Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 49


“Bhavi.. Dekh beta. All the flower arrangements are done properly” screamed Janaki from the Mandap. “Haa Kaki” said Bhavana and rushed to check the flower arrangement. “Pankaj check those vegetable fast” said Shekar to Pankaj and rushed to Tej who was looking at the seating arrangements. “You need any help Tej?” asked Shekar. “Haa” said Tej. “Hmmm tell me fast” said Shekar. “I need your forgiveness” said Tej smiling. Shekar looked at him confused. “Forgive me for making you go through all that” said Shekar folding his hands. Shekar hugged him and rubbed his back. “I was just angry on you. Our friendship is not weak to break with this small storm. Now get going. Very important day for Pankaj today” said Shekar caressing Tej’s hair and Tej smiled through his tears and complied. “Rajinder please check where the Pandit ji has reached” said Shekar coming to Rajinder. Rajinder complied and dialed Pandit ji’s number.
“Ani bacha relax” said Rachna cupping Suhani’s face who was at the verge of crying due to nervousness. Ragini, Radhika and Rachna hugged her from either sides and consoled her. “I don’t know I’m feeling restless from night” said Suhani in cracking voice. Ragini sat in front of Suhani and cupped her face and said “Ani. Relax. It’s just marriage excitement” Suhani smiled a bit. “Hey bhagwan everything should go smoothly” prayed Rachna in her heart.
“Gini” said Suhani shaking Ragini who was lost. She smiled weakly. “Why do I feel something is wrong. Where are you lost?” asked Radhika. “Nothing Radhu” she said looking other side. “No you are hiding something” said Radhika holding her chin and making Ragini face her. Ragini’s eyes were struggling to control the tears. “Gini” said Radhika cupping her face worried. Rachna and Suhani got worried and approached them. Ragini burst out crying and hugged Radhika. “Bacha what happened?” asked Suhani worried. “Don’t tell me you fought with Nitin” said Rachna. Ragini nodded her head. “For what now?” asked Radhika concerned dragging Ragini out of the hug. Even if they fought Ragini never used to cry so much. Their fights were always cute. This looked like serious matter.
“He kissed me” said Ragini pouting and still sobbing. “What?” asked Radhika. “What?” said Rachna after her. “What?” screamed Suhani. Ragini nodded her head like a kid. “That too here” said Ragini pointing her lips. Radhika immediately closed her mouth to stop her blurting out further. Suhani and Rachna looked at each other confused. “Hey Bhagvan. This girl is never gonna change” said Radhika looking up. “Radhu seriously this is too much” said Rachna. Ragini removed Radhika’s hand and said “Haa Rachu this is too much. See he is very bad.” “Oye hello. I did not tell about him. I told about you” said Rachna annoyed. “What is my mistake in it. He asked me kiss on his cheek but he cheated and forwarded his lips…” said Ragini and again Radhika closed her mouth and glared her. “If you talk one more word” said Radhika warning her. Ragini’s eyebrows shrank. Radhika removed her hand and signed Ragini to keep her finger on lips. She pouted and complied. Rachna and Suhani huffed and glared her. “What to do about this mental?” said Radhika hitting Ragini playfully on her head. Ragini looked at her and pouted sadly. “I’m just worried for Nittu. Wait a second as per I know you, you might have given him some punishment for that. Did you?” asked Suhani. Ragini nodded her head. “Siyappa” said Rachana hitting her head. “And what did you told him this time?” asked Radhika holding her waist. Ragini showed her finger. Radhika removed her finger and said “Now tell me” “I just told him to not to speak to me for one week” said Ragini pouting and casually. “Kya?” screamed Suhani. “Ani why are you screaming so much?” asked Ragini annoyed. “You are impossible Gini” said Suhani. She dialed Nitin’s number and headed bit far. Ragini looked at her confused. “Mistake you did and he has to bear the punishment. Did he agree?” asked Rachna. “He will agree Rachu. He loves this mental so much after all” said Radhika. “What is my mistake?” asked Ragini confused. “How to make this dumbo understand now?” asked Radhika annoyed. “Let it be Radhu. This is not punishment for Nitin. This punishment is for her. I know she cannot stay without him talking. And moreover I know Nittu will not talk to her before one week and she will suffer for sure then she will understand” said Rachna scaring Ragini.
“Hello Nittu are you okay?” asked Suhani concerned. “Ohho Ani marriage is Manny’s he is dying here due to nervousness and you are asking me?” said Nitin. “You know you cannot hide it from me. I know you are upset due to Gini” said Suhani. “She told you already?” asked Nitin trying to laugh. “She is mental. How will you manage Nittu. I know you cannot stay without listening to her voice” said Suhani worried. “She just said not to talk to her. She did not say stop listening her voice also. You know na I will find a way to tackle her tantrums like always. Now cheer up Ani. Otherwise your makeup will spoil” said Nitin and wiped the tear which was peeping from corner of his eye. Suhani laughed a bit. She knew how difficult it was for Nitin to stop talking to Ragini.
“Manny get ready fast we have to leave” screamed Yashu. “Haa Aunty” said Manny buttoning his sherwani. Nitin combed his hair and smiled looking at him. “I cant believe my Manny is getting married today” said Nitin excited. “Oye Nittu don’t behave like Ragu maa now” said Manny holding Nitin. Nitin pouted. “Now he looks exact xerox copy of Gini” said Kabeer pulling his nose and everybody burst out laughing. “Nittu” called Pratima and Nitin headed out. Ishan put the perfume across Manny’s sherwani. “Now sit” said Kabeer making Manny sit on the chair. Ishan held the one corner of Pagdi and Kabeer folded the pagdi around Manny’s head. “Thank you yar Kabeer and Ishan. I seriously forgot about Pagdi in all arrangements” said Anuj entering the room. “No problem. He is also my younger brother only” said Kabeer caressing Manny’s cheek. Ishan smiled looking at them. “Okay fine Manny I’m taking Yashu aunty and Maa and all the ladies with me and Nittu will take you all. Get going we have to reach soon” said Anuj and headed out. “Come on Manny” said Nitin standing at the room door. He looked at Manny with Pagdi and his eyes filled with happiness. “Oye Pushpa you just need occasion to cry. His marriage today not bedai” said Yashu hitting Nitin on his shoulder. “Haa. Really I got confused for once that I gave birth to a son or daughter looking at his tears” said Pratima standing on other side of Nitin. “Aunty” said Nitin laughing and pouting. Pratima and Yashu pulled his cheek from either sides. And he side hugged them.
“Maa Barat aagayi” screamed Bhavana running inside. Suhani who was setting Maang teeka took a breath of relief as her heart gained a steady speed. She thanked God. She remembered Ragini’s words and hit her head smiling.
Rachna stood at the door in front of Manny keeping her hand on the door blocking the way and looked up at Manny. “Ohho Siyappa Queen. Latha maa told you to protect Ani till her marriage not to stop my marriage” said Manny glaring Rachna. Nitin and Ishan chuckled looking at Manny’s restlessness. “My fees” said Rachana forwarding her hand. “For what?” asked Manny confused. “I protected her for so many days. Fees for that” said Rachana proudly. “You kept her away from me in the name of protecting and now asking me only fees for that. You know what this is called height of Sarcasm” said Manny folding his hands. “Fine. You know how punctual Ani is. If you don’t go inside on time she will postpone the marriage. You don’t want it na?” said Rachana teasing. “You won’t do that right?” said Manny laughing. “Try me” said Rachana brushing her shoulder. “Arghhh” screamed Manny. He took the money from his pocket and kept it in Rachna’s hand. Rachna smiled and hugged him and ran inside the house. “I will take revenge Siyappa queen” said Manny. Nitin and Ishan burst out laughing. Kabeer and Anuj controlled their laugh. Yashu held Manny’s shoulder and signed Manny to move inside. Pratima twirled the Arti thal across Manny’s face and pulled his nose after placing the tilak on his forehead. Pankaj guided them inside the house. They all sat on chairs and Manny headed to a room with Nitin and Ishan. Kabeer and Anuj sat with Pratima and Yashu.
“Shraa are you ready” said Varun entering the room. Shravanthi was struggling to tie the dori of her blouse. She jerked and turned immediately. “Oh I’m sorry” said Varun and stated going out. “Varun can you help me?” said Shravanthi staring ground. Varun stopped his approach and turned smiling. He neared Shravanthi and held the dori and tied it. His hand brushed a bit her back and Shravanthi shivered. “I’m sorry” said Varun looking at Shravanthi through mirror. “No problem” said Shravanthi nodding her head and smiling looking at him through the mirror and they lost in each other. “Varun come fast” screamed Tej which brought both of them to the world and they avoided eye contact. “Come fast” said Varun and rushed out of the room. Shravanthi complied and picked her earring to wear nervously.
“Dad I thought you will stay there only till the marriage finishes” said Varun stepping down. “Did I disturb your romance?” asked Tej annoyed. Varun coughed and said “Dadd. I just asked” Tej chuckled looking at his condition. “Arrey that Ani’s gift I left it here only” said Tej. He took the gift box and headed out saying “Come fast” Varun caressed his neck blushing.
“Get the bride” announced the Pandit. And Bhavana headed to Suhani’s room to call her. She entered Suhani’s room and stood behind Suhani placing her chin on Suhani’s head. “Kisiki nazar na lage. You are looking so beautiful. Meri choti si Ani kitni badi hogayi hai” said Bhavana controlling her tears. “Bhavi dee” said Suhani nodding her head in no. Bhavana wiped her tears and said “Where are your Bandar ki toli” and laughed. “Haaw Bhavi dee you called Ani Bandar” said Radhika shocked. “Chup kar. Now get her to Mandap. Manny bechara is almost dead due to his excitement” said Bhavana hitting Radhika on her shoulder and headed out smiling. “Aww mela Ani bacha kitna bada hogaya hai” said Rachna pouting and side hugging Suhani. “Oye stop this drama and get going. We cannot trust this Ani if we miss the Muharat she is gonna postpone the marriage. And bechara Manny will take Sanyas” said Radhika laughing. Ragini and Rachana gave her high five and burst out laughing. Suhani glared them and they dragged her into a hug and all of them smiled and headed out with Suhani.
“Yeh lo aagayi” said Nitin looking at Suhani who was stepping down with her head lowered. Manny looked at her and lost himself
“Zindagi se churake zindagi me basake Zindagani banaya hai tujhe”
Manny remembered how she landed in his arms in camp and smiled widely
Roote rab ko manake aasma ko jhuka ke zindagani banaya hai tujhe
He remembered how he hugged her when he saved her from Sambhav
Tu mila jis tarah saba mile, Tu mila jis tarah sila mila tu mila jiss tarah dua mile ba khuda
He remembered their cute fights and how Suhani used to ask Sorry in different ways and used to cool him
Tu mila toh jaise mai jee gaya, tu mila mukammal mai hogaya tu mila to phaila hai noor sa ba khuda
His life looked sorted. He never even dreamed that he will be committed to someone and love that person so madly. His heart beat raced when Suhani sat beside him. Pankaj and Lata did Suhani’s Kanyadaan and Ragini did their gatbandhan. “Get up for pheres” said the Pandit and both of them stood up to take pheres around the holy fire. Everyone showered flowers on them and enjoyed their divine union. Ishan dragged Radhika and hugged her from the side. Rachana placed her head on Kabeer’s shoulder and started tearing. Kabeer knew how much she was possessive about Suhani. More than Latha and Pankaj it was difficult for Rachna to live without Suhani. Kabeer caressed her hair and rubbed her shoulder to console her. Arjun and Shruthi looked at each other and remembered their marriage. Shravanthi wiped the tear which was peeping from corner of her eye as she missed all this in her marriage. Varun looked at her and asked what happened through his eyes worried. She nodded her head and smiled. But it was too late Varun had understood her pain. He felt someone pierced his heart. He felt somewhere he did wrong with her and felt bad. Ragini looked at Nitin who was showering the flowers. He did not even see her from the time they arrived. It pained her. She felt Rachna was right. It is like punishment to herself. She turned her head sad. Nitin had sensed her gaze on him. Each second looked a year to him. _______________________________________x________________________
“I will miss you” said Rachana pouting sadly. Her face was full of tears. Suhani cried more hugging her. “Me too” said Suhani between her sobs. “Oye she is not going to Dubai. She will be in the same city and even in same area. Drama queens” said Radhika hitting both of them on their head. “No… No… Radhu she knows now she has to take my permission to meet Ani. Told you na Siyappa queen my day also will come. Just wait and watch” said Manny lifting his shoulders up feeling proud. “Ani…” cried Rachana stamping her foot like kid. “Manny stop troubling her. Beta you can come any time to our house that is also like your house only. I will see who stops you” said Pratima consoling Rachana. Rachana smiled widely and showed her tongue to Manny. Manny twisted his lips and headed out from there. He sat in the car and Suhani sat beside him. Pankaj pushed the car. As Suhani had no brothers Aniket joined him. Ishan smiled and joined them and pushed the car. Suhani smiled through her tears and looked at them. Ishan hugged Pankaj to console him as Suhani’s car disappeared.
Rachna came and hugged Pankaj and he caressed her hair. She was no less than Suhani for him. Ragini and Radhika placed their heads on his both the shoulder and pouted sadly. In a second they started missing Suhani like hell.
“Come in” said Pratima as she finished Suhani’s grah pravesh. After post marriage rituals Nitin and Anuj pushed Manny inside his room. He stumbled and stood straight. He did not find Suhani on bed. Suhani was standing near her window and was sobbing. Manny placed his hand on her shoulder. She turned and hugged him. Manny was surprised. “Ani bacha what happened?” asked Manny worried. “You know I was feeling so restless from yesterday night. I thought our marriage will not happen” said Suhani sobbing. Manny cupped her face and asked “So what should I understand that you are crying that we got married?” Suhani glared him and hit him playfully. “Arrey stop. I just wanted to cheer you. See we are Mr. & Mrs Chadda officially now. Nobody can separate us now, not even death” said Manny. Suhani held his neck and dragged him and placed her lips on his lips. Manny looked at her shocked. “Will you talk about death again Mr. Manpreet Chadda” said Suhani panting for breath. Manny dragged her and both of them fell on the bed together and lost themselves in each other and discovered each others soul.
Phew finished with Suhani and Manny’s marriage. Hope you enjoyed it. And guys I’m fit and fine. Thank you for your wishes. Love you all. And sorry I’m really bad in romance. More has to come in their lives. I have thought of new twists and turns. Hope you will like it. So one among them is married. So how their life will change now. keep reading and keep supporting

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