Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 29

“Hello. Haa Ragu. What happened? Aaj meri yaad kaise ayi?” asked Yashu over the call looking after the flower decoration around Mandap. “Partner Your son is not talking to me. Why is he so stubborn?” said Ragini pouting holding the pillow. “Ha ha ha ha. Naraz hai tujse. Manaa le. You also be stubborn” said Yashu looking at the flower strands. “He is not taking my calls also. You are telling me to cool him. How partner?” asked Ragini. “Partner. If you want to cool my son you have to just do one simple thing” said Yashu. “And what is that partner?” asked Ragini. “Just accept his childish demands. He will cool down immediately” said Yashu smiling. “Done partner. Thank you so much. You are the best partner. And how is the wedding preperation going? How is Kolkota?” asked Ragini. “Damn good. Kolkota is as usual so warm and welcoming” said Yashu. “ami tomake bhalibashi” said Ragini. “Ragu…. You know Bengali?” asked Yashu. “Only that sentence” said Ragini. “And its not bhali bhashi. It’s bhalobhashi” said Yashu smiling. “Ha same to same” said Ragini. “Ha ha ha ha. You are so cute really.

And before I forget. I need to tell you something” said Yashu. “Tell me Aunty” said Ragini. “Thank you” said Yashu smiling widely. “Thank you for what?” asked Ragini confused. “For bringing my Nittu’s lost childhood and innocense back. The charm on his face which was lost when his dad left us is back now. And it is all because of you” said Yashu smiling with happy tears. Ragini felt her pain and tried to cheer her “Wooow relax Partner. Kolkota has Ganga; no water shortage there. Don’t flood it” said Ragini. “Very bad joke” said Yashu laughing through her tears. “Aunty. This is not fair” said Ragini crying badly. “Sorry. Sorry. I thought you must be missing this dailogue” said Yashu. “Nitin’s followers are not less here. I hear it every hour whenever I try to crack some joke. Especially my ketu has become his fan” said Ragini.And they kept talking on random things. “Acha Ragu. It is time for muhurat. I will talk to you later” said Yashu disconnecting the call.

“Maa. Come fast” said Nitin dragging Yahu near the mandap. “With whom were you talking?” he asked. “Ragu” said Yashu smiling. “And I like her. I want her only as my Bahu” said Yashu caressing Nitin’s hair. “Maaa” cried Nitin pouting and hugged her blushing. “From that time you are talking to her? How much you ladies will talk” asked Nitin. “Abhi se yeh haal hai tere. Shadi ke baad kya karega. She will be with me 24 hours” said Yashu showing her tongue. “Teekh hai. Then don’t torture me for Grand kids” said Nitin without realizing. “Nittu….” shouted Yashu glaring him. He realized what he said and ran from there saying “Sorry maaa.” and bit his tongue. Yashu smiled and nodded her head in disbelief.

“Gini. Why are you behaving so stubborn bacha? He said na he cannot dance. Dont make him embaress infront of so many people” said Radhika sitting beside Ragini after they finished English class. “Wow Gini. I’m so impressed ha. Don’t leave Nittz bhai. Even I’m excited to see him dancing” said Shruthi excited. “Shut up Shru” said Suhani. She sat beside Ragini and said “This is not fair Gini. Bechara Nitin. How will he manage to learn dancing in such short time. Please bacha. Don’t be so stubborn”.

“No ways. He has to dance means he has to dance. Otherwise I won’t talk to him.” said Ragini stubborn. “Ab tho kuch nahi ho sakta. You people know right once she starts her demand let whatever happen she will not cool down. Instead of wasting time here we should tell Nitin to start practicing now only” said Rachna munching chips. Radhika and Suhani glared Rachna. “What? She said right” said Shruthi taking chips from Rachna’s chips packet and munching it. Radhika and Suhani hit their heads with their palm

“What? Oh God” said Ishan over the phone. He disconnected the call and turned to Nitin and Manny who were looking at him curiously. Ishan nodded his head negative and showed thumbs down. Manny hit his head with hand and Nitin started crying like a baby pouting with fake tears. “Relax yar Nittu. Who told you to create this siyappa. Now Ragu maa is not cooling down” said Manny keeping Nitin’s head on his shoulder and rubbing it. Ishan kept his hand on Nitin’s shoulder and said “Now you have to dance, start practicing” Nitin burst into louder cry like small kid.

“Nittu. What are you doing?” said Yashu as she entered Nitin’s room which was complete mess. Nitin was sweating and bent holding his knees as he was damn tired. “Saari teri bahu ki khurafat hai” said Nitin breathing heavily. “Ab kya kiya usne?” asked Yashu. Nitin narrated her whatever happened. Yashu burst out laughing. “Maa” glared Nitin. “Aur kya karu. I kept telling you. Nittu be soft a bit don’t be so stiff. But you never listened to me. I had told you na. One day someone will come in your life and she will make you dance on her tune. See it happened” said Yashu laughing. “Ya ya. Make fun of me as much as possible. Now Saas and Bahu are in same team na. I’m all alone” said Nitin pouting sadly. “Chal draamebaaz” said Yashu hitting his head playfully and left his room.

“Partner. What have you done to my son?” asked Yashu over the phone to Ragini. “Partner. This is punishment for troubling me when he went to Kolkota. You know for one month he avoided me. Ithna tho bantha hai. If he is stubborn I’m more stubborn” said Ragini. “Ha ha ha ha. That’s so cool partner” said Yashu laughing. “But Aunty I’m scared, if he can’t do it. It’s not good for his election campaign” said Ragini worried. “Don’t worry Ragu. My son will never fail once he decides to do something. You are doing this for his campaign?” asked Yashu. “Hmmm partner. Actually senior ji told me that the fellow who is standing for election against him has already started campaigning and he is impressive. This Nittu tho did not even address the students yet. His ethics my god, who distributes pamphlets for campaigning now a days. His opponent has already started canvasing on college Radio facebook twitter and all. And most dumb thing is his political party is organizing the Fresher Party but just for the juniors to enjoy not for canvasing. So I thought if he gives a stupendous performance on Fresher’s day that will create his impression among the new juniors that he is cool and happening” said Ragini. “Instead of him you should have been standing for election.” Said Yashu. “I know you don’t like his involvement in Politics. But it’s his dream. Let him live it. There are so many dreams which depend on our fate, which we cannot change. But the dreams which we can fulfill with our hardwork at least let him fulfill it” said Ragini. “Nobody can win over with you in argument” said Yashu smiling. “Dost kiski hu. The Great Nitin Roy ki” said Ragini proud and chuckled.

“What will I do in your fresher party Rachu. Please I will look like I’m old bhudda there.” said Kabeer to Rachna who was standing in front of him wearing a long gown of pista colour. “Fine. Even I’m not going” said Rachna folding her hands. “Rachu. Don’t be stubborn. Fine we will do one thing. Now you go to Party. And in one hour I will pick you. We will go to some nice restaurant for dinner.” said Kabeer cupping her face. “That’s great idea” said Rachna happy. She hugged him and left with Suhani.

“I told you na he will not come” said Suhani who was wearing maroon and beage colour long gown with open hair. “That doesn’t mean I should not ask him. Anyways we are going for dinner. I will be in Party for only an hour” said Rachna. Suhani smiled at her and the taxi headed to Party venue.

“Gini come fast Ishan has already come.” said Radhika who was wearing 3/4 th length shiny wine colored dress. Ragini came out of Radhika’s room wearing a knee length white frock with full sleeve. She was walking uncomfortable. “You drag more attention of lustful eyes when you are not confident wearing something” Nitin’s voice ringed in her mind. She started walking confidently. Radhika was shocked looking at Ragini. She opened her mouth in ‘O’ shape. Ishan who entered house looked at Ragini who was walking with confidence. “My goodness” escaped from his mouth. “Ginu. You are looking damn beautiful” said Radhika hugging her. Ragini smiled at her. “Ish bhai. How I’m looking?” asked Ragini keeping her hands on her waist. He went to Radhika, with his middle finger touched her Kajal without smudging and kept a kaala teeka behind Ragini’s ear and said “You are looking like a doll. Kisi ki nazar na lage”

“When did you change your role with Radhu maa ha? You are behaving like my second mom now” said Ragini. “Kyu Paapa cannot behave like this?” asked Ishan pulling her cheek. “Ish Bhai” she said and hugged him. Radhika joined the hug. Radhika’s phone buzzed and she picked up and spoke “Haa Ani. Haa meri maa. We are coming. Just few more minutes” and disconnected the call. “Over punctual Ani” said Ragini and Radhika in chorus and gave high five. “Chalo. Let’s leave now. Waise where is Dad?” asked Ishan walking. “He has gone to Gini’s house. Today we will stay in Shru’s house na so he got reason to eat Jaanu’s hand made food” said Radhika sitting in car.

“Nittu. I don’t know how are you going to manage. See I have a plan. I will stand near MCB box as soon as you start missing the steps I will turn off the lights and you will be saved. Now come fast I will be waiting near the venue” said Manny and disconnected the call.

“Hey Hi girls” said Sid as soon as he spotted Suhani, Shruthi and Rachna who were standing at a corner. “Hi” said three of them. “Woow. Must say you are looking damn good in this tuxedo” said Shruthi. “Thanks for the complement” said Sid and saw the entrance. He was mesmerized to see Ragini in modern dress. Rachna, Suhani and Shruthi looked at the direction he was lost and found Ragini walking with Radhika and Ishan. She was walking with confidence though she wore a knee length frock. All of them opened their mouth in ‘O’ shape. “Oh my God. Look at her. Seriously she is looking like a Barbie Doll. And she is walking with so much confidence” said Suhani admiring Ragini in modern dress. All three hugged Ragini and said she is looking beautiful. Ragini waved her hand in front of Sid who was lost looking at her. “Ohh. I’m sorry. You are looking damn cute I must say” said Sid coming out of his trance. She smiled and said “Thank you”
All started enjoying the party. Ragini was waiting for Nitin. She did not talk to him after she demanded him to dance in fresher’s party and she was feeling she really shouldn’t have behaved like that. Manny entered the venue. “OMG Ragu ma. You are looking like a Barbie doll today. All are going to be flat on you today” said Manny. “Stop it senior ji” said Ragini and hit him playfully. “Hey don’t call me that” said Manny. He excused himself and went to stand near MCB box. Suhani felt bad as he did not even see her. She went behind him. He was hell nervous for Nitin. He knew very well that Nitin will not be able to dance even single step.

Suhani stood in front of him folding her hands. “Ani You here?” asked Manny nervous. “I should ask you that. What are you doing here?” said Suhani. “Wo wo….” he stumbled to say. Suhani looked at him shrinking her eyes. He did not know what to say. He held her hand and dragged her. She landed on his chest. He held her waist and squeezed it. “Manny what are you doing?” asked Suhani nervous. He turned her and made her stand facing her back to him and encircled his hands around her belly. Suhani shivered and closed her eyes feeling shy due to his closeness. He placed his chin on her bare shoulder. Suhani breathed heavy due to his touch and turned her head other side. Manny bit his cheeks inside looking at her blush. “Ani…. Ani…..” shouted Rachna which brought them both to reality. And both jerked and stood away. “You are here. I’m searching you everywhere.” said Rachna standing in front of Suhani. “Hey bhagwan. Tell me one thing Siyappa Queen do you have any senser fit in your head that you will come to know immediately when I’m romancing with my Jaan” said Manny dragging Suhani and side hugging her. “he he very funny. Now stay away from her.” said Rachna separating them and dragging Suhani with her. Manny looked at her pouting sadly with puppy eyes and Suhani looked at him helplessly. As she disappeared he relaxed and said “Thank you Siyappa Queen. Unknowingly you saved me today. I knew it very well you have a invisible antenna on your head which gives you signal whenever I try to get close to Ani. Hu ha ha” said Manny laughing evilly.

“Okay. I’m leaving now. Kabeer is waiting outside. And stay away from Manny” said Rachna instructing Suhani. Suhani nodded her head like small kid. “Radhu. Take care of her for today” said Rachna to Radhika. She smiled and side hugged Suhani and said “You enjoy your date”
And Rachna left from there.

Sid noticed Ragini was standing near door and waiting for someone. He went and stood near her and asked “Whom are you waiting for?” She without realizing said “Nitin” and bit her tongue. “Ohhh. Some one really special” said Sid sipping the drink in his glass. “Nothing like that” said Ragini smiling nervously at him. “Hey Chill. I’m not gonna tell this to any one” said Sid consoling her. “Come Let’s have something to drink” said Sid. “No thanks. I don’t need anything” said Ragini and turned to the door. She saw Nitin entering wearing a white shirt, grey pant and and grey shiny blazer without tie and two buttons of his shirt were open exposing his perfectly toned chest a bit. He was looking dashing. Ragini felt tingling sensation looking at him and controlled her heart which was beating really fast. Nitin was the most dashing boy in the party. His tight blazer made his perfectly toned abs visible. His silky hair flew due to air and his charming little smile made all the girls go weak in their knees. “OMG. look at Nittzz bro” said Shruthi looking at Nitin with open mouth. “Oh my God. I thought Gini is the show stealer today. But Nittu is the real show stealer” said Suhani astonished looking at Nitin. “Oh my God. He is looking so hot” said Radhika. “Radhu” said Ishan. “What? I should not complement also” asked Radhika. Ishan nodded his head in disbelief. Manny looked at Nitin standing near MCB Box and said “Oh my god. Yeh Rishi Vishwamitra ji tho aaj Kishan Kanhaiaya ban gaye hai. All gopika’s are flat. But hope Rukmini devi will not get jealous now. Concentrate Manny aaj is Kishan ji ki izzat tere haath me hai. Jaise us din Shri Krishn ji ne Draupadi ka Vastra haran hone se roka tha. Aaj mujhe iss Sri Krishn ji ka Vastra haran I mean Izzat uthar ne se rokna hoga” told Manny determined acting like he is “Samay” the narrator of B.R Chopra’s “MahaBharat”

Nitin saw Ragini who was looking like a doll and got mesmerized and smiled widely. A junior girl came and kissed Nitin’s cheek. Nitin was so lost in Ragini he did not notice the girl approaching. He came back to sense and looked at the girl who already ran away blushing for her act. He looked at Ragini horrified. Ragini opened her mouth shocked when the girl kissed Nitin. She shrank her eyes and gave him death glares huffing. Bechara Nitin became more nervous. He looked at Ragini with puppy eyes pouting. She huffed and walked from there stamping her foot. Nitin hit his head with his hand. “Hey Bhagwan Ab tho pakka yeh ek bhi step nahi karega” said Manny looking at them and face palmed.
Ragini went and stood in the drinks counter and drank the drink placed on the table in a go to cool her burning head. “Why do I care?” she said to herself and twisted her face as the taste of the drink was sensed by her brain. “Yuck” she said keeping the glass on the table.

The song from Junooniyat movie started playing. Everybody moved to the dance floor and started dancing.
“Dance dance everybody Getting hot in the party come on come on selfie le dance Dance everybody
Dance dance everybody Getting hot in the party come on come on selfie le dance Dance everybody ”
Ragini stood on the dance floor and started dancing with singing snd enacting the lyrics
“Bhangade di queen mai tha. Kudi so haseen mai tha. Meri hai gazab gal ba”
Figure hai ga kant mera, thumka excellent mera groovie groovie hoja mere saath
“Bhangade di queen mai tha. Kudi so haseen mai tha. Meri hai gazab gal ba”
“Figure hai ga kant mera, thumka excellent mera groovie groovie hoja mere saath”

A male figure walked on dance floor with his back faced and started dancing with Ragini stylishly and turned and matched steps with her
(You must be wondering Nitin. Noooo wrong guess. Its Sid)

Nachange saari raat soniyo ve Nachange saari raat Soniyo ve Karlo thoda sa pyar soniyo ve karlo thoda sa pyaaar.
Nachange saari raat soniyo ve Nachange saari raat Soniyo ve Karlo thoda sa pyar soniyo ve karlo thoda sa pyaaar.
Both of them danced in sync. Though Ragini was drunk. She was matching steps with Sid
Ragini held her hands in kathak style and showed her virtual anklets and danced singing
“Hai Jhaanjara da sound the hil da ground mai cham cham nachdi fira”
She stretched her eyes with her fingers like to make them small like Chinese eyes and sang stumbling
“Ankh meri tight. Jaava mai left right. Ke mundiya nu bachdi fira”
she walked little left then little right and walked acting scared of guys who were dancing on the dance floor
“Munda hoga wo tho lucky jiske liye thune rakhi apne yeh aakhon ki sharab”
sang Sid making rounds around Ragini who was smiling with half closed eyes
“Dil mera teekh haiga Ishqach weak haiga karde thu isko kharab”
sang Sid coming near her rubbing his heart.

That was it. Nitin’s anger busted looking at Sid’s approach towards Ragini. He closed his fist.
“Nachange saari raat soniyo ve Nachange saari raat Soniyo ve Karlo thoda sa pyar soniyo ve karlo thoda sa pyaaar.”
Ragini sang and jumped and stamped Sid’s foot. He winced with pain and stepped down from dance floor
During the Music Ragini kept jumping closing her eyes and danced madly shaking her head left and right. And another male figure who was walking to the dance floor crossing the crowd which was down removed and threw his blazer and folded his shirt sleeves to half and slide stylishly to the dance floor and held Ragini’s hand and started dancing. Everybody hooted whistles for Nitin’s entry on the dance floor.

He sang
“Kudi hai thu fine. Ab dede mujhe line mai tere naal jaj da bada”
he danced and leaned near her cheek singing
“Baj da hai band thu dede mujhe hand floor pe mai kab se khada”
sang Nitin and held Ragini’s hand and dragged her. She landed on his chest and Nitin smiled looking at her. She pushed him like a kid and sang

“Na zidd very much kari. Mujhko na touch kari Karle control jazbat” shaking her index finger in no and stepping back
“Phir bhi jo na maane dil kartha jaye tujhko kill tho thamle thu aake mera hath”
and she extended her hand standing a bit far. He grabbed her hand and twirled her and hugged her from side touching her cheek with his nose sensously smiling. Ragini felt tingling sensation and goosebumps all over her body. Nitin sang
“Gonna stay up all night soniyo ve Gonna stay up all night soniyo ve. Karlo thoda sa pyar soniyo ve Karlo thodasa pyar”
He twirled her again dragging her out of the hug and started dancing stylishly more than Sid
“Nachange saari raat soniyo ve Nachange saari raat Soniyo ve Karlo thoda sa pyar soniyo ve karlo thoda sa pyaaar. ”
Ragini matched his steps happily as she saw Nithin dancing so stylishly and sang
“Nachange saari raat soniyo ve Nachange saari raat Soniyo ve Karlo thoda sa pyar soniyo ve karlo thoda sa pyaaar.”
Both of them rocked the floor and the party filled with hooting whistles and claps and shouting of the crowd.
Ragini hugged him and he held her as she was half conscious. All the boys girls on the dance floor covered them
Radhika, Ishan, Suhani and Shruthi were still shocked looking at Ragini drunk and more than that for the way Nitin danced so stylishly. He really did this for Ragini. They never expected him to dance so marvellously like a professional. Manny almost got heart attack looking Nitin’s dance, he came like a current hit crow and stood beside Suhani when Nitin started Dancing so confidently.

Nitin lifted Ragini in his arms and stepped down the dance floor. Ishan shook Radhika bringing her out of the shock. She ran to Nitin who was carrying Ragini. She patted Ragini’s cheek worried. “Manny” said Suhani as he acted like he fainted and fell on Suhani’s shoulder. She dragged him towards Nitin. “Gini. Gini” said Radhika patting Ragini’s cheek. “Hey bhagwan. I think she is drunk” said Suhani. “Tubelight. We all know that” said Radhika annoyed. Manny like mentally disturbed person stood near Nitin and started analysing him like he is a specimen in lab. “Manny” shouted Nitin when Manny touched his ear tickling him. Manny shouted “OMG. I’m not dreaming. You really danced Nittu. You really danced. I’m so proud of you Bro” and caressed Nitin’s hair like he is Nitin’s mom. Nitin glared at him and signed him to look at his arms where he was holding Ragini. Manny looked down and panicked “Ragu maa. Oh my God she is drunk. Now what to do”screamed Manny. “Hey Bhagwan. They both are tubelights” said Ishan hitting Manny playfully on his head. He pouted sadly. “He he he he he he” smiled Ragini still half conscious. “Iska kya kare” said Radhika worrried. “If anybody came to know at home we are dead” said Shruthi. “We have to stay here only till her hangover lasts” said Ishan not finding any way. “Here? Are you mad” said Manny. “Then where? Kabbie bhai ko patha chala he will eat us raw. And mainly Siyappa Queen. She will blurt it out in front of Janaki Aunty for sure” said Ishan. “I have a solution. Arjun’s house. His parents are out of town and he is alone. I will tell mom that we are staying in his house. She will not doubt also” said Shruthi. “Sounds great. Call him fast” said Suhani nervous. Shruthi called Arjun and all of them headed to Arjun’s house.
I’m really sorry guys if you people are feeling it is being dragged. Actually I just wanted to give some light moments. Please tell me if you feel so. I will speed up and bring the complications soon. One more chapter I have already typed which you people have to bare. After that I will write it according to your responses. Thank you so much for tolerating me and supporting me. Love you all and keep smiling.

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      Thank you so much dear. Finally you read it. Im glad

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