Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 32

“What did you do this time partner?” asked Yashu to Ragini over the phone. Ragini pouted and said “I did not know he will get this much angry seriously”
“But what did you do?” asked Yashu. “Actually….” saying Ragini narrated everything to Yashu. “Ohho yeh tho bada Siyappa hogaya” said Yashu worried. “Now tell me what should I do to cool him” asked Ragini. “Wait let me check temperature. I will tell you later” said Yashu disconnecting the call and headed to Nitin’s room.
“Nittu” saying Yashu entered his room. “Agar apni bahu ki vakalath karne aayi ho tho sorry. I’m not interested” said Nitin hitting the punch bag badly. “Sun tho le” said Yashu. “No means No” said he punching again. “Hua kya hai tujhe. Ithna Ghussa?” asked Yashu caressing his hair. Nitin stopped. He turned and hugged her immediately. Yashu was surprised. She felt his tears on her shoulder. She dragged him out of the hug and cupped his faced worried and said “Nittu”

“How can she talk about leaving me and going so casually maa. Why can’t she understand I cannot live without her?” said Nitin pleading Yashu. She wiped his tears and asked smiling “What do you call her?” Nitin looked at her confused and said “Ragu” “Other than that?” asked Yashu. “Dumbo. For that only she talked like that” said Nitin pouting. “And you are big dumbo than her” said Yashu hitting his head playfully. Nitin pouted and cried “Maa”. “Then what? She will obviously not understand. Have you told her about your feelings yet” asked Yashu. He nodded his head. “If she was so intelligent she would have understood it by this time. But she did not understand that’s why she is dumbo. And you know she is dumb but still you are not telling her you are bigger dumbo than her” said Yashu. He hugged her and said “I will tell her mom soon” and smiled. “Fine. Let me tell my bahu rani that my son is cool. She is worried from evening” said Yashu taking her phone. “No. Let her think I’m still angry” said Nitin snatching phone from her hand. “No ways. I will not let you play with her” said Yashu trying to get her phone back. “Please maa. I wont get such chance again to get treated nicely from your Bahu. And I will tell her my feelings” said Nitin pleading. “Ok fine. But don’t torture her much. If one tear dropped from her eye I will not leave you” said Yashu grabbing her phone. “Oh hello. Wo mujhe rulathi hai hamesha. Mai nahi” said Nitin complaining. “Tho. Tu hai hi rothru. Pushpa with tear tank” said Yashu holding his chin. She headed out of his room. “Haaa. Udalo jithna mazaak udana hai. Mere team me koi aajayega na tab dekh lunga iss saas bahu ki jodi ko” said Nitin and started punching again.
Yashu stood in her room and dailed Ragini’s number and spoke “Partner. Temperature is at boiling point. You got to do something this time” Ragini pouted holding Golu and said “Okay partner I will see what to do” and disconnected the call.

Yashu stood near Vishal’s portrait and said “I know you must be thinking more than Nittu I’m excited to make Ragini as my Bahu. Actually you are right Vishal. Wo hai itthi sweet. She is like bad habit. Once you get addicted to her, you cannot stay away from her”

“See Golu. This Nitin is torturing me so much” said Ragini looking at her teddy. “Who is torturing my RD. Tell me his name. I will rip off his body into pieces” said Aniket entering Ragini’d room. “Your Nittu Dude” said Ragini with fake smile. “Then you might have done something” said Aniket folding his hands. Ragini hit him with pillow and said “Abbey Ketu. Itthi jaldi party badaldi. Girgit” “RD, Nittu dude is cool okay. You only make him angry” said Aniket catching the pillow and keeping it on the bed. “Abbey jaaa Nittu ke chamche” said Ragini angry. “This time you have to cool him otherwise even I’m not gonna talk to you” said Aniket heading out of her room. “Not fair” said Ragini shouting. “Whatever” shouted Aniket. He saw Janaki on the way and his smile faded and he looked at her scared. She held her waist in one hand and glared him. He lowered his head scared. “Kya chal raha hai tom and jerry ke beech me?” asked Janaki. “Wo maa. Nothing. One of RD’s friend is angry so I was just telling her to cool him” said Aniket nervous. “Him?” asked Janaki raising her one eyebrow. “Him? No maa. Her. I’m so nervous due to Maths test tomorrow so just tongue slip” said Aniket and ran from there. Janaki gave him doubtful look and headed to Ragini’s room. She saw Ragini speaking to Golu pouting. “Yeh Ladki bhi na patha nahi kab badi hogi. Patha nahi Varun kaise isko tolerate karega wo bhi akele. London me kaun hoga iske nakhre uthane wala. Shekar thought that she will be near to him so he agreed for Varun’s proposal but his job commitments made him go to other country only. Wo dadda chota baby. Yeh Gini choti si bachi. Yeh dono bade kab honge Kanha ji” said Janaki looking up and went from there nodding her head in disbelief.
“Shopping” screamed all the girls standing outside the mall. “Why are you people shouting?” asked Arjun rubbing his ear. “Girls feeling Jeejs. You will not understand” said Suhani proudly. Nitin smiled at her statement but hid it when Ragini saw him. “Kabbie bhai is safe as he had important meeting. We have to carry their bags now” said Ishan pouting. “Yup Ishan. But Siyappa Queen your engagement got postponed na. Why are you doing shopping again?” asked Manny. “We are here only for Shru’s shopping. My engagement has still one more week. Why are you jealous?” asked Rachna. “Jealous and me? Look at my enagement ring. Me and Ani are already engaged. Your engagement got postponed last time due to Dadu’s health and then again Vaishno Devi Yatra and then Ragu maa’s accident. You are really Siyappa” said Manny without realising. “Manny” shouted Suhani angry.

Rachna had tears as she got upset remembering how one or the other thing was making her engagement postponed. “I’m sorry Siyappa Queen. It just came out of my mouth. I did not mean to say that” said Manny holding his ears in front of Rachna. She wiped her tears pouting and said “Dekhna Iss baar hamari engagement zaroor hogi. Then I will show you my engagement ring” Manny hugged her and said consoling “Sure Siyappa Queen even I’m waiting for that. I’m so happy Kabbie bhai also gonna join bakra list soon” Rachna hit him playfully and laughed through her tears. “Chalo Yaar. We came for Shopping not for Tom and Jerry show” said Suhani dragging both of them. As they entered the mall Nitin said “We will go for Arjun’s Sherwani shopping first then we will go for Shru’s Lehenga selection” “Ladies First. We will go for Shru’s Lehenga selection first” said Ragini. “Ani please tell your faminist friend that we have come for shopping not for Dharna. Shru takes lot of time to select and we will not have time for Arjun’s shopping. Tell her to prove sometimes atleast that she is not Dumbo” said Nitin looking at Suhani. “Don’t tell me you people fought again?” said Radhika standing beside Suhani. “You were saying na Rachu and Manny behave like kids. See we have a competition for them” said Suhani keeping her elbow on Radhika’s shoulder. “They will atleast listen but these two will not. Come we will go for Sherwani section first and also boys can shop for themself” said Shruthi and all of them headed to Gents section.
Arjun was trying a black Sherwani standing infront of mirror and Shruthi was sitting behind at a distance. “Don’t you know Shru doesn’t like this color?” said Rachna standing beside him. “She doesn’t like me also. Why will she care if I wear the color she doesn’t like” said Arjun looking at Rachna through mirror with painful eyes. “And why you think she doesn’t like you Arjun bhai?” asked Rachna. Arjun was surprised as Rachna called him bhai. “Can I call you that?” asked Rachna nervous as she thought he did not like her addressing him that way. Arjun smiled and nodded. Rachna smiled widely. “What did you say earlier?” asked Arjun. “Why do you think she doesn’t like you?” asked Rachna. “I don’t know. I just thought may be she doesn’t like me still” said Arjun confused. “Don’t you see it in her eyes how much she loves you? Don’t you understand the way she blushes and behaves nervous around you? Girls will never admit first. You have to understand by their behavior.

When she blushes talking to you, when she gets nervous around you and runs away from you and has tears looking you with someone that means she loves you truly. And Shru also loves you truly but is hesitant to accept. She thinks that you will have a bad opinion on her as she rejected you earlier. Stupid she is” said Rachna trying some more Sherwani’s in front of Arjun. “What should I do so that she accepts her feeling?” asked Arjun. “Propose her again on engagement day that to in a place where nobody will be there otherwise she will misunderstand that you are just acting.

I’m damn sure she will accept” said Rachna keeping a tarmarind colour Sherwani in front of him. He smiled looking at Rachna and nodded his head and then he looked at Shruthi who smiled looking at him. “That means she will love to see you in this sherwani” said Rachna smiling. “You are really so sweet. Then why do Manny calls you Siyappa Queen, Romance ki Dushman and one more thing he told” said Arjun thinking. Rachna was huffing in anger and Manny who was listening to them from a distance told “Mosquito repellent cream” and Arjun said smiling “Yaaa” and he looked at Rachna who waas angry and glaring him. “Sorry Chutki. Manny told me. All rights of those words are reserved to Manny” said Arjun scared. “Manny ke bache” said Rachna chasing him all around. Manny who was running showing his tongue to Rachna collided with Suhani who was just roaming here and there and both of them fell down and rolled on the floor.

Suhani’s dupatta bound them and they stopped rolling after few seconds. Suhani tried getting up but Manny was not leaving her. He leaned and kissed her cheek and hugged her more tight. Rachna who watched them opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape and approached them furiously. “Ani get up” said Rachna dragging Suhani. “Rachu ki bachi I’m stuck. He is not leaving me” said Suhani struggling. “Manny leave her” said Rachna. “No ways Siyappa Queen” said Manny and kissed Suhani’s forehead. Rachna got more angry. Manny enjoyed her annoyed face. He leaned to Suhani’s lips as he got the chance atlast to kiss Suhani. She shivered and closed her eyes blushing. Rachna looked around angry and found a book in the reception. As Manny closed his eyes and leaned more to Suhani’s lips Rachna kept the book in between. Manny kissed the book passionately thinking Suhani. As he opened his eyes realizing it was not Suhani’s lips but something else widened his eyes finding a book instead of Suhani. He dragged his face back annoyed and looked Rachna who was laughing holding her stomach and sitting on the ground. Suhani finally got out of Manny’s hold and stood brushing her dress annoyed. Manny also got up and glared Rachna and went from there angry. “Rachu. You made him angry” said Suhani walking behind Manny and Rachna sat their laughing remembering Manny kissing the book.
“Ishan. This is nice. Try this” said Radhika giving a Golden Kurta to Ishan. He complied and went to changing room. “No Radhu. This is not nice give me that green” said Ishan keeping only his hand out. Radhika went and kept the green Kurta in his hand. Ishan grabbed her hand and pulled her inside. Radhika stumbled and fell on Ishan’s chest. “What is this Ishan if some one sees” said Radhika and started moving out. Ishan kept his hand blocking her and locked the door and kissed her back. “Ish..aaa….n” said Radhika nervous. “What?” asked Ishan in her ears huskily. “Someone will come” said Radhika nervous and closing her ears with her shoulder feeling his hot breath. He kissed her earlobe and said “Let them come” Radhika blushed and closed her eyes. Ishan turned her and she kept staring the ground. He lifted her head with her chin. She closed her eyes. He kissed her both the eyes and moved to her lips. Her lips shivered and she held her Anarkali tight and her heart started thumping. Ishan touched her lips softly and leaned to her. Radhika held his hair in on hand and her other hand travelled to his neck and Ishan lost himself in her touch and they kissed passionately. When they felt difficult to breath they departed. Radhika blushed and bit her finger. Ishan kissed her cheek and said “Don’t you want to start practicing for cricket team now only?” and winked at her.

Radhika widened her eyes and pushed him and ran out from there blushing. Ishan caressed his neck blushing. Ragini who was standing outside held her waist and asked “What are you doing in changing room. This is gents section” Radhika looked around nervous and felt difficult to answer. Ishan came out of the dressing room blushing. When he saw Ragini standing in front of Radhika he felt nervous and his smile faded. Ragini opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape. “OMG. You both….” before she could complete Ishan and Radhika closed her mouth and said “Shhh Ginu. Don’t scream” She nodded her head and signed them to remove their hand from her mouth. They complied and removed. “Agar isne next time Sharab pee lina tho hum log ki izzat ka faluda bana degi” whispered Ishan horrified in Radhika’s ear. She glared him. “What are you people talking” said Ragini. “Wo wo kuch kuch bhi nahi Ginu. Bas aise asie hi” said Radhika struggling to reason. “I’m gonna tell this to Ani” said Ragini running from there. “Ginu” screamed Radhika. “Hey bhagwan. Iss ladki ne pi ho ya na ho meri hi izzat nikal ni hai” said Ishan blabbering and ran behind Radhika.

“Manny” said Suhani standing behind him when he was standing and pouting angry. “No no go to your bodyguard. Always she spoils my moment” said Manny crying. “Aww mela chotu. See after marriage she will not be there to spoil your moment” said Suhani trying to cheer Manny. “Who knows as Ragu maa said we have to take her permission after marriage also for kids” said Manny remembering Ragini’s words. “Shut up Manny” said Suhani. “When did I say that?” asked Ragini standing behind Suhani. “When you were drunk” said Manny without realizing then he bit his tongue. “Manny” shouted Suhani and he turned smiling nervously. “Really?” asked Ragini widening her eyes. “Ginu. Nothing like that” said Suhani trying to handle the situation. “OMG… But Whatever I told was truth only” said Ragini giggling. “I will tell this to Rachu” said Ragini happy and running from there. “Hey Bhagwan” said Suhani walking behind her. “Hey Waheguru. Phir se meri izzat ka faluda ban ne wala hai” said Manny looking up and following them.

“Rachu Rachu” saying ran Ragini and came to say everything to Rachna who was at reception with Arjun and Shruthi. She saw Nitin talking over phone and went near to listen. “Haa Jaan. I was bit busy with elecion work. I will surely meet you tomorrow. Pakka promise” said and smiled. He was laughing and speaking unaware that Ragini was watching him. Her illusion broke as she heard him. She knew they were not meant for each other but somewhere it pierced her heart him talking to someone. Her face fell and her heart again broke into pieces and she walked from there silently controlling her emotions. “Haa baby. Now give the phone to mumma” said Nitin over the phone. “Haa bhabi. I will meet mishti tomorrow. I will help her for school day drama don’t worry” said Nitin over the phone and disconnected the call.

“Kya hua Ginu. Why were you screaming?” said Rachna spotting Ragini who was walking lowering her head. “Nothing Rachu. I just saw one good shirt and blazer for Kabbie bhai, but somebody else took it” said Ragini hugging her and controlling her tears which Shruthi noticed. She saw Nitin coming looking into his phone and asked him what happened through eyes showing Ragini. He nodded his head as he doesn’t know. Radhika Suhani Manny and Ishan came there and saw Ragini dull and hugging Rachna and heard what she said and got confused. “For that anybody will feel bad oh what? Tell me how it looked I will order your Kabbie bhai to wear that only on Shru and Arjun bhai’s engagement. He will find it from somewhere for sure” said Rachna cupping her face. Ragini nodded her head staring ground. All were hell confused due to her sudden behavior change. “Now Let’s move to Ladies section” said Rachna dragging her. Shruthi was the most confused among others as she knew Ragini’s mood change was related to Nitin. Her doubt was getting more stronger. Now she felt Ragini also has started feeling for Nitin. She remembered how Ragini was sad after returning from camp and how she was nervous around Nitin in cultural fest and how they became so close in less time. “Bappa why you hate my brain so much?” said Shruthi in her heart.

“Ginu bacha. Try this yellow color it will look nice” said Radhika holding a Anarkali infront of Ragini. She nodded and went to changing room. She closed the door and kept her chunni on hanger. As she turned and looked in the mirror Nitin speaking over the phone flashed and she started crying bitterly and silently and leaned to the door and sat on the ground holding her neck to control her cry. “You knew it na that he loves someone else then why are you not accepting it. His friendship is making you weak, one or the other day you both have to get sperated let it happen now only. But how to live away from him. He is become my addiction. No no I should avoid these feelings” thought Ragini sobbing silently. Radhika moved a bit away from there to look other options. Shruthi who came near her changing room could hear her sob. She got worried. “Gini… Gini…” she banged the door worried. Ragini heard her and wiped her face immediately and spoke “Haa Shru… I’m still trying the dress five minutes” controlling her cry. Shruthi sensed she was controlling her cry. “Ginu. Come out now. I know you are crying. And you are crying because of Nittzz bro I know. Come out otherwise I will call everyone” said Shruthi. Ragini got scared and wore her dupatta back and wiped her tears and made normal look and opened the door. “Who told you Shru? See I’m not crying” asked Ragini smiling. “Fool someone else. What is this ?” asked Shruthi taking a tear drop from her eye. Ragini hugged her immediately and sobbed “I know Shru we are not meant for each other. But still it hurts me when Nittu talks to his girlfriend” said as she couldn’t control her emotions in front of Shruthi. Nitin’s companionship for so many days made her weak. Though she knew he was not in her fate she felt low whenever she thought him to be someone else’s. She still needed time to accept. And his avoiding made things more worse and she became more weak. “What are you talking. Nittzzz bro’s girlfriend?” asked Shruthi confused. “He was talking with her just few minutes back” said Ragini sobbing. Shruthi sighed in relief as she knew whom Nitin was talking to. “Hey Bhagwan. You are really dumbo. It was Mishti our neice. He calls her Jaan” said Shruthi hitting her head with palm. “Really?” asked Ragini surprised. “Haa. By the way why are you worried even if he talks to his girlfriend?” asked Shruthi confused. Ragini’s face fell again. Shruthi observed it and said “OMG I’m so stupid. That means you love love… Nittz bro. Am I dreaming” and widened her eyes. Manny heard their conversation and ran to tell it to Nitin. “Shhh Shru.

Please don’t tell this to anybody. It’s all over. Ya I had feelings for him but he loves someone and I’m engaged to Varun and me and Nitin together can’t happen. It just pains me. I will come out of it soon. Everyone will not got everything na.” said Ragini sad. “But Ginu. I feel Nittz bro…” Shruthi was stopped in between by Ragini who said “Please Shru. I beg you. You know I’m engaged to Varun. I cannot hurt him and moreover whatever misunderstanding happened today was good only. I should keep my distance from him. It broke my illusion. It happened for good only. Promise on me if you said this to any one” said Ragini placing Shruthi’s hand on her head. Shruthi looked at her with tears in her eyes. Ragini went from there wiping her tears. “How should I make you understand now that even Nittz bro loves you madly.The girl he loves is you Dumbo” said Shruthi collapsing on the floor crying. Radhika who was there heard shruthi and had tears in her eyes.

“What really?” asked Nitin surprised when Manny told him how Ragini reacted jealous hearing his conversation over the phone. “Yup bro” said Manny caressing his hair. Nitin hugged him happily and said “Now I can propose her without worrying about rejection. Thank you Bappa. Thank you so much” Manny smiled with tears in his eyes. His Nittu was happy for him more than that nothing mattered. “Hey Wahe Guru. Thank you so much” said Manny in his heart looking up. Radhika who watched them from far had tears looking at them. She wiped her tears determined.

As they finished Shopping and headed out Ragini looked at Nitin painfully as she has to stay away from him. Nitin still showed fake anger and smiled inside as he has determined to tell her his feelings. Shruthi looked at him when he smiled looking other side and looked at both of them with tearful eyes. Radhika saw them with painful eyes. Shruthi knew Nitin’s heart is gonna break as Ragini will never accept her feelings for him and she was worried for Ragini more as when she will come to know that Nitin has developed feelings for her she will curse herself. “I have to do something so that before Bro admits his feeling to Ragini he should know that she is engaged” thought Shruthi to herself.

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  1. Fairy

    Ohhh goddd its so emotionallll!!!!!! Bechara nithin ,m reallly worried for him…feeelng sad for ragini???? plz dear unite rag-nit sooon plzzz…..dey r made for eo,i cnt see dem apart!!!!
    Todays updae ws mindblownnnnng!!!saas bahu convo ws superb? even maa-beta convo ws also amazing???rags is such a cutipie???? waitng eagerly for nxt part!!keeep rockng n stay blessed dear…??????????????☺☺

    1. Sally_blr

      Thanks a lot dear. You got to wait for them to be together.

  2. Amazing

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      Thank you dear. Glad you liked it.

  3. Amazing

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      Thank you Ashu and Naisha. Glad you both liked it.

  4. Sindhura

    I think few episode will be sad ones
    Will radhika support her or not

    1. Sally_blr

      Yup you are right. You got to wait to know

  5. Luvrags

    Sally blr u r just awesome.I am a ur silent reader nd I just love ur writings.hope everything becomes fine between nitz nd rags.waiting for ur next part eagerly.plzzz post soon dear.

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. You got to wait to so that everything settles. I will post it dear

  6. Jazzy

    now i too agree with u we think sooo similar nithin’s mom too told them dumbo but todays part was emotional
    i feel somewhere that radhika will support nithin hope this happens
    and i feel nithin will come to know after proposing her soooo sadd for them ragini and nithin will be heart broken next few updates will be emotional maybe

    1. Sally_blr

      Really you think Radhika will support them, Ahhh I’m so disappointed that you are thinking so. They will be. It will be emotional for sure. Keep some tissues beside you

      1. Jazzy

        hehheeheh sally dear i disappointed u yeeeyyy i m sooo happy u must be thinking i have gone mad but this is somewhat different complement from ur aide i loved it
        and my biggest fear is true that she’ll not support nithin ????? i knew it but i wanted it to be wrong
        now i definitely need tissues

    2. Sally_blr

      You know what you will go more mad when you read next chapter. Im waiting for your reaction

  7. Deesh

    I Agree with everyone. It was soooo nice with all emotions delivered at the perfect time. Just loved it to the core. Waiting eagerly for their Union though there is still a lot more to come. Awesome as always!! Take care! Waiting eagerly for the next.

    1. Sally_blr

      Ya. You got to wait a long dear. Love you. Hope your academics are going good.

  8. oh god… Superb episode. nowadays I’m not getting words to appreciate ur work.. Full romance except Kabir nd nitz.. I was smiling while reading Manny’s nd Rachu s part.. Nitz got to know abt ragu. but what abt Ragini.. what’s gng on in radhu’s mind. Will she support her bro or her child(ragu). Even varun loves her a lot. but it matters abt both hearts which becomes one after marriage… I hope radhu to take correct decision. A great shock is waiting fr us I think. Eagerly waiting to know what’s gonna happen. Take care

    1. Sally_blr

      But whatever words you find are only enough for me. It makes me smile always. You are right it matters both hearts which becomes one after marriage. You are really correct about the shock. Will see you will get shocked or not.

  9. Sreevijayan

    D crack started..OMG..i wil not be able bear it…m upset nw…..u made me so emotional my rock star

    1. Sally_blr

      And you are making me emotional. Why are you upset sweetheart. Cheer up da. And next episode is specially for you to make you cry more.

      1. Sreevijayan

        I told u already to give me varuns num so dt i myself wil speak to him …den my ragnit can happily love each other..bt u..hell bent on nt givng me dt…AM upset…

    2. Sally_blr

      Don’t worry. He is landing soon and you can directly meet and tell him

      1. Sreevijayan

        Hahaa….yeah..so i can vist india on dt bahana..heheeee

    3. Sally_blr

      Yup that would be awesome.

  10. Asra

    awesome dear….manny and siyappa u both r impossible….rachu u r doing too much to our manny….u spoilt the manny kiss….poor manny so sad for u….
    an felling bad for ragini and nitin…don’t separate them ya…radhu and shru do something for unite ragnitin…just a hope ya…loved it dear….tkcr….

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you dear. Will see what happens. And who will do what.

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      Thank you so much dear. Just wait and watch. I hope you will not cry reading next update.

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      Really Dear? This Dhamaka is enough for Diwali? Keep thinking. I loved it. Final I could confuse you to some extent ha ha ha ha.

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      Thank you Sri. Finally you read it. Love you sweetheart

  14. Akshata

    so many names for nitin, current new mane is pushpa hahaha. not again not again nitin you called her feminist and for your information i am also feminist. i just love manny, earlier he was so happy go lucky person nowadays he has became naughty one. he kissed ani aww that was so cute. but rachna came in between them. very bad rachna you fooled him. oh god romance in the air….. not only manny but ishaan also, again ragini came there. shruti found out ragini’s feelings, that was nice but but but manny eavesdrop their conversation…. and told to nitin….. manny this is bad habit. poor ragini feeling bad for her, she is somewhere right, she is already engaged. nitin you have to do something before its too late. oh god what is happening radhika overheard shruti????? awesome update

    1. Sally_blr

      Ahhhh I missed you so much. Thanks a lot dear

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