced in pain but composed herself and walked out. It was slippery veranda. She stumbled and fell down. “Gini” screamed Shruthi looking at her. Radhika held her and stopped. Shruthi looked at her with tearful eyes. Her knee got badly injured. But Nitin’s pain mattered to her most. She got up with difficulty and ran. She wiped her tears and ran without watching the stones or glass pieces on the way. The time did not mattered to her. She held her breathing and ran more faster. The thought of Nitin going away from her stopped her life. As she reached park she found Nitin who was standing with Manny and Arjun. She forgot the world. Her life was back again she felt. She ran and stood infront of Nitin who saw her confused. She controlled her breathing. She held his collar and dragged him and placed her lips on his lips immediately and encircled her other hand around his neck and dragged him more close. Nitin opened his eyes shocked.

He did not expect this. Manny and Arjun opened their mouth shocked. Ragini cried bitterly still closing her eyes and still kissing Nitin. She was living her life again. Seeing him alive was like her life was back, he did not leave her; her Nitin did not leave his Ragu. She had no better way to express her feelings right now. And the diwali crackers burst behind them as if the whole world his celebrating their love. Nitin encicled his hands around her waist closing his eyes and dragged her more close to him as he doesn’t want to let go her ever and took a deep breath sucking all her breath into him as his lungs craved for oxygen and there was no better oxygen than her fragrance which always made him crazy. Ragini’s tears flowed and she sobbed kissing him still and as usual tears flowed from Nitin’s eye which always sensed her tears. When she felt difficult to breath she dragged her lips away and hugged him in a bone crushing hug standing on her toes to reach his height encircling her hands around his shoulder dragging him as close she could and said “I Love you Nitin. I always loved you, from the day I saw you first time in camp. I love you idiot, dumbo. I love you. I love you. I cannot live without you” and hit his chest with her closed fist and sobbed and cried bitterly.

He encircled his hands around her back and dragged her to his chest. Just few minutes back she felt she lost him and finding him alive again broke all the barriers to her emotions. She couldn’t control it anymore and fell unconscious in Nitin’s arms. “Gini” he heard a male voice when he was still staring her for her daring act to kiss him and confessing her feelings. The person ran and held Ragini who was unconscious. “Shekar Uncle” whispered Radhika who was standing with Suhani Shruthi and Rachna who followed Ragini.

“Leave my daughter” said Shekar looking at Nitin and dragging Ragini to his side. Nitin was shocked and left Ragini not to complicate the things. “What is happening here?” said Janaki standing beside the girls. “Jaanu. You here?” asked Radhika surprised. “Your uncle was feeling restless so we came to pick her up. But what we saw broke our trust on you Radhu. You know she is engaged to Varun. How did you let this happen?” screamed Janaki. Nitin looked at her shocked. “But she loves me” said Nitin not able to control himself anymore as he felt his world was scattering. “Shut up” screamed Shekar on top of his voice. And lifted Ragini and headed to their home with Janaki. Janaki looked at Nitin with painful eyes. “It was only one sided love maa” she remembered her conversation with Ragini. She looked at Ragini whose face was filled with tears. Shekar’s expectations had crushed her daughter’s happiness. And Shekar’s reaction made it difficult for Ragini to fight back. Janaki knew Ragini will never go agianst her dadda and Shekar will pressurize her more now. Nitin collapsed on ground and Manny and Arjun held him on either sides. Suddenly he got up and wiped his tears and said “Wait uncle” Shekar stopped his steps. Nitin took a hanky out and tied it to Ragini’s wrist which was bleeding due to the bangles which had peirced her. Shekar looked at him with null expression. Janki held her throat looking at Nitin who loved her daughter limitlessly and followed Shekar. Radhika smiled through her tears as whatever world thought about her did not mattered but her Gini’s feelings mattered her. She proved she was really Ragini’s second mom as she decided right thing for her Gini.

How is it. Now the next phase of Ragnit Love starts with others. How will they cop up with this. Tell me how is it. I don’t think I met your expectations about Nitin’s proposal and RagNit kiss. Drop in your views. Thank you so much guys. Things are getting more intense. Now you got tolerate the pain more. Hope you guys will like it.

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      Im totally speechless reading your comment. You are making me cry now. A big teddy hug sissy. Love you a lot

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      Hi Parul. I guess you are a silent reader and commented for the first time. Thanks a ton dear. You made it special. Awwwwwwwwww I’m really sorry I made you cry.

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      Oh my god I cant stop blushing mahn. Thank you so much for your love. Awww that Nitin Manny convo I added at last moment. OMG even I did not realize how emotional I made it Gosh even I’m crying.

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      Thank you so much sweetheart. This really means a lot. I will post next part monday sweetheart. Bare with me.

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    1. Sally_blr

      Gosh jezz you don’t know how much I was waiting to see your reaction. And it was worth waiting. And that kiss scene glad it surprised you. And you are right about Ragini’s feeling bit actually she is stuck between only two. Guess who

      1. Jazzy

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      Finally someone loved Radhu. Thank you so much sweetheart Love you

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      That’s so sweet of you Sri. Love you yaar. Ok no problem take your own time

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      Thank you so so much sweetheart. Glad I could give you shock, It will be good turn but emotional. Hope you will like it. Take care

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    i am really feeling bad for nitin. he loves her truly. manny is also shattered after listening ragini’s engagement. nitin’s confession was simple and heart to heart.
    nitin’s condition is very terrible and their conversations were so heartwrenching (with yashu and in the park with manny)
    ragini’s condition is also vulnerable. she ran like maniac in the search of nitin. she didnt think about herself and her injuries which caused immense pain.
    i am in love with their selfless and true love.
    finally she confessed her love to nitin and their kiss. it was so blissful to read that part. hope shekhar wtll understand his daughters feeling like janki did.
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    1. Akshata

      oops its so big like an essay, i just need one topic to start my blabbering.

    2. Sally_blr

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    1. Sally_blr

      Ahhh Asra sweetheart I missed you so much. Anyways glad you read it. Thank you so much

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