Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 50


“Sorry” said Ragini pouting as she hugged Nitin from his back and placing her head on his back. Nitin turned to her holding her hand. “Speak dumbo” said Ragini wiping her tears. He signed her wait. She looked at him confused. He looked at his watch and held his three fingers and started counting Three, Two, One. “I love you” screamed Nitin on top of his voice stretching his hands. Ragini jerked and closed her ears and sat down panicking. Nitin who opened his eyes smiling looked around and saw Ragini sitting down panicking. He knelt at her height and cupped her face. Ragini immediately hugged him. “Ragu I’m sorry. I forgot you get scared of noises. I was just excited bacha to talk to you after a week.

I’m really sorry” said Nitin and started tearing. He patted her head and Ragini cooled down after sometime. “Oye Nittu. We are also on date. So control your emotions” said Manny as he neared them as he heard Nitin’s scream. “Sorry” said Nitin shrinking his eyes. Manny looked at Ragini panting and asked what happened through eyes. Nitin signed him nothing. Manny nodded his head and returned to their part of terrace on Arjun’s house where he had arranged a candle light dinner for Suhani. “What happened?” asked Suhani when she saw Manny approaching their table smiling. “Nittu and his over excitement” said Manny smiling. “Stay without talking to me for one week you will understand his excitement” said Suhani biting the cucumber in the salad. “That would be the best punishment a husband can get Mrs Chadda. I would love to stay like that” said Manny chuckling. Suhani opened her mouth shocked. “Manny people at least take a year to change. You tho changed in one week only how mean” said Suhani huffing. “I was just joking Jaan” said Manny holding Suhani’s hand and kissing it. He winked at Suhani who blushed lowering her head.

“You’re okay?” asked Nitin cupping Ragini’s face. Ragini nodded her head weakly. “It is all because of me. Sorry Ragu I don’t know how it went out of my mind. I..” before Nitin could say further Ragini bent her head and kissed his lips closing her eyes. Nitin jerked and opened his eyes shocked. He looked at Ragini. Tears were flowing from her eyes. More than him the punishment was for herself to stop talking to Nitin. Nitin hugged her holding her waist and dragged her close and closed his eyes losing himself in her fragrance. She moved her fingers in his hair making him crave to drag her close to him. As they felt difficult to breath they departed from each other and stood touching their foreheads. Nitin smiled widely and Ragini blushed lowering her eyes. Nitin kissed her forehead closing his eyes and she hugged him encircling her hands around his stomach and placing her head on his chest where his heart was racing making her blush. He placed his chin on her head and patted her head.

“Ani. Slowly” said Manny looking at Suhani who was eating the fourth Samosa. “You know na Manny this is from Chandu uncle’s shop. It’s my favorite” said Suhani munching the Samosa. Manny nodded his head and sat supporting his chin with his hand and enjoyed Suhani’s childish expressions. “My life would be colorless if this Jhalli wasn’t there in my life” thought Manny and his smiled widened and reached his eyes.

“Ohho Jaan. I’m so jealous of them right now” said Ishan talking to Radhika over the phone. Radhika blushed holding the curtain. “What to do Mr. Ishan Kashyap. You got to wait still two more weeks” said Radhika and chuckled. “Hmmm tease, tease how much you want to tease me. After two weeks I will see how you will tease me” said Ishan leaning to the wall. Radhika blushed biting her lips. “Hey don’t byte my strawberries” said Ishan. “What?” asked Radhika confused. “I meant don’t byte your lips. They are my strawberries and you have no rights to byte them without my permission” said Ishan. “OMG I can’t believe this” screeched Radhika. Ishan jerked due to her excitement and stumbled. “Radhu” said he rubbing his ears. “I can’t believe my bholu sa Ishan can speak such cheesy lines” screamed Radhika. “Relax Jaan. This is just the trial. Control your excitement” said Ishan. “Ishan. Now go sleep. Good night” said Radhika in warning tone. “And my good night kiss?” asked Ishan. “Did you brush?” asked Radhika. “What?” asked Ishan freaking. “This is what your Gini says when Nitin asks kiss” said Radhika and burst out laughing. “Really?” asked Ishan horrified. “OMG. Bechara Nittu.” said Ishan and joined Radhika. “I love you” said Radhika stopping Ishan’s heart beat. “Love you too” said Ishan smiling widely. Radhika kissed the phone and disconnected the call. Ishan smiled widely and fell on his bed stretching his hand and blushed. He hugged his cushion and slept smiling.

“Rachu stop doing that” screamed Kabeer trying to stop Rachna who was splashing beach water on Kabeer. Kabeer glared her and started chasing her. At last he grabbed her hand and dragged her to him and lifted her in bridal style. “Kabeer. What are you doing? Put me down” screamed Rachna but he did not budge. He neared the beach and dropped Rachna in cold water and burst out laughing looking at her. Rachna huffed and dragged him holding his hand. He stumbled and fell in water. “Now laugh” said Rachna showing her tongue. Kabeer held her elbow and dragged her close to him. Rachna jerked and looked at him who was very close to her. Her heart started racing due to his closeness. Kabeer neared her more making her blush. Rachna turned to leave but Kabeer held her and turned her and she landed on his chest. “Don’t over think Mrs Khanna. I know it’s public place” said Kabeer in Rachna’s ears tickling her. She blushed and hugged him. And he patted her head keeping his chin on her head.

“Shraa what are you doing?” asked Varun to Shravanthi who was walking in the balcony. “No nothing. Just wasn’t feeling sleepy” said Shravanthi rubbing her shoulders. Varun went inside and brought a shawl and covered her with it. Shravanthi who was collecting herself from what just happening looked up at Varun and they lost themselves in each other’s eyes. “Life doesn’t give second chances always. I’m glad I got one . And a beautiful one” said Varun in his mind. His tightening grip on Shravanthi’s shoulder brought her to reality and she lowered her gaze which brought Varun back to world. He dragged his hand back and sealed them in his pant pockets and stood beside her. “Come with me” said Varun forwarding his hand to Shravanthi. She looked at him confused. He nodded his head smiling. She grabbed his hand and he walked to terrace. “This is my and Gini’s favorite place” said Varun standing at a corner of terrace.

“It is beautiful” said she smiling looking at him. “Thank you” said She and Varun turned and looked in her love filled eyes. “For what?” he asked confused. “For everything. For coming in my life. For including me in your life as an important person” said Shravanthi. Varun could not meet her eyes. Somewhere he felt guilty that he did wrong with her or he is still doing wrong with her. Ragini’s words seemed so true. Shravanthi leaned her head and supporting it on his shoulder. Varun looked at her with null expression. He wasn’t sure about his feelings yet. It may be love or may not be. He did not wanted to hurt her by building her expectations. “I know you need time Varun. And I don’t want to suffocate you in this. But I will wait you to accept me as your wife” said Shravanthi to herself and closed her eyes controlling her tears.

“What is this?” asked Ragini when Nitin handed her a gift box. “You check it after you go home” said Nitin and placed it in her bag. “That’s not fair” said Ragini pouting. Nitin kissed her hair and asked “Now fair?” Ragini just held his shoulder and leaned her head and looked at the dark sky smiling. “Nittu. Why does we say moon is beautiful even when it has so many spots. I never found it beautiful” said Ragini. Nitin smiled at her childish question. “That’s actually a tough question” said Nitin. “So my questions are always tough. You know nobody can answer my questions” said Ragini feeling proud. “Let me try to answer” said Nitin and acted as if he is thinking. “Hmm tell me one thing. If a person doesn’t have eyebrows how he will look?” asked Nitin. “Weird. Very weird” said Ragini. “Why. Those are also facial hair right so if someone removes it they should look beautiful” said Nitin. “Because even if it is ugly it is one of component necessary in our face. They are part of our face” said Ragini. “Exactly. Like that those spots also are part of moon So it looks beautiful even with its spots.

Beauty doesn’t always means facial appearance. It means appearance of your soul. Moon is beautiful because after we get tired of fighting with Sun’s hot rays it gives us calmness. But that doesn’t mean sun is bad. Moon gets this calmness also from Sun only. You might get bad from others but it is your soul’s appearance which makes you give good to others” said Nitin and caressed her hair. “Ohhhh. You also started speaking philosophical? from when?” asked Ragini looking up at him. “From the time you landed in my life like a blessing” said Nitin and turned to look at the sky tightening his grip on her shoulder. “Nittu…” said Ragini ready with her next question. “Shhh. Enough of tution classes for today” said Nitin stopping her. “But” said Ragini pouting. “Please Babu. I really want to enjoy this silence with you” said Nitin. Ragini nodded her head and looked forward and closed her eyes. Nitin touched her head with his head and smiled widely. One week looked like a lifetime for him without expressing himself to Ragini.

“Mumma was really so dumb” said the girl who was sitting in front of Nitin chuckling (Reema Sameer Shaik). “Nitara” said Ragini entering the room where Nitin was narrating his past life to his 13 year old daughter. “Oops Mrs. Roy is coming” said Nitara biting her tongue. Nitin smiled at her widely. “You did not sleep yet. How many times I have told you. Don’t be awake this late” said Ragini holding her waist. “Sorry Mrs. Roy. Dadda was telling me story. I was so engrossed I, forgot to look at the clock” said Nitara biting her tongue. “Sleep now” said Ragini making her sleep and covered her with the blanket. “Now Nitara ke paapa get going. You are spoiling her really” said Ragini glaring Nitin. Nitin pouted like a kid and headed to his room sad. Ragini chuckled and followed him.

“Now you are being romantic.” said Nitin when Ragini hugged him from his back when he removed his shirt. “What to do sometimes you look irresistibly handsome. I can’t control myself Mr. Roy” said Ragini and placed her head on his shoulder. Nitin held her hands and touched her head with his head and smiled widely closing his eyes. “What about planning a baby bro for Nitara?” asked Nitin dragging her near and making her hands encircle his stomach. Ragini blushed lowering her head. “I should consider this as yes?” asked he in her ears tickling her. “She is all happy alone Mr. Roy. Now stop trying your luck and time to sleep” said Ragini looking up at him. “I love you” said Nitin. “I love you more”said Ragini dragging him more close to her and closed her eyes placing her head on his chest and smiled widely.

“Arjun” screamed Shruthi from the washroom. Arjun rushed to the washroom scared. “Shru what happened?” asked Arjun worried. He neared Shruthi who was sobbing looking at something in her hand. He cupped her face worried and asked “Why are you crying? Did you got hurt?” Shruthi looked up at him and nodded her head. “Then why are you crying?” asked Arjun cinfused. “I’m I’m” struggled Shruthi to speak. “Say it clearly Shru. You are scaring me” said Arjun. “I’m pregnant” said Shruthi and smiled through her tears. “Thank God. You know I got scared like…” but then Arjun realized what Shruthi said and looked at her widening his eyes. “Are you serious?” asked Arjun holding his hair not able to control his excitement. “Who jokes in such matter Arjun. You are really impossible” said Shruthi annoyed and tried heading out. Arjun stopped her lifted her and twirled her in air and screamed “Oh my god. I can’t believe this. I’m gonna be Papa. OMG” said Arjun screeching like a small kid. “Arjun put me down. I’m feeling dizzy” said Shruthi scared. “Oops” said Arjun and left her down. “What happened?” asked Ragini and Nitin entering their room as they heard Arjun’s scream and headed down. “Nittu. You are going to be Mamu” said Arjun holding Nitin from his shoulder. “Really?” asked Nitin excited and ran and hugged Shruthi who was blushing. “He became Mamu. Why is he hugging Shruthi? How do you know that he became mama?” asked Ragini confused. “I think Manny’s effect on this girl. She has become tubelight” said Arjun hitting playfully on Ragini’s head. “Oye Dumbo. Shru is pregnant” said Nitin turning to them smiling through his tears. “What?” screamed Ragini and closed her mouth. “After marriage everyone had turned Siyappa queen in my life except Siyappa queen herself” said Manny entering the room rubbing his ears.

“Shut up Manny” screamed everyone at a time jerking Manny. “Okay okay fine. But tell me at least why are you screaming Ragu maa?” asked Manny confused. “Senior ji good news” said Ragini jumping. “No Ragu. So soon I cannot, I mean we cannot give you good news so soon” said Manny shy. Everyone hit their head as they knew what will be Ragini’s next word. “Why?” asked Ragini. “Now tell her” said Suhani dragging Manny and whispering in his ears. “Wo Ragu maa. Wo” struggled Manny. “What good news?” asked Rachna entering the room along with Kabeer. “First time in life I appreciate your timing Siyappa Queen” said Manny in his heart and sighed. “Rachu… Rachu…. You are gonna be bua. Shru is pregnant” said Ragini holding Rachna and twirling her. “What?” asked Rachna excited. “OMG I’m feeling dizzy. Stop Gini” said Rachna holding her head and stopping Ragini. “OMG you are also giving good news” said Ragini widening her eyes. Kabeer chocked and started coughing listening to her. Nitin immediately approached Ragini and closed her mouth stopping her from further blurting out and took her away from them smiling weakly at everyone. “Sachi. I feel really pity on Nittu” said Kabeer looking at them. “Hmmm” said everyone looking at them. Ragini turned her face angry and Nitin dragged her and hugged her to console her and Ragini cooled down and hugged him encircling her hands around his stomach and closed her eyes

“Ohho how can I forget. I should open the gift Nittu gave” said Ragini searching her bag. She opened the wrapper and found a book. “This Nittu bhi na. I’m running away from studies and he is gifting me books only.” said Ragini hitting the book to her head. A chit fell from the book and Ragini picked it and read. “Dumbo all the books don’t have study material always. Open it and read it” she read the note and smiled nodding her head. She opened the first page and found her photograph and a globe around it. “My world” was written in bold below it. Ragini caressed the handwriting smiling and opened the next page.
“Maa says God ji blesses us when we pray to him. I can’t tell you how much he loves me. I must be his most favorite. You know why because he blessed me with you when I was not even believing him. And I have no prayers left after I got you in my life. You came as an answer to all my prayers” read Ragini and saw a photograph of her Naming ceremony where Shekar was telling her name in her ears and Janaki sitting beside him.
“As I was just curious to know. I asked how was your childhood with Shekar papa. He narrated me some funny and some emotional incidents of your life. Funny like how you used to jump with happiness while walking with lighting shoes. And emotional like your first day in School. How you cried and tortured all the teachers. Then Radhu maa came in your life who like a mom consoled you. She is just like a mom to everyone” she saw a photograph of her first day in school along with Radhika. Ragini smiled through her tears caressing the photo.

She turned the next page. “Then you met your Kaan Khajura, bandar, langoor. Ha ha ha. I know you never call him with his name. But he became your best friend. Nobody can understand you the way he does. He can sense your emotions even before your mom or second mom can sense and even before I can sense. You are so lucky to have your Chimpanzee in your life”
She saw the picture in which she and Varun were dressed like charlie chaplin for a fancy dress compittion in their colony. Ragini placed her hand on her mouth to control her excitement. She turned the next page.
“Like this you became an integral part of Tej uncle’s life. Let me tell you his secret. He loves you more than Varun. And he said not to tell this to Varun or else you know he will roll on the floor crying” She smiled remembering how Varun used to cry rolling over the floor whenever Tej used to tease him saying he loves Ragini more. She saw a photograph of her and Radhika’s family together where Tej was glaring Varun as he pulled her choti.
“Then came Ani as Pankaj uncle got transfer. Then Shekar Papa’s best friend also shifted here as Rachu the super possessive shadow of Ani could not stay without her. And Rajinder uncle have to take transfer as Rachu threatened him by not eating food. Ani got instantly mingled with you but Rachu was so possessive about Ani she once pushed you from stairs as you hugged her Ani. You got stitches due to it on your elbow and still there is mark of it. When everyone asked you about how did you get hurt? To save Rachu you lied that you slipped from stairs and Rachna along with Ani became part of your gang” she smiled and caressed the photo in which all four of them were standing in their school uniforms.

“Then your Pakiya Kaaka came in your life when you all started depending on Public transport. He had shared almost all his happiness with you people like when you people were in 7th standard he gave sweets of his marriage, then birth of his daughter Krishna. Then her first board exams result and etc etc” she looked and found their group photo with their conductor uncle Prashanth. And Nitin’s selfie with Prashanth Kaka. “I must say he is cool dude. As I told him your name he just welcomed me with his warm and friendly smile” read Ragini. “You seriously met Prashanth Kaku OMG” said Ragini and turned the next page
“Then your little sweetheart Ketu came into the world. Janaki maa told me how jealous you were of him. But as time passed he became your shadow, who fought with you in front of you but always used to miss you the most when you were away from him. You and Shekar Papa in one team and Ketu and Janaki maa in one team.” She looked at the picture below in which she and Aniket were singing holding the virtual mike made of book and Janaki and Shekar closing their ears annoyed.
“And this page is dedicated to your first and last crush “Mr. Salman Khan” You were so mad about him you forced Ani, Rachu and Radhu to watch “Mai aur Mrs Khanna” where he has done only guest appearance. Gosh they still curse you for making them watch Sohail Khan. Ha ha ha “ Ragini frowned and found her photograph outside the theater beside Salman Khan’s poster of Ek Tha Tiger movie. She kissed Salman Khan’s photo.
She opened the next page

“Now one more important person of your life entered. That is my stupid sister Shru. I just wonder being so close also how were we unaware of each other. When she was nervous to enter class on her first day in college and before I came to console her I saw her walking inside the class with a girl who was holding her shoulder while entering class. And that was you, I don’t know why I felt bad that I could not see your face that day. Shru kept saying your name around me so many times but alas I never knew the name I was ignoring some day will stop my heart beat just with its mention”. Ragini blushed reading it. She looked at the picture below in which she and shruthi were holding Soldering gun and looking at it weird. She laughed and opened the next page.
“Then came the day when you got to stay away from your home for 10 days for the first time in your life. And more than you; Papa cried. Then Manny sorry your senior ji came in your life. I could never understand how easily Manny mingled with you and made you an important part of his life. You both played tricks to impress Ani. And she lost to your pranks also and fell for my tubelight Manny and she also became tubelight Ani” Ragini chuckled remembering her and Manny’s plans in camp. She looked down and found her and Manny’s photo in which they were acting like Amithabh Bachan in front of Suhani who was glaring them. Ragini nodded her head smiling and turned to the next page.

“Then you met Ishan as you were in first aid team. And he became your Ish bhai and bechara fell in love with Radhu when he saw her with you in the camp. So you have been acting as cupid in everyone’s life. So like this your second mom and second Papa’s love story started”
She found a photograph in which Ishan and Radhika were kissing her both the cheeks. She smiled caressing it.
“Then your most favorite Kabbie bhai. Thanks to Rachu’s short term memory loss you had been to his house and became a beautiful part of his and Dadu’s life. You are his life and soul who came to bring him out of his lonliness”
She looked down and photo in which Kabeer was side hugging Ragini and Dadu from both the sides and kissing Ragini’s hair.
“Then Shalini maa came in your life.” she read and paused. “Dumbo you did not mention about you at all” said Ragini and continued reading.
“Shalini maa saw her daughter’s shadow in you whom she lost in similar condition. You gave her back the love she was craving for. You filled her life and completed it when you called her maa. Really you bring happiness in everyone’s life always. So with Shalini maa even Rajesh papa got his daughter back on Rachu’s engagement” She looked down and found her photo in which she and Rajesh had dressed up like chefs and were serving Shalini who was making weird face looking at the bowl in front of her. Ragini laughed looking at it.
“Did I forget someone?” read Ragini on the next page. “Yup dumbo” said Ragini and continued reading. “Arrey ha. My mom. Urf your Sasu maa”

“From the time she made your favorite Rava Ganji you have become her fan. And she in return helps you to torture me. Really Ragu I want to say you one thing today. Thank you so much. Because you brought that bright smile on my mom’s face which disappeared when dad left us. No no. I’m not crying don’t worry. Because you remember once you only said if we become sad while remembering people who left us they will never be happy. We should always remember them with a smile. So now I just talk to my dad looking at the stars and give him my bright smile. Mom was smiling but I saw her smile reach her eyes only when you entered her life. Uff I’m so jealous of you” she wiped her tear and looked at the photo in which Yashu was pulling Ragini’s ear playfully.
She laughed and turned the next page.
“So everyone in the list over? No? Who else who else? Ha ha ha. I know me only. I just want to include my journey so far with you in the last page so that it stays in your mind when you go to sleep. I know I’m selfish. But what to do you have made me one”
“Okay let me ask you question. If you answer that I will believe you love me more ok” Ragini smiled and said “Okay”
“Tell me what was the first word conversation between us and when?” read Ragini and smiled widely. She remembered her colliding with him in college corridor and said “Sorry when we collided in college corridor”
“I know you might think it is the day when we collided in college corridor. No dumbo. Our first word was when I said you sorry while I passed behind you in Bus while we headed to camp. Don’t you remember you jerked when someone touched your back?” Ragini remembered that incident and her eyes widened due to shock.

“You must be wondering how do I came to know it was you as I did not see your face. That time you wore the same dress which you wore on first day of college when you met Shru. I knew you are Gini about whom Shru spoke to me. I just wanted to avoid you as I really did not wanted to spoil my image of being a Vishwamitra of the college by noticing a girl.” Ragini frowned reading it. But laughed nodding her head and said “Dumbo” Then she continued reading.
“Then the day came when I heard you for the first time. You don’t know much I cursed myself that I did not lift my head a second before so that I did not miss you. But my bad luck you disappeared in the crowd leaving me restless. I searched you everywhere like I have lost most precious thing of my life. How to make you understand you are more than the most precious thing in my life. I saw you in Mall while you were trying the maang teeka and my heart just wished you to be the girl I was desperately searching for. Then on shru’s Volley Ball match I heard your magical voice again and realized that how much I love you and only you.” she smiled blushing and looked at the picture of her and Shruthi during the match when they were celebrating the victory.

“Then came the day when we became friends and then best friends. We danced on Fresher’s day Party, we fought, patched up and patched up others also. Then came the my most horrible nightmare. On the same day when I wanted to propose you. Yes you heard it right on your last exam that day I thought of proposing you, but destiny had other plans. I don’t wanna remember that painful phase so leave it. But one thing I realized that day. And that was I cannot live without you. My love, my madness reached a new level that day when I was just seconds away from losing you, from losing my breath. Ahh this is the only day I cannot erase from my memory how much ever I try.”
Ragini burst out crying when she remembered that horrible night.
“But I started believing in God and believed your word that God is not magician but somehow he did some magic and brought you back to me.”

She looked down and found her photo in which she was pouting and saying no to Radhu who was feeding her soup and all surrounding her and caring her. She turned the next page smiling.
” Then came Shru’s engagement day and the day I expressed my feelings for you. When you hugged me I really thought you accepted me. But it did not happen. My heart was not ready to accept that you rejected me. And it was right as always. You accepted your feelings same day all thanks to our Radhu maa’s super plan. And due to everyone’s struggle we are together today. Even Shravanthi who helped us to make you jealous did such big sacrifice for us. We are so lucky to have them in our life. All the people in our life” she nodded her head smiling and looked at the picture below in which Nitin was kneeling in front of her with a ring in his hand to propose her. She touched the ring he made her wear that day and kissed it.
She tuned the next page where everyone’s individual photographs were glued.
“Rishtey – The relationships which gave meaning to our life”
She turned the last page and found a note glued. She removed and read it.
“You must be wondering how did I live without talking to you for one week. Like this I lived collecting beautiful pearls of your memory lane. And all thanks to each person who helped me to collect it. Yes it was like a lifetime as I have to stay without expressing myself. So I found this way to cop up with it. Don’t you dare to give me this punishment again. If you get angry just beat me how much ever you want. But don’t tell me to stop talking to you. I feel I’m living without my soul, Your and only yours dumbo” Ragini closed the book and hugged it. She sobbed looking up. “Why do you love me so much” said Ragini sobbing. Her mobile beeped and she read Nitin’s message “Because I don’t know other ways to live my life” She smiled and kissed Nitin’s picture in her phone closing her eyes.
Life was unfair for them. As Nitin said you might get negativity from all the sides but you should give positive vibes only to the people around you. They did not had favorable conditions but they did not back of from sacrificing. Ragini for her dad and Nitin for her. And in return Varun and Shravanthi came together to make their love successful. When you think about others instead of yourself someone will surely think about you.

Someone please pinch me. I can’t believe I completed 50 episodes. Uff. And all thanks to you my dear readers, you have been my support system and such wonderful company. I actually thought of ending it in 10 or 15 episodes. But then it crossed 20 then 25 and then 30 and now 50. I’m feeling like I scored half century.
Do tell me your journey through my this first creation and to which character you feel more connected to. I have written poems and articles but never a story or fiction. This is actually first trial of my life in this field.
I know I have made you people cry most of the time and been a snail speed writer. Sometimes predictable and sometime unpredictable. Some good and some bad boring chapters. But you people have always encouraged me throughout. My first creation. It really feels great when you see your creation grow. I’m really sorry if I disappointed you people with this chappy. I wanted to make it special. But don’t know whether I’m successful in doing that. I really love you all for being there with me and tolerating my torture. I love all my readers. People who comment and people who don’t comment them also. Some surprise silent readers. Everyone has made this journey beautiful. Thank you will be small word to say. But I would say I’m blessed to have you people in my life. Advance Happy new year. I will meet you people next Friday with next update of Rishtey. Sorry if the chappy was not upto your expectations.

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      Sri Sri Sri. I just love you a lot dear. I’m really glad to have you with me in this journey. I can’t express how much I wait for your comment. I know you love Manny and Suhani more than others but you have showered your love to others also. You are such a wonderful person. Full of positive energy. And I give the credit for this 50th episode to you because you suggested me to give equal importance to each pair and I’m continuing beyond 50 chappy is all because of you. Whoever RagNit pair lovers are here they should thank you.

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      And you made me speechless right now. Ahhh is this the punishment for making you people cry throughout. I eagerly wait you to read my story coz you just grasp the emotion the way I wanna convey it. Even my mom will not understand me so much you know. You give me that great feeling that my writing makes you visualize the things it’s huge compliment for a writer. Thank you so much and a Happy New year

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      I love you yaar ragzee. You always give me positive vibes and glad to know that my stories touch your heart. You have been a wonderful Co writer to me. I just have no words to describe how much your each comment means to me. Love you

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    ok some how i think my character are like these 2 of them lazy and bhukar like ani i eat and sleep alot my favourites little bit dumb like ragu as i dont get the situations and blurt out something which embaras others

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much Lisa. It really means a lot. I’m glad that u could connect to those characters. You have been supporting me right from the initial days. I’m thankful to you.

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      Tishu. I was waiting for you to read the update. I’m really glad that I did not disappoint you. Thank you so much dear and a Happy New year

  22. Outstanding update

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