Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 8 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“Suno senior bhayya. You look so tired. Drink this water na” Ishan heard a sweet voice. Wiping the sweat which had formed due to continuously toiling the soil in the hot sun as he looked up found a girl smiling at him and offering him water. “You are so sweet sissy even my Maa or Badi Maa will not tell me to drink water so sweetly, what’s your name behna?” he asked taking the glass of water from her. “Ragini. My friend’s call me Gini. You can call me same” she said. “Hi Gini. My name is Ishan and you can call me with your own invented nick name okay” he said sipping the water. “I will call you Ish bhayya. How’s it? “She asked pointing her finger excitedly. ”Hmmm. Not bad, call me that” said Ishan gulping the water in the glass and giving back to her. “See you Ish bhayya” she said while waving bye to him. He smiled “Ish bhayya? Ish” and turned shivering the way she went and told to himself “Such a sweet girl.”

He saw her hugging a girl. The other girl was smiling and patting her back, when he saw her face he felt some strange feeling like he got the precious thing of his life. Her hair strands were flying which were loosened from her messy bun. She tucked them behind her ears and her fingers travelled on her delicate neck a little, and Ishan’s eyes followed her fingers. He exclaimed “Wowww” and thought what was that.
The starting Harmonium music of “Haule Haule” song from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (That’s my fav.) starts

“Haule Haule…………….. Haule Haule…………………………..”
Haule Haule se hava lagti hai………………
Haule Haule se dava lagti hai………………
Haule Haule se duva lagthi haina………….
Haaye Haule Haule Chanda Badta hai
Haule haule ghunghat utt tha hai na
Tu sabr tho karle yaar, chal fikr go goli maar hai din jindadi de chaar
Haule haule ho jayega pyar chaliya haule haule ho jayega pyar

“Ishan…. Ishan” called Tanya. “Haaa” he turned to her with a questioning look.
“Abbey tera phone bajj raha hai. ” (You guessed it right the song was Ishan’s ringtone ;))
“Oh yaa”. He silenced and picked it up “Haa badi maa” he said turning to the direction where he was looking earlier. But the girl he was searching wasn’t there anymore. He felt he missed her for life. “Haa nahi kuch nahi badi maa. I will call you in the evening” he said disconnecting. “Damn what’s wrong with me?” He muttered and got back to his work.
“Rachu hold it properly na” said Suhani who was stumbling on the staircase. “Why did you take responsibility of the banner Ani?” asked Rachna annoyed. “Two minutes sweetie, I just wanna see how it looks” said Suhani tucking the thread of the banner. Kabeer was passing from the auditorium, Rachna looked at him, lost herself and turned leaving the stair and started smiling like idiot. Kabeer saw her and walked as if he doesn’t care. But then his eyes moved up where Suhani was struggling to balance herself on the stair and worried, he was ready to run to hold her, but stopped. Rachna saw his face expressions and followed his eyes and came to the sense that she left the stair where Suhani was standing. “Ohho Siyappa” said Rachna closing her eyes tightly. Suhani stumbled and shouted “Rachu” and was ready to fall down. She landed in Manny’s arms and he held her and prevented from falling. Suhani covered her face with both her hands. Manny brought her ears near his mouth and told “Oh miss Jhansi ki Rani you are safe”. Hearing his voice a chill shiver ran through her body. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Manny so close to her. She felt she is lost in his eyes.

Rachna’s voice brought them back again “Sorry sorry Ani, I’m really sorry.” she said like a small kid. Suhani remembered Manny’s rude behavior. “Leave me down” she said firmly. “Are you sure” asked Manny. “Ya. Put me down” she said rudely. “Okay” he lifted her still up and acted like he is going to bang her on the floor. She closed her eyes with fear. He smiled mischievously and decreased his speed and laid her down slowly on the ground and took his hands back. She opened her eyes slightly and relaxed. He came near her ears and said softly “You might not care for yourself, but I care for my life.” and moved from there. She sat there confused.
“Hey guys. This is special song dedicated to my life” announced on the mic of headset Manny looking at Suhani and smirking. She felt nervous.
“Gulabi Aankhe Jo teri dekhi, sharabi yeh dil hogaya” he said looking at Suhani with love.
“Sambhalo mujhko wo mere yaaro sambhalna mushkil hogaya” he said falling on his friends who held him with their hands.
“Maine sada chaha yehin Damaan bacha loon haseeno se mai” he said walking behind the row of girls.
Teri kasam khwabon maibhi Bachta fira naazneno se mai” he sang scaring from girls
“Tuaba magar mil gayi tujhse nazar” he stared in Suhani’s eye touching her forehead “Mil gaya dard e jigar he said keeping her hand on his chest
She dragged it back and started walking and he followed her singing
Sun zara o bhekhabar

A smile started appearing on her face which she was controlling he leaned one side Zara sa haske jo dekha tune Main tera bismil ho gaya
“Gulabi Aankhe Jo teri dekhi, sharabi yeh dil hogaya”
“Sambhalo mujhko wo mere yaaro sambhalna mushkil hogaya”
Suhani walked fast from there once turning and seeing Manny who smiled and winked at her
“Gulabi Ankhe hmm hmm” sang Radhika. “Stop it Radhu” said Suhani annoyed. “What? That’s my favorite song” said teasing Radhika. “Ahhh” shouted Suhani and covered herself in blanket. All three of them gave hi fi.
“Gini have one more chapati” said Rachna. “No Rachu. I’m full. No space in my stomach” she said childishly. “Oye you ate only 1 chapati, that to a very thin chapati. Take one more” said Radhika authoritatively. “No Radhu maa please” she pleaded. “You know na she will not eat once she decides she is full. Leave it” said Suhani biting the chapati. She saw Manny entering. He smiled looking at her, she lowered her gaze immediately and said “idiot” under her breath. Manny understood what she said and his smile widened thinking “So my presence affects her? Not bad Manny. Improvement hmmm” and brushed his shoulders feeling proud. Nithin saw it and asked “What are you doing?” Ragini jerked to his voice and looked at Nithin and for a second lost herself. “Nothing” said Manny. “Mad Manny” he said and started moving to the food counter. Ragini acted quickly and went and stood behind him in the queue not letting a person who was just entering the queue. Nithin was walking in the queue and looking forward waiting. Ragini was just looking at him admiringly. She took a chapati and sat back with her friends. Nithin was sitting a bit far parallel to her. She looked at him and smiled. He was busy looking at the plate and eating. Manny was smiling in between his food whenever his and Suhani’s eyes met. Radhika got shocked to see Ragini eating extra chapati smilingly. “You just said you are full” she almost shouted. Ragini choked for a moment and coughed badly. Suhani and Rachna left their plates on the table. Suhani patted her back and Rachna gave her water glass. “What’s wrong with you Radhu, see how she is struggling. You know she gets jerked to sudden loud voices” said Suhani concerned coming in front of Ragini to pat her head “Sorry” said Radhika sadly pouting. Manny saw the situation and panicked a bit seeing Ragini’s condition, as soon as Nithin lifted his head to look where Manny was looking he found a girl facing her back standing. He hit his shoulder and said “Tu kabhi nahi Sudhrega” and walked from there. “Oye hello Ragini choked that’s why I got concerned ok. Don’t over think” Manny said coming back of Nithin. “Sorry Manny. Teri image hi aisi hai. Leave it now” said Nithin wiping his hands with hand kerchief after washing it from the water and they left from there.
Nithin was supervising the work. Ragini who was standing behind him was just looking at him admiringly and lost in his voice spell which makes her go mad every time. As she sensed he will turn she turned immediately and hit her leg to a rock and softly said “ouch” which he did not hear. Nithin just saw a girl bending and holding her leg, he got concerned coming near to her and bent as she was bending and asked “Are you okay?”

His closeness made all her senses numb and she struggled to move. His hot breath, his fragrance which was so close to her made her blush, she closed her eyes. Her hair was acting as a barrier to her face. And he did not bother also to look at her face. He himself didn’t know why he felt the concern towards her. Her fragrance made him numb for a moment but he got his senses back soon. She just nodded her head like its ok. “Nittu” called out Manny from far. He looked up and straightened himself and started walking.
“Gini” called Shravanthi who brought her to reality by waving her hand in front of her. “Haa?” asked Ragini. “Come will have lunch” she said. Ragini nodded and walked with her blushing.
“Ahhhh, one more rose. If I get that person na……..” said Suhani annoyed picking one more rose kept on the table where she was doing craft work for the group activity chart when she returned to the table after drinking water. “What will you do ha?. Do one thing give him a kiss on his cheek okay” said Rachna hugging her from back. “Rachu ki bachi. You are playing this prank on me na. Tell me the truth” she dragged Rachna with one hand in front of her. “Oye Ani… Why will I play a prank on you? I’m there in front of you only did I get any rose? Did you see” she asked releasing from Suhani’s grip. “Then who is doing this?” Suhani started thinking. “Jaane dena. Hoga koi tera dewaana aashiq. You enjoy the attention Ani” said Rachna. Manny and Ragini were peeping through the door. Ragini’s head was down and Manny’s head a little above. “Don’t you like it?” asked Rachna. Suhani was blushing. “Ohho somebody is falling in love deeply…..” said Rachna almost shouting. “Shhh shhh Rachu shut up” said Suhani closing her mouth and looking around if anybody heard their conversation. Ragini and Manny hid by the door and giggled.
“See I told you na my plan will work” said Ragini walking through the corridor with Manny. “Woow girl you are super genius in this love matter ha? How do you know so much? You look so innocent. Must be your boyfriend effect, he must have taught you hai na?” asked Manny teasing. Ragini remembered Nithin at the mention of her boyfriend. She blushed and said “No no I don’t have any boyfriend.” stumbling. “Oh really then how you know about love so much.” he asked surprised. “To understand love you just need to fall in love not necessary you should be committed to someone” said Ragini smiling. “Haaei?” Manny got confused and funnily contorted his face. “Nothing senior ji.” she replied turning other side controlling her feelings. “Oye don’t call me that I told na.”…… “Manny…..” they heard Nithin calling and approaching them. Ragini’s heart started beating fast as she heard his voice and she felt it will pump out anytime. Her breathing became random. She could not control her excitement anymore.

She thought Manny will catch her expressions. Struggling with her nervousness she ran from there. “Hey Ragu maa I think Nithin……” he said turning to Ragini and found her missing. “Where did she go? Strange girl. I’m seeing a first girl who disappears hearing Nithin’s voice. Gosh she is hell scared of him. Must be he looks like a Dracula to her he he” he said to himself. “Oye Manny what are you talking to yourself and what are you doing near Crafts room. Today our work is in the health department right?” asked Nithin putting his hand around Manny’s neck. “Nothing I just came in search of Ragini to ask whether she is giving water to everybody on the ground to avoid de-hydration.” he said stumbling. “Don’t you think you talk a lot about this girl now a day?” “Really when did you started remembering girls name which I say ha?” asked Manny teasing. “Oh hello you only keep talking about her so much okay so I remember” shot Nithin. “So are you jealous?” asked Manny. “Why will I be? I don’t even know who she is?” he said. “Shall I introduce you people? Actually you both look good together” said Manny dreamily and winked at him. “Shut up Manny” he said walking from there. “Vishwamithra ji aapki tapasya jaldi tutegi dekh lena yeh Manpreet Chadda ka waada hai” he said lifting his collar.
“Radhika. You and Ishan are dancing together today” said Natasha addressing Ishan and Radhika who were surprised for the group leader’s sudden decision. “But I cannot dance Nats please.” said Ishan pleading feeling nervous thinking he has to dance with a girl. “Don’t worry Ishan. Radhika is a good dancer she will teach you. Radhika come here.” He looked at the direction Natasha was calling the girl. All his senses stopped working for a moment. The same girl whom he saw in the morning. He smiled lost in her face.
“Ouch ouch. ” shouted Radhika holding her left leg with her hand as Ishan stepped on it. “Sorry sorry. I’m really sorry” told Ishan with a crying face and ran to turn the music off and brought water for her. “Aww it’s paining” cried Radhika. “Fish…. What the hell did I do? I’m really sorry yar. I didn’t do it intentionally. Please forgive me” said Ishan holding his ears. Radhika chuckled and said “You are really taang thodu dancer”. “What?” asked Ishan confused and joined her laugh when he understood what she meant. He was lost in her laugh. Reality stuck him after some seconds. “Wait a sec” he told and ran out. Radhika got confused.
“Hey Gini” he called out Ragini when he spot her in the first aid room. “Hey Ish bhayya. You here? What happened?” asked Ragini. “Actually I was practicing dance with my partner. By mistake I stepped on her leg. Can you please come and apply some ointment to her, please” he pleaded. “Sorry Ish bhayya. Too much busy wait for five minutes I will come for sure.” she said helplessly. “Oh. Then give me the ointment tube I will only apply and some painkiller. I will return the tube later” he said worried. “Take it bhayya. Sorry I could not help” she said. “It’s ok bacha. Don’t take it so seriously. Get back to work” he said caressing her cheek.
“Where did you run away” asked Radhika to Ishan who came running inside the practice room. “Actually I went to call for help from first aid room. You said na its paining so” he saw Radhika smiling with her evergreen sweet smile. “What are you doing” asked Radhika stopping Ishan who was ready to apply the ointment to her paining leg. “Just applying the ointment. It’s ok if you feel uncomfortable I will call some girl.”

He said. “No it’s ok, I did not mean that.” she said lowering her gaze. Radhika was observing Ishan who was applying the ointment with utmost care and his tensed face which was for her pain and she was smiling. “Did I do anything which made you feel that I’m serious about us?” suddenly Mohit’s words flashed in her mind. She jerked a bit. Ishan asked concerned “What happened? Is it paining?” She just nodded no nervous. “Take this painkiller and sleep and take rest” he told giving the tablet and water. “And what about practice?” she asked worried. “Hey don’t bother about it. I will talk to Shanaya ma’am and Kabeer bhayya about it. And sort it out. You just take rest” he said leaving. Don’t know why Radhika did not want to cancel the performance. She had started liking Ishan’s company. She stopped him holding his hand. He turned to her. “Let it be I want to perform. It’s not that badly paining. And I have taken the tablet na. I will be fine. After sometimes also if I cannot manage then you talk. Please don’t cancel the dance.” she said pleading. “Okay fine. Shall I call any of your friends?” he asked. “No you stay here that’s enough.” she bit her tongue for what she said. “Okay” said Ishan smiling. She rested on the couch and Ishan kept staring her beautiful face.

“And now comes the beautiful couple dance of the evening from the Super Sizzler group.” The stage goes dark and the light intensity increases according to music.
“Gungunati hai yeh hawaye gungunata hai gagan. Gaa raha hai yeh saara aalam” a female figure is shaking facing back to the stage. “Zubi dubi parampam” singing a male figure comes to the stage. Both of them turn holding hands and start dancing on the song. It is revealed to be Ishan and Radhika.
They are moving in sync and with proper romantic expressions. They were dancing as if nobody is watching them.

“Hai raat akeli tanha mujhe chule aake thu.” Ishan come near Radhika and touches her waist sensually. She shivers a little and comes close to Ishan. “Jaisa filmo me hotha hai ho raha hai rubaroo” Ishan tightens his grip on her waist and Radhika blushes. They continue the dance. At the end he twirls and takes her in his embrace side hugging her. Radhika feels shy and lowers her gaze and Ishan looks at her lovingly his nose touches her forehead. As the crowd fills with claps and hooting, they both come back to their sense and depart and go to backstage. “I’m sorry” said Ishan to Radhika who was nervously standing in the backstage. She closed eyes immediately feeling his hot breath on her back. “Why are you saying sorry” she asked. “I thought you must be feeling bad for my move during the dance so…” he struggled to say. “Actually I loved it” said Radhika before running from there laughing. He stood there numb and a smile curved on his lip and he blushed caressing his neck. Radhika came to her room closed the door and leaned her back to it blushing. Ragini, Suhani and Rachna were standing in front of her placing their hands on their waist and staring her angrily. She felt nervous. All three of them laughed seeing her flushed face. She hugged them and relaxed. She started sobbing silently. Ragini who felt it lifted her chin and asked “Hey Radhu maa what happened?” “He will not be like Mohit na? I don’t want to get pain again” said Radhika. “Oye stop crying” said Suhani wiping her tears. “All men are not same Radhu. He truly loves you” said Rachna assuring her. “How dare you doubt my Ish bhayya” complained Ragini. “You know him?” asked Radhika. “Haa Radzee after senior ji he was the only person with whom I felt comfortable, in first meeting only he called me sissy. Cho chweet he is” she said explaining. Hearing about Manny, Suhani changed her face expression. “And he is really a sweet person. I know he loves you; that was visible in his eyes. Trust me” said Ragini cupping her face. Radhika nodded and hugged her.

Kabeer: Piyush Sahdev
Ishan: Jay Soni
Hey guys. I hope Sri I did not disappoint you. Hope you people like the chapter. And next update I will give on Saturday. Tomorrow I will post a promo…

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