Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 7

Suhani was walking outside the room to get cool air. Ragini followed her. She saw Manny was watching her from far. She went to him and told “When you love her so much why did you speak so rudely to her” Manny lost in his thoughts replied “Wo just like…” then he realized what he was speaking and saw Ragini smiling beside him. He stumbled and said “What are you saying? I…”. “I know you love her. I can see it in your eyes” she replied. “But she hates me after whatever happened today. You saw na how rudely she spoke” he said sounding sad. “No. She was just annoyed. I know she also has feeling for you but” said Ragini. “Really?” his face glowed. “But what” he asked. “She is actually scared of falling in love that’s all” she said. “Why?” he asked concerned. “Actually her Mama’s (mom’s brother) son used to love her from childhood. But she never showed any interest. But one day he dragged his mom to her house to ask her hand for marriage” paused Ragini. “Then what happened” asked Manny nervous guessing whether she is already engaged. “But his mom did not like Ani. She insulted her and her family very badly just because she has darker skin complex”. “What how dare she”

Manny said angrily. “Relax thank her otherwise your Suhani would have been someone else’s and you would have become Devdas”. “Ya………….. But who Suhani.” he asked funnily. Ragini hit her head with her palm and said “Arrey Ani’s full name is Suhani. We call her Ani. Wah naam bhi nahi patha aur majnu bane phir rahe ho”. “Oh” he said caressing his neck “I thought her name is Anitha or Anamika”. “Uff you guys bhi na so boring. So wrong you people guess” said Ragini. “So she is scared of falling in love thinking she will be rejected” he asked.” And you spoke to her so rudely she is thinking that everyone speaks so rudely due to her complexion” as she stared him with fake anger. “Sorry. And don’t worry I will bring her out of it and make her believe in love” he said assuring her. “Really senior ji thank you so much” she said almost jumping. “Shhh shhh now relax don’t get so excited alright. She will come to know that you are helping me to get her love. And stop calling me that ji. It sound so awkward” said making faces. “Then what should I call you? Jeeju ha?” asked teasing and ran away from there. Manny stood there blushing.

Saathiya song from Singham movie starts playing
Nithin is walking with his cooling glasses on.
When the flute starts playing Ragini is seen walking behind him bending her head on one side and blushing
Ragini starts singing : Sathiya……….. Sathiya ………………..
Pagle se dil ne yeh kya kiya
Chun liya chun liya tujhko diwane ne chun liya
She stretches her hand and moves according to the music
Dil tho uda uda re aasman me baadalon ke sang
Yeh tho machal machal ke ga raha hai sun nayi si dhun
She starts tapping her hand on her heart and taps her feet with the beats
Badmash dil tho thug hai bada badmash dil yeh tujse juda
Badmash dil meri sunena zidd pe adaa
Badmash dil tho thug hai bada badmash dil yeh tujse juda
Badmash dil meri sunena zidd pe adaa
A huge garden appears, Ragini is standing there

She turns and sings : Oh ache lage dil ko meri har teri baath re
Nithin is walking front and she walks behind singing :Saaya tera banke chalu ithna hai khaab re
She holds his shoulder and keeps her head on it and sings : Kaandhe pe sar rakh ke tere kat jaye raat re She slides her hand from his shoulder down and holds his palm with her palm and locks the fingers : beete yeh din thame tera hatho me hath re

She lifts her head and looking lovingly at him and he turns his head and looks at her
Ragini :Yeh kya hua mujhe yeh mera yeh dil phisal phisal gaya
Yeh kya hua mujhe mera jaha badal badal gaya
Badmash dil tho thug hai bada badmash dil yeh tujse juda
Badmash dil meri sunena zidd pe adaa
Badmash dil tho thug hai bada badmash dil yeh tujse juda
Badmash dil meri sunena zidd pe adaa

It’s a farming field Nithin is sitting on shore of a pond. Ragini comes and tickles him with a grass plant. He jerks and turns back and chases her. Where she slips on a heap of grass stumbling along with him. He drags her and hugs her. She keeps her head on his chest and feels his racing heartbeat.
Nithin and Ragini are sitting on a terrace. Ragini is side hugging Nithin
“Neende nahi chaina nahi badlu me karvate, Taare ginu ya mai ginu chadar ki salvate.” She tightens her grip around him looking at the full moon, keeping her head on his shoulder

“Yaado me thu khaabo me thu, teri hi chahate , javu jidhar dhunda karu teri hi ahaate” She drags him closer to her. His nose touches her forehead. He smiles. And she cuddles.
Nithin is standing with his hands in his pant pockets. Ragini hugs him by encircling her hands on both the sides of his chest and places her head on his shoulder. He leans a bit and touches her forehead and she feels his heartbeat and fragrance and blushes.

Yeh jo hai dil mera yeh dil sunona keh raha yehi
Wo bhi kya zindagi ho zindagi ki jisme tu nahi
He drags her with one hand and makes her stand in front of him. A tear drops from her eye. He cups her face and wipes it with his thumb and kisses her forehead
Badmash dil tho thug hai bada badmash dil yeh tujse juda
Badmash dil meri sunena zidd pe adaa
Badmash dil tho thug hai bada badmash dil yeh tujse juda
Badmash dil meri sunena zidd pe adaa
He leans closer to her lips, she blushes feeling his closeness. A twinkling street light fades their face and shines and its shine reduces as they come closer.
Ragini wakes up with a smile on her face and stretches her hand and blushes hiding her face and runs to wash room

“Hey guys I’m Kabeer Super senior of your Super Seniors, in short the old student of your college” everybody laughed. “I’m here to spend time with you people and help you with activities” said Kabeer putting his hands inside pocket of his track pant.
“Wow he is so handsome man” girls were gossiping among themselves. “So guys let get to the work” he said and everybody departed to their respective works.
Suhani was walking confused holding a rose and thinking who kept that rose in her room door with a sorry note. Radhika saw it and teased her “Ani? Rose ha? Kaun hai yeh fan ha?”. ”Fan hai ya A/C mujhe khud nahi patha” she said confused. “Chuck it yaar thu enjoy kar na jo bhi attention de raha hai” said Rachna hitting her shoulder. Suhani left from there annoyed. Ragini and Manny were peeping from behind the pillar and watching her. Both gave hi fi and chuckled.

Rachna was taking the food in her plate and turned and collided with Kabeer and the curry fell on his t-shirt. He got annoyed and shouted “What the….”and stopped as he saw Rachna who was almost tearing. He doesn’t know why but he could not see her like that. He felt bad…. She said “Sorry” almost crying. He said “That’s fine” and moved from there. Rachna walked from there hell nervous.
Ragini was searching for Nithin as she did not see him from morning. She herself was so surprised as how she wanted to see him so desperately. She said to herself “I’m mad about a person who doesn’t even know that I exist in the world” she smiled while turning and saw Radhika standing behind her. “What’s the matter Ginnu? You are not hiding anything from me na?” she asked. “No Radhu maa why will I hide anything from you? You are just over reacting” said and left from there. Radhika stood there doubtfully.

“What’s wrong with you Rachna why are you doing so many mistakes ha. Where are you lost?” shouted Rachna’ s group leader Tanya. Kabeer who was passing from there and saw Rachna who was nervous and ready to weep. He felt a pain in his heart he moved towards her and said “Whats going on? Why are you yelling at her” asked Kabeer. Tanya stumbled and said “Wo sir she wasn’t concentrating and made so many mistakes.” “So you will yell at her ha? You are her senior, you should tell her calmly. This is what you are teaching her how to behave with her juniors when she comes for camp next year?” He defended Rachna. Rachna was just lost in him. She thought somebody is there for her also in this cruel world. She had happy tears.

“You love her? ” asked Sameer giving water to Kabeer. He coughed and asked “What? About whom are you talking about?”. “Rachna.” he replied. “You very well know Sameer I cannot give Ananya’s place to anybody in my life” shot Kabeer. “She is dead Kabeer. Accept it. I have seen the same feelings in your eyes for Rachna after so many years. Why are you denying it” said Sameer. “There is nothing like that Sameer cut this crap here don’t you bring this topic again did you get that” saying he left from there with rage. “Your anger confirms me that you have started feeling for Rachna, I know she will not take Ananya’s place but she will create her own place. I know my sissy only has sent her in your life. Thank you sissy. Now I can fulfill the promise I gave you.” he said looking up at the sky and left from there. Rachna who was standing behind the pillar came out. She had tears in her eyes. “I will bring you out of your pain Kabeer it’s my promise. It’s my promise Ananya Di” said Rachna looking up at sky.

“Nobody wanna chit chat today strange” said Radhika entering the room when she saw all her friends have slept. Actually everybody was acting like sleeping as they knew that their friend’s will catch their facial expressions and feelings. Three of them could not sleep they were just thinking about the things happening in their life.
On the other side Manny was smiling while he was sleeping. Nithin was sleeping peacefully unaware of future. And Kabeer was trying to sleep with frustrated face.

Hi guys. I know you will be expecting more Ragini scenes. She is the centre of the story. But others also has important role to play in her life. Just wait for some more chapters you will see intensity of Ragini and Nitin’s love. But to understand it’s depth you need to bear this torture of mine. So that I don’t disappoint you I thought of adding detailed version of Ragini’s emotions. I had already written this chapter on Sunday. But I added Ragini’s dream sequence for Lisa’s request. Hope you will like it.
Keep smiling

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