Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 51

“Yes she is pregnant” said the doctor to Arjun and Shruthi who were sitting in front of the doctor. Arjun smiled widely and kissed Shruthi’s cheek. “Arjun” said Shruthi pushing him and blushing. “Oh sorry” said he looking at the doctor embarrassed. The doctor smiled and nodded her head as it was usual for her as a gynecologist to witness such excited couples.

“But Arjun you wanted to shift your business to Amsterdam na?” asked Shruthi. “Ohho Shru. I’m thinking of canceling it. Our India is less than Amsterdam kya? Moreover we will be with our people. I know I will have less profit but the happiness you will get staying here is priceless for me” said Arjun side hugging her when they were walking in the hospital corridor. “I love you” said Shruthi smiling. “Love you too bacha” said Arjun kissing her forehead.

“News confirmed Manny” said Arjun over the phone as they were walking to the parking. He side hugged Shruthi who was blushing in his hold. “Yippie” screeched everyone from the other side. “Party time. Arjun we will have party on Ishan’s mehendi. You take care of Shru. Bye” said Manny and disconnected the call. “OMG OMG I can’t believe this” screeched Manny jumping. “Relax Manny” said Suhani. “Ya he is getting excited more than Arjun” said Rachna looking at him. “Rachu” said Suhani glaring her. “What you are married next will be your turn only. Don’t tell me you are waiting for me to give muhurat” asked Rachna and burst out laughing. “How shameless you have become Rachu.” said Suhani chasing her. “What muhurat?” asked Ragini scratching her head. “Oh no. Ragu maata’s question bank started” said Manny scared. “Ragu maa why didn’t you go to office today?” asked Manny to avoid the topic. “Wo I was not feeling good so called Nittu and said that I have no mood to come to office today” said Ragini. “If you were in some other company for internship were you able to do like this?” asked Suhani glaring her. “Arrey My Saasu maa’s company. Why are you getting jealous?” asked Ragini casually. “She is really impossible” said Rachna. “Ohho I forgot. Lunch time. I should call Nittu. He will be waiting” said Ragini and rushed out with her mobile. “When she will be serious in her life?” asked Suhani looking at her. “She will Ani. Everyone has their own speed” said Manny placing his hand on her shoulder. She smiled looking at him. “Oye you two love birds started again? Manny at least leave her when she is with me?” said Rachna annoyed. Manny held Suhani and dragged her to him and smirked looking at Rachna. “How can I miss a chance to take revenge Siyappa Queen” said he proud. Rachna huffed and turned folding her hands. Manny and Suhani winked at each other and neared her and hugged her from both the sides and drooled. Rachna held both of their cheeks and smiled. Now Manny had become integral part of Rachna’s space where only Suhani was there.

“Hello. Haa Ragu. I will call you wait” said Nitin and kept his phone aside but forgot to disconnect it. “Hello” said Ragini then stopped. “You are seriously so funny Mr. Roy” she heard a female voice and stopped and her ears became sharp. “Not more than you Mallika ji” she heard Nitin’s voice and heard his laugh. “How dare he?” she fumed in anger after disconnecting the call.
“Oye Gini what happened?” asked Rachna when they found Ragini fuming and entering Rachna’s home. She started crying like a small kid. “Oye Ragu maa what happened?” asked Manny concerned. “Senior ji” said Ragini and Manny glared and said “Oye Ragu maa don’t call me that” “Now that is more important?” asked Ragini angry. “Okay okay first tell what happened?” asked Rachana turning her face to her side. “Wo wo” said Ragini sobbing like a kid. “Gini tell us what happened?” asked Suhani worried. “Wo Nittu na” said Ragini and sobbed again. “What happened to Nittu?” asked Suhani sitting in front of her. “Nothing happened to that dumbo” said Ragini angry. “Then why are you crying”asked Manny. Ragini again cried like a small kid. “Gini tell what happened first” said Rachna closing her ears not able to tolerate her scream. “He said he is busy and will call back” said Ragini and wiped her face. “What?” asked Manny confused. “Really for that you are crying?” asked Rachna annoyed. “Seriously Gini you are impossible” said Suhani getting up nodding her head. “You think I’m dumb like him to cry for that?” asked Ragini pouting. “Is there any doubt in that?” asked Rachna getting up. Ragini stood up. “He was talking to some girl. That too laughing. She called him Mr. Roy, then he should also call her by her surname name na? Why did he call her Mallika that too Mallika ji. How can he? And she said he is funny. I mean to listen that compliment from her he said me he will call back later” said Ragini fuming. Manny who was looking at her with his mouth open came back to senses. “Siyappa Queen thank you for being in my life instead of Ragu maa” said Manny hugging Rachna. “Manny” said Suhani glaring him. “No seriously in place of Rachu, if Ragu maa would have been there then I should have to forget about our marriage” said Manny horrified. “Is that a joke ha ha. It wasn’t funny” said Ragini fuming. Suhani hit her head. “Ab tho Nittu gaya” said Rachna scared. Manny looked at her horrified. “I’m going to office” said Ragini wiping her face and taking her bag. “Gini bacha listen to me once” said Suhani cupping her face trying to stop her. Ragini turned her face. “Please let him come we will talk to him now cool down” said Suhani. “Fine” said Ragini and threw her bag and sat on Sofa and folded her legs. “And dare you inform him. I will forget that you are my senior ji” said Ragini pointing her index finger to Manny. He gulped scared looking at her. “Hey Bhagvan save Nittu” said Suhani under her breath closing her eyes

“Why is she not picking the call” said Nitin staring his phone dialing Ragini’s number. “Let me call Rachu”said he dialing Rachna’s number. “Dare you pick his call” said Ragini glaring Rachna. “Strange. What are these girls doing” said Nitin. “Hello Radhu” said he dialing Radhika’s number. “Ha Nittu” said Radhika. “Where is Ragu? I’m calling her but she is not picking the call” said Nitin worried. “I think they are in Rachu’s house. Just go there and check. Sorry I’m not supposed to go out of the house tomorrow is Haldi” said Radhika apologizing. “I understand. Okay I will go there” said Nitin disconnecting the call.

“Hello Aunty” said Nitin greeting Rachna’s mom. She smiled at him and welcomed him. “They are in Rachu’s room upstairs” said she guiding him. He smiled at her and headed to Rachna’s. “God save him” said she heading to kitchen nodding her head.
“Hey Rachu” said Nitin entering her room. Rachna smiled at him weakly and signed to look at Ragini. He asked what and looked at Ragini who was sitting on the bed huffing and folding her hands. He looked at her confused. “Don’t you know to disconnect the call properly?” asked Manny glaring him and talking under his breath. Nitin looked at him confused. Manny looked at Ragini who was glaring him. “No I was just saying hi” said Manny smiling nervously. “Ani. Maa told to come early na. I have meeting tomorrow. Chale” said Manny smiling fakely and signing Suhani. Suhani said no. He glared her and she pouted and followed him. “Haa maa. I think maa needs my help. I will just come” said Rachna heading behind Suhani and Manny smiling weakly at Nitin. Nitin was looking at them confused. “Aww Mrs. Roy what happened to all of them? Why are they behaving weird? Oh they wanted to give us privacy to romance. Awww so sweet of them” said Nitin sitting beside her on the bed and side hugging her. Ragini smiled fake and said “Haa they want to give us privacy but not for romance” and removed his hand and smirked. “Then?” asked Nitin confused. “So that I can tell your punishment freely” said Ragini looking at him. “Punishment?” asked Nitin confused. “Haa. Ha ha ha ha. You are seriously so funny Mr. Roy” said Ragini standing in front of him and acting. “Not more than you Mallika ji” said she standing on the other side. Nitin who was looking at her confused widened his eyes as he realized what exactly is happening. “Wo wo Ragu” said Nitin holding her hand. Ragini jerked his hand and he stood nervous. “She is just a client” said Nitin pouting. “Really then why didn’t you address her with her surname?” asked Ragini folding her hands. “I didn’t know her surname?” said Nitin then he wondered what was he talking. “Ohh without knowing surname you were doing deal? Whom are trying to fool Mr. Roy. I’m Ragini Gadodia got that?” said Ragini proud. Manny, Suhani and Rachana who were listening to their conversation burst out laughing and gave high five to each other. “Stop making fun of him” said Rajinder coming to the hall. “No Ragu I’m not trying to fool you Bane hue ko aur kya bana na?” he said under his breath. “What did you say?” asked Ragini raising her one eye brow. “No.. Nothing” said Nitin nervous. “And how dare you cut my call to talk to her?” said Ragini. “She will not cool down like this” thought Nitin. “Okay fine tell me punishment” said Nitin giving up. “Now the most interesting part. Nittu’s punishment” said Manny and signing them to listen carefully. “For one week…” said Ragini but Nitin stopped her scared and said “No don’t tell me to stop talking” said Nitin. “Listen to me first” said Ragini annoyed. “Okay fine” said Nitin pouting. “For one week you will not ask me kiss” said Ragini. “Hey Bhagvan” said Rachna closing Manny’s ears from one hand and closing her ear with her other hand. Suhani closed Manny’s other ear and closed her ear with her other hand. Rajinder closed his ears with both the hands. “Shhh Ragu” said Nitin closing her mouth. “We are in Rachu’s home and people outside will hear your scream” said he. Ragini bit his hand and glared him. “What is this for?” asked he wincing in pain. “For Mallika ji…..” said Ragini and stormed out from there. As she descended the stairs Manny, Rachana and Suhani stood hiding their laugh. She glared them and stormed out of the house. Nitin came down pouting and all of them burst out laughing looking at him. Rajinder smiled nodding his head. “Come Nittu beta have dinner” said Rachna’s mom arranging the dining table. “No aunty I’m not hungry” said he pouting. “Arrey aunty he had enough food for one week” said Manny controlling his laugh and placing his hand around Nitin’s neck. Nitin glared him and jerked his hand. “Now you are really into relationship” said Manny chuckling. “Manny ke bache” said Nitin and chased him all over the house.

“Arrey Shravanthi beta. Come here” called Tej. “Ha uncle” she said and stood beside him. He smiled turning to her. “First thing call me papa okay?” he said caressing her cheek. She smiled and nodded her head and said “Ji Papa” “And why are you standing separate? Don’t you wanna help us for you Nanand’s Haldi function?” asked Tej. “Wo I was just confused how will I be of any help” she said hesitant. “Arrey Shraa beta just go upstairs. Varun is looking after decoration checklist. Just help him” said Janaki standing beside Tej. “Okay Aunty” she said and went upstairs. “Such a sweet girl.” said Tej looking at her. “Hmmm” Janaki nodded her head. “Oye Tej where are you both lost Haldi is tomorrow not next month” screamed Shekar. “Over excited Shekar Gadodia” said Tej and Janaki chuckling and gave high five.
“Varun. You need any help?” asked Shravanthi standing at the room door. “Ahhh Shraa thank god you came. I’m so confused” said Varun looking at the flower baskets in front of him. She nodded her head smiling and neared him. He collapsed on the bed and asked “What flowers should we use?” Shravanthi looked at the flower baskets and said “All are good only” “OMG So intelligent you are. I didn’t know only?” said Varun looking at her surprised. “Varun” said she keeping her one hand on her waist. “Arrey Shravanthi maata I know all are good. But tell me which color flowers will suit?” he asked folding his hands. “For Haldi only you are struggling so much. What will you do for other functions Varun” said Shra sitting beside on bed. “Why do all girls behave like Gini now days. Gol gol ghumate rehte ho” said Varun annoyed. “Because your Gini is also a girl” said Shravanthi glaring him. “What really OMG bechara Nittu” said Radhika passing from there. “Oye Bandariya come here. Why are you laughing so much?” asked Varun calling Radhika. “Ohho Bhayyu tell me one thing in childhood did you hit Gini with some heavy thing or banged her head to some wall?” asked Radhika entering the room and controlling her laugh. “What is wrong with you Radhu? Why are you asking such questions?” asked he irritated. “I will talk to you later Rachu” said she over the phone and disconnected the call. She controlled her laugh and narrated him whatever happened in Rachu’s house. “Bach Gaya” said Varun under his breath which Shravanthi heard and burst out laughing looking at him. Varun looked at her and lost himself in her laugh. He saw her so happy after a long time. “Why are you laughing?” he asked acting angry. “My wish” said Shra. Varun’s heart was jumping because she was showing signs of getting back to normal. “Wait I will show now my wish” he said folding his shirt and ready to chase her. Shravanthi sensed his move and started running all over the room and she tried hiding behind Radhika. And then ran out from there. Radhika nodded her head smiling. “God ji. Please make Shra heal bhayyu’s pain. I really wish they both move on in their life” said Radhika looking up.
“Shraa shraa wait” said Varun chasing her to the terrace. “Ohho Varun I think your diet is very week, see you can’t even match my speed sukkad” said Shraa running and turning back. Varun ran swiftly and held her hand and dragged her to him and pinned her to the wall. “Sukkad ha?” asked he looking straight into her eyes and pinning her wrist to the wall. She struggled in his hold. “Varun leave me” said she blushing. “No I will not” said he nearing her. “Leave na Varun” said she struggling. “Varun” called Tej bringing them to reality. He jerked and stood straightening himself. “I’m sorry” he said nervous and ran from there. Shravanthi kissed her wrist which Varun was holding and jumped in happiness. She looked around if someone noticed her and bit her tongue hitting her head and rushed from there biting her nail blushing
“Haaw” said Ragini holding her cheek. Nitin winked at her. “What was that?” she asked fuming. “Ragu that is called kiss don’t you know babu?” asked Nitin cupping her face and acting innocent. She jerked his hand and said “I know that dumbo. I mean to say I gave you punishment right?” “Ya. You said not to ask you kiss. You did not say not to kiss” said Nitin widening his eyes. Ragini controlled her smile and twisted her lips. “That’s not fair” said she and he dragged her hand in his hold and said “Everything is fair in love and war” “Leave me” she said struggling in his hold. “Was that included in punishment Mrs. Roy?” he asked biting his cheeks inside. “Waise you look damn cute when you get angry? Do you know that?” he asked leaning to her ears tickling her and she closed her eyes feeling shy. Suddenly she opened her eyes and screamed in his ear “Why your Mallika ji doesn’t get angry?” Nitin jerked due to her scream and stood a bit far rubbing his ear. “Ouch Ragini what’s wrong with you?” he said annoyed. “See you called me Ragini. Hey Bhagvan in one day how much she has changed you. I hate you I hate you” said Ragini crying like drama queen. Nitin dragged her holding her hand and pinned her hand to her back. “N.. Nitin” said Ragini and Nitin touched her cheek with his nose and said “Hmmm” He knew only his breath was something which will make her weak. Ragini closed her eyes and held his shoulder from her left hand. “Let … let me go” she said loosing herself. “Are you sure Mrs. Roy” he said huskily in her ear kissing it. Ragini tightened her grip on his shoulder. “Please” she said struggling to control herself. “On one condition” he said kissing her cheek passionately. “Hmmm” said Ragini struggling. “Say I love you Nitin” he said moving his face over her face. “I love…..” suddenly she realized she has to be angry on him and pushed him and said “Go and ask your Mallika ji” said she making faces and stormed from there. “Gosh these girls” he said caressing his neck. “Better than you unfaithful boys” screamed Ragini and twisted her lips and walked.

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