Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 5


“10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.” screamed Ragini. “Haa meri maaa. Why are you screaming?” asked Suhani. “Ani I never stayed away from dadda and momma for so many days in my whole life yar” she said almost crying. “You need to come for this camp if you wanna pass this semester gini.”, “That’s not fair, not really fair” Ragini started crying. “Awww mela bacha. Look at her she is just looking the way she looked when she came to school on her first day, exactly same.” said Radhika caressing Ragini’s hair, she hugged her like a small baby. “Really she looked same and did same?” asked Rachna excitedly. “Yup of course” she replied. “And you remember?” asked Suhani. “Oh hello me and gini are together from L.K.G you know.” “Ya Radz is right” said Ragini sobbing like a kid. Suhani pulled her from Radhika’s embrace, holding her face with one hand told her “Ginu we are there na, remember you used to stay at my home whenever we had school day function, think it the same way sweet heart”. “Haa ginnu. We all will be together. Jab hum sath hai tho kya gham hai?” said Rachna assuring. “But Rachu” said Ragini. “No but, no vut. We are going and that’s final” said Radhika. “Hey guys whats going on whats the discussion” asked Shruthi joining the group. ” Hey Shru. We have 10 days camp in our activity club.Thats what we were discussing” said Rachna. “Thats cool yar. You guys can enjoy together. But why is ginnu upset” she asked. “She is one month baby na, she cannot live without her mom it seems” said Suhani teasing. “Radhu maa, see na how she is teasing me.” she said acting like a small girl. “Awwww chotu relax. Hey Ani stop it baba, you know her na how much she is attached to her family? Still you are teasing her” said Radhika taking Ragini back to her embrace and caressing her hair. “Oye ginni ki dusri maa, she is a girl. Jab wo sasural jayegi tab kya karegi,badi aayi mumma aur dadda ke bina nahi reh sakti” said Suhani huffing. “Hum ghar jamayi dhund lenge ginni ke liye” said Rachna caressing Ragini’s hair. Suhani and Shruthi looked at each other in disbelief. “Hey bhagvan. Inko sapno ki duniya se bahar nikal ke asli duniya me leke aayiye jaldi” Shruthi said hitting her head with her palm. “Aur agar isse pyar hogaya tho thab?” asked Suhani. “Ginnu aur pyar? “, Radhika looked at Rachna and both of them said at the same time “No ways.”

“Please uncle we all are there na.We will be together.” pleaded Radhika. “10 days is too much Radhu. You know na she has never stayed away from us for so many days. She will surely cry, and very difficult to handle her once she starts feeling home sick” shot back Shekar. Janaki who was listening to their conversation face palmed and said “Let her go ji. All her friend’s will be there.” “But jaan…”, “Ohho you cannot tie her to yourself always. She is a girl, she has to go away from you one day. She won’t stay with you always” janaki told who was hell irritated. “Don’t remind me that again and again Janaki please” saying he collapsed on the chair. Radhika sat near him on her knees and cupped his face and asked “Don’t you trust me?” He said “That’s why we call you her second mom right? You were the one who could console her when she cried on her first day in school, when all the teachers were ready to send her back to home, the way she annoyed them” smiling in between his tears. “So Im there na. If she cannot adjust there, next minute only I will take her back promise” told Radhika. “Fine. Go ahead.” said Shekar. “Yippee. Thank you so much uncle” jumped Radhika and ran away to Ragini’s room. Janaki sat beside Shekar kept her hand on his shoulder and said “I’m sorry ji. I know whenever you even think of her bidai you will be down. But she has to go away from us one day. I have been telling you this from so many years; you are not accepting it, why.” “Ya I know that Janaki. I know it very well. I have been convincing myself from years but my heart is not accepting it. Whenever I think of it, it pains. It reminds me of the day when doctor said that he cannot save her. I get horrified thinking how I could have lost her before her birth only. By God’s grace she is with us and filled our life with happiness” said Shekar. Tej who just entered complained “Shekar tu phir shuru hogaya?, aur bhabhi ji aap hamesha mere dost ko rulate rehte ho”. “Kya kare jeth ji aapke dost ne rone dhone me mujhe peeche chodne ka irada kar liya hai” said Janaki laughing. “Acha acha now go get tea for your Jeth ji, thats why he comes here anytime without shame to disturb my romance” said shekar. ” So tho hai. Mai iss mamle me bilkul besharam hu” chukled tej. Shekar and Janaki joined him.

“Yeppie ginni. Uncle agreed to send you for camping” said Radhu entering Ragini’s room. “Can I take golu with me” asked ragini showing her teddy bear which is her obsession from childhood. Radhika hit her head with her palm and said “Hey bhagwan, tu badi kab hogi ginnu. Nahi hum tere teddy ko saath nahi le ja sakte”. “He has a name. Call him golu” said Ragini hugging it and pouting. “Fine. We cannot take golu” she replied. “Yaay RD(Ragini Di) aap 10 din ke liye camp jaa rahe ho?” asked aniket from the door. “Abbey Kethu. Why are you so happy” asked Radhika keeping her one hand on her waist. “Because I will get this room to sleep. Momma and poppy’s full love will be for me” said showing his tongue to Ragini. She got angry and throwed the pillow in his direction and said “Kethu ke bache chal bhaag yeha se”
“Let’s pack my stuff Ginnu” said Radhika dragging Ragini to her room as soon as they went to Radhika’s home. “Okay” said Ragini uninterested. When they were putting all the stuff in the suitcase Ragini asked “Radzee can I ask you something”. “Oye when did you become so formal. Ask bacha” she said. “Actually from the time I heard about camping I feel my heart is beating rapidly. I feel different, a kind of excitement.” “So you are going to try a new thing so you may be excited” she replied back folding the clothes. “But that day when you were saying about Mohit you told the same thing na. Like whenever you are with him this is how you feel. That means am I gonna fall in love oh what” asked Gini horrified. As soon as she heard Mohit’s name her face fell and remembered a flashback:
“No Radhu try to understand I cannot commit you anything. Have I said anything ever which made you feel that I am serious about us” said Mohit irritated. “But Mohit how can you speak like this. Words are not the only way to express, your actions made me think you are serious and I fell for it” said Radhika almost crying. “Stop it yaar. It was just a kiss, what so big deal in it. Stop making a big issue out of it. In that case I feel better we part our ways” said Mohit leaving the place. Radhika collapsed there crying badly.
She came to present when Ragini kept her hand on her shoulder. She changed her expression and started packing in a hurry avoiding eye contact and said “Ginnu thu bhi na kuch bhi bolthi hai. Nothing like that will happen okay. Now help me to lock this suitcase” Ragini stopped her and made her look at her and wiped her tears, Radhika immediately hugged her and said sobbing “I should have listened to you when you said he is a jerk. I fought with you and stopped talking for that idiot” “shhh shhh, Radhu maa. Come out of it. He was your past. I know you will get a better person who will love you more than anybody.” Pulling back her from the hug cupping her face she continued “You know na when I say something it will surely happen” Nodding her head and laughing between her tears Radhika said “Haa thu badi jyothishi hai na.” “Tho phir. Who do you think that uncle who sits near our college with a parrot and cards, I only will wear that make up and sit? That’s my part time job.” Both of them laughed and hugged each other. Ragini saw Varun who was leaning and smiling at the door and assured him through eyes that everything is fine. “ahhh for 10 days I will be at home aaram se” said Varun entering and falling on the bed. ” Bhayyu I hate you” said Radhika hitting him with the pillow. Ragini saw it and smiled and thought “She will come out of it soon. And I feel who can bring her out of it completely is gonna come in her life soon”

“Where are you guys. We are waiting from half an hour” said Suhani who was with Rachna with their bags standing near the college talking to Radhika on the cell phone. They saw a car coming and Ragini and Radhika came out of it along with Shekar and Tej. They went inside the bus and all settled their luggage and sat in their seats. A guy passed behind Ragini when she was keeping her bag up and slightly touched her back which made her shiver and she closed her eyes and air flowed faintly touching her face and made her hair strands fly (Just few seconds before the bus driver was struggling with the music system and when he banged it song started to play “Saiyaan” from Kailash Kher’s album)
“Heere Mothi mai na chahu ……………..Mai Tho chahu sangam tera……………..
Mai Tho teri sayyan,…………………………Tu hai……. Mera…………………………….
Sayyan……….. ………………………………….Sayyan………………………………………..
Tu jo chule Pyar se aaram se mar javu……………………………………………………….
Aaja chanda baho me tujhme hi gum ho javu……………………………………………..
Tere naam me kho javu…………………………………………………………………………..
Sayyan……………… ……………………………Sayyan………………………………………….”
The guy said sorry and moved forward as she nodded like its ok without turning back. She sat near the window and the bus started moving Shekar came near the window and started moving with it and said “Bacha don’t cry ok call me every day ok. If you feel like coming back tell Radhu ok she will bring you back.” Ragini nodded with tears and said “I will miss you dadda”. “Miss you too bacha. Just 10 days na and see those days will get over fast and you will be back home hai na” said Shekar. “Bye dadda. Don’t cry” Ragini waving bye last time as the bus speeded up. After he disappeared she leaned to Radhika and kept her head on her shoulder and sobbed. Radhika caressed her hair and kissed her forehead after sometime she slept. Tej came from back and held Shekar’ s shoulder who was just looking at the direction the bus disappeared, he nodded his head and both of them headed back to home.

“What?” asked Rachna shocked. “Yes” said a senior girl with much attitude. “But that was not mentioned” said Rachna disappointed. “Oh madam they cannot mention everything alright and this is camp not picnic where you form your own groups and enjoy alright.” she replied and headed outside from the room where all the girls were stationed for temporary as soon as they came. “Fish….. Ab kya kare? Ginnu tho yehi pe shuru ho jayegi aur aaj hi usse wapas bhejna padega” Rachna told herself. “Kisko bhejna hai Rachu” asked Suhani. Rachna jerked and turned back. She took Suhani to a side and said “Ani seniors are forming the groups. We have to choose the chits and whichever number comes we have to be in that group from morning till evening. Only for lunch and sleeping we can be with whomever we want” “What? Oh god. If ginnu and Radhu came to know now they will say they want to leave the camp during Shanaya ma’am’s visit when she will ask the people to leave whoever feeling uncomfortable, look at her now only she is looking like she will cry anytime” they both saw Radhika who was side hugging Ragini and caressing her shoulder. “We shouldn’t have agreed to Janaki aunty’s plan only” said Rachna. Suhani looked at Rachna and remembered flashback:
Janaki was speaking to Suhani over the phone “Please Suhani beta, this is a golden chance somehow take Ginni to camp with you.” “But aunty you know na she cannot adjust.” said Suhani. “I know beta that’s why I am telling you. Have you seen the Banyan tree and have you observed that how the smaller plants don’t grow under it? Ginni has become the same beta. She does not want to explore the world which is outside away from her dadda’s embrace. I want her to enjoy her life. I want her to learn to live without depending on her dadda. How much ever she and her dadda deny she has to live away from us. I want her to understand it. And this is the Golden opportunity; before she will be tied in her marriage I want her to explore the world. I know those will be the 10 best days of her life, please beta” “Okay aunty I will do it.”
She remembered how she involved Rachna in her plan and how they convinced Radhika and Ragini for the camp.
“Now what to do?” asked Rachna worried. “Rachu do me a favor, please don’t tell them now. We will act normally. Let them get to know evening itself and we will act as if we did not know about it”
“Okay Ani” said Rachna and they moved towards Ragini and Radhika.

“What, no I cannot be in your group, I want to go back to Radhu, please.” pleaded Ragini. “Cut that crap, you mamma’s girl. This is camp not picnic you got to stay here in this group only, for 10 days. Be a good girl now and accept it. I don’t want your Radhu puran again got it?” said Manny almost shouting. Ragini got jerked to his voice and started tearing. Manny noticed and felt bad for his outburst and told softly “I’m sorry girl. See this is how it is here. You got to understand it. Please adjust. See we are also human beings here, do we look like blood sucking Draculas” asked Manny. Ragini smiled a bit and nodded no. “So I promise we won’t make you feel uncomfortable, and you can go to your friends group evening after the day’s activities, and they will be around only all the time. I understand your situation, you can come to me if you find any difficulty to cop up, and I’ll surely help. Okay?” said Manny smiling. Ragini simply nodded and started to leave from there disappointed. Manny went behind her, he called out “Shravanthi come here” A girl of same age came and said “Yes manny”. He said introducing Ragini “See she is also from first year. She is finding it difficult to mingle. Will you help her to get along?” “Of course, Hi Ragini” Ragini said “Hi” nervously, she turned to manny and said “Thank you senior ji”. “Ji?” said manny surprised and all his friends chuckled. “Haa Maa says we should add ji to everybody who are elder than us” replied Ragini with puppy eyes “Whatever” he said and left the place annoyed.
“Ginnu” said Radhika and ran towards Ragini who just entered after the group meeting sad. “Are you okay?” asked Radhika cupping her face. “Hmmm” said Ragini and moved towards the bed. “We are sorry bacha we did not know it will happen like this” said Radhika. Suhani and Rachna felt nervous. Ragini replied “It’s okay” with a sad face. “Don’t worry dear see we will be together for food and in the evening we can be together after the day’s activity and we will be around only all day” said Suhani. “You both talk so similarly and think also” said Ragini surprised. “Who?” asked Suhani confused? “You and that senior ji. He told the same thing” said Ragini. “Chuck it ginnu come will go for dinner and then we have general meeting. Only after that we can sleep. I’m tired already” said Suhani yawning. “Lady Kumbhakarn” all three said bursting into a laugh and she pouted

Suhani: Rajashree Rani Pandey
Radhika: Ragini Khanna
Rachna: Mahima Makwana
Tej : Mahesh Thakur
Mohit : Mohit Malhotra
Shravanthi: Shiny Doshi
Hi guys. I did not update yesterday so thought to give a big update but ended up giving extra big update. Hope you will like it. Next update I will post on tuesday. Happy Gauri Ganesha festival to all. Enjoy. I love ganpathi bappa. Ganpati bappa Moreya.

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