Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter2


Shekar was roaming around the corridor of Hospital waiting outside Operation Theater tensed and worried. At last he sat on the bench tired due to continuous walking of almost half an hour. His friend Rajender told him to relax but he was hell worried. Obviously his wife was inside the OT struggling for her life as well as their kid’s life. His face had traces of tears which were flowing right from the time Janaki his wife slipped from stairs and he rushed her to the hospital in her eight and half month only. Doctor had refused to give any hopes as it was very critical situation. He was continuously praying to GOD to save his wife and he was ready to sacrifice his other part of heart, his kid about whom he had dreamt so much. After another 10 minutes he heard a baby cry disturbing his pain. A little ray of hope arouse in his heart. The doctor came out and Shekar rushed to him.

Before he could ask his all worries Doctor spoke that the baby and mother are both good. It’s a baby girl and she is very lucky as she survived and saved her mom also though they had dropped all the hopes to save any life. His happiness had no bounds. Now the tears were started flowing due to happiness. The doctor told that they have to keep the baby in incubator as she was born 15 days prior to delivery date. He can only see his daughter but to take her in his embrace he has to wait for another 15 days. He went inside to see his princess and his wife. He caressed his wife’s hair and said “Thank you very much for such a wonderful gift” for which Janaki smiled. She could see the gratitude in his eyes and the pain which he had gone through when she was struggling for her life just some time earlier. After sometime he moved to the incubator where his little bundle of joy was placed, pierced with needles and machines. His heart pained to watch the scenario but he has to bare it for another 15 days. He placed his hand outside the glass where his princess’s hand was touching the glass as if he is holding it and really feeling it. His princess has started recognizing her Dadda already as she moved her head a little as if she is responding to his touch. Shekar was overwhelmed with his little princess’s gesture.

Naming ceremony was going on Panditji told Shekar to select a name starting with “Ra”, and he without thinking much whispered the name in his Princess’s ear “Ragini” and the gathering filled with claps. He was happy very happy to hold his Princess in his arms and name her with his mother’s name. His Princess with her little hand held his finger and smiled. Janaki saw it and smiled.

After those painful 15 days which were most difficult 15 days of their life, Janaki has always observed it; their princess could always sense her dad’s emotions, without even him saying anything. She could always sense her dadda’s presence. She used to clap whenever her Dadda was around; there was always a smile on her face a twinkle in her eyes. She always wondered whether she was her mom or Shekar.

Shekar’s fortunes changed after Ragini was born. They were even struggling to have a onetime meal before. Janaki’s pregnancy was the toughest time. His friend Rajender was a messiah for them he helped them without expecting anything in return. Their princess was a blessing to them she changed their stars. They did not become any billionaire but they could afford their life now. Small small joys made their way into their life and they literally started living

“Dadda I’m going to college” saying Ragini came and hugged her Dadda and brought him back to Present. He took out 500 rupees from his pocket and kept in her hand. She saw it and asked “why this is for Dadda “He replied “Buy a bag for yourself, see your bag is torn. Couldn’t you ask for it ha?” She held her ears and said” Sorry Dadda, I did not observe it only”. Janaki came from kitchen with her tiffin box and told her “Left out money give it to me alright” She showed her tongue out and told ” Oye hello that’s my Dadda’s money, I will give it back to him and if you need take it from him only” She took her tiffin box and started walking out of the house. Shekar chuckled and Janaki glared at him and ran into the kitchen muttering “This Dad daughter duo will admit me in mental hospital one day”. “Mamma I am there na in your party don’t worry” came a voice of Aniket, Ragini’s younger brother. Shekar muttered “Maa ka chamcha”
First kid is always special for parents. Girls are very special and close to their Dad’s Heart.
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Aniket: Faisal Khan

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