Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 9 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)


“So you are the one who was playing prank on me” asked Suhani holding her waist looking down at Manny who was keeping a rose on the door. He got bit scared and looked at angry Suhani. “Wo actually…” he was struggling to speak. “Uss din ithni rudely baath karke dil nahi bhara? Jo yeh prank khel rahe ho? What’s your problem? Why are you trying to pull my leg all the time” she said annoyed. “Oh hello first listen to me. Im not playing any prank. That day I spoke very rudely so wanted your forgiveness. So did all this.” He said looking down. “And why do you need my forgiveness?” asked Suhani still angry. “To start our relationship a fresh” he said casually. “Relationship?” asked Suhani horrified. “Ha after I propose you, we will be in a relationship na. I don’t want you to have any bitter memories in it” he said smiling. “Propose? Have you gone mad? How dare you?” she said angrily. “Haa mad in your love” he said leaning to her to which she backed a little. She started walking nervously. He held her hand. “Leave my hand” she said. “Yeh haath chodne ke liye nahi pakda” he turned her so that she is facing him. She was hell embarrassed and kept staring ground. His closeness made her heart race. He lifted her face holding her chin and made her look into his eyes and said. “Now go your friends must be waiting my Jhansi ki rani” She blushed and ran from there. Manny stood there smiling.

Rachna was following Kabeer everywhere like a puppy and was staring at him with love. And she made sure he noticed it. Kabeer was disturbed with her closeness but other than avoiding he could not do anything. Ragini was admiring Nithin without his knowledge, whenever he felt as if somebody is looking at him she hid herself. He was totally unaware of her presence around him.
Rachna was walking in the corridor smiling. Somebody dragged her to a corner and pinned her to a pillar. She got hell scared and was about to shout but the person closed her mouth with his one hand. She looked up and met familiar eyes and relaxed. Kabeer could not resist himself when her eyes met his eyes; he leaned unknowingly pulled by the innocence in her eyes. Soon he came back to his sense and pulled himself back a little. “What do you think you are doing girl” he asked her still pinning to the pillar. She signaled him he has still closed her mouth. He removed it immediately. She panted heavily and asked “I’m sorry I didn’t get what are you saying” He shot “Why are you behind me always?” “So that someday you can consider me worth walking beside you” she said with tears in her eyes. He looked at her eyes for her reply, his grip loosened on her shoulder and he started moving. She held his hand.

He turned and looked at her confused. “I Love you. I really do” she said crying. He could not see her tears. He pulled her to a bone crushing hug. Suddenly he came to sense and thought what he was doing. He pushed her out of the hug and said “I’m sorry.” She held him tight and said “Don’t be.” “You will only get pain Rachna. Try to understand” he said shouting. “I don’t care as far as I’m with you even if I have to face death I don’t mind” He closed her mouth and nodded no and started tearing. She hugged him tightly. He said “I love you”. He cupped her face and said “You won’t leave me na? I cannot live…” before he could complete he felt her soft lips on his. He was shocked but started reciprocating. Both were still shedding tears. She came in his life to heal his pain. He felt she was cooling his burning heart with her innocence.
“Manny these are the list of programs which our group will perform today. Decide who will perform what and start practicing. I’m supervising the drama. So who ever want to participate send them to me I will start practicing.” said Nithin handing over a list. “Cool dude” said Manny moving towards the group members. Ragini was staring at Nithin when he came to talk to Manny and was smiling. As he went away she felt sad.

“Hey guys who want to participate in drama?” asked Manny. Shravanthi and some other members lifted their hands. “So you people can join Nithin he will be supervising the Drama” said Manny. Shravanthi’s face lighted. Ragini’s face fell as she knew Shravanthi likes Nithin and she got a chance to be close to him. She was not jealous but it was bit painful. Manny was distributing other responsibilities. Everybody got something or the other. But Ragini was lost. Manny came to her and asked “Gini everybody took one or the responsibility. You have to participate in at least one stage performance. You haven’t done anything till now”. “I don’t like going to the stage please senior ji” she pleaded. “Fine dear. Do one thing I will give you the easiest thing that’s report reading. Only for 1 or 2 minutes you will be on stage and only in front of the camping people. Is that okay?” he asked. “Ya that is fine.” she said. “I have to inform this to Nithin, come with me.” he said. She felt nervous. She had never faced him in these days. She was only his secret admirer. She was fighting to hide her excitement and to console her thumping heart. She was thinking where she will hide when Nithin will look at her for the first time. Manny dragged her numb figure towards the place where Nithin was writing down some of the suggestions from the Drama members. Shravanthi was just sitting next to him and staring at him and he was least bothered about her. Ragini’s heart pained. But she hid her anxiety. As Manny informed him about her reading day’s activity, he did not even lift his head. She felt like bursting into tears. She ran behind Manny after that.
She felt broken. Her voice was stuck in her throat. She was controlling her tears, her face burned and head started paining. Her phone rang; she without seeing the name lifted the call and spoke controlling her cry “Hello”. “Gini. Are you crying” spoke Varun getting up from his bed. “Haa?” she controlled her tears very difficultly and replied “No Varun, I was just missing Dadda and Mumma”. “Now I’m sure you are crying. Tell me what happened. Wait I’m coming there.” he said started moving. “Wait wait stupid” she said stopping him. “Please yar Varun I will tell you once I come back home. Please don’t tell this to anybody not even to Radhu ma. Promise on me if you said anything to anybody”.

“Fine I will be waiting. Come back soon.” he said his voice trembling. “Oye Jhingur don’t start crying now” she said smiling in between her tears. “Ok fine. You promise you won’t cry again.” he said wiping his tears. “How do you come to know that I need you without me telling anything” she asked. “That’s our friendship” he said smiling. (“But you still don’t understand my feelings” he said to himself). “Now cheer up sweetie. I will talk to you once you come back okay” he said. “Okay Bandar” she said and disconnected he call. Immediately she got Janaki’s call she said “Thank you Varun. Now I can speak to mumma”. “Ha mumma, where is dadda?” she asked answering call. “Arrey mai teri maa hu wo nahi. Maine call kiya phir bhi thu unke baare me puch rahi hai?” Janaki said complaining. “I know dadda might have got a bad dream that’s why he told you to call as he cannot speak to me in trembling voice. Now stop complaining and give the phone to him.” she said.

“Bola na Kethu hum dono iss ghar me koi hisaab ke nahi hai” saying she handed the phone to Shekar. “Dadda? are you ok?” asked Ragini. “Bacha thu teekh hai na I got a dream that you are crying” said Shekar trembling. She felt bad for her Dadda who could sense her sadness even if she is galaxies away from him. “Ohho Dadda.” she controlled her urge to cry and said “Why will I cry. You know I’m so happy here”. “Pakka na?” asked Shekar. “Pakka” trying to sound happy. “Over your Dadda bacha talk” said Aniketh taking the phone from Shekar “Hello RD”. “Haa be kethu bol” she said wiping her tears. “I miss you. Come back soon” he said with a cracking voice. “Awww mela kethu lo laha hai? Stop crying. Just 5 days na see I will be in front of you only” she said cheering him. “Thu kab se apne baap ki tarah emotional ho gaya?” asked Janaki taking the phone from him. “Ginu beta you are enjoying na?” “Ha mumma bahuth” she replied. But Janaki sensed something wrong. “Maa I think Ani is calling me. I will talk to you tomorrow” she faking and disconnecting the call as she knew her mumma can sense her immediately.

I know I said I will post the promo. But then I felt so stupid about my promo. I’m just including it here for my satisfaction. Here is my stupid promo.
Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Promo
Title song of Dil tho pagal hai
Varun stretching his hand : “Dil tho Pagal hai Dil Diwana hai”
“Dil tho Pagal hai Dil Diwana hai”
Manny: “Pehli Pehli baar milatha hai yehi. Seene me phir aag lagatha hai” remembering how he met Suhani
“Dheere Dheere Pyar sikhata hai yehi Hasatha hai yehi. Yehi rulatha hai.” remebering his closeness with her and her smile when she saw the rose
“Dil tho pagal hai dil diwana hai” puttiing his hand around Nithin’s neck who was hitting his head with his hand.
“Dil tho pagal hai Dil diwana hai. Dil tho Pagal hai Dil diwana hai” said dragging him along with him with the music
Radhika:”Saari Saari Raath jagatha hai yehi Akhiyon se neend churatha hai yehi” sleeping on the bed
“Sache joothe khwab dikahta hai yehi. Hasatha hai yehi. yehi rulatha hai yehi” Rachna joining her
Radhika :”Dil tho pagal hai dil diwana hai”
Suhani :” Dil tho pagal hai dil diwana hai”
During the music Ishan remembered his and Radhika’s dance.
Shravanthi: La la laala lala la la laala laala la
Kabeer:”Iss dil ki baatho me jo aathe hai wo bhi diwane ho jaathe hai. Manzil tho raahi dhund lethe hai, raste magar kho jaathe hai” sang Kabeer putting his hand around Sameer’s neck who was surprised seeing this side of Kabeer after many years.
Ishan : Dil tho pagal hai Dil diwana hai
Rachna : Dil tho pagal hai Dil diwana hai
Suhani: Surath se mai na pehchanungi. Naam se bhi na usko jaanungi. Dekhungi kuch na mai sochungi. Dil jo kahega wahi manungi
Manny: Dil tho pagal hai dil diwana hai
Radhika: Haa yeh pagal hai haa diwana hai
During the music Rachna was remembering her close moments with Kabeer their emotional hug and their passionate kiss.
Ragini looking at the moon “Hmmmm aha ha ha…………….. hmmm oho ho ho………….. ”
Ragini: Dil ka kehna hum sab maane. Dil na kissiki maane. Jaan di humne jaan gaye sab. Ek wahi na jaane. She wiped the single tear which dropped from her eye
Dil tho paagal hai Dil diwana hai
Dil tho paagal hai Dil diwana hai
Ishaan was playing mouth organ remembering Radhika
Nithin: Rehne do chodo yeh kahaniya diwanepan ki yeh nIshaniya. Logo ki saari pareshaniya. Iss dil ki hai yeh mehrbaniya.
Ishan: Dil tho pagal hai Dil diwana hai

Dil tho pagal hai dil diwana hai
Shravanthi: Saari saari raath jagatha hai yehi
Suhani: Akhiyo se neend churata hai yehi
Kabeer: Dheere dheere pyar sikhatha hai yehi
Manny: Hasatha hai yehi yehi rulatha hai
Rachna: Dil tho pagal hai; Varun: Dil Diwana hai
Rachna: Dil tho pagal hai; Varun: Dil Diwana hai
Music plays in background and starts fading. Screen splits on everybody’s individual frame.
Some faces happy( Rachna – Kabeer, Radhika-Ishan) Some faces with hope(Suhani-Manny, Shravanthi, Varun). Some faces with pain(Ragini ) And some faces with no feelings (Nithin).

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