Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 54

“Ginu” called Radhika. Ragini pouted like a small kid and walked to her. “Bacha what happened?” asked she concerned. “You will leave me and go?” asked she. She smiled and kissed her forehead and cupped her face. “Can I leave my Gini and go anywhere?” asked she. “I will be here only, in this city” said she. “And you can come to our home anytime” said Bhavika; Ishan’s bhabi who came to give Radhika some ornaments. “Sachi?” asked Ragini. “Muchi” said she holding her chin. “I did not Ishan has to manage such a cute kid as dehej(dowry)” said she chuckling and hugging Ragini. She looked at Radhika and assured her it’s fine. “Chalo chalo now make your Radhu maa ready fast. Ishan Papa is waiting” said she and walked out. “Rachu” screamed Radhika. “Kya hai?” asked she annoyed holding he phone over which she was talking. “Mr and Mrs Love birds if your romance is over will you help me to get ready?” asked Radhika making puppy face. “Awww don’t give me that innocent look now. Just a sec.” said she and disconnected the girl and walked to her to make her ready. “Gini. Call Ani. Check where she is?” said Radhika watching Ragini through mirror. “Gini” she called her again. Ragini stumbled and stood smiling sheepishly. “What is wrong with you people. Cut the phone now. You can talk to him after marriage” said she glaring Ragini. She complied and nodded her head. “Now call Ani” ordered she wearing her ear ring.

“Ha Ginu just leaving home. Ha Manny is waiting for me in the car. I will be there in 10 minutes” said she and disconnected the call and walked to the car. “Manny” she called out and looked around. “Manny” said she again not finding him. “Manny” she screamed more. “Ani what happened beta?” asked Pratima walking to her. “Maa Manny where is he” she said panicking. “He must be here only” said she looking around. “Manny manny” screamed she looking everywhere. “Ani beta relax ” said Pratima consoling her. “Maa maa see na where this Manny went” said sobbing. “What happened?” asked Manny standing behind her. Suhani stood shocked. She immediately turned and hugged him and burst out crying bitterly. He was surprised. He looked at Pratima with a questioning look. She nodded her head as she don’t know. “You stupid idiot where did you go leaving me?” asked she hitting him on his chest. “Hold on” said he stopping her. “Ani what happened to you?” he asked worried cupping her face. “Don’t go anywhere leaving me you got that?” asked she warning him. “Jaan I just went inside that’s all. Why are you behaving strange?” asked . She wiped her tears and face and said “Nothing. Now come we are getting late” said she trying to cover. “Ani” said he holding her hand stopping her. She stopped and looked blank. “Please Manny don’t ask me anything now. Let’s leave” said she pleading him. He looked at her worried and complied.

“Shru” said Ragini hugging Shruthi who walked to Radhika’s room. “You had food and tablets na?” asked Rachna cupping her face. “Ha mumma” said Shruthi and chuckled and gave high five to Ragini and Rachna glared them. They both stretched their hands and signed her to join the hug. She smiled at last and hugged them. “Where is your dumb bro?” asked Ragini to Shruthi. “Ginu” said Rachna hitting on her head playfully. “What he is dumb” said she casually. “Rachu she will not listen” said Radhika stopping Rachna who was ready to say something. She huffed and walked from there to Radhika to help her. “By the way I’m married and I stay in my house. Not Nittu bro’s home” said Shruthi and walked to Radhika. “I will only call him” said she and walked out. “Pagal” said Radhika nodding her head smiling looking at her.

“Varun. What the hell. I have to check food arrangements” said Shravanthi when he dragged her away. “I want to tell you something” said he hesitantly. She gave him a questioning look. “Will you come with me for a date tonight?” asked he shrinking his eyes. She controlled her smile. “Please” said he. “You never asked a girl for a date na?” asked she. He widened his eyes shocked. “How do you know?” asked he. She burst out laughing and he stood pouting. “Okay okay I will come. Now can I go. Today is your little sis marriage Kaan Khajure” said she messing his hair and ran before he would realize. He caressed his neck blushing looking at her direction.

He turned and looked and found Ragini looking at him and smirking. “Wa now you are officially kaan khajura” said she walking to him and placing her hand around his neck. “Bandariya…” said he but stopped by her “Kaan Khajure before I spread this news I want my commission” said she smirking. “And why do you think I will listen to you” he asked folding his hands. “You know our group policy?” asked she. “What group what policy?” asked he confused. “Haaww you don’t know our group policy?” asked she opening her mouth. “Ginu stop talking around come to the point” said he annoyed. “In our group we spoil the first date always of our group member” said she. “Why so?” asked he horrified. “Simply to test the compatibility of the partner with our group” said she casually. “But when did I join your group?” asked he. “Who said you are in our group?” asked she making weird face. “Then this rule?” “This is for Shraa budhu ram” said she hitting on his head playfully. “Now if I tell this to our members you know what will happen?” asked she smirking. “Fine tell me what should I do to avoid your wrath?” asked he folding his hands. “Tomorrow is Nitin’s birthday and I want to be the first one to wish him”said she pouting. “So?” he asked weirdly. “So” said she smirking and he pouted and said “Fine I will help you to sneak out” as he understood the meaning of the so. “You are the best Kan khajura in the world” said she hugging him and ran from there. He smiled nodding his head.

“Kabbi bhai” said Ragini patting Kabeer’s shoulder from back. “Ginu” said he and hugged her smiling. “What are you searching for?” asked she. “Your Ishan Papa is getting hell nervous so I was searching for a cool drink” said he. “Oh. Wait” said she and went in a direction and brought a cool drink bottle. “Come I wanna see how is Ish bhai looking” said she walking with him.
“See I was present with him on his marriage and that Manny dhokebaaz not yet arrived. Even Nittu. Let his time come I will show” said Ishan roaming inside his room. “Ish bhai” said Ragini entering. “Ginu, thank god you came” said he hugging her. She chuckled looking at Kabeer who was controlling his laugh. “Ish bhai chill. Take drink this and relax. Let them come we both will take their class. How can they be late on my Ish bhai’s marriage” said Ragini angry. “Wait I will check where they are” said Ragini and went out to dial the number handing the juice to him. He gulped it in a go. Kabeer looked at him surprised.

“Hello Ani. What is this? How can you be late today” screamed Ragini over the phone. “Gini bacha relax we are just 10 minutes away” said Suhani. “Not fair. At least Senior ji could have come early na” said she complaining. “Your senior ji is driving. Relax now” said Suhani. “Oye tell Ragu not to call me that” said Manny looking at her. Suhani looked forward and found a truck approaching. “Manny look forward” screamed Suhani and as he missed the balance he drove the car of the road and Suhani screamed.
“Hello… Hello…..” Ragini panicked as she heard Suhani’s scream. “Ani…. Ani….” she said but the call got disconnected. Her heart started beating fast. And she started sweating badly. She was not understanding who to tell it. She placed her palm on her forehead. “Dulhan ko bulayiye” said the Pandit. She looked back at the mandap where Ishan was sitting and smiling.

“I don’t know Gini. I’m getting this dream very often now a days. Like all over blood and I’m in darkness and screaming but nobody is there. I saw Manny lying unconscious blood all over his face. Even if it is just a dream how can I see the same thing every time” she remembered Suhani sharing her worries. She wiped her face quickly and ran out from there. As she stepped out of the hall Nitin who was in the parking started feeling weird. He brushed his thought and headed with Yashodha. As he was near the door he found Ragini’s bracelet. He picked it and headed in thinking she might have dropped it. “Oh fish” he said looking at his mobile. “What happened?” asked Sujata. “Your bahu had called me 10 times. I think she will be hell angry on me now” said he worried. “Hawww. You did not pick my Ragu’s call?” asked she placing her hand on her chin. “Mom phone was on silent. And moreover she has only strictly instructed me not to attend the calls while driving so I kept it in silent mode” said he. “Now go cool her” said she taking the gift box from his hand and pushing him. “Fine I’m going. Easy mom” said he and walked. He stopped when he found Radhika coming down with Rachna and Shravanthi on her either side and Shruthi walking behind them. He looked around but did not find Ragini. “How can she miss Muharat” he thought. “Nittu” Manny called from behind and he turned to find him in a bit bad state. He swiftly walked to them. “What happened Manny?” asked he concerned to Manny and Suhani. “Nothing just a small accident. Let marriage finish I will tell you” said he and tried relaxing. He looked at the Mandap. Kabeer was standing beside Ishan and he signed them to join. He smiled and walked with Manny. He looked right and found Rachna, Shruthi and Suhani standing. “Where did she go?” he thought to himself. Now his restlessness increased more.

Radhika called Rachna to bent and she asked her something. She stood up and looked around. He guessed they were also unaware where Ragini was. He excused himself and went out and dialed Ragini’s number. “Swiched Off” he said when he heard the automated message. He took a deep breath and looked around not finding ways what to do.
“Ginu” called Radhika when Pandit asked to do the Gatbandhan. “Oh hello she isn’t born officially and I have to save her for my marriage. So I will do Gatbandhan” said Rachna and did their Gatbandhan. “Girl’s mom and dad please come forward for Kanyadan” said the Pandit. “Shall we?” asked Shalini to Janaki who was about to go. Janaki smiled and made way for them. Shekar held her shoulders and she looked at Radhika with tears in her eyes. They all failed to notice Ragini was missing. Ishan and Radhika stood up for pheres and everyone started showering flowers on them.

Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Hum ko pyar hai sirf thumse
Kasam Ki Kasam hai kasam se
Hum ko pyar hai sirf tumse
Ab yeh pyar na hoga phir hum se
Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
Hum ko pyar hai sirf thumse

Ishan made Radhika wear the Mangal Sutra and Sindhoor and looked at her worried face. He asked her what happened through eyes. She just nodded her head. He glared her and she whispered Gini. Then only he realized Ragini was not around. He got up immediately. “Ishan what happened beta?” asked his Badi maa. “Ginu” said he and everyone looked around and searched her. He removed his pagdi and gatbandhan and stepped down from the mandap. “Gini “ everyone started searching her. They saw Nitin entering worried. “Nittu. Where is Ragu maa?” asked Manny. “Her phone is switched off. She had tried calling me when I was in parking but my phone was silent” said he worried. “Oh no” said Suhani and sat on a chair holding her head. “She spoke to us when our car hit the tree later the call got disconnected. I think she went searching us. She might not wished to disturb the marriage rituals” said she and started tearing. Manny sat kneeling in front of her and said “No nothing will happen to Ragu maa. She might be near only. We will find her”. “Come let’s leave” said Kabeer and Nitin, Manny and Ishan followed them. Varun was about to leave. He looked at Shravanthi as he promised her a date. She nodded her head and signed him to go. He smiled at her and went behind them. “Paapa you stay here. Be with Janaki maa she needs you. Nothing will happen to Ragu” said Nitin who came back. “I trust you” said Shekar nodding his head with tears in his eyes. Nitin smiled at him and signed Yashu to manage. She nodded her head and he ran out.

“Where she might have gone? Where to search her?” said Kabeer looking around. “We two will go right” said Ishan and Manny. “Kabbi bhai you and Varun go left side” said Nitin. “I will go straight” said he. “Nittu you alone?” asked Kabeer caressing his cheek. “I will manage bhai. I know nothing will happen to that dumbo” said he smiling weakly. “You are right seriously she is dumbo. I agree this time” said Kabeer smiling through his tears. And all of them departed in different directions.
“Radhu.. Bacha she will be fine” said Tej consoling Radhika who was crying uncontrollably. “Radhu” said Janaki approaching her. Radhika hugged her immediately and burst out crying more. “This is all due to me” said Suhani sobbing. “Ani” said Rachna’s mom hugging her and consoled her. “My Ani bacha is strong na. Nothing will happen to Ginu” said Rajinder standing in front of her and cheering her. Pankaj rubbed Rachna’s shoulder to console her and Latha caressed her hair. “Shru bacha relax. You should not take so much tension in this state” said Shalini consoling Shruthi. “Chalo all of you go to Radhu’s room. We are here na. She will be back soon” Sujatha instructing all the girls. They complied and went to Radhika’s room. “Shraa beta please manage them” said Yashu to Shravanthi and she smiled and walked with them.

“Ragu where are you. Just once. Just once come back to me. I will never let you go anywhere” said Nitin searching around. It was getting darker and his restlessness was increasing with every increasing time. His eyes were flooding like there was no barrier.
“Ragu maa… Ragu maa…” screamed Manny. “No she is not here” said Ishan. And they went in other direction. “Gini…. “ screamed Kabeer. “Gini” he screamed again. “Gini” said Varun looking around.

“Ragu” said Nitin collapsing on the ground and cried his heart out. “Please once come back to me” said he looking up. “Nitin” he heard her voice and his life returned. He got up and looked back. She was there right in front of him sobbing and breathing heavily. She ran to him and he stood stretching his hand. They both were so lost they failed to notice a tempo traveler approaching Nitin. As she neared Nitin she observed the tempo and signed him to move but he did not. “Nitin move” screamed she. She ran more faster and pushed him and both of them rolled on the ground and reached the edge of the road. Ragini hanged on the cliff and Nitin held her from falling down. “Ragu…. Ragu come up” said he horrified. She tried coming up but couldn’t he slipped further. “Nitin… Nitin I’m scared” said she crying. “Shhh. Nothing will happen to my babu. Relax. I’m there na” said he consoling her. He put all his force and dragged her up. As soon as she came up he hugged her in a bone crushing hug. “Dare you play such pranks on me again” said he dragging her more close to her. “Dumbo it was your mistake. I was screaming to move, What you think you are SRK?” said she sobbing. “And you dumbo what you think you are Jhansi ki Rani? Couldn’t you tell me before getting out from there” said he complaining. “This time also you are only dumbo. I called you but you only did not pick the call” said she. “And again you are dumb. You only told me to not to pick the call while driving. So I kept it in silent mode so that it doesn’t distract me” said he. “Who keeps the phone in silent mode? You are the biggest dumbo” said she. “Okay okay I agree I’m dumbo. Happy now? Please whatever I’m but don’t leave me” said he and placed his chin over her head dragging her more close.

“Radhu” screamed Suhani when Radhika slapped Ragini. Radhika dragged Ragini and hugged her in a bone crushing hug and sobbed. “Couldn’t you tell anyone of us you dumb head” said she dragging her out of the hug and cupping her face. “Everyone was busy I did not wanted to stop your marriage. Otherwise I have to wait for one more year to make Ish bhai my Ishan papa as per your stupid horoscope” said she pouting and caressed her cheek. “Is it paining?” asked Radhika worried caressing her cheek. “I didn’t know you are so strong” said she still pouting. Suhani dragged her and hugged her tight. “Are you mad Gini. What if something happened to you?” asked she. “You told about your dream na Ani so I was worried” said she coming out of the hug. “Seriously you are dumb” said Rachna hitting her head playfully. “Dare you play such pranks again Ragu maa” said Manny standing beside Suhani. “Senior ji” said she. “Don’t call me that” said he glaring her. “Okay” said she. “Okay kya hai?” asked he. “That means she will again call you senior ji” said Rachna showing her tongue to him. “Siyappa Queen did I ask you?” he said glaring her. “What to do if I don’t tell you in my style you will not understand na” said she. “Time Please” said Suhani to both of them. They both huffed looking at each other. “Bandariya can’t you stop jumping ever ha? See your elbow is bleeding” said Varun holding her bleeding elbow. “Shraa” said he and she ran in to get the first aid box. “Sit here” said Kabeer making her sit on a chair and knelt in front of her. “Ohho Kabbie bhai. I’m okay” said she wiping his tears. He held her hand and kissed it. “Dare you do this again” said he smiling through his tears. “Kabeer” said Shalini moving him a bit and he looked at her and got up. Shalini sat in front of her and glared her. “Papa” said she looking at Rajesh. “Sorry even I’m scared of her” said he waving his hands in air. Ragini pouted and looked at Shalini bending her head. “Maa” said she lifting her head and found her tearing. “Ginu can’t you be careful” said she and wiped her tears and held her elbow and cleaned her wound. “Sorry” said she like a small kid. “Exactly you have to be sorry to everyone here for such idiotic move of yours” said Sanju folding his hands. “Where is Ketu?” asked she worried. “I’m here. But why do you care? For you all your chipkali’s are important na?” asked he pouting. “Ahhh you look cute when you are jealous” said Suhani pulling his cheek. “Churail” said he and chased her all over. “Stop it you both. We have to Radhu’s bedai also” said she stopping them. Tej who was smiling his smile faded. Finally the time came which will take his heart. Shekar and Rajinder placed their hands on his shoulders and he smiled at them.

“Awww mela emotional Kaan Khajura” said Ragini holding Varun from his shoulders after Radhika’s car disappeared. He turned and hugged. “I will miss her” said he in cracking voice. “I know. But don’t worry I will torture you double now” said she patting his back. “Chipkali” said he complaining. “Aww Varun bhai you are looking worst than them” said Aniket standing with Sanju and both of them gave high five. “You two” said he chasing them inside. Ragini observed Tej. She signed Rachna and Suhani and all three of them stood near him. Suhani placed her head on his right shoulder and Rachna on his left shoulder and Ragini hugged him. He smiled at all three of them and kissed their hair.

“Radhu” said Ishan placing his hand on her shoulder. She turned and hugged him. “Shhh. She is fine Jaan. Relax” said he. “What if something happened to her?” asked she. He caressed her hair and said “Till her mumma is with her. Anyone has courage to take her. Even Yamraj is scared of you. Don’t you know?” asked he. “What do you mean? I’m so scary?” asked she coming out of the hug and glaring him. “No no Jaan. Nothing like that. I meant to say you are so stubborn in Gini’s case” said he covering. “That I’m” said she proud. He hugged her from back and kissed her neck. “Ishan” said she clutching her lehenga. “Hmmm” said he and his breath tickled her. She blushed and nodded her head. And the lights went off.

“Sorry” said Varun standing near Shravanthi when she was putting her dresses in cup board. “Why?” asked she confused. “Our date” said he pouting. She pulled his cheek and said “Aww really you look cute like this” He looked at her shocked. “Now tho cutie pie” said she and rubbed her nose against him. “Varun” he heard when he was lost staring her. “Hmmm?” he asked her bending his head. “I did not call” said she. “Varun” they both heard again. He looked at her confused. “Kaan Khajure” they heard and said “Gini” at a time. They both moved to the window. “Kaan Khajure our deal” said Ragini looking at him from the backyard. “What deal?” asked Shraa confused when Varun hit his forehead. “But I did not go on date only” said he. “Deal is deal. For next time remember” said she. “Varun will you tell me what is going on?” asked Shraa confused. “I will explain you later Shraa now I have to help this girl otherwise she will not leave me” said he and neared the door. She looked at him confused. “Come” said he dragging her. “Where?” asked she. “On date” said he and winked at her. “At this time?” asked she confused. “Haa” said he and she walked with him.

“Nittu… Nittu….” Ragini called standing near Nitin home backyard. “Gini. We are not in Romeo Juliet era. Call him” said Shravanthi. “Oh ya” said she taking her phone out and dialed his number. Varun nodded his head in disbelief. “Come near the window dumbo” said she. “What?” said he but she had already cut the call. He walked to the window. His eyes widened looking down where Ragini was drooling happy smiling like a small kid and Varun and Sharavanthi looking at him annoyed. “What are you doing here?” asked he shocked. “Kabbadi” said Varun. “What?” asked he confused. “Come down idiot fast” said he and Nitin nodded his head and came out of his house and reached them.

“Ragu. What are you doing here at this time” said Nitin worried. She just kept looking at him smiling. “Ragu” said he shaking her. She showed him her palm to stop. She looked at her watch and smirked. She pulled him and pecked his lips. Varun widened his eyes shocked and Shravanthi closed her eyes and closed Varun’s eyes with her one hand. “Happy birthday” said she hugging him. Nitin stood numb. Shravanthi opened her one eye to confirm and opened her eyes and removed her hand from Varun’s eyes. “Gini you could have told us what gift you are gonna give the birthday boy we could have stayed out” said Shravanthi controlling her laugh. Varun and she controlled their laughing at Nitin’s flushed face. “I did not give him his gift yet.” said she hitting her head with her palm. She took a small box from her side bag and forwarded it in front of him. He was still shocked. “Nittu” said she pouting. “Ha” he said coming back to the world. He received the box and opened it and found a locket. “Open it” said she. He opened it and found Ragini and Yashu’s photo in it. “Where is my photo dumbo” asked he. “Don’t tell me you haven’t seen your face in mirror ever”said she. He looked at her confused. “Dumbo why you need your face in front of you?” asked she. Nitin smiled looking at her and dragged her holding her waist. “Guys we are still here” said Varun and Nitin left her immediately. “Okay okay we will be near by just call me once you finish your wishing” said Varun taking Shravanthi from there.

“Nittu” said Ragini placing her head on his shoulder. “Hmmm” said he kissing her hair. “What are you giving me this birthday?” asked she. “Oh hello birthday is mine” said he. “So you know everyone gifts me on their birthday” said she proud. “Okay fine tell me what you want?” asked he. “A promise” said she smiling lifting her head and meeting his eyes. He smiled and held her hand and held it close to his chest. “What promise?” asked he. “You will never ignore yourself for me” said she and her eyes turned teary. “Hey Ragu” said he bringing her in front of him. He cupped her face and wiped her tears. “You know when that Tempo was approaching you my heart was beating fast very fast. And I thought I lost you. You know how much scared I got?” said she. “Shhh” said he placing his finger on her lips. He kissed her forehead and hugged her and patted her head. Tears flew from his eyes.

“So adorable they look” said Shraa who was walking looking back at them. Varun dragged her and held her from her waist. She looked at him shocked. “Wanna give them competition Mrs Somany” he said leaning to her. Ragini who watched them smiled and turned other side hugging Nitin more tight.
“Mrs Shravanthi Varun Somany” said he kneeling in front of her. She looked at him shocked. “Will you be in my life forever as my better half?” asked he bending his head. She closed her mouth with other hand. He smiled widely and nodded his head. “Are you kidding me?” asked she. He stood up and dragged her close to him. “Do I look like one?” asked he in her ears and she nodded her head lost. He kissed her forehead and moved to her lips. As they kissed lost in each other. “What are they doing?” said Ragini and was about to turn her face. Nitin moved her face and walked other side. “Give them their space” said he dragging with her.

“I love you” said Varun touching Shravanthi’s forehead with his. She smiled through her tears. “Love you always” said she and he hugged her.
“So my birthday Kissi” asked Nitin pouting. “What did I gave you at 12 then? Lalchi insaan” said she. “That was just a peck” said he holding her waist and dragging her close. She encircled her hands around his neck and he bent to her lips and they kissed passionately.
“What is my bacha doing?” asked Arjun over the phone. “Your bacha and bacha ka baby is missing you” said she pouting. “Sorry shru emergency I couldn’t attend Radhu’s marriage also. Tomorrow I will be at your service ma’am” said he. “Yeh lo your sister is calling me to check whether my phone is busy. If I don’t sleep now she is gonna kill me tomorrow. Ok gud nyt” said she and disconnected the call and went to her bed.

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