Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 48


“What is this bhayyu. Evening is Sangeet and you still are missing the steps” said Radhika who was supervising Varun and Shravanthi’s couple dance. Varun was getting nervous around Shravanthi. “This bandar is never gonna dance” said Ragini laughing looking at Varun. “You finished your practice” asked Radhika glaring Ragini. “That dumbo has not yet come. He has important early morning meeting it seems” said Ragini pouting. “Hu ha ha. Chipkali is gonna lose today” said Varun laughing and showing his tongue to Ragini. “Abbey kaan khajure first do one step then talk about me losing. You only will lose” said Ragini. Varun held Shravanthi from her waist and said “We will see” Shravanthi looked at him shocked. Ragini suppressed her smile and twisted her lips and went from there. “Bhayyu. Its Sangeet so you have to dance not just hold your partner” said Radhika controlling her smile. Varun realized what he was doing and dragged his hand and stood a bit far from Shravanthi and caressed his neck blushing. Shravanthi looked around pressing her fingers nevous. Radhika closed her mouth to control her laugh.


“Arjun bhai do the next step you are drooling holding Shru from last five minutes” screamed Rachna which brought Arjun and Shruthi back to the world from their dream where they were lost in each others hold. And started practicing remaining steps.
Rachna nodded her head and headed out.


“This married couples na won’t realize where they are and what they are doing” said Rachna sitting beside Radhika. “Haa yar. I think they will become more romantic after marriage” said Radhika chuckling. Rachna laughed and asked “Where is Ishan?” Radhika drank the water from water bottle and said “He had important presentation. Not to worry we finished practice yesterday night only” said Radhika wiping her face. “Really? You did dance practice only na?” asked Rachna teasing Radhika and hit her shoulder with her shoulder. “Stop it Rachu” said Radhika blushing. “That means something else also happened tell na” said Rachna curious. “You are dumbo” they heard Ragini screaming. “Hey bhagvan” said both of them looking at each other and looked forward where Ragini and Nitin were fighting. “Chalo let’s see” said Radhika standing up. “You are big dumbo” said Nitin. “Don’t you call me that” said Ragini and showed her index finger. Nitin held her index finger with his index finger and said “I will” Radhika and Rachna were moving their heads from Ragini to Nitin then back to Ragini. “Guys guys relax. Can anybody tell me what is wrong?” asked Radhika standing in between them. “Ask your daughter” said Nitin folding his hands and turning other side. “Why should I tell. You ask your Jamai only” said Ragini and turned other side folding her hands. Radhika looked at Rachna confused. Rachna signed her to talk to Nitin and she will manage Ragini. Radhika complied. “Nittu” said Radhika and took Nitin to a far place with her. “Gini” said Rachana holding Ragini from her shoulders.

Ragini turned her face other side twisting her lips. “What happened?” asked Radhika. “I’m telling to do a step and he is over acting for that. I mean once he danced in Fresher’s day party he thinks himself micheal jakson” said Ragini huffing. “Oh hello you only gave me that title remember” screamed Nitin from other side when he heard Ragini. “When did I said that?”screamed back Ragini. “When you were drunk” screamed Nitin. “Hei?” looked Ragini confused. “When did this all happen?” asked Radhika folding her hands. Nitin bit his tongue and said “Wo wo” and struggled. Radhika shrank her eyes glaring him. “Radhu leave na I will do what she says” said Nitin smiling nervous and heading to Ragini. Radhika held his hand and said “No escape Jamai Raja. You got to tell me” Nitin turned pouting and looked at Radhika helplessly. Radhika signed Rachna to come leaving Ragini. “Ginu. Go check what all others are doing. They will forget that Sangeet is today not tomorrow” said Rachana. Ragini pouted and complied. Rachana neared Radhika and Nitin.

“Really” said Rachana and Radhika burst out laughing when Nitin narrated them whatever happened that day. Nitin pouted sadly. “Awww you look really cute” said Rachna pulling his cheek. “Rachu” screamed Nitin annoyed. Rachna encircled her hands around Nitin’s neck hugging him and laughing. Radhika caressed his hair and smiled. “Thank you Bhagvan ji for bringing them together. Otherwise I wouldn’t have forgiven myself” said Radhika and her smile widened. Nitin smiled looking at Rachna. Ragini came and stood in front of them holding her waist. “Okay okay I will do like you said” said Nitin giving up standing. “Better” said Ragini folding her hands and lifting her chin up proudly and walked from there. Nitin signed Rachna and Radhika not to say it to Ragini and walked behind Ragini and started practicing. Radhika wiped her tear at corner of her eye. “Radhu” said Rachna wiping her tears. Then they heard Ragini’s laugh and looked at that direction and found Nitin holding Ragini and both of them laughing practicing. “So beautiful they look together” said Rachana placing her head on Radhika’s shoulder. Radhika touched Rachna’s head with her head and said “Hmmm” and Rachna encircled her hands around Radhika’s shoulder which Radhika held and they both enjoyed Ragini and Nitin’s dance.
“Everyone are here. So last group dance practice” said Radhika calling everyone together when they gathered evening at terrace. They all practiced for Group dance and headed to their respective homes to get ready.


“Nitin what are you doing. Leave me” said Ragini when Nitin held her elbow and dragged her to a corner away from everyone’s gaze. “Why should I leave? You will be officially mine soon” said Nitin and pinned her to the wall. Ragini looked around scared where anyone will see them. “I will be in future Mr. Roy not currently” said Ragini and pushed him. “Ragu” cried Nitin pouting like a kid. “Arghhhh” said Ragini angry and turned asked him through eyes what. “Atleast this” said Nitin showing his cheek still pouting. Ragini’s eyes shrank and she glared him. “Please na” said Nitin. Ragini looked around and neared him. She neared his cheeks nervous looking around. Nitin saw her and smirked. As her concentration was to look around her turned his face and locked his lips with Ragini’s lips. Ragini was shocked and was about to drag herself but Nitin encircled his hands around her waist and pulled her close to him. When he felt difficult to breath he departed himself from her. Ragini struggled to breath and pushed him. She glared Nitin. “I hate you I hate you I hate you” said Ragini and turned to leave.

Nitin then realized that he should not have forced her. He held her hand. But Ragini did not turn. Tears were fighting to fall from her eyes. She pressed her lips to control her cry. “I’m sorry Ragu. I did not mean to do so. I’m really sorry” said Nitin tightening his grip on her wrist. “No no why are you sorry I should be sorry. I should not have stopped you. This is what you need right. Do it and finish it off” said Ragini removing her dupatta of her ghagra and throwing it down. Nitin closed his eyes frustrated. He knew he hurt her very badly. Any girl in her place would have reacted same. He took the dupatta which was fallen on the ground and covered her. He left from there lowering his head. “I should have controlled myself. Now how will I face her. I spoiled my image in front of her. Damn” said Nitin to himself banging his hand to wall frustrated. Ragini wiped her tears and headed to join the Mehendi function.

“Abbey Manny. How much time will you take to search your own name” said Rachna sitting beside him when he was searching his name in Suhani’s hand. “Come on senior ji. Show them that you know hindi” said Ragini. Radhika hit her and glared her. Rachna and Shruthi hit their heads. “What did I do now?” asked Ragini looking confused. “Stupid girl wasn’t it a plan not to let Manny search his name that his name will be written in Hindi. You spoiled all the plan” said Shruhti glaring her. Ragini bit her tongue when she realized what she did. Kabeer rubbed her shoulder smiling consoling her. “Thank you Ragu maa” said Manny smiling widely and searched his name and found it immediately and showed it to Rachna and Radhika proudly. “Yippie” screeched Ragini jumping. Nitin smiled at her excitement. Ragini looked at him and his smile faded. And everyone nodded their head in disbelief.


“Aaaa aaaa
Shravanthi sang and held Varun’ s hand and looked at him and they had a eye lock
Mai jaan yeh wardu har jeet bhi wardu. Keemath ho koi tujhe beinteha pyar du
Varun twirled her and held her waist and Shravanthi lost herself in his eyes
Sari hade meri ab maine tod di dekar mujhe pata avargi ban gaye
haa hasi ban gaye ha nami ban gaye tum mere aasman aur meri zameen ban gaye
And they moved with music
Kya khub rab ne kiya bin maange ithna diya warna hai milta kaha hum kaafiro ko khuda
A tear dropped from her eyes which Varun wiped and nodded his head in no and she smiled through her tears
Varun twirled and her back hugged her and they moved with the music
hasrate ab meri tum se hai jaa mili tum dua ab meri aakhri ban gaye
Haa hasi ban gaye ha namee ban gaye tum mere asman aur meri zameen ban gaye
Shravanthi and Varun closed their eyes and lost themselves in the moment. The claps and hooting sounds brought them to the world. Shravanthi jerked and tried going from there. Varun held her hand tightly and bent his head acknowledging the appreciation. Shravanthi looked at him and smiled looking at the crowd.

Five girls stood facing their back and moving with the music
Gopiyon sang ghoome Kanhaiya
Raas rachaiya Ragha na jaaye re
Abb saanwra na bhaaye

All of them turned and it is Ragini Radhika, Rachana, Shravanthi and Shruthi and they started dancing
Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)
Rachna: Panghat pe aake saiyyan marode baiyaan
Chorus: And everybody crazy on Radha
Radhika: Chhedde hai humka daiyaan bairi Kanhaiya
Chorus: And everybody crazy on Radha
Ragini: Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor
Shruthi: Humka toh laage woh
Shravanthi: Hua hai aise baawla jo kehta jaaye
All the boys join and twirl them and dance with them singing
Kabeer: O Radha teri Chunri
Ishan : O Radha tera Jhalla
Nitin:O Radha teri natkhat najariya
Arjun: O Radha tera jhumka
Varun: O Radha tera thumka
All in chorus: O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya” (x2)
Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)
O o…

Ragini: Maathe pe pankh more
Kehte hain makhan-chor
Shruthi: Bajaye bansuri
Bada aaya chitt-chor
(But Radha wants more)

Rachna: Dhoondungi charon aur milega koi aur
Radhika: Dungi main haathon me mere dil ki ye dor
(Cuz Radha wants more)
Nitin: O Radha Radha bholi deewani hai
Arjun: O Radha Radha do pal jawani hai
Kabeer: O Radha ko sambhalo koi isey bata do
Ishan :Ki milega na koi Sanwariya
Varun sings holding Shravanthi :O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya
Nitin holds Ragini and sings :Hey Radha Radha kaahe itna guroor bhala
Ragini twists her lips and looks at him with attitude
Ishan twirls Radhika and holds her by her waist and sings :Chhodo bhi nakhre ye kaisi ada
Kabeer brushes his collar and sings: Tune kya socha ek tu hi mash.hoor yahaan
Arjun drags Shruthi and she stumbles and falls on his chest and blushes
Laakhon hain Gopiyan bhi humpe fida
Varun dances around Shravanthi and sings
Ho saari hi duniya ye naari hai
Shuru humse teri kahaani hai
Ragini Radhika and Rachna: O rehne de re Kanha
Shravanthi and Shruthi: Bhoolega tu sataana
All of them sing: Jo girungi main ban ke Bijuria and run behind the boys scaring them.
The boys run to Manny and Suhani and drag them to the center and Manny sings and dances with Suhani and all the girls join them.
O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya
Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party

Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)
Suhani: O panghat pe aake saiyyan marode baiyaan
And everybody crazy on Radha
Ragini: Chhedde hai humka daiyaan bairi Kanhaiya
And everybody crazy on Radha
Radhika and Rachna: Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor
Shruthi: Humka toh laage woh
Shravanthi: Hua hai aise baawla jo kehta jaaye:
Shekar: O Radha teri Chunri
He held Janaki’s sari
Rajinder: O Radha tera Jhalla and hit his wife’s shoulder with his shoulder
Pankaj: O Radha teri natkhat najariya and signed Lata’s eyes with his two finger across her eye
Vishwajit(Shruthi’s dad): O Radha tera jhumka and touched Sujata’s earings
Rajesh: O Radha tera thumka and made Shalini dance on the music
Tej: O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya” (x2) and twirled himself like Rajesh Khanna’s signature step because he was alone
All the girls went to their respective parents and started dancing with them. Shravanthi was standing alone. Shalini looked at her and signed her to join them and she joined them smiling along with Rajesh.
Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)


Manny held his guitar and played it and started singing with chorus
He neared Suhani keeping his guitar aside and sang
You may be just little bit diwani thodi thodi si crazy but baby you are the one
Tum jaisi hai na koi aisi diwani thodi thodi si crazy but baby you are the one
He held her and twirled her and held and started dancing with the music
Ab aur kisse na chahta hu aur kise na chahunga
Tu jo taare magle tho wo bhi thod lavunga
He neared her face and sang
Kehke to dekho tum karta rahunga mai pyaar
Suhani blushed and lowered her head
You may be just little bit diwani thodi thodi si crazy but baby you are the one
Tum jaisi hai na koi aisi diwani thodi thodi si crazy but baby you are the one
He held Suhani from her waist and moved with music
Haule haule hamse yeh havaye jaane kya keh rahi hai
kehte kehte phir zara lajake dekho chup rahi hai
Baat hai tho hai wahi dil me tehre kahi
Sapno ko mere hai bas ek tera intezar
You may be just little bit diwani thodi thodi si crazy but baby you are the one
Tum jaisi hai na koi aisi diwani thodi thodi si crazy but baby you are the one
As the song finished and Manny touching his forehead with Suhani’s forehead and everybody clapped and hooted whistle


“Tomorrow at this time Ani will be in her Sasural” said Pankaj sitting on his bed and staring the wall. Lata kept her hand on his shoulder and smiled to console him. “You remember Lata when she was small she always used to hold my finger and she used to recognize my touch immediately” said Pankaj and a tear dropped from his eye. “And when she started walking leaving my finger I felt so bad that she left my hold. I was scared where she will fall and hurt herself. But she assured me saying she will be fine. It all looks like yesterday’s incidents. Why did she grew up so fast?” asked Pankaj looking painfully at Lata. Lata cupped his face and said “Pankaj ji you have already done Bhavana’s bidai then also you did not feel so vulnerable” Pankaj held Lata’s hand and said “Bhavana was always close to you Lata. Me and Ani were more like partners in crime than daughter and father. Who will help me to torture you now” and smiled through his tears. Lata hit him playfully and hugged him placing her head on his chest and they remembered all their moments with Suhani


“I’m sorry” texted Nitin. Ragini looked at it and twisted her lips and did not reply. “Please Ragu last time I promise I will not do such thing again” texted Nitin after he did not get Ragini’s reply for a long time. “I don’t need your sorry” replied Ragini as she herself could not be angry on Nitin for a long time. Nitin’s phone beeped and he looked at the message and smiled widely. He could tolerate her anger but not ignorance. He clutched his pillow excited and replied back “Then tell me what should I do?” Ragini saw his text and replied “Just stay without talking to me for a week That’s your punishment” Nitin looked at it and his smile faded. “I can’t do this Ragu. Please give me some other punishment. I will accept” texted Nitin. Tears were fighting to fall from his eyes. “Then forget it. Bye” texted Ragini. Nitin tried calling her but she did not pick the call. “This is not fair. I really can’t stay without talking to you. Please try to understand Ragu. Don’t give me such big punishment” texted Nitin feeling helpless. Ragini did not reply. She could feel his pain. But her anger wasn’t cooling down. Nitin looked at his phone and waited for a long for her reply. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His face was burning as he was controlling his tears. He texted “Okay. I will do it. Count the time from now 168 hours. I promise I won’t talk to you. And also I will not disturb you. Good night” and threw his phone and tears flew from his eyes. Ragini could sense his pain and tears flew from her eyes also.

Hey guys this is Raheema Sally di’s cousin. Actually she is hospitalized last week so she could not post updates or reply to your comments. Whatever comments you found till now were typed by me as per her instructions. And this chappy she had written before she got hospitalized. So she told me to upload it. It is not proofread. Sorry for the typos. She said she is missing you people and will come back soon. And also she said sorry to people whom she could not reply on Wattpad for Guilt which was again uploaded by me. Hope you guys liked the chappy

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