Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 6

“Hey Ragini how are you? Feeling better?” asked Shravanthi “Hmmm ya. And can I call you Shraa please?” said Ragini. “Of course dear if you feel comfortable that way that’s fine for me” Shravanthi assured her. “And you can call me gini like all my friends call” smiled Ragini. “Aww you are really sweet yar Ragini sorry gini” and smiled. “Come let’s go for the group meeting. Nithin will be waiting for us”. “Who Nithin? Boyfriend ha?” teased Ragini. To which Shravanthi blushed and hit her shoulder and said “Shhh. Don’t say like that. He is our group leader. Meri kismat kaha ki Mr. Nithin Roy will become my boyfriend”. “Why you are so beautiful, thum pe tho koi bhi ladka flat hojaye” said Ragini holding her chin. “He is not “koi bhi ladka. He is Mr. Nithin Roy” said Shravanthi. “Tho? He has extra horns on his head that he is different?” asked Ragini keeping her hands on her waist. “Madam uske peeche tho college ki almost saari ladkiya flat hai lekin aaj thak usne kisiko bhav hi nahi diya patha hai?” said Shravanthi. “Aise kaunse mothi chade hai uss Mr.Roy me”. Shravanthi who saw Manny was standing behind Ragini and he heard what Ragini said and widened her eyes and said “shhh Ginni.” Ragini who was confused turned back and saw Manny standing behind her and widened her eyes. Manny told her “Nahi Miss. Mumma’s girl Nithin me koi heere mothi nahi chade hai. Wo khud ek heera hai now stop this gossip and start moving.” said and walked. “Why kanha ji why always me” said Ragini. Shravanthi dragged her to the meeting.

“Hey all” said Nithin addressing the meeting. Ragini got a jerk who was speaking to Shravanthi. As she looked up. Her heart started beating rapidly and randomly. Like this she never felt in her life. Not even when she saw Salman Khan on the movie screen. She lost herself looking at her group leader and felt as if she is bound to some magical spell when he was speaking to the gathering. She did not hear a single word. Shravanthi’ s mobile started ringing with ring tone
“Agar thum mil javo. Zamana Chod denge hum
Thumhe paakar zamane bhar se rishtha thod denge hum
From Zeher movie and Ragini felt it was exactly what she was feeling now. She felt butterflies in her stomach. As everybody turned to Shravanthi she turned off the mobile immediately and said sorry to everyone. Nithin saw her and said strictly “this is the last time. I don’t want anybody to carry the mobile with them. They can use the mobile when they get back to their rooms, understood?” Everybody nodded.
“Aaah first impression turned out to be worst impression. I better stop trying on him.” said Shravanthi to herself frustrated. She saw Ragini was lost somewhere. She shook her and brought her back to the world. “Ginni chale?” asked Shravanthi, and she nodded. They headed to the ground.
Ragini was smiling continuously to herself. Shravanthi has to repeat whatever she said because for once tho she did not hear only. They were given the kitchen work and she was doing all stupid things lost in her dream where she was seeing Nithin speaking the way he spoke in the morning. She was putting the peel of the potato in the dish and peeled potato on the ground. Shravanthi was a bit away and boiling the water for rice. Manny came to supervise and saw Ragini putting the potatoes on the ground. He got angry and shouted “What the hell are you doing”. Ragini jerked and came to reality and saw around her and said “sorry”

“Rachu I will just check Gini and come okay just see nobody notices that I am missing” said Suhani and headed towards the Kitchen. “Okay” nodded Rachna.
Suhani entered and saw somebody yelling at her Gini. She got hell angry. She shouted “Oye Hello “and started moving. Manny turned back. Due to the water Suhani slipped and was about to fall but Manny held her in his arms. She closed her eyes fearing she will fall; Manny was just lost in her face holding her and was smiling. He could hear her heart beats and felt her hot breath on his face. The time just stopped for him there. (The building besides their camping was under construction. There some workers had switched on the music player of their mobile and the song started playing “Hua hai aaj pehli baar” from Sanam Re movie)
“Hua hai aaj pehli baar Jo aise muskuraya hu, Tumhe dekha tho jaana yeh ki kyu duniya me aya hu………
Yeh jaan lekar ke jaan meri, tumhe jeene mai aaya hu. Mai thumse ishq karne ki ijaazath rab se laaya hu.”
Ragini and Shravanthi stood there shocked for what they just saw.
“Ohho Siyappa.” said Rachna entering who brought them to reality Manny made her stand.
“Kya hua Rachu” asked Suhani. “Ani wo group leader is calling you to discuss the evening’s cultural program. Come fast” and she dragged Suhani. Manny left the place without uttering a word and caressing his hair. Ragini and Shravanthi looked at each other “Gini what just happened” she asked. She replied “don’t know yaar”. “Look what mess you made clean it. Thank god you were saved on time.” said Shravanthi looking at the potatoes. Ragini said “Thanks to Ani” and smiled.
Suhani was lost in her own world remembering what just happened. She could not concentrate at all. Here Manny was in the same situation. He was smiling like an idiot. Nithin saw it and asked “Hey Manny what’s wrong. Where are you lost man”. He came back to world and said “LOVE” stretching his hands. “What?” asked Nithin surprised. Manny told him everything what happened in kitchen. Nithin said “You are mad. Tere ko tho har saal pyar hotha hai”. “No bhai. This time I’m really serious” said Manny putting his one hand around Nitin’s neck. “We will see. But…” before Nithin could complete Manny said “Ha Ha patha hai Shri Ram ji, don’t break any girl’s heart. I will remember it” Nithin hugged him and caressed his back smiling.

Suhani was sitting on the bed lost in her thoughts when Ragini came calling “Ani….” and sat beside her and hugged her. Suhani smiled and hugged her back. Radhika and Rachna were hell confused who were in the room earlier only. Rachna said “In donno ki aathma badal tho nahi gayi na”. Radhika hit Rachna on her head and said “Have you gone Mad.” and walked near the bed. “Wow Gini, you are so happy today. Till morning you had no mood to be in the camp and now your face is glowing like a LED bulb ha?” said Radhika. “Nothing like that just heard a good song” replied Ragini nervously. Rachna came near Suhani and asked “Ani I’m noticing you from morning where are you lost?” “Haa nothing.” said Suhani avoiding the topic. “Ani tho Manny ke bahoo me kho gayi hai” said Ragini hitting Suhani’s shoulder with her shoulder. Suhani jerked with the revealation and tried to get away from there. “What?” asked surprised Radhika holding Suhani’s hand. “She is gone mad, nothing like that okay” said Suhani avoiding eye contact. “Oh really?” all three of them in unison by holding their waist with both their hands. Suhani became red and was staring at the ground. All of them chuckled and had a group hug.

Suhani was peeping inside the room where Ragini was sweeping the floor and smiling. Suhani was trying to call her slowly. Manny who came on that way and saw Suhani peeping inside. He came near her and said “What are you doing Miss.?”. Suhani jerked and turned back stumbling and saw Manny standing folding hands and staring at her. “Wo nothing I just came here to check my friend” replied Suhani struggling to look into his eyes. “And why are you doing that?” asked Manny whereas inside his heart he was saying “Thank God she came to see Ragini. With this even I could see her. Godd she is driving me crazyyyy”. “Wo actually she was not well so just came to see her” said Suhani but inside her heart she was cursing him “Sadu kahi ka. Teekh se baath bhi nahi karna aatha”. “So finished your detective work?” he asked her but within himself he told “Gosh Manny why did you said that. Arrey I just told to extend the conversation”. “What’s your problem whatever I do?” Suhani said irritated. “You are disturbing my work” said Manny gathering words. “What?” asked Suhani confused. “I mean you are interfering in our group work” said Manny and thought to himself what the hell I’m speaking. “To hell with you and your group. Uska achar banake apne khane me daal lena” she said shouting. Ragini and rest of the group members came there hearing her scream. “I will do whatever I want you go from here.” shouted Manny this time. Suhani got hell irritated and said “You Mr.Sadu maharaj……” before she could continue Ragini came and held her and stopped her from hitting Manny. In the process of acting cool Manny said to Ragini “Listen Ragini this is the last time I don’t want to see her here with you. Got it” cursed himself for doing that and left from there. “Iski ithni himmath” said Suhani breathing heavily. “Ani relax. He is bit strict only, but very nice person” said Ragini consoling her. “Why are you taking that Sadu’s side” said Suhani irritated. “Nothing like that Ani. Just leave it. You go from here to your group please. I will meet you for lunch sweet heart please” pleaded Ragini. “Fine” said Suhani leaving and huffing. “I don’t want to see his Sadu face again.” said Suhani to herself. “Gosh I’m such an idiot” said Manny to himself. Nithin who was on Manny’s way asked him what happened. He narrated everything and Nithin held his stomach and started laughing. Screen freezes on irritated face of Suhani and crying face of Manny. Confused face of Ragini and laughing face of Nithin.


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